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G/F Edades Tower and Garden Villas, Amorsolo Drive, Rockwell Center, Makati, Metro Manila

Single Origin
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Most Recent Reviews

Julie L.
4.0 Stars

I've heard good things about their coffee and food. So pretty excited my family wanted to have dinner there. This branch is bigger and spacious. The tables are wider which are ideal for working or having a group meeting. Also the glass walls gave the cafe/restaurant a sleeker look.

BLT Salad (Php 320) Bacon bits, fresh veggies and light dressing.

European (Php 395) two slices of ham, 2 poached eggs, smoked salmon, veggies and toast bread. All-day breakfast meals. Serving was hefty and filling too.

Mango Caramel (Php 250) waffle slice with mango toppings, ice cream and drizzled with caramel sauce.
Lava Cake (Php 295) it was overwhelmingly sweet for me.
Mint Ice Cream (Php 295) I liked this dessert the mint ice creamed they use was creamy and minty.

Their food is pricer but well suited for the area. I highly recommend their coffee most especially Flat White (Php 160)

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Peanut D.
4.0 Stars

This is Single Origin’s Steak and Eggs (Php 995). It’s a 300g Ribeye steak that’s laid on top of tiny deep fried potato cubes (potato hash) served with a side of sunny side up egg and a side salad.

The meat is no wagyu or Mamou’s steak in terms of tenderness but flavor-wise, it’s pretty good. For a thousand pesos, this isn’t bad at all. Super filling.

I did however, end up not eating a good chunk of the meat because it was all "litid" 128517

The potato hash is pretty good also but very hard to stick your fork into. I had to use a spoon to eat them tiny pieces.

Service here is also excellent as always. Ambiance is pretty nice also - makes for a good working environment.

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Bella J.
3.0 Stars

My family met up with one of my dad's friends a few Saturdays ago and we decided to have our merienda here. The place was packed so we took one of the tables outside.

I ordered the Classic Pancakes (Php 295) and I must say I was awed by the size of the two pancakes that were served to me. They were tasty enough, though the texture reminded me a lot of bibingka.

My mom and sisters got the "Hot" Chocolate Cheesecake to share. The cheesecake was more like an ice cream cake in terms of texture and though we hoped that the chili would be incorporated into the cake, it wasn't the case. There were a few pieces on top of the slice though.

As for our drinks, I got the Mr. Woods, which is basically lemonade and berry black iced tea in one drink. Refreshing and I was able to taste both the lemonade and the tea.

My dad ordered the Black Onyx, which is one of the Single Origin blends and chose the French press as the extraction method (other choices include the pourover, syphon, chemex, and sowden). He liked it and appreciate the options of how to have his coffee.

Service was just okay. Bathroom needs to be better maintained though. It was dirty and unkept when we were there.

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Ruth S.
4.0 Stars

The matcha was good. Omg! 💯 At first, it was kind of weird, the matcha bitter taste was too much but all I needed to do was to stir it and boom, matcharap!!! Haha LOL! 128154128154 Also, the latte art was sooooo cute! 128059

We also ordered a slice of cake. Asked what's the dessert of the day and they have 2 cake options - UBE something and CHOCOLATE something. Of course, we chose CHOCOLATE something. 128541

The cake was good, it was not moist but not dry. Just right and it wasn't also that sweet. Yay!! We liked it and paired really well with our drinks. 128077🏼

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4.0 Stars

We do make tambay at Single Origin before we headed to our next appointment.


Yes! The place is huge and beautiful. I like the spacious table where I can do my makalat na working habit. LOLz


The waiter handed the menu and order some refreshment and some pica-pica while we wait.

127827Japan Matcha Latte for Php180.00 - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
"It's matcha! And looks like matcha. The color green drink has a bitter taste with the essence of matcha flavor on it."

127827Strawberry Basil Lemonade for Php160.00 - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
"This drink is so good. And it's refreshing. Sarap!"

127827Truffle Fries for Php180.00 - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
"The fries were served in skillet. The truffle flavor was there and I think even the ketchup has a truffle oil too."


The staff provided a good one. It's not perfect but satisfying.

#ilovetoeatph 12851510084

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Peanut D.
4.0 Stars

In an attempt to eat healthy I ordered their BLT Salad and cold brew coffee. In less than 10 minutes, the salad was gone.

I ended up eating a waffle.

