Skeleton Wreck

Coron, Palawan

Skeleton Wreck
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April H.
4.0 Stars

One of the coolest dive sites I've been to! Coron has a lot of shipwrecks, pretty cool right?128522 my cousins and I were kidding around that we should look for treasure! Wouldn't that be cool?1286759875

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Em D.
4.0 Stars

The Skeleton Wreck is one of the most popular snorkeling spots in Coron Bay. I wanted to see the wreck up close but I read somewhere that you have to have a diver's license in order to use your scuba gear to see the ship. So we just used the snorkeling gear Two Seasons provided us (inclusive of their tour package). It was really freaky when I finally saw the WW2 wreck. Can you imagine what happened when it first sank??? Or how many people died or if there were survivors? Kinda gave me chills. 128556128556128556128556128556 We also fed the fish there and saw a lot of marine life. There were a lot of sea urchins though.. Kept on kicking around every time I realized I was approaching one. Didn't really help. 128514

I was just kind of annoyed with how many boats there were. Our boat was a bit far from where the wreck was but there was another boat directly on top of where the freaking shipwreck was. Like why??? It made staring at the skeleton wreck so difficult and hazardous! Our heads kept on hitting their boat. 128533 I think they should do something about the number of visitors and their boats so everyone can enjoy the beauty of the snorkeling spot. 128522

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Mitzi B.
4.0 Stars

The Skeleton Wreck is one of the shallowest shipwreck sites in Coron. Pasok sa banga for beginner divers! It has a maximum depth of 22 meters. Just by snorkeling, one can see the upper part of the boat. Freaky 128561128561128561! It was called as such because the only parts left were the stringers of steel-hulled boat, ribs and keel.
Various fishes and corals can be found around the area too.

We were just swimming around it with our life vest, snorkeling gears and underwater cam 127946127946127946 and there it is! School of fishes are swimming with us 128032128031128044128032128031128044. The boatmen are giving them some food like bread and rice so ang saya nila 128516.

The black, dark openings of the fish boat is kinda scary. Parang may biglang lalabas at hihila sa yo 128064128064128064. Or baka 128011128011128011. 128513128513

We spend like 30-40 minutes here just snorkeling. It's part of the Coron island tour we got where u get to visit 5-6 islands in a day.


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