Single Origin

G/F Edades Tower and Garden Villas, Amorsolo Drive, Rockwell Center, Makati, Metro Manila

Single Origin
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Clarissa P.
5.0 Stars

Single Origin Rockwell opened it's doors to the public on the 16th of September. The menu is the same as their BGC branch. I loved the relaxed and very casual ambiance of this branch that's reminiscent of the original one. High ceiling, modern interiors, a play with textures - bricks, wood, steel and glass. There's a lot of natural light since they used ceiling to floor glass walls which I liked.

They didn't do away with their signature shelves filled with bottles of wine and coffee gadgets too. The restaurant also has this nook with a more privy feel, with long tables and high chairs, just in case you want to retreat for a more secluded stay.

> Japan Matcha Latte 180Php (hot) | 190Php (iced)

My warm cup of GTL came in with a nice latte art. Took some snaps and tried it. It was lacking some sugar but I only needed to stir to get the right sweetness. It was good! Great proportion of Matcha x milk x sugar. It was smooth and velvety, I loved every drop of it! My Matcha heart was delighted.

> Shrimp Po Boy (Sandwich) for 260Php

This sandwich was filled with plump shrimps that have been battered, deep fried and tossed in a honey-mayo dressing. Served with some crisp greens with a light dressing and truffle potato chips, this sandwich was delicious!

> Single Origin Burger for 360Php

When a burger has Wagyu burger patty, you know that you're in for a treat! The SO burger was nothing but awesome. It was so simple - medium well patty, melted cheese with lettuce, pickles and tomatoes on the side. It was juicy and tasty! The truffle fries that came in with the burger were good as well - thick cut and crisp!

> Bacon Basket for 195Php

Then the parade of bacon started with the Bacon Basket. These are not your usual thinly cut strips of bacon. These are thick cut pork belly, deep fried to achieve that crunchy perfection. Each chunk had the right ratio of meat to fat with a slight drizzling of honey. Great contrast of sweet and salty! So addicting, so good!

> Bacon on Mud for 195Php

These are your usual bacon strips, fried to crispy perfection, served with a dark chocolate dip. Dip the bacon into the chocolate and boom! An explosion of flavors! The chocolate was thick and luscious, not too sweet and complemented the maple smoked bacon perfectly.

Then the next batch of food came in. Pasta, pizza and brunch plates - I'm not complaining at all.

> Classic Corned Beef and Eggs for 395Php

Home-made corned beef, scrambled eggs, side salad and toasted bread - this is my least favorite of all. I'm not really used to home-made corned beef so the slab of beef came in dry and too sour for my liking.

> Short Ribs Benedict for 565Php

I love Eggs Benedict so this brunch plate came in as a favorite for me. The BBQ braised short rib was so tender! Served with garlic-parmesan potato hash, a simple side salad and a poached egg with hollandaise sauce, a little of everything in each spoonful is the way to go!

> Crab Fat Pasta for 350Php

My FAVORITE SEAFOOD pasta to date! I have no other words for this but delicious! It's screaming with goodness from the crab fat that goes so well with the freshly grated cheese. Do not skip this when in Single Origin!

> White Truffle Pasta for 450Php

Anything with a good amount of truffle is heaven! Good thing this pasta has a strong truffle oil taste, light cream, good mushroom flavor, bacon and poached egg. The pasta was al dente and the fresh shavings of Parmesan gave it a salty finish.

> Breakfast Pizza for 350Php

A perfect excuse to eat pizza for breakfast, this pizza indeed has your breakfast essentials! Bacon and eggs (quail eggs) with some "healthy" components - arugula and mushrooms, this pizza uses a "beer dough" for it's crust.

The last set of food served is my favorite set - French Toasts, Pancakes and Waffles.

> Strawberry Cream Cheese Waffle for 375Php

We started off with the Strawberry Cream Cheese Waffle. Two pieces of plain waffles, drizzled generously with Vermont Maple Syrup and strawberry syrup, garnished with fresh strawberries and finished off with some cream cheese. The waffles were soft and light and the strawberries went well with the cream cheese!