Lesson learned: order a waffle with your salad. 128514128514128514

The salad was good though - loved the bacon bits. A bit pricey considering it was so small. I think it was over P300. Their waffles have always been good also. I unfortunately didn't get to take a photo of it. I think I might have been hungrier after eating the salad. 128514

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Ruth D.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Joey G.
4.0 Stars

Had brunch with my family in Single Origin. Ordered the Corned Beef Benedict, Fish and Fries, White Fish Omelette, Fried Chicken with Waffles and the Bleu Burger. We enjoyed every single dish which was obviously freshly cooked and delicious. Portions were just right, not too little, not too much.

I had the Fish and Fries which was served on a large wooden chopping board. I found the chopping board a nice touch. The oatmeal crusted fish was fresh and cooked perfectly, not at all greasy. The spinach cream sauce was light but tasty and went well over the fish. The truffle fries were perfectly crispy and ample.

I'd certainly go back to this place to try their other dishes. The only drawback was that the dishes took a bit of time to be served. The dishes we ordered came one at a time and by the time the last dish was served, a couple of us had already consumed the dishes they ordered. Our waiter was cognizant of the delay, though, and brought me some complimentary potato chips while I waited for my dish to arrive.

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J Simeon T.
5.0 Stars

Rarely do I like eating fillet fish... but here, I literally melted and smiled with content .. and the berry inspired drink was divine.. the service was impeccable:)

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4.0 Stars

Single origin is not the typical coffee shop that we knew that serves coffee and dessert. Single Origin is just more than that, they served beers, cocktails and savory dishes.

After our event in one of the restaurants in Rockwell Center, we've visited the second branch of Single Origin to have some lite snacks and desserts.

This is my first time in Single Origin and I find the place a "WOW" when it comes to interior. It's bright and spacious with refined and classy furnitures around me. And it's very cozy.

The courteous staff handed the menu, we started our drink first then decided to have some lite snacks.

9749️Pink Lady for Php 140.00 (Passion Fruit Herbal Tea with Layers of Lime Juice and Syrup) - 11088110881108811088 4/5
"Although it's a little bit pricey for a flavored soda but I find it colorful and refreshing."

9749️Cappuccino Lava Cake for Php295.00 (Baked Molten Belgian Dark Chocolate with Espresso and Vanilla Ice Cream) - 110881108811088 3/5
"The cake in the cup is not the lava cake I am expecting because it's dry. Thanks to vanilla ice cream."

9749️Bacon Basket for Php195.00 (BBQ Glazed Crispy Pork with Bacon Aioli) - 110881108811088 3/5
"Maybe It would be better if it's just a normal bacon not glazed with barbecue."

9749️Truffle Fries for Php180.00 (Homemade Fries tossed with Truffle Oil topped with Parmesan and Fried Garlic) - 11088110881108811088 4/5
"This one was so good, especially eating the fries while it's hot and putting a tomato ketchup. Yum!"

9749️Complimentary Potato Chips - 11088110881108811088 4/5
"Another favorite! It's very light and the flavors is so addictive."

Overall, this is the perfect place to hangout for those who are looking for "not that too noisy place" and/or do business related stuff like meeting clients.

#ilovetoeatph 12851510084

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AlwaysHungryPh P.
4.0 Stars

I had the chance of checking out this new go-to place along the Rockwell neighborhood, near Powerplant mall called Single Origin, on a sponsored invite, thanks to Seats’ owner, Carlo. The rustic interiors of this place give it a homey ambience. Single Origin offers all-day breakfast, and American and European comfort food, alongside their variety of drinks, composed of alcoholic and non-alcoholic ones.

We were first served with a barrage of sweets, which includes their epic waffle berries. A good load of strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries are enveloped in this crispy waffle, making it instantly my favorite.

The French toasts we had are satisfyingly sweet, but I think that it would have been better if they had used a thinner piece of toast so that the toppings and sauce in it could have been evenly spread together. Their banana Nutella pancake had one-upped the French toasts because the fluffy pancakes were prepped well, though, it just needs more Nutella in it. You can never have too much of Nutella, that we have to agree on, right?

After trying out Single Origin’s sweet offerings, we got served their savory dishes. For one, we had their delicious truffle pasta. If, on the other hand, you are so much into pizza, then I suggest that you try out their breakfast pizza offering. This thin crust pizza has a hefty serving of crispy bacon, mushrooms, and egg, on a bed of rich cheese. Go ahead and add a dash of chili flakes to it to make it spicy.

