Silantro Fil-Mex Cantina

75 East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig, Metro Manila

Silantro Fil-Mex Cantina
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Most Recent Reviews

Karl H.
5.0 Stars

Big servings, fast service, delicious food, affordable, and definitely worth every cent. This is one of my favorites.

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Marclene M.
5.0 Stars

We ordered beef nachos, beef quesadillas, pork ribs, burrito, avocado shake!! Everything was delicious. Big serving, shake was really good! No waiting line, ate here around dinner time, dont forget to refill your sauce! Coming back here again

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Meg M.
5.0 Stars

My favorite nachos ever! 128525 I love their lamb tacos and dalandan juice too! 10084

I've been eating here for the past two years and walang kasawa sawa pa rin! 128514 The former guard knows me na and some waiters too na inaasar ako pag aalis na and say "Thank you for coming Ma'am. Babalik ka nanaman next week!" 128514128514128514 Pati yung manager na asa UP Town na. 128556 Great food and service! 128522 Jolly and maasikaso pa rin maski crowded na.

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Alexandra N.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Paul G.
5.0 Stars

Wanted to treat our guest here last Monday but she ttreated us instead. Thank you Boss Winnie!
Their beef nachos is one of best!
We ordered paella., chicken wings and pork chop and it was all delicious with generous servings! Sulit for the price!

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Jayne Marie W.
5.0 Stars

Discover unique Fil-Mex fusion in this unpretentious laid-back resto in Kapitolyo that fits your budget. Silantro is one of those concrete rectangular box with both indoor and outdoor dining areas. It has picnic tables for you to sit and dine on.

Mexican Rib-Eye (Php 880)
There is just something about their beef that you cannot get enough of. It is moist, tender with a hint of sweetness that drives you to drive your fork back for more.

Silantro's Quesadillas (Php160)
comes in two big serving, it was unlike anything I've had. It's drowning in mushrooms, chicken, mozzarella cheese, it was soo good. It was unexpected. Served with fries on the side.
Good for two persons.

Service is something the Silantro staff is very particular in. It is obvious that they are well-experienced with long waiting lines because they smile.

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Roy T.
3.0 Stars

I just got to try Silantro recently, yehey! Better late than never. Just went there for some snacks before meeting up college friends for our reunion at Locavore.

Hoping for no queues to secure table, I went in and asked for one. They're full inside so I agreed with sitting outside. Medyo mainit but since i was in a hurry and my curiosity for their nachos cannot wait anymore, I got the last table for one outside.

Placed my order right away, waited for some 15 minutes for them to prepare this well-raved about nachos, and served it right in front of my. It was the same cheesy and beefy nachos with a mix of greens and some reds I always see in my friends' Instagram posts or looloo reviews. After taking a picture of it, I started digging.

To be honest, I was disappointed with the nachos. It was cheesy but only at the top of the pile of crispy nachos. Sad thing about it was the cheese wuite hardened already and stuck on the nachos. There was some chunks of beef on it but I think not enough in contrast to the proportion of nachos. A hefty serving of other ingredients like onions, tomatoes, some jalapeños were also there.

Sad experience probably because my expectations got set too high. Next time you eat their nachos, make sure to mix it fast, before the cheese hardens. They also served some side sauces for extra dip.

I'm still into trying Silantro's other dishes though! Will surely come back if I'm in the area. 128512

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Randolph Joseph C.
3.0 Stars

