Sissy's Nail Art & Spa

G/F Molito Complex, Madrigal Ave. cor. Alabang-Zapote Rd., Alabang, Muntinlupa, Metro Manila

Sissy's Nail Art & Spa
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Most Recent Reviews

Hydz A.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Michelle M.
4.0 Stars

Do you have that one "splurge"? Like, you don't care how much it is-- you're willing to pay because it's just worth it to you and it just makes you happy? Mani/pedis were never my "splurge". Since I can pretty much do my own nails, getting them done at a spa or salon was never a priority. However, after visiting Sissy's, nail care is slowly creepin' up my list!

The place is refreshing with its crisp and clean interior. The reception is ok-- not overly welcoming but their nail technicians make up for it! I wouldn't say there's a huge selection of polishes...I think they're lacking in this area. A mani/pedi will run you about P400 and what they fail to tell you when you ask about pricing is that the imported polishes are an extra P50. There's no extra charge for the local brands but well, those colors are basically crap-o-la. Anyhoo...they do a great job there. They're thorough, consistent and you don't feel rushed. Oh! The best part is if you go there at least twice, you'll get your own nail kit! The nail kit is cleaned and kept at the salon and used only on you!

Parking can be a pain though. It's located in the Molito center so it can get pretty packed. There's also a P20 flat rate parking fee...BUT there are good restaurants nearby so grab a bite to eat while you're there!

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Lilly P.
5.0 Stars

Nice place, courteous staff, great ambiance, comfortable chairs, and more importantly, affordable, gentle, pain free nail cleaning!

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Kunie G.
4.0 Stars

Neon pink! First time ever in my life that i went for neon pink nail polish. It just wasnt in my personality to go this bright but there it is!

I like their service in this place. Theyre so gentle and they thoroughly clean your nails. And the best part about it is its cheap! 200 bucks for a pedicure with massage and imported nail polish. Super sulit! However, my pedicure took more than an hour. Thorough cleaning talaga! Okay lang, at least no booboos! :)

Nice place pa! Well-ventilated and bright.

I love this place and i love my neon pink toes! :)

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eiLeeN T.
5.0 Stars

Only my second visit but I'm really loving their services, so consistently good!

Three weeks after, while the color still looked new, the nail growth has become quite obvious and distracting. So I got a fresh gel mani and threw in a foot spa! 128513

May (mani) and Marife (pedi) were the assigned nail therapists to me and May looked very familiar. Only when she asked if I still go to Nail Tropics did I remember her! She used to be Nail Tropics nail artisan. Well, I know I'm in good hands! 128513

It was tedious removing the gel polish, kaya pala may extra charge! But since I'm getting gel mani, the charge got waived. First, she had to file the polish until it's grainy and rough. Then she put a small piece of cotton soaked in acetone on the nail and wrapped individually with aluminum foil. Let cure for 10-15 minutes. This was supposed to soften the gel polish. Then the gel polish was scraped off using the nail pusher. Ang kalat!!! Only then can she proceed with the regular cleaning. 128133128133

I also indulged in a foot spa because I'm at the tail-end of my peeling due the use of Foot Appeal. For those who haven't heard of this, go check it out in Google. I chanced upon this product after reading from a blog I follow and such a great product, I must say! The foot spa helped clean up my feet with all the dead skin cells remaining. 128099128099128099

Yina M Jamie G my nails did not become brittle or soft after the gel mani as what Kunie G said in my last review. I also took some effort in maintaining my cuticles by applying cuticle butter on a daily basis. I think it helped avoid dry skin and hang nails and also improved nail health. This is the first time I managed to grow my nails without breaking them. 128077128077128077

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eiLeeN T.
5.0 Stars

Thanks Kunie G for the recommendation! Very timely as I was contemplating on getting a gel manicure.

I tried calling them for an appointment but phone was only ringing. We took the chance and good that they're not busy and they were able to accommodate us! Yay!!!

Settled for Orly Gel Fx Moonlit Madness for my gel manicure. Loving the color and the service would be an understatement!!! 128133

Impeccable service from Maricris, she really took time to clean my nails. Painted my nails meticulously, 3 coats!!! I hope to have this last for 3 weeks.

The color feels Christmas-y for some reason. Love the deep maroon red, parang red shiny apple.

Same price points as Nail Tropics so a great alternative especially since NT is always full.

P.S. Gel polish removal (P350) is free of charge if you had the gel polish done in their salon. That's a really good promo!

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