Although I enjoyed most of the food that were served to us that time, I do think that Single Origin’s chicken and waffle sandwich needs a bit of tweaking for it to be really good. I just find the waffle too thick and it is too dull for my liking.

I think that it’s their crab fat pasta that took the spotlight. This winning dish is just boosting of so many flavors of the shells, shrimps, and crabs in it.

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Chili G.
3.0 Stars

After all the food tasting and chikahan at Sarsa, I needed my afternoon coffee so we headed over to single origin with Peanut D, Norman Lester T, EJ B, Rocky R and Jairus d 128522 it's my second Single Origin branch and I think I like this branch better than the BGC one; it has a lot of natural light that allows you to see the different decor and knick knacks they have around the coffee shop.
Opted to try their iced mocha with valrhona chocolate. A bit pricey at 195 but it was ok. I also got their truffle fries and Norman tried the bacon basket. Jai ordered the Choco lava cake.
Our drinks arrived after about 15 minutes but the food took a while! After following up with the server, he said there was a mix up with their monitors and the orders didn't show up in the kitchen 128530 they gave us complimentary chips for the delay. The fries were just ok IMO, I like the ones at perfect pint better.
Then the Choco lava cake arrived and it was so dry! I've had this in the BGC branch and it was decent but this time, we kept on digging for the lava but it was nowhere to be found 128517 and that dessert cost 395!
How cray but anyway I guess I'll stick to the drinks and waffles next time.

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Rocky R.
4.0 Stars

My 6th stop. After all the guilt from eating at Ooma, I rejoined the rendezvoos participants to have another light drink.

Single Origin, is a very chic place. Displays of wine, coffee, and many others define what this establishment all about; very urban contemporary.

While the rest ordered food, I decided to slow down a bit and ordered a St. Tropez (₱125) iced tea. It's a fusion of green tea and Japanese tea.

This was a refreshing beverage. It had the right amount of sweetness, wherein you'll be able to enjoy the natural flavors that the tea contains. It sure calmed my senses down after binge eating (and I'm only halfway done).

I was done right by Single Origin.
Next time, I'll be able to visit with hunger, so I can try their food. I see in their menu that the prices are very reasonable, so I'm game!

Happy Eating!!!

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Sandra Y.
4.0 Stars

Last Sunday, back to this coffee haven, this time in Rockwell. The interiors were the same as the one in BGC. However in Rockwell, there's high ceiling and natural light coming from its windows. Bricks, metals, wood and glass were the notable accents of this place.

I was with my girlfriends last Sunday. We opted to take few walks inside the Powerplant after our lunch in Ooma. We decided to have coffee at around 3PM. Place is full when we got in, but we're lucky to be seated when a group left the place.

I had Orange Infused Cappucino (80z for P185), orange infused textured milk with cappuccino dusted with cacao powder. - no aroma of orange, no even a taste, but it didn't matter because I enjoyed the strong blend of coffee plus the size is enough dor me. No "bitin" factor

Chocolate Pudding (P195) dark chocolate puddong with crusted graham & whip cream. - comment: it was just ok. Nothing spectacular, and I find it a bit pricey. Good thing I share it with my friend.

Verdict: coffee here is good, since its my 2nd time. I prefer strong coffee flavor.. not bland and sweet. This place are for real coffee lovers. Ambiance is also worth noting. Though I find it a bit pricey. Great place esp when catching up with friends.

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Anton M.
5.0 Stars

If only this place was closer to me, I'd most definitely be a regular. The place is conducive for reading, working, or conversing thanks to the abundance of natural light. The wood/metal furniture is gorgeous too.

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DC l.
4.0 Stars

Grilled cheese sandwich 4/5 was good but wasn't the best I've had
Sausage platter 4/5
Truffle pasta 4/5 (serving too small)
Bacon on mud 3/5
Regular pancakes 4/5 (huge and dense but didn't like the syrup)
Breakfast sausage and waffles 4/5

Kinda pricey but would go back again to try other dishes from the menu as I love breakfast food.

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Mary Love S.
4.0 Stars

Breakfast is love. If breakfast is a guy, I’d definitely date him and who knows, marry him as well. There’s something so appealing with breakfast that I simply could not stop having it all day long. And a lot of foodies share the same addiction hence the number of all-day breakfast restaurants around the city. One of my favorites is Single Origin and it surely delighted my tastebuds when I dropped by its second branch a few months ago.

Hello, Single Origin.

