Simala Shrine

Sibonga, Cebu

Simala Shrine
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Anthony M.
5.0 Stars

So far 128521 I’ve found 4 different names for this magnificent Cebu 🇵🇭 Religious Heritage Site
• Simala Shrine
• The Monastery Of The Holy Eucharist
• Mama Mary Shrine Of Simala
• Birhen sa Simala

For Simala Shrine ... I believe , is the shorten name ( could be mistaken , as I’m not a Filipino )

I noticed a meaningful sign , up the top of the first ramp up to the Simala Shrine — You are here a PILGRIMS , NOT AS TOURISTS to offer praise, Thanksgivings, Sacrifices, & Petitions to God and Mama Mary

Even thou I’m surely not Catholic ... you feel something there

In any respect ... I’m elated 128512128513 to finally have been able to make my way to Simala Shrine

As previously , over a year now , I’ve been looking at traveling to visit the Simala Shrine ... however disappointingly 128534 I was always quoted between P2500 - P3500 for a return trip by taxi or Hire Van

As yesterday , with intending to travel by V Hire Van ( from Junquera St , Van transit depot ) to Carcar City ... to have an explore , I discovered that the V Hire - P100 , travels through to Sibonga - which is the small township nearest the Shrine ... with this I described to continued on ( give it a go 128513 glad I did )

After having a uneventful quick look around Sibonga , I traveled by Tricycle the near 5kms to Simala Shrine - P150

I later discovered ( whilst at the Shrine ) that the V Hire Van I was on actually travels just to Simala Shrine & returns to Cebu City - even through on the side of the V Hire states it travels to Santander ... therefore after my interesting look around Simala Shrine , I was conveniently able to catch another V Hire Van back to Cebu City 128513

As usually whenever you catch a V Hire Van from any of the depots around Cebu City , the Van’s has it’s final destination on the side door ... as for the van depots , each depot is the transit point for V Hire Vans traveling to their different locations across Cebu ( even thou these V Hire Vans are all one company )

The Simala Shrine is located nearly 2 hours south of Cebu City , on Mama Mary Sanctuary Roard , Sibonga ... as a few Facebook address post maps , have Simala Shrine in Cebu City

Opening hours at Simala Shrine :
• 7 days 8am - 8pm

Holy Mass Schedule :
• Sunday – 12:00nn & 3:30pm
• Monday to Friday – 12:00nn
• Saturday – 10:30am
• 13th of the month – 10:30am & 3:30pm

It is free entrance to the Simala Shrine ... with Religious donations welcomed

Over many decades ... the Miraculous castle like Simala Shrine , is still being built by the Marian Monks of Eucharistic Adoration ... who serve as the guardian of this sacred site ... with the help of different communities of Sisters

Within the church main building ... for the devoted , there are many “Dagkutanan” ( meaning a place for candle lighting )

For choosing your candles at the Shrine
• Gold – Healing ( good health , recovery , spiritual , family tree )
• Green – Prosperity / Success ( exam , study , financial , business )
• Blue – Perseverance ( employment , career, assignment , promotions )
• Violet – Achievement ( plans in life , struggles, endeavours , journey , voyage )
• Red – Love ( unity , friendship , engagement , family )
• Yellow – Peace ( courage , strength , hope )
• White – Purity ( enlightenment , guidance , right path )
• Orange – Reconciliation ( sweetheart , wife , husband , enemy , family )
• Pink – Thanksgiving / Happiness / Joy ( spiritual , physical )
• Black – Souls ( forgiveness , pardon )
• Brown – Vocation ( marriage bond , God’s servant , single life )
• Grey – Deliverance ( bad ways , things , spirits )
• Cream – Conversion / Faith ( children , household , couples )

Please note ... there is a strict dress code into Simala Church grounds :
• No Sleeveless / Tube / Short Blouses
• No Shorts above the knees ( men / women )
• No Sleeveless men’s T-Shirts
• No Mini Skirts
• No Fitting or Transparent Pants
• No inappropriate images or language of cloths
• Plus No Smoking or Alcoholic Drinks
• Plus No food or water - consumed outside

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Sandy V.
5.0 Stars

Such a beautiful place 9962

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Zey V.
5.0 Stars

This place is definitely worth the long travel! 128519
How much more if it will be fully developed.
Such a must see place in Cebu! 128077🏻


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Nicole C.
5.0 Stars

Went here some time last year, and the long drive was worth it. During our visit, some construction was going on though. There's an area where you can light candles, and you'll notice that they are in different colors as they represent different things (e.g.: family, love life, studies, etc.). You have to pay a fee (20 pesos, I think?) for each candle you want to light up, but it's optional - you're not required to do it if you don't want to. They also conduct mass here which you can go to. As you circle back to the entrance, there's also some life-sized figures depicting the life of Jesus - which is really cool btw.
Those that passed their board exams (for nurses, teachers, engineers, even lawyers maybe.) also have a wall of dedication here proclaiming their thanks to Mama Mary and such, as prior to their exams they came to Simala.
There's also a portion here that sells various knicknacks (like rosaries, holy water, and prayer pamphlets, etc.) there too.

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Snow E.
5.0 Stars

One of the highlights of our Cebu tour was the visit to the Simala Shrine.

This humble church embodies Mary's image and likeness to our respected monks.

The structure was fascinating and it looks like you've taken to the other side of the world which is Berlin.

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Maika L.
5.0 Stars

Devote Catholic or not, you shouldnt miss visiting this famous shrine in Sibonga! I've been there a couple of times and it still gets me everytime. A great place to meditate and talk to MamA Mary and currently its still being renovated but it looks amazing!

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Gladys M.
5.0 Stars

The castle-like church found in South Cebu. The place is under construction but you can still visit there, though there are some parts that are close. A place of worship; to thank Him and Miraculous Mary for everything. An hour and a half drive from the city.

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