We had a hard time looking for this place since we are not really that familiar with kapitolyo. They say that there is always a line before you can dine with this restaurant. luckily, when we arrived we were able to get a table although we were seated outside or non air conditioned area. It is obvious that the restaurant is an old house before that just turned to be a cantina. An enthusiastic crew approached us and told us what was their best sellers knowing that it was our first time to eat there. We had paella since I am a big fan of paellas. Being my favorite dish, Silantro's paella is not that appealing to me. Less ingredients, too salty and not reasonable for the price. I will still go for Amelia's in terms of pricing. The beef quesadilla have a big serving and value for money is reasonable although it is too salty that We were not able to finish the food. Thumbs up for their Tacos which they serve with three different sauces and its unlimited. Way better than el chupacabra! Service is kinda slow knowing that they are always in full house. But, for a first timer and for the price. Fair enough. I guess they can improve more on the ventilation and time of service. Parking is kinda hard since they are always full and you can only park outside in parallel. #henrysintaxgiveaway

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Carmela A.
5.0 Stars

You can never go wrong with Silantro. I think it's the best Mexican food I've ever tasted. Usually, we order beef nachos, burrito, grilled pork chop, caliente wings, etc. the sauces for their food is excellent (esp. the garlic sauce). However, you always have to wait in line because this place is jampacked every night and it could at least 30 minutes to be seated (seats are very limited)

Overall, the service is good and the food is excellent. I'm willing to wait for minutes just to get my hands on that beef nachos! 128513128077🏼

Service - 127775127775127775127775
Food - 127775127775127775127775127775
Ambiance - 127775127775127775
Price - 127775127775127775127775127775

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Marj C.
5.0 Stars

Silantro will always be my Fil-Mex to-go place!

Went here for the 1st time last November 2015. Since then, I cannot count anymore how many times I went back to indulge! Never came a visit that it was not jam packed, and dude, it was all worth it! Whichever seats will be available, might it be inside with AC or outside, still, I'm in!

Well, we always start off with a pica-pica, something to munch while waiting.

BEEF NACHOS 1108811088110881108811088
Yes, an overwhelming plate of Nachos! Topped with small chunks of tender beef, sour-sweet tomato salsa, and generous torched cheese! Plus, their unlimited, 3 sauces on the side. Yes guys, unli! 128079🏼 (Guacamole, with their own version I think, since it was more on cucumber rather than avocado, love it still. Garlic sauce, and chili sauce.) Sauce sucker here!128514 So it's a plus point for me! Definitely good for sharing, 2-3 pax.

QUESADILLA 1108811088110881108811088
Always be my #2 after Nachos! 2pcs soft tortilla, it was bland alone, which is supposed to be like that since the inside was savory chicken strips, mushrooms, and cheese. Dude, oozing with cheese! Talagang hindi tinipid 128556 It was also topped with potato wedges to make it more heavy!

CALLIENTE WINGS 11088110881108811088
4 large full sized wings drenched with their sweet and spicy barbecue sauce. Flavor is a bit strong, which is still fine with me. 128556 But for those whose not into strong flavors, nothing to worry guys, coz it was topped with shredded lettuce, which actually compliments the taste.

BEEF SKEWERS 11088110881108811088
My friend had it medium rare. Meat was tender and cooked perfectly, juice coming out on every bite! I had few, since it wasn't mine and he was like really hungry! 128514 Paired with their Silantro rice. TIP: they don't have plain rice

PAELLA FAJITA MIX 110881108811088
Just so you know, I'm not into rice. Like since secondary school! So this dish is not for me. My friend enjoyed it tho, topped with 2pcs prawns, few chicken strips, squid, and egg sliced into half. Verdict was biased, I know!

TIPS: 128149 6PM onwards will be blockbuster! You will be queuing up for 20-30mins to be seated. Good thing, service is really great that you may serve you water while waiting (of course if you ask)
128149 You may already place your orders while waiting, like if you're already no.2 on the list, by the time you're table is ready, 1st dish will be landing after 3mins!
128149 Church is just beside Silantro, Sundays will be really packed. Might be a lot of struggle to find parking. Limited parking spots.


FOOD 5/5
Servers are really prompt and alert. As much as I know, everyone/most of them are Kapampangan! You may always ask for your sauce and water refills. They never frown, everyone seems to be approachable and smiling! Good job!