This was my first time to visit its Rockwell branch which opened last September and I noticed that it is bigger than its BGC branch.

I was greeted by warm hues of brown, suspended lights and charming flowers on each table. I also spotted a few communal tables which are perfect for large groups or those who do not like feeling alone.

For starters, we were asked to choose whichever drink we fancy and I went with Strawberry Basil Lemonade (PHP160) while R went with Iced Valrhona Mocha (PHP195).

My bright pink drink, which was composed of freshly squeezed lemonade mixed with strawberry sauce with a splash of soda and basil chiffon, was great! It was a bit tangy from the lemonade and strawberry sauce and I really liked it that way. The touch of basil also made the drink even more refreshing. I now understand why it is one of Single Origin’s bestsellers.

R’s Iced Valrhona Mocha was so good too. I loved the beautiful blend of Valrhona chocolate and espresso resulting in a lovely dark mocha drink. It sure made me wish I ordered the same as R’s.

After a few sips, the scrumptious dishes of Single Origin were served.

For appetizers, we sampled S.O. Wings (PHP250), Bacon on Mud (PHP195) and Sausage Platter (PHP450).

The S.O. Wings were quite sweet and seemed to be honey glazed. Though I wasn’t able to dip it in bleu cheese, it was flavorful enough to whet the appetite. Not everyone liked it though because the sweetness of the chicken surprised their tastebuds.

Bacon on Mud was an obvious winner. The maplewood bacon was crisp and salty creating a beautiful contrast with its smooth chocolate dip.

My favorite though was the sausage platter. One order includes Hungarian, Smokey Cheesy Bavarian and Kielbasa served with grainy mustard and truffle chips. The sausages were absolutely divine as each one was succulent, rich in flavor and had a nice snap to it. I’d love to order this again and pair it with a pint of beer or two.

I had no idea that Single Origin offers pizzas and I sure am glad that they made us sample Breakfast Pizza (PHP320) and Anchovies and Garlic Aioli (PHP295).

Both tasted great but Breakfast Pizza won me over with its bacon, mushroom, quail eggs and arugula toppings. It may be an unhealthier version of a breakfast meal but I wouldn’t mind having this every morning!

The Anchovies and Garlic Aioli was a bit on the salty side with not much contrast in textures. But if you love garlic, this pizza is something you have to try as it has garlic confit.

The event became a bit confusing when we went back inside as some dishes placed on one table was not served to the other and vice versa hence I failed to take photos of the White Truffle Pasta (PHP450) and Cold Cuts and Cheese (PHP595).

I managed to get a forkful of White Truffle Pasta though and it was awesome! It was creamy had a lovely taste of truffle. The linguini pasta was al dente and made even more enjoyable with bacon bits, mushroom and poached egg. I’d love to order this again on my next visit.

The 4 Cheese Grilled Cheese (PHP365) was pretty good as the combination of Monterey Jack, Yello Cheddar, Ementhal and Mozzarella created a nice and sharp cheesy taste. The soft brioche bread was also great as it was slightly buttery. For extra texture, I munched on the truffle potato chips on the side.

I wasn’t too crazy with the Shrimp Po Boy (PHP260) as I like my deep fried battered shrimps in honey mayo dressing to be paired with rice and not bread. It just didn’t taste as good with bread for me. Again, this one was served with the delightful truffle potato chips.

The Chicken and Waffle Sandwich (PHP320) was not unfamiliar to me as I’ve had chicken and waffle combo before elsewhere. However, it was my first time to enjoy it just like a sandwich. The thick fried chicken breast was sandwiched between two waffles. It’s something kids would like but I don’t think it’s for me.

I wasn’t able to try the Fish and Fries (PHP295) but I heard that it’s pretty good. Single Origin made it healthier by using oatmeal instead of flour to coat its fish fillet. One serving of this comes with spinach cream sauce and truffle fries.

Soon, the benedicts arrived and the serious foodies were drooling over the poached eggs with hollandaise sauce.

The Homemade Corned Beef Benedict (PHP350) was pretty good. It came in thin slabs instead of shredded and it was quite tasty and went well with the garlic parmesan potato hash. The poached egg delivered and satisfied our desire for egg porn. However, some foodies felt that each plate was short of hollandaise sauce. Same comment was true for the Short Ribs Benedict (PHP565).

Hollandaise shortage aside, I loved the BBQ braised short ribs. It was soft, succulent and flavorful.

