Sisiman Bay Lighthouse

Mariveles Diversion Rd., Mariveles, Bataan

Sisiman Bay Lighthouse
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David V.
4.0 Stars

Panalong panalo sa view.

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Jon B.
5.0 Stars

Unknown to many, this place in the north hides a beautiful and inviting beauty perfect for photographers. We visited this place after our successful Mount Tarak Ridge climb also located in Bataan.

This rocky beach in Bataan is a perfect spot for those who love to take photos. The lighthouse serves as the main subject here. When I heard about the lighthouse,it saddened me. It was damaged by the typhoons that passed by. On the positive side, local government is now putting funds in renovating the structure. Well, I saw some folks working overtime to bring back beauty of the structure.

What I liked about this place is that it's very quiet despite the fact that it is just a 3-4 hour drive from the Metro. You'll see some Nipa huts damaged, some were still there, some don't have roofs. I also loved the hospitality of the locals,they're very friendly. The kids offered a vacant space for us to park our cars just for a small amount,but for us we gave them food so that they have something to shared with their families. They really kept an eye until we got back. Great job kids!

As I walked on the shoreline, I just noticed that the place is perfect for photo op. I saw folks wearing a wedding dress as this place is also cool for prenup event.

The simplicity of this place and the kind of life they have here wowed me. Kids were helping their parents preparing fish nets, some were busy collecting the trashes. Their fishing boats are very colorful, but the one that caught my attention was the blue printed boat with superman design.. It was really cool. Oh.. I love Supeman! There's a hill for you to see the whole area from the top, but since we were tired that time, we just decided to just roamed around, sat down on the shorelone while waiting for the sunset.

This is a perfect place to talk, meditate and relax. Locals are very friendly. I suggest to bring and buy food before you go here. There's plenty of inns here for an overnight stay nearby. The water is very clear just be extra careful with those sharp stones. It's clean and well maintained. One of the locals allowed us to use their restroom to take a bath. Aside from the lighthouse, sunset is also the best here. What are you waiting for go pack up and visit Bataan now!!! Lakas maka Mr.Tourism Ambassador haha.128513

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Kate R.
5.0 Stars

The scenery will leave you breathless... 1285229786

If you are longing for a quick get away, you may head north and go to Sisiman Bay.

Sisiman Bay is located in Brgy. Sisiman Mariveles Bataan. It was 2-3 hours drive or 3-4 ride from provincial buses in Manila. The beach is unspoiled unlike other beaches nearby. Its a boulders beach with a very clean and clear waters. Beside the beach are benches that was made for tourists, the locals set it up for rentals, sometimes they let you use it for free, Php150-Php200.00. The locals are very welcoming and hospitable, they had smiles all over their face! It was very relaxing and calming.

Food: you have to bring your own food, and you can grill there, just ask for your host and they will help you set up.

Bathroom/Washroom: they've set up a simple washroom or sometimes, they let you use theirs. It was not a five star bathroom, but it will suffice the needs.

Place: There is a lighthouse, which is perfect for photography. It was a breath taking scenery. There is a nearby San Miguel peak, which you can climb for better look of the surroundings, if you are a pro, you can rappel here also. Amazing Race Philippines did their shoot here, where the challengers rappelled. Aside from the beach and lighthouse, you can also climb the hill where the grotto is. It was merely 300 steps.

I'm really glad that I made a quick tour in Bataan! It was one of the best places I've been to. Away from crowds, just me and the nature! 128522

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