Sirao Flower Farm

Sirao, Cebu City, Cebu

Sirao Flower Farm
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Bernisse C.
4.0 Stars

My friends have been raving about Sirao and its beauty. I’ve checked a few reviews as well before coming here and the pictures were beautiful. Although when I did arrive at the place, it did not seem to look as how it was on the photos that I saw. The locals mentioned that this is due to the current rainfalls within the area. The peak season is from April to May where the whole garden is bombarded with human-sized flower plants. Too bad we visited a month later 128546 We almost didn’t push through due to the landslide that occurred a few weeks before our visit. Good thing the roads were already cleared by the time we went.
Regardless, there will still a few places within the farm that had beautiful flowers blooming. Also, I loved the designs and structures they’ve put so that the tourists can enjoy taking pictures within the garden. Some of these include little Amsterdam, I love Sirao Garden, Marry Me, Pumpkin carriage and cute chairs and bikes all over the place. We spent an hour here appreciating mother nature and taking photos. Please do not pick the flowers. They have stores/stalls that sell flowers.
A must try is their sweet corn. It’s piping hot and fresh for only Php25! Buko juice is also only Php25 128069
Entrance fee: Php50 per head.
Parking fee: Php20 per vehicle.
128663 How to get there:
Sirao Flower Farm is 30 minutes away from the city. We took a car going there and I suggest taking a car or taxi as the way going there is uphill, similar to the ones in Baguio. But you may also opt taking habal-habal if you’re travelling in a small group.

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Reann G.
5.0 Stars

Sirao Flower Farm in Cebu is another discovered gem. We went there during our first day in Cebu.

We rode the jeep going to JY Square then rented the habal-habal to go to the farm. The habal-habal ride costs P400 for 2 people (roundtrip). You can opt to have 1 habal-habal per person, you'd be charged the same rate - P400. It took us 30mins to get to Sirao Flower Farm, I had a grand time riding the habal-habal with the views of the mountain. I did not expect that this farm would make all the sweat worth it 128513

They charge you for a minimal fee of P25-30 for the entrance. There are no time limits so you can enjoy the flowers as long as you want and take photos of whatever angle you wish for it to be taken. The flowers are very abundant and beautiful. And the place itself was just as peaceful as I imagined it to be. 9786

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Casey D.
5.0 Stars

From Cebu proper, we went to JY square and looked for the habal-habals we can rent for our day tour. We rented habal-habal for me and my friend for 500php each. Our first stop was Sirao Flower Farm.

Sirao flower farm is located in Sirao, Cebu city. It took us 30 mins to reach this flower haven. We were welcomed by kids who were the ones who asked for the entrance fee of php30. Upon entering the gate... WOAH!!!! It's a garden full of colorful, vibrant, beautiful flowersssss. It was uh-may-zingggg!!! I don't even know what those flowers were, but they were really pretty!!! 127799127800127801127802127803127804

The kids who welcomed us served as our tour guides. You dont really need to have tour guides, we just wanted to play with the kids.. hehe They also helped took our photos, and we shared stories with each other. The kids live in the houses inside the farm. Their parents help maintain the beauty of the farm. They were really nice and quite shy but after several minutes of chika chika, they became really makulit and funny. 128514

This is dubbed as Sirao's "Little Amsterdam", there were flowers everywhere, there's also a windmill, several big shoes and you can also rent a French costume if you want. I also love their umbrellas, they were cute and flower-shaped in different vibrant colors. 10084

This is a place you dont want to miss when you visit Cebu. 128521

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Melissa B.
4.0 Stars

Entrance fee : 30 php

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Ruth S.
4.0 Stars

Right after arriving, first stop was here at Sirao farm or the Little Amsterdam here in Cebu. I've seen a lot of pictures of my friend during their visit here before so this was really a must visit place for me.

Just 20-30mins away from the city, you get to see the beauty of this farm. We were lucky because we know someone here in Cebu so transportation wasn't that hard. But you can rent a cab or go ride a habal habal. My friends did that and though masakit sa pwet, it was all worth it naman daw! 128513

When we arrived here, I was surprised to see that the farm was big but the area where the flowers are was small. But still, the view was amazing!! Farm + Fresh Cool Air = Bukid Feels! 128525 Too bad, the flowers weren't as high as before and not as "malago" but it was still very pretty and so instagrammable. You just need to find the perfect spot and angle. 128514

Best to go here early, hmm before lunch to avoid the crowd/tourists. And btw, there's an entrance fee of 20 pesos.

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Rap T.
4.0 Stars

Morning's be like at Amsterdam.. Yes! Mini Amsterdam in Cebu. This is situated here in Sirao, Busay, Cebu. Its a new tourist attractions and destination in Cebu. Im proud to say that Ive been able witness its breath-taking scenic portrait. The place is cold even at daytime, no wonder flowers like the one in the picture grew favorably in that area.
*How to get there:
It will be very convinient on your part if you'll ride your own vehicle. But you can also ride on a "Habal2x" and pay 35php (As per my friend who is so lucky to live near that area.) The place is common and well known already so there wont be any problem on navigating the area and its situated. Note: Please, if your bringing your car, I suggest to park it in properly, cause the pathway is just narrow and there are also transportation vehicles who take the same route, lets be courteous also to those civilians living there.
*A tip of advise:
1. This is privately own garden.
2. There's and entrance fee of 20php. Your entitled to take unlimited pictures but please be considerate enough not to pick and destroy its beauty.
3. There's motto of a montaineer that goes, "Take nothing but pictures, Leave nothing but footprints."
4. You can buy flowers on their make shift stores, but please no flower picking on the garden.
5. Enjoy the view and dont forget to bring your gadgets and camera's to capture the moment.

Have a nice experience guys :)

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