We capped the night with Blueberry Sweet Corn Ice Cream Sundae (PHP295), Strawberry Cream Cheese Waffles (PHP375) and Dark Chocolate Strawberry (PHP380).

I loved the sweet strawberry cream cheese waffles as the waffles were soft and fluffy. It would have been nicer if the edges were a bit crisp. Then again, it might have actually been crispy if only I didn’t drown it with Vermont maple syrup.

I didn’t really fancy the sundae as it wasn’t sweet enough for me. The corn ice cream, kernels and popcorn were overpowered by the blueberry compote and I don’t think it was meant to be like that.

But the award for dessert of the night went to Dark Chocolate French Toast. The brioche was so soft and very chocolatey creating a divine contrast with the slightly tangy strawberry bits. The almond slices added crunch to the heavenly dessert.

Overall, it was a lovely night. Aside from the huge feast, Single Origin also treated us to unlimited wine!

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Nicole C.
4.0 Stars

Another joint that I've been wanting to go to, so I was really glad when they opened at Rockwell. I ordered their hot chocolate and salted caramel chocolate a la mode french toast while my mom got coffee and their home made corned beef benedict. I liked their hot choco, and their french toast too! I'm not fond of french toast because I find them to be quite bland, but I liked Single Origin's rendition - the salted caramel also helped too lol. I think it isn't too sweet, it was just right. My mom didn't really like the corned beef, but I got to try it and it was just okay for me, not something that we'd order again tho. Still, we'll definitely come back here soon, when that time comes, I'd like to try their matcha latte and maybe their pasta or waffles (or both lololol).

Ambiance was really nice, although their place is a bit small so it sort of feels a bit cramped, especially when they have lots of customers around. Service was good.

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Kat M.
4.0 Stars

A friend suggested trying Single Origin as apparently, it is famous for brunch. True enough, the place was packed when we arrived last Sunday morning. It is conveniently situated just in front of Powerplant Mall so it is quite accessible. Upon arriving I realized how different Rockwell looks like now! It’s been quite a long time that I haven’t been to this side of Makati…

After waiting to be seated, we ordered the following:

Blueberry Granola Waffle: The waffle itself is dense and thick. I was surprised at how “siksik” it felt like when we had the first bite. It was generously topped with blueberries and crunchy granola. I love the fact that it is not so sweet and therefore, hindi nakakaumay.

We also had the Breakfast Sausage and Eggs. It was an okay dish. There’s a thick sausage served with scrambled eggs, a few greens, and white bread, something I actually can do at home. I regret ordering this in fact, we should have been more adventurous with our choice.

For drinks I had Mr Woods - Fresh squeezed lemonade layered with our organic passion berry black iced tea – it was quite refreshing and has a very unique taste. My friend had her café latte to go with our brunch meal.

The restaurant has a cool, brunch feel to it, almost like Wildflour I must say. The staff, although undermanned are attentive to the needs of the customers. Maybe because the place was full, but our meal arrived a bit longer than okay, as it was served only after around 20-25 minutes. The drinks took even longer. Otherwise, it was a cool concept restaurant.

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Clarissa P.
5.0 Stars

Single Origin Rockwell opened it's doors to the public on the 16th of September. The menu is the same as their BGC branch. I loved the relaxed and very casual ambiance of this branch that's reminiscent of the original one. High ceiling, modern interiors, a play with textures - bricks, wood, steel and glass. There's a lot of natural light since they used ceiling to floor glass walls which I liked.

They didn't do away with their signature shelves filled with bottles of wine and coffee gadgets too. The restaurant also has this nook with a more privy feel, with long tables and high chairs, just in case you want to retreat for a more secluded stay.

> Japan Matcha Latte 180Php (hot) | 190Php (iced)

My warm cup of GTL came in with a nice latte art. Took some snaps and tried it. It was lacking some sugar but I only needed to stir to get the right sweetness. It was good! Great proportion of Matcha x milk x sugar. It was smooth and velvety, I loved every drop of it! My Matcha heart was delighted.

> Shrimp Po Boy (Sandwich) for 260Php

This sandwich was filled with plump shrimps that have been battered, deep fried and tossed in a honey-mayo dressing. Served with some crisp greens with a light dressing and truffle potato chips, this sandwich was delicious!

