Sky Experience Adventure

Crown Regency Hotel and Tower, Osmeña Blvd., Cebu City, Cebu

Sky Experience Adventure
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Most Recent Reviews

Liezzy M.
4.0 Stars

opted to try the most benign experience, the skywalk adventure. love the view! 10084️ luckily the weather was not that sunny nor rainy... air was perfect for a 360 walk. staff are courteous and friendly. no jewelries allowed. have to wear closed shoes or sandals with straps, no slippers allowed.

we stayed at this hotel to avail the discounted amount. but since our hotel accommodation was for 2 (and we are 3), only 2 people can avail the discount. the 3rd person has to pay full amountof 550, pricey!

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Dada M.
5.0 Stars

WE SURVIVED! 750 for sky walk and sky coaster! don't forget USB for pictures :) Sky Walk is terrifying i thought i can't make it walking around the edge of a building! and please sky edge coaster with a 45 degrees tilt is deadly (if you are afraid of heights! ) hahaahahahaha but again twas a GREAT EXPERIENCE A MUST TRY IN CEBU CITY!!!!!! 128074🏼128074🏼128074🏼128074🏼128074🏼128077128077128077128077128077128077

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Gwen I.
4.0 Stars

Aah.. Cebu. 128525

I fell in love with Cebu all because it reminds me of Subic's Naval Base where the sea is just near the city. 128522

The last time I was in Cebu was 3 years ago with a friend. We tried Crown Regency Hotel's popular attraction: Sky Experience Adventure.

I used to have acrophobia, but ironically, I also like being on high places. Haha. 128512

Anyways, we tried the Skywalk Experience where you'll walk on a glass platform that goes around the tip of the building. It was really fun! 128513 You'll get to see the entire city of Cebu! 128522

They also have other attractions like a 6D Theater (it was only 4D back then), zipline, play room, and more.

It's better to go around 5pm so you can also see the sunset. 128522

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Zela C.
4.0 Stars

It was fun

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Kiko G.
5.0 Stars

I will never leave Cebu without experiencing this. The edge coaster and Sky walk were the best part of my trip! The 55 degree tilt on the coaster got my chest pounding. Haha they also give out certificates. Conquered!

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Gayla b.
5.0 Stars

Love Adventure! So with my MLBBBG fam, while in Cebu we decided to try Skywalk and Edge Coaster. I was really really excited for I love rides and heights!

First up, Skywalking in a glass panel that will shake your nerves for you will see the view from bottow--skywalking---128552128552128552 but it was a great experience! I'll do it again if given a chance! 128513128077

Next is the Edge Coaster and I got the besty as my buddy. To my horror--she's not easily scared. She finds the coaster ride too boring so she forced the handle to tilt us more, making the coaster sound like its about to break! Made me almost wet my shorts-- lucky I did not. I just screamed like hell -- like there will be no tomorrow for she won't stop. The coaster is even jerking!!! ugh. Awful Besty whyyyy?? Felt my legs like jello when the ride was finally over. Want to try it with a different buddy just to know the difference of not being shocked liked that!! 128542 ugh. But yah, it was fun. 128513128513128513

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April H.
4.0 Stars


Obviously, as we were staying in Crown Regency, we had to try their Sky Adventure Experience! The rides were pricey, mind you! But I do have to mention that they have so much more than just the Edge Coaster and The Sky Adventure Walk... They also have a zip line and sky lift, which is for daredevils as it's about 38 floors above the concrete!!! They also have rock climbing at the top floors... But those are too hot for our blood, so we opted for the more benign rides... 128523

We went on the Sky Adventure Walk first, which was a long wait... They do groups at a time so we had to wait for our turn... You have to dress up in the iconic orange and blue jumpsuit and strapped to a harness before you go the ledge... Safety first!128077 by the way, better if you are in rubber shoes when planning to go here. They have shoes they can lend you for the ride, but you have to buy the socks... Tama lang naman, diba?!128540

You are accompanied by a group leader, a spotter, and a photographer during your walk... We were with a group of Korean girls, a Japanese couple, and a super ANNOYING, LOUDMOUTH dad with his daughters... He was so rowdy and noisy before the walk started. It was fun to see him lose his color and shut up as the walk progressed. I wanted some peace and quiet in order to enjoy the bright lights of Cebu from the amazing view!128513