Will always recommend this Cantina! One of my personal favorites9786128149

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Mark A.
5.0 Stars

Everything in Silantro is Ex-effin-cellent! You won't regret ordering even just the nachos if you are a first timer. Dine with your friends for a perfect mexican experience!

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Unisse C.
5.0 Stars

Based from the photos, hindi halata na mahilig kami sa cheese. 128517128584 Hahaha!!

The line here in Silantro, Kapitolyo branch is rarely short! The place is quite small and more often than not, you'll have to be seated outside. But it's definitely worth the wait, and the heat (maybe) 128540

We ordered their nachos, the quesadilla and their steak (forgot what it's called and I don't have a decent photo 128555). Oh, my friend also ordered some extra mashed potatoes. 128525

Nachos are great, lots of cheese and meat. Just make sure to spread them evenly or else the bottom chips won't have any, because you'll be eating all the cheese and meat beforehand. 128513

The quesadilla was good, and oozing with cheese!!! 10084️ I enjoyed this a loooot. 128055

Their steak was also pretty darn great, tender and well seasoned. The gravy was perfect and the mashed potatoes were well mashed and creamy!!! I cannot say anything bad about their food! 128584

When you're waiting in line, you can already pre-order so that you won't have to wait too long when you're already seated. One other thing I've seen people do is to drive by, order and just take out. 128077🏼

  • No. of Comments: 2
Aillra L.
5.0 Stars

I'm always coming back for their NACHOS!!! Super worth the price since its cheaper compared to other nachos. This is the best nachos i've ever tasted 128525

  • No. of Comments: 4
Anjec N.
5.0 Stars


I have been craving for tacos for a month. I was thinking of the closest tex-mex restos here in Taguig but... on that front Silantro, a Fil-Mex resto, was heavily advertised to me by my boss, so on a Monday while we were at the area (Capitolyo, Pasig) I finally get to try it.

The Place
You might construe it as a cheap-yy restaurant in a very unlikely venue but it's not. It's more of a college restaurant that I often go to when I was in Los Banos. The place has limited seating, just around 8-12, but if you're flexible you can find yourself a seat somewhere there.

It's packed at lunch time so if you're planning to go, schedule it before the people come rushing in.
For the environment, it's quite loud since it's a small place and on the warmer but not uncomfortable.

The Food
We just ordered 3 foods and I have to say, I dragged myself out of there because I'm so full. The place-everything about it screams SULIT! Really value for your money and very good for sharing. I'll walk you through it here.

Nachos (PhP 160.00)
This is a beast of a nacho. It's your basic nacho actually but more cheese and beef. I love their beef! It's so juicy and soft. Not the kind of beef that you have to chew to death. It's very tasteful and served with the cheese partnered with one of their sauces- it's just works!
They have three sauces there- all unlimited serving. The sour cream, which is less viscous but very tasty- partners well with everything though I like it to be thicker a bit so there's the body when you chew it with the food. They can use a thickener (Xanthan Gum will be very good on this). Then there's the Salsa. Very good salsa. I think this is fresh pureed salsa. I mean you can still see the seeds of tomatoes and it's not salty. You can do with a big smear and just a piece of nachos. Really great. Now, there's this green sauce that I don't care for. I'm sorry but I didn't like it. It's an acquired taste I guess.

Burritos (PhP 180)
Every serving in this place is big. Hindi sya tinipid and that's what I love about it. The burrito can be divided into 4 slices and you'll still get a decent serving. It's around 7 inches with at least 2.5-3 inch in diameter (guesstimates). So it's really big and compared to other burritos that I've tasted, hindi din tinipid ung fillings. The beef is everywhere, the rice is just well cooked, the vegetables are there. It's a great meal so to speak.

Quesadillas (PhP 160)
We're feeling cheesy that Monday so we ordered another cheesy meal- Quesadillas. And when I say cheesy, the cheese was literally all oozing out. You can check the pictures. The serving is for 2 and they actually put fries on top of it but I don't think this is a good combination. I find it too much I guess. Too much oil and cheese in one plate.

