Silantro Fil-Mex Cantina

Alabang Town Center, Alabang-Zapote Rd. cor. Madrigal Ave., Alabang, Muntinlupa, Metro Manila

Silantro Fil-Mex Cantina
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Most Recent Reviews

Eboy D.
4.0 Stars

I've been hearing good things about Silantro for the longest time and since they've opened here in Alabang, i was meaning to try them as early as December 2016 but the long lines have discouraged me. Armed with a bit of determination, I tried my luck and finally got a small corner table. The interior has a cool Latin vibe to it with the all the wrestling inspired posters prominently displayed on the walls. The air conditioning was not working properly and we had to content ourselves with a small fan on our feet. The prices of the food are very budget friendly which adds to the charm of this Kapitolyo hit! Imagine a serving of beef nachos for only 180pesos. Which can easily feed 3 to 4 people. I liked how they used beef cubes instead of ground beef which is more commonly served with nachos. The cheese and the salsa were generously slathered on top of the entire plate, so you get a good portion of toppings even on your last nacho chip. We also had a serving of the porkchop, it lacked flavor and was a little tough to chew on. The Pancholon's Burger was a thing of beauty. It was stacked neatly and the flavors are spot on. The salsa was so fresh. The side of fries was not your usual store bought friea but was freshly made with a dash of spice. We loved it. No wonder people are flocking into this restaurant. One word to describe - Sulit! Senior cards honored. Recommended.

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Dennis O.
5.0 Stars

Hoorray!!! Silantro has landed in the south!!! I'm really loving this corporate center building of ATC. A bit of an extension from the ATC building. This corporate center building is just across Molito and they are packed with lots of goodie. This is a food haven for the foodie of the south!

Eversince I tried Silantro in Kapitolyo I fell in love with it and never got a chance to try it again because of the long queue. Finally was in ATC and was looking for a place to have a quick lunch before watching a movie. Then I remember Silantro was already open. When I arrived in Silantro the waiting list is just starting to pile up. Was lucky to be able to grab a table along the bar/window area since most don't want to grab it. Yehey!

This branch is a bit small and air-condition was a bit weak. Kitchen exhaust wasn't also that good. What I do like about was the mexican wall painting and service was very fast. So I ordered their Beef Nachos and Beef Quesadillas.
✔Beef Nachos (160PHP) - One of the reason why people keep on coming back to this place. Their Nachos is really good and serving was really big. Enough to be shared by 3-5 persons. I love the cheesiness and the dipping sauce was also great. A must try!128523
✔Beef Quesadilla (160PHP)-Look at that pic of Quesadilla! Two servings of soft taco wrapping a good serving of cheesy beef! Yummy! Love the beef it was mixed of meat and tendons! Just a warning this is too big to be consumed by one person better share it. Tends to get umay if you are not that into cheese.

Overall southies for sure are happy to finally get a taste of Silantro's offerings. Those two order for 160PHP each is really cheap for the serving size and tastewise it was really good! Better come early when planning to visit. This branch is similar to Kapitolyo always jampacked!128526128076

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Paolo S.
5.0 Stars

The hype is real. Dagupan's greatest export (other than bangus and their extremely pretty & friendly Dagupeñas) is this. Mexican food from Dagupan, who knew?? And it made its way all the way to Alabang at that! I actually wanted to try them since their Pasig days but it was just too out of the way. And its only when i finally got a chance to eat at the ATC branch that i believed the hype. And believe me it was HARD due to the sheer number of people and demand.

Almost everything i tried was very good! The nachos and patatas fritas are out-of-this-world loaded with salsa, beef, guac, and gooey mozzarella cheese. Best nachos in town, hands down! The quesadilla even more so. Heck there was more cheese than the whole quesadilla itself. They really put the QUESO in quesadilla. Downside was it was nakakaumay already after i scarfed half an order haha.

I also loved how loaded the tacos were. A literal mountain of toppings! The macho lucha steak was also very tasty. Dry rubbed beef that resulted in a flavorful steak, grilled to a nice char. The shakes were also refreshing, and may i add, you'll need them to maximize your appetite and avoid getting umay right away. And best of all, for the quality and taste you're getting here... its not expensive! Busog na busog (or umay na umay) ka na at P200+. Heck at P300+ order nachos and something else then share it!