> Strawberry French Toast for 285Php

Three thick cubes of Brioche with just the same drizzle and garnishing as the waffle version, this one was finished off with whipped cream. The Brioche cubes were incredibly soft, yet firm. They had this pillowy soft texture, so fluffy and light! I ate a lot of this! It's also important to note that they make their own Brioche.

> Blueberry French Toast for 285Php

Another knock out Brioche French Toast, this time it's topped with blueberries.

> Mixed Berry Pancake for 375Php

Two pieces of fluffy 8 inches wide, 1/2 inch thick pancakes that were as light and as good as the waffles and French Toast, topped with strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. This was generously drizzled with Vermont Maple Syrup, powdered sugar and finished off with whipped cream. Gosh, lots of carbs but no regrets since each one was DELICIOUS!!!

Note: Waffle flavors can be made into pancakes or French Toast. Just request for whatever you prefer. Personally, I would recommend for you to go with French Toast!

> Strawberry Basil Lemonade for 160Php

I also got to try their Strawberry Basil Lemonade. I loved the addition of freshly cut basil leaves into this drink. Freshly squeezed lemonade mixed with strawberry sauce and a splash of soda, such a refreshing drink!

> Valrhona Mocha for 180Php (hot) | 195Php (iced)

One of the best Mocha in town! Strong coffee, bitter aftertaste, right proportion of milk and a deep dark flavor from the chocolate. Lovely!

Overall, I LOVED our Single Origin dinner. Each dish was well prepared and it's obvious that they only used quality ingredients. Value for money plus great ambiance in the heart of Rockwell, go ahead and visit!

P.S. Happy Hour starts at 4PM to 8PM with 25% off on selected drinks. Also, from Mon-Tue, 7AM to 6PM, you'll get a free POUR OVER COFFEE for every purchase of a Pancake/Waffle!

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Giovan T.
4.0 Stars

A great morning spot in Rockwell. I applaud their well lit ambiance with the same rustic indie feel that I so appreciate with their first branch in BGC. Staff here are just as well-trained and this new store explains the over-staffing that occurred in the last few weeks in their BGC outlet. Looking forward to more Single Origin stores and concepts soon.

FOOD 4.0
Pancakes are good for sharing
Relaxing Environment 

Short Ribs Benedict (565 PHP)
BBQ Braised Short Ribs topped with poached egg with a teaspoon Hollandaise sauce, which they seriously should reconsider.

Mixed Berry (375 PHP)
It's good for 2-3 people! Strawberries, Blueberries, and Blackberries fill this fluffy 2 stack pancake with a very fresh feeling. Sandwiched in between is even more berries to enjoy, dine with friends or family to share this delight.

Classic Corned Beef w/ Eggs (395 PHP)
Smooth scrambled eggs and a piece of their meaty good corned beef is a joy in the mouth. A feel good plate of breakfast that I crave.

Fish Omelette (220 PHP)
This is a new entree for the omelette section, it's a fairly basic breaded fish (dory) that's stiffed into the mix of Monterey Jack, Mozzarella, and Gruyere cheese. I like to start my foodie day with a light meal and a cup of their morning boosting blends. 

Cappuccino (150 PHP)
It cooled quicker than expected, but that might have to do with the longer conservation with family, always a good to have, although they aren't as consistent in the latte art department as Toby's Estates, which isn't a big deal to purist coffee lovers. 

Lemonade (200 PHP)
I should have gotten the freshly squeezed orange instead for the same price, but Reyjohn's throat was a bit sore so a good ole Lemonade was the second best choice. Strong punchy citrus and its throat soothing effects make this a recommendable drink.

Hollandaise Sauce isn't enough to justify its presence, we want as much as possible.
Potato Hash is inconsistent, sometimes perfect or sometimes dry.

Attentive staff who get things done.

I love the relaxing and well lit environment. The dark wooden tones gives the place such a refined rustic feel.

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Reich T.
5.0 Stars

Sponsored Dinner.

Wine and Dine at Single Origin,  anyone?  Yes!  Yes!  Yes!

I'm going to start my review with a  thought provoking question. 

Why the name?  Okay.  Wiki will provide a lil guidance.

