Sis Seafood Palutuan

Daang Hari Rd., Las Piñas, Metro Manila

Sis Seafood Palutuan
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Michelle M.
5.0 Stars

I had some relatives visiting and (luckily) all they wanted to eat was Filipino food. Easy-peasy! So mom and I thought the experience of a dampa would be perfect! She and I agreed that I'll be the one to go out and decide which restaurant to go to (versus all of us jumping out and being swarmed by servers/hosts asking us to go to their restaurant). Now, I must tell you that we had just come back from taking them to Greenhills (tiangge) where I was practicing some serious negotiating skills so I was kind of on a roll. Sis said they'd give a discount on the food and cooking. Heard one of my favorite words (discount) and I was sold!! Probably wasn't my best moment in life but I did feel a sense of accomplishment, hahah!

On to the food...I made the mistake of asking my cousins to join me to choose the food. It seemed like a fun thing to do at the time but in hindsight, they were probably mortified seeing dead seafood that they were about to eat being attacked by flies or just sitting in bins in close proximity to cars. They never complained though. We ordered baked mussels, grilled tilapia, buttered shrimp, grilled shrimp, pancit, kinilaw na isda, crabs (you guessed butter and garlic) and sinigang. Everything was delish!! The only thing I wasn't crazy about was the baked mussels (in cheese and butter). They were small and not very flavorful...of course, I still ate like 20, haha!

So, one of the selling points was "we'll treat you like VIP's" and I thought, oh...oh my!! I wouldn't say it was VIP status but they were very attentive to our needs.

The place is clean (not sure about the bathrooms). It isn't huge but it's a decent size with a separate room for karaoke. Which leads me to how our night ended. The balikbayans wanted to sing one song. Guess they were feeling REALLY Filipino at this point! One song turned into 20 and one hour later, my entire family was occupying the karaoke room. Mom is teary-eyed singing her anniversary song, my brother is singing a Christmas carol, I've got one relative rapping....ahhhh, all in a day's work. Normally it's a P500/hr charge to be in that room but they didn't charge us. They just limited us to and hour, which was long enough.

It was a great experience and the guests said they had a wonderful time!!! Woo hoo!!!! There are tons of restaurants to choose from at the Seaside Dampa but I highly recommend Sis'!!

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Alyssa A.
3.0 Stars

Loved the Tempura 128155
Wasn't able to taste the sweet and chili crab and buttered shrimp 'cause I'm not fan of seafoods (yeah)
Service is good and the ac is okay.

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Kate R.
5.0 Stars

Ever since i've been a fan of Sis, they cook better seafood than others and their staffs are more friendlier 128522

We've ordered the following:
Baked oysters - my personal fave! It was cheesy and fresh promise!

Baked mussels - it was just okay.. I didnt like the size of the mussels, it was small 128542

Chili garlic crab - wooahh! Loads of garlic! It was super delish!

Buttered garlic shrimp - the shrimp was big and the taste is same as before, masarap! 128522

All in all Sis did a great job in making us full! Yumyum

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Jamm T.
3.0 Stars

Okay lng... Service is not that good. Robbies is much better.

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Joanna T.
3.0 Stars

Whenever we go out and eat at Dampa near Las Pinas we usually eat at Aling Tonya's Palutuan but this time we tried at Sis Seafood Palutuan. We ordered sweet chili crabs, halobos shrimp, calamares and halaan. For me the one that stood out the most is the "Halaan" it really is tasty. I really love buttered shrimp and sweet chili crabs they are my favorites but still when it comes to cooking my favorite dishes Aling Tonya's cooking is the best.

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Krenil M.
3.0 Stars

🔸Sigang sa miso
🔸Baked Tahong
🔸Tuna Belly

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Jun C.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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