1355 Dapitan St., Sampaloc, Manila, Metro Manila

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Salie D.
5.0 Stars

It was a delight for me to see the inside look of this SL UST branch. I just couldn't resist taking a picture of my drink with the wall as my background, buti na lang no students were around during that time. I actually loved the place, ang cute. 128077🏼

I have always been to their Maginhawa branch eversince. But I live nearby Maginhawa no more and so having allowed me to stop here for a drink when we were passing by, is considered a blessing. 128525 Hindi sya katulad ng Chatime na meron na kahit saan. 128532

On a serious note, I love their Milk Tea because it's healthy (I think!) and affordable coz I'd rather have it pearl or pudding free! I don't know, naiinis ako when those gummy sago gets in my throat and force me to chew them and stop swallowing this supposedly thirst quenching drink! 128539

Also, i think it's light and refreshing. 128525 I ordered this Wintermelon flavor for the nth time now and I still love it the same. 128525

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Patty D.
4.0 Stars

Ive been ordering their wintermelon milk tea with extra pearl for almost a week. It tastes "simple" and not too sweet,until they gave me a drink without any ice.. I got so disappointed because i only found out after I left the place.Will just try other milktea place around here. 128530

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Tyn J.
5.0 Stars

The milk tea place that got me hooked on milk tea! Loved this place when I was still in UST and even now that I have graduated, I still love going to Simple Line.

I love tapioca black, caramel tapioca black, caramel tapioca oolong, wintermelon milk tea.

The service is fast and you dont really have a place to hang out inside the store so it's mostly to go but really, their milk tea never fails :)

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Abby V.
4.0 Stars

I really liked their black caramel milk tea! Best with nata de coco. 128077

I was referred by Kathryna d to join the #loolooholidaygiveaway


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Abby T.
5.0 Stars

My #1 go-to milktea place around UST!128077 landing second would have to be Golden Chopsticks.

I have a couple of favorite drinks here, today i opted for the Caramel Coffee Konjac Oolong Tea with 80% sweetness. Perfecto!128079

I've been a fan of their milk tea ever since they first opened at Concepcion some 2-3 years ago. I love that they use real, authentic tea leaves & not all that sugary, powdered nonsense. I know so from the taste & the wakefulness it gives me. Unlike everyone else, i like my milk tea balanced enough to taste both components.

Yay for Simple Line!128525

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Isa S.
5.0 Stars

Caramel Oolong was mi ultimate fave! This pic shows how I love Simple Line. This was taken last 2012. Now the teas cost 20php more! Hehe.

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Raisa Z.
3.0 Stars

One of my closest friend visited me earlier and brought me milk tea!!!!!! Yay. Simpleline is one of the first milk tea shop around UST.

It isnt creamy, sweet or etc like the newest milk tea shops you'll find anywhere. But they have this genuine taste of balanced milk & tea in their mixture! Not too much milk, not too much tea.

I think my friend got me Caramel. With coffee jelly included! Yum free milktea 127744

  • No. of Comments: 8
Claire A.
5.0 Stars

My favorite is Caramel herbal jelly black. And their drinks are also affordable compared to others.

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