Single-origin coffee is a coffee grown within a single known geographic origin. Sometimes this is a single farm,  or a specific collection of beans from a single country.

Carlo and Jackie's business venture offers a very extensive list of coffee infused drinks.   Here are some of the stuff that they offer:

Single Origin Blends
¶ Duomo Decaf
¶ Black Velvet
¶ Black Onyx
¶ Maison 1112
¶ 18HR Cold Process Iced Coffee

Extraction Methods
¶ Hario V60 Pourover
¶ French Press
¶ Syphon
¶ Chemex
¶ Sowden

I guess it would be fitting to name their baby Single Origin. 

The joint is strategically located at the ground floor of Edades Building along Amorsolo cor Rockwell Drive.  Yes,  Ooma has a new neighbour. 

I was greeted with a cozy café with high ceilings and bright lights.  Each nook screams modern x industrial.  I specifically like the brick walls and the lovely juxtaposition it creates with the hanging lights and the wooden crates.  The trend in using mismatched furniture has bitten Single Origin.  Their interpretation is a lil subtle and restrained.  They used a mixture of leather,  wood and metal and maintained a lovely colour pallette (brown x beige x black). 

They were playing jazz when we arrived.  And then i found myself singing Englishman in New York while i was scrutinising their menu.  Yes,  the playlist is on the eclectic side - Miles Davis,  Beatles,  Sting,  Coldplay,  Alice In Chains and a lil Nirvana. 

Angel,  our server offered refreshments while we wait for the other foodies to arrive.  I picked  Japan Matcha Latte for obvious reasons.

¶ Japan Matcha Latte (php 180)
Japan matcha tea poured over textured milk with honey syrup.

I never pay attention to latte art but this one made me smile.  Peak-a-boo,  there's a bear on my latte!  A grizzly who likes matcha.  I took a sip and i taste matcha!  I love it.  Little did i know that i have to stir it a lil for a honey syrup to kick in.  I like both versions - stirred and not stirred. 

Appetizers were served after. 

¶ Bacon on Mud (php 195).  Crispy bacon strips with some chocolate on the side.  My jaw dropped when this was served on our table.  I was in a Bacon Trance.   We love bacon....#repeattillfade

¶ Bacon Basket (195).  Think of this as liempo chicharon.  Deep fried liempo strips,  lightly seasoned,  perfect proportions of meat and fat.  Now,  imagine biting into these get the picture?  Okay Good! 

I can probably eat two baskets with two cups of rice.  Carlo mentioned that the basket is one of sought after dishes.  I knew it!  Oh!  our affinity with deep fried meat.

¶ Shrimp Po Boy (php 260).  Deep fried shrimp tossed in honey mayo dressing on bread with  truffle potato chips on the side.  This is a dish designed for the individuals who seeks a decadent sandwich sans the guilt.  There were generous servings of shrimp,  the honey x mayo dressing goes well with the deep fried shrimp.  Subtle sweetness with a lil tang.  And don't forget the chips!  I love 'em....

¶ Single Origin Burger (php 360).  Wagyu burger pattie served with lettuce,  tomato,  pickles on the side and truffle fries.  I like the fact that the veggies are served on the side.  This saves non-veggie lovers of removing em from the burger.  I eat my leafy greens but none on my burger.   My kind of burger comprises of the pattie,  cheese and bun.  What are the odds,  the burger sitting right in front  of me has the same characteristics. 

This is my first time to try a medium rare burger and i absolutely loved it.  The pattie is oozing with wagyu goodness.  The brioche bun is buttery and soft.  And let us not forget the truffle fries!  Thick cut potato strips fried to perfection and seasoned with ze most expensive shroom in the foodie universe.

¶ Crab Fat Pasta (php 350).  Crabfat pasta and sautéed seafood with toasted bread.  This is numero uno on my list!   This is scampi with the Single Origin twist.  Crab fat was incorporated in the sauce making it 10x awesome.  The shrimp is cooked perfectly,  the texture is buttery and soft.  The bread could use an upgrade.  Add a lil flavor,  gruyere or more butter perhaps? 

