Silanguin Cove

San Antonio, Zambales

Silanguin Cove
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Kai O.
4.0 Stars

Zambales might just be the closest geologically inexhaustible destination near the metro. From its picturesque mountains to its numerous surf spots, it is, without a doubt, an adventurer’s paradise.

Its scenic coves are one of its key features. I mean who has not heard of the frequented Anawangin cove and Nagsasa cove? Both characterized by the beach covered in volcanic ash and lined with lush pine trees, perfect for those who mind long boat rides. They're the most accessible though heavily congested and developed.

So, if you’re looking for a spot that’s more isolated and private, and you can endure a 1.5 hr boat ride – sort of don’t mind getting a shower on the way, then do take time to visit Silanguin Cove, the farthest one from San Antonio jump-off point.

Being a rarely explored alternative among the famous coves of the Zambales coast, Silanguin is perfect for those who prefer a more intimate hideaway. When I found out about this beautiful and secluded getaway, I booked myself and dragged a couple of fun souls and enjoyed an incredibly chill weekend full of good vibes.

Unlike Anawangin with a gorgeous lake hidden behind the crisp pine-lined facade, or Nagsasa cove which offers a short trek to a sunset viewpoint, Silanguin promises an exclusive experience -- a very private affair. During our short stay there, only about 3 other groups were around and it was so refreshing. There is a waterfall that you can choose to trek and unlike the two coves I've mentioned, Silanguin offers a beach that is pure and not covered in volcanic ash – This could be good or bad depending on what you want to experience.

From Silanguin, a quick 15-min boat ride to the Blue Lagoon is a definite cherry on top of the experience-- one of the highlights of our trip. From there, you get front row stunning view of the Zambales mountain range and a nice cool pool that you can enjoy whilst watching the sun come down on your way back to camp.

I could say that it was one of the most relaxing trips I’ve had in a while. Definitely one for the books!

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Marvel T.
5.0 Stars

We stayed here and camped overnight and this cove is part of our Zambales Islands and Cove hopping tour.
(Camara Island-Capones Island-Anawangin Cove-Nagsasa Cove-Silanguin Cove)

Located in Pundaquit, San Antonio, Zambales. This is the most farthest among the cove and less visited or not that popular (maybe due to it's location) But that doesn't mean it's not beautiful. Unlike Anawangin and Nagsasa which are popular and with alot of tourist, Silanguin Cove is the place for people who loves to stay in a quiet almost zen like place. We came here in this cove and realized we're only 5 groups. It's like we owned the cove.

Similar to those popular coves I mentioned earlier, Silanguin also has pine tress and golden cogon grasses, gray sands and it has the perfect place for sunset viewing! Also, the place doesn't have any electricity and available phone signals. So everything is going to go back to the basic ala Survivor. I suggest you bring your own power banks, flashlights or buy some candles to use at night. Also buy some food and stuff like fish, meat, rice, coal in the market before touring all the islands and coves since there is no available store in the place and you will have to cook/grill them for yourselves. (There is one store in Silanguin but it only sells beverages, snacks and condiments). Regarding, comfort rooms, yes they have many comfort rooms and they're clean and we'll maintained. No need to worry about creating pits of sort.

The thing I really like about the place is the people they're so much friendly like Lola (forgot her name) You can ask them whatever you need and they'll gladly help you out.

Lastly, I really enjoyed the whole place, the beach, the island around it (Silanguin Island), the friendly people and the experience from going to this place (scary waves) and experiencing the "cove" life.

If you really want a less crowded place to relax, swim and unwind, away from the hustles and bustles of city life then this is the cove for you.

Entrance Fee(Overnight): 150
Cottages (small) 500
Tent (Borrowed) 300 for 2 persons, 400 for 4 Persons
Boating Tour (Camara-Capones-Anawangin-Nagsasa-Silanguin) 3,000

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