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Dianne C.
4.0 Stars

So I've read about Silantro a few times, but hesitated to try the restaurant 'cause I thought everything on the menu has cilantro 128514128556. My sister went here a few months back and recommended it to me, so when friends and I were thinking where to eat around atc, I suggested this place.

We were four in our group and we ordered a lot! The servings were good for sharing.

Dinamita🗯🧀- this was really good, green chili with lots of cheese, wrapped in a lumpia wrapper and fried. 128525128076🏻

Beef Nachos128046- this was also good but the cheese sauce was quite bitin. They serve the nachos with salsa, pico de gallo and chunks of beef 128523

Silantro's quesadillas 128020🧀- two large wraps filled with chicken and lots of cheese 🧀128523128076🏻. This was served with fries 127839. Yum!

Calliente wings 128019- this was very saucy, not spicy and had a huge serving. (See picture with lots of chicken wings). Yum!128525128076🏻

Prime rib 128046- requested this to be medium-well, good for some part but other parts were quite dry. This was served with rice 127834.

Pork ribs128055- it was good but it has almost no meat, puro buto 128556☠️

Paella127834128031🦀- was not able to try this one, it was sevred ona sizzling plate, with lots of seafood on top. My sister told me this was good but my friend didn't like it that much.

Overall, food was great and perfect for big groups. Place was quite small and tends to be full pack on meal times. They don't accept reservations. Service was also good and the perfect thing is the price, nothing was more than 300 except for the prime rib. We had a lot of food but we only paid Php. 2500 128076🏻128077128525

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Just H.
5.0 Stars

It's Lucha Libre in Nachos City.... Silantro!
(What's with the opening line? Nalibre lang kasi ko! Part 1)

We ordered.........

Beef Nachos for appetizer: Soft beef lil' cubes, melted cheese is a bit salty, imo. Panalo ang dips; creamy white garlic sauce, sweet guacamole (?) and spicy sili verde sauce!

Calliente wings for a cross between appetizer and main course: sweet, find it very sweet... good with beer. 128077127867 also, with that creamy white garlic sauce!

And finally...

Silantro's paella fajita mix: got that right! Rice mixed of shrimp, tahong, squid rings, char-grilled chick-breast with half of a boiled egg and soft tortilla on top! Di ko na masyado hinimay, so feel free to add any ingredients I missed to mentioned (128540). Ate a lot and guess what? Went into food coma sa kabusugan...

Price? Around 600php for a group of 3-4pax excluding booze or drinks! I say, sulit! Why? Di ko na need pumunta ng QC or Pasig, if you're living south of metro. Masarap ang nachos and attentive ang waitstaffs nila. 128077

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Dana A.
5.0 Stars

i've nothing else to say but the food is so good & it's not pricey at all!!!! generous servings + nice staff. will def go back!!! 128147

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Anne R.
4.0 Stars

I've been hearing and reading about Silantro Fil-Mex Cantina, a quaint place way down North that offers affordable yet tasty food. As I rarely go to Kapitolyo, scratch that I have never been to Kapitolyo 128517 I filed this restaurant under my "I wish I could try this but it's too far" drawer of my mind.

Lo and behold, they opened a branch in the South. Hooray right? We dined there last Friday and they are still in their Soft Opening. As well as they only accept Cash payments at the moment. It was during lunch and the place was packed. We were lucky that we are a bit early for lunch because after we were seated, people kept coming. The downside, the place is small so it may be hard to find a table when you're a big group. I suggest come early or avoid peak hours.

I kept looking at what the other tables are ordering. There's just so many food to see! 128514 We settled on ordering beef nachos, a friend ordered burrito (which is really big and looks filling) and a Completo Soft Taco.

The Completo - You can choose between soft or hard taco. You will also choose 3 kinds of meat. I had beef, lamb and chicken in soft taco. It came with lots of shredded lettuce. It was hard to eat, Haha! I am confused if I should roll it out (because the lettuce is so many) or eat it using spoon and fork.

Anyway, it was okay for me.

What I really loved is the Beef Nachos. Surprisingly cheesy and tasty! With lots of meat too! I enjoyed dipping the nachos in the side sauce that was provided.

For the price, it was sulit. Staff could be friendlier. The aesthetic of the place is spot on and relates to the food they are serving. Think of the movie Nacho Libre! Haha! Ole! Loved the mexican / industrial vibe.

Will definitely be back, I'm looking at you Mojito! 127811

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