¶ White Truffle Pasta (php 450).  Linguine pasta,  bacon,  fresh mushrooms,  poached egg and truffle oil with toasted bread.   White pasta is a classic in Italian fare.  Single Origin's version looks simple,  sounds simple...but the aroma and flavor is nowhere near simple.  There's something about the wonderful aroma of the truffle that entices the senses.  Truffle makes eating a sensory experience.  You can smell decadence.  Apart from teasing your olfactory nerves,  it would make your tastebuds sing,  dance and do pirouettes.  Yes,  that's code for delicious.

¶ Short Ribs Benedict (php 565).  Barbeque braised short ribs,  poached egg and hollandaise.  Served with garlic Parmesan potato hash.   Gah!  Short Ribs!  Why you so tender??? 

As per the chef,  the key to a kickass short ribs is slow cooking.  He shared some tidbits on the magic they do to make them fall-off-the-bone tender.  He didn't divulge all,  you know the drill...I'd tell you but i have to kill you thingy. 

The meat is so tender,  it's like slicing  block of butter.   This is insanely delicious.

¶ Classic Corned Beef and Eggs (php 395). Home made corned beef,  creamy scrambled eggs,  toasted white bread.   When someone blurts out corned beef,  i think of Libby (yes,  the canned ones).  I dunno much about the process of curing meat,  all i know is i love the finished product.   The corned beef is succulent and flavorful.  The eggs are cooked well,  perfect scrambled eggs are rare.  Not all can pull off the creamy and fluffy texture.

¶ Breakfast Pizza  (php 320).  Bacon,  mushroom,  quail eggs and arugula.  This falls under the "Just Okay"  category for me.  It's good but me and arugula has a love-hate relationship.   The dough is thin and crispy.  The quail eggs adds a interesting flavour contrast and the bacon adds a smoky element.  Well,  the arugula is a leaf.  Har-har. 

We are not yet done, folks.  A visit at single origin is not complete without trying their brunch menu. 

¶ Strawberry Cream Cheese French Toast (php 375).   Single Origin's french toast comes in three.  Yes,  a trifecta of medium sized toast,  topped with whipped cream and  fresh strawberry slices drizzled with maple syrup.  This the best french toast I've had in a while.  The bread is so soft and fluffy.  Yes,  they bake their own bread!  Cool beans!  I like the fact that it's not to sweet and you get to experience the awesome texture of their bread. 

¶ Mixed Berry Pancake (php 375).   Move over IHOP,  this baby is a strong contender in the panckae category.  The texture of the pancake is on point.  Not too airy and not too thick.  The taste reminds me of the panckae Grams used to make when i was still wearing pigtails.  There were generosity services of blackberries,  raspberries and the other members of the berry family on the plate.

¶ Blueberry French Toast (php 375).   This is love at first bite.  I love blueberries!  This is the same as the strawberry variant except that they used a different fruit.

¶ Strawberry Cream Cheese Waffle (php 375).  This is my least favourite.  I like my waffle crispy.   I take full responsibility,  i spent my sweet time taking photos hence i didn't get to taste the awesomeness of the waffle.   Occupational hazard of being a foodie.  

To cap off the feast,  we decided to get some coffee.   As what I've mentioned before they have an extensive coffee menu.  I decided a need a lil orange in my life so i picked the Orange Infused Cappuccino.

¶ Orange Infused Cappuccino (php 185).   Me likey this!  Strong coffee flavor are with subtle hints of citrus.  The orange adds an refreshing flavor contrast with the coffee.  
And we also spent time speaking with our wonderful hosts.  Single Origin is barely a week old,  what's interesting is that they didn't have a grand opening.  They kept low key and wanted foodies to find out what single origin is all about.  A bold move,  i firmly believe that they have nothing to worry about as the food will speak for itself and the awesome service. 

Thank you,  Carlo and Jackie for being generous and wonderful hosts. 

Our pleasant server Angel!  You are awesome.  She set the bar for excellent customer service.

Guys,  head on over to Single Origin.   All you need in a one-stop-shop

Good Food
Cozy Ambience
Excellent Service
Value For Money.

What more can you ask for?

Peace Out!


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