> Single Origin Burger for 360Php

When a burger has Wagyu burger patty, you know that you're in for a treat! The SO burger was nothing but awesome. It was so simple - medium well patty, melted cheese with lettuce, pickles and tomatoes on the side. It was juicy and tasty! The truffle fries that came in with the burger were good as well - thick cut and crisp!

> Bacon Basket for 195Php

Then the parade of bacon started with the Bacon Basket. These are not your usual thinly cut strips of bacon. These are thick cut pork belly, deep fried to achieve that crunchy perfection. Each chunk had the right ratio of meat to fat with a slight drizzling of honey. Great contrast of sweet and salty! So addicting, so good!

> Bacon on Mud for 195Php

These are your usual bacon strips, fried to crispy perfection, served with a dark chocolate dip. Dip the bacon into the chocolate and boom! An explosion of flavors! The chocolate was thick and luscious, not too sweet and complemented the maple smoked bacon perfectly.

Then the next batch of food came in. Pasta, pizza and brunch plates - I'm not complaining at all.

> Classic Corned Beef and Eggs for 395Php

Home-made corned beef, scrambled eggs, side salad and toasted bread - this is my least favorite of all. I'm not really used to home-made corned beef so the slab of beef came in dry and too sour for my liking.

> Short Ribs Benedict for 565Php

I love Eggs Benedict so this brunch plate came in as a favorite for me. The BBQ braised short rib was so tender! Served with garlic-parmesan potato hash, a simple side salad and a poached egg with hollandaise sauce, a little of everything in each spoonful is the way to go!

> Crab Fat Pasta for 350Php

My FAVORITE SEAFOOD pasta to date! I have no other words for this but delicious! It's screaming with goodness from the crab fat that goes so well with the freshly grated cheese. Do not skip this when in Single Origin!

> White Truffle Pasta for 450Php

Anything with a good amount of truffle is heaven! Good thing this pasta has a strong truffle oil taste, light cream, good mushroom flavor, bacon and poached egg. The pasta was al dente and the fresh shavings of Parmesan gave it a salty finish.

> Breakfast Pizza for 350Php

A perfect excuse to eat pizza for breakfast, this pizza indeed has your breakfast essentials! Bacon and eggs (quail eggs) with some "healthy" components - arugula and mushrooms, this pizza uses a "beer dough" for it's crust.

The last set of food served is my favorite set - French Toasts, Pancakes and Waffles.

> Strawberry Cream Cheese Waffle for 375Php

We started off with the Strawberry Cream Cheese Waffle. Two pieces of plain waffles, drizzled generously with Vermont Maple Syrup and strawberry syrup, garnished with fresh strawberries and finished off with some cream cheese. The waffles were soft and light and the strawberries went well with the cream cheese!

> Strawberry French Toast for 285Php

Three thick cubes of Brioche with just the same drizzle and garnishing as the waffle version, this one was finished off with whipped cream. The Brioche cubes were incredibly soft, yet firm. They had this pillowy soft texture, so fluffy and light! I ate a lot of this! It's also important to note that they make their own Brioche.

> Blueberry French Toast for 285Php

Another knock out Brioche French Toast, this time it's topped with blueberries.

> Mixed Berry Pancake for 375Php

Two pieces of fluffy 8 inches wide, 1/2 inch thick pancakes that were as light and as good as the waffles and French Toast, topped with strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. This was generously drizzled with Vermont Maple Syrup, powdered sugar and finished off with whipped cream. Gosh, lots of carbs but no regrets since each one was DELICIOUS!!!

Note: Waffle flavors can be made into pancakes or French Toast. Just request for whatever you prefer. Personally, I would recommend for you to go with French Toast!

> Strawberry Basil Lemonade for 160Php

I also got to try their Strawberry Basil Lemonade. I loved the addition of freshly cut basil leaves into this drink. Freshly squeezed lemonade mixed with strawberry sauce and a splash of soda, such a refreshing drink!

> Valrhona Mocha for 180Php (hot) | 195Php (iced)

One of the best Mocha in town! Strong coffee, bitter aftertaste, right proportion of milk and a deep dark flavor from the chocolate. Lovely!

Overall, I LOVED our Single Origin dinner. Each dish was well prepared and it's obvious that they only used quality ingredients. Value for money plus great ambiance in the heart of Rockwell, go ahead and visit!

P.S. Happy Hour starts at 4PM to 8PM with 25% off on selected drinks. Also, from Mon-Tue, 7AM to 6PM, you'll get a free POUR OVER COFFEE for every purchase of a Pancake/Waffle!

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