The Service
They were all very attentive, a bit tad many servers for a small place but I guess that's how hip the place is. Very polite and generous with the sauces. Our saucers never dipped below half. So Kudos!!

So over-all, I'm very happy that I tried this place. It's a five-star restaurant for me because of the price and the quality of the food that they serve. SULIT talaga. I hope you can start looking for a bigger place so you can accommodate more people and try to widen your marketing reach. People would want to meet you guys!

Thanks again!

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Mary Love S.
4.0 Stars

Kapitolyo is a foodie destination with so many restaurants appearing left and right. A few holidays ago, the Foodie Trio of UA&P (which I now baptize as F3) decided to explore Kapitolyo once again. Our first stop is none other than Silantro.

Hello, Silantro Fil-Mex Cantina!

This wasn’t my first time to visit this place as I got to try it a few months ago with W. However, we didn’t order food and I just had their unlimited mojito (for only PHP250!!!). And the mojito was not bad at all.

We arrived a bit past 11 a.m. and the place was already packed! It was a good thing though that K’s friends, the Triple J (as they all have J in their names), arrived early and managed to get a table inside.

After a quick look at the menu, I decided to go for the Completo (PHP110) where I could choose three kinds of meat for my soft shell taco (I chose lamb, oxtail and beef), Silantro Quesadillas (PHP160) and a glass of Mojito (PHP90).

First served was the mojito but I did not dare take a sip as I skipped breakfast for the food trip. After the first 10 minutes, I started to become restless and at the 15 minute mark, I started to be irritable.

Twenty minutes later, the server approached us to inform me that they were out of oxtail. I snapped! They could have told me that way before! Why wait for 20 minutes???

Anyway, I told the server to give me lengua instead and make sure that he serves my order in 5 minutes or less. And it did. However, we had to wait for a few more minutes for our utensils and sauce. *sigh*

The food though was awesome! The beef, lamb and lengua were all fantastic! Flavorful and tender, it was such joy munching on it. You don’t even need sauce!

The quesadilla (which was meant to be an appetizer) was served about 2 minutes after the tacos were served. It was oozing with cheese! I enjoyed the slightly burned fries. However, I hardly tasted the chicken bits as the cheese was too overwhelming. But cheese lovers would love this! I did.

The mojito, as usual, was refreshing.

Overall, the food was great but service was extremely slow! I know that the place was crowded but it is still not an excuse. They should always factor that in when they prepare the dishes. I will most likely visit this place when I’m not hungry and would just like to hang out with friends.

[Sadly though, some people take advantage of the foodies who flock the area. There was an incident where a car was shot several times. So, warning to all those who frequent, visits, or plans to visit Kapitolyo, be careful and make sure that you park in well-lit areas.]

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Tina B.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Kiko G.
5.0 Stars

Every other Tuesday, my team and I would choose a restaurant to go to. Last week, we decided to go for a place that serve tacos and I cannot think of any other place except Silantro Filmex Cantina. It was the best choice given that we work in Pasig and that Kapitolyo branch was just 5 to 10 minutes away from our workplace.

So why Fil-Mex? Authentic Mexican flavors won't please everyone except when you have a chef's palate who understands flavor and culture profile. If you're a foodie, you would perhaps appreciate it but it will not give you a reason to return. Perhaps, trying it is good enough and move on to the next restaurant. They adjusted the flavors to have a bit of filipino treatment to cater not only to food lovers who are exposed in different types of cuisines but also to ensure that first timers would also love the food. A great move to ensure customers keep coming back.

It's not my first so I was tasked to choose what to eat. I have my favorites but I also wanted to try other dishes (sinamantala ko na, ambagan e 128514). We chose to have Oxtail Tacos, Quesedilla, Burrito and Salpicado. We had 4 of each except for the Salpicado. Daming gutom!

Hard Shell tacos were not available so we had to go for soft shell. No big deal because their softshell tacos are really good. Plus, the taco shell is just a part of the equation, it's what's inside. At first glance, the tacos don't look appetizing with loads of green vegetables on top but the magic happens at first bite. It was served with three types of sauces, guacamole, spicy guacamole and garlic salt. I use all three because it tastes better in my opinion with all these sauces. We all opted for oxtail because we want to have the feel of eating sisig taco and it's super delicious! I can't remember how many times I've eaten at this place but they're very very consistent. Hat's off!

When the gates of heaven open, this perhaps is what you will see first. It's the most beautiful looking quesedilla. If you let your camera eat first, then this quesedilla is for you. It gets anyone excited to take a photo and post it on instagram or facebook. Bahala na malamig pagkain, post ko to! It has loads of cheese and chicken strips inside with fries on top. I love the it is savory with a little bit of sweet aftertaste and it's not all about the looks. Beauty and Brains ata to.

For the price, the burrito is quite filling and can serve two. Like the quesedilla, this one has a fries inside too and it's a delicious roll of rice with chunks of meat. I hardly finished one and had to share it with my colleague.

I wanted to try something new and chose salpicado as recommended by one of the servers. So it's like beef salpicao but the meat slices are bigger and spicy. This one can go well with burrito and any rice, even brown rice. The amount of garlic and spices made it irresistible.

If it's you first time, I would recommend that you have oxtail tacos, quesedilla and nachos. You'll will definitely make your dining experience enjoyable with these top 3 picks. 128521

Food is exceptional and with for the price, i say it's a steal. Also, i like that they were able to choose the right people. The place is always full and the servers are always able to manage and are quick to address any request. Silantro is definitely a place i will always recommend not only to those who are asking for the best mexican food but to those who are looking for exceptional food.


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Meg P.
5.0 Stars

Food was great and the service too.

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Reann G.
3.0 Stars

‼️‼️ Lamb chops (P350) - still my favorite from this restaurant!!! Probably the most expensive dish we ordered but it was worth every cent 128513 the mashed potato that came with it was also very GOOD. 10024
‼️ Calliente Wings (P180) - It was good and super cheap! 5pcs of chicken wings that's spicy and super good!!! I wouldn't complain about it bec of the very affordable price.
‼️ Beef Nachos (P180) - This was also one of the most sulit amongst the dishes we ordered! It had a generous serving and the toppings was also good. Hindi ka tinipid kahit mura
❗️ Paella Fajita Mix (P250) - This dish was just so-so. It was flavourful and had lots of seafood in it, considering that it was P250, okay na din. But there was nothing really special about it.


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Ian V.
5.0 Stars

The first time we went here, we didn't get to appreciate the food that much because 1) we were late to the dinner, 2) everyone's basically done eating already, so 3) we just ate everyone's leftovers.

So it was nice to see what they have to offer and take our time to taste and appreciate their dishes.

Okay. The place isn't very posh, and it doesn't claim to be. But the place is packed so you'd know that they offer great food. It's so packed that there's almost always a group of people outside waiting to be seated.

We ordered the Silantro's Quesadillas, Calliente Wings, and the Paella Fajitas. First bite of the quesadillas and I died in cheesy heaven. Every bite is just awesome cheesy goodness. Perfect for cheese lovers like me. The Calliente Wings was also good. Very flavorful and with generous amount of sauce. We were surprised with the fajitas. When you think Fajitas, you usually think veggies, tomato, beef, some awesome sauce and that's it. So we were surprised that their version was that of a paella. Lol. But it was also good. Generous amount of rice, shrimp, chicken, and tahong. Spread some of that white sauce they offer (not sure if it's garlic sauce or ranch or whatever) and enjoy!

And the best part? Everything for just an affordable price!

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