It was a very nice and different view of the city! The night air was humid, but the weather was perfect for such an activity... The guides were knowledgeable and were able to spout out trivia while making sure that we were being safe... Of course we had to do the famous pose with one foot dangling over the edge... You are not allowed to bring a camera to document your journey and for good reason! The official photographer takes a lot of pics at three designated spots... It was all very organized and the whole walk takes about 25mins... This ride costs P300/person.128079

The Edge Coaster was a different story... You ride a coaster for two that goes around the side of the building... You can choose tilt the coaster if you want to or not, save for the first corner where there is a mandatory tilt that lasts about 5 secs... Sounds simple enough right? Oh my gosh, that first tilt was scary! You really feel like you are going to fall! Freak out! 128561128561128561128561128561128561128561128561128561128561 But you have the controls after... So though we tilted the coaster several times, none came close to the angle of the first tilt! 128540 it was a fun adrenaline rush, but it was over so fast, maybe about 5 mins long? It was bitin for us, not really worth the P300.

You get to browse the pics after and buy a printed copy for P150 each. Each ride comes with a souvenir certificate saying that you survived the Sky Experience Adventure...128522 it was really fun for us! Great experience! But if you have budget constraints, I suggest the Sky Walk Adventure over the Edge Coaster... Conquer your fear of heights!128516128516128516

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Randy M.
4.0 Stars

Afraid of heights???? yessssss, yes i am, however my lovely wife was able to help me overcome it for a while... maybe im just a bit lucky that my work requires me go places for quiet sometime & in this cebu visit, it coincides with our wed anniversary... having said that, a good friend who's based in cebu was able to facilitate a quick tour at Crowne Regency Sky Walk & Edge Coaster Ride for first i was so hesitant but i saw young couples, even kids and it looks like its very adventuring to do a such, as this is not common to us... i said to myself, i should try & i can do it - & true enough, i did!!!

it was so breathe taking one of a kind experienced; their support staffs are very professional & we'll rounded - they're not only providing you safety tips but also motivating you finish the extreme sky walk including edge coaster ride...

after you've been through, you'll be given a certificate of extreme experience which i like much as well.... i love collecting certificates specially for such an achievement hahaha... (sorry for being childish sometime).

anyway, moving forward...i encourage u guys to have this extreme experience (this is very much free endorsement hahaha)... i just so loved & happy having done this one of a kind opportunity! face your fears & live by it!

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Aileen L.
5.0 Stars

Sorry guys for a late review..I was inspired by Theresa L to write this.

Luckily last November of 2011,hubby and I flew to Cebu to used my Facebook winning.Of all my Facebook winning I guess this is the most generous prize I had.Free accommodation at Crown Regency Hotels.I was ask which branch of Crown Regency Hotels do I want.By the way they have in Davao,Manila and Boracay and so I choose Cebu because I was really curious of their sky adventures rides.

On our first day in Cebu we went to Shangrila Mactan then after that we already go to Crown Regency Hotel in Osmena Cebu.

We stayed in a very nice and spacious room.We have our own dining area,kitchen,sofa and two large beds.

After we saw our room we didn't waste much time because its getting dark already and we have so much plans for our itineraries.Aside from free accommodations we also had free rides.We tried their 4D.Well this is my first time to try 4D and we watched the "Lost island"and hubby and I enjoyed watching it.Then we tried the edge coaster.I was really curious to try it but it took me almost half an hour staring at people who tried the rides.I was looking on their faces so I could have the idea if I will try it or not.Hubby is adventurer and he is really forcing me.The staffs there are very supportive and they gave me advise that it was safe and that I have nothing to worry and because we still have few hours left I had no choice but finally to try it.

Glad it was night when we tried it.My heart beats faster and I couldn't breathe because I'm so nervous.I have this fear of heights.Glad i trust my hubby and the staffs of Crown Regency.I was really nervous but when I tried to look at straight I saw the beautiful city of Cebu and somehow I felt relaxed but when I tried looking down oohhh my I remember that it was thousand feet I think and glad I couldn't see anything only lights coming from the cars passing by that building.It was just few minutes and I'm proud to say I did it.What gives me courage to do it is because hubby told me ...sige ka wala kang pang profile pic sa Facebook hahaha.Yun lang pala motivation na kailangan ko hahaha...128516128540128540

Then the moment you finished the edge coaster ride you will be given a certificate.Im so proud I survived!!!128516

After that we check out the walk edge.To be honest this one is more scary than the edge coaster because you have to walk that narrow lane and the more you walk slower then more time for you to stay there and get crazy and nervous.

We rented socks because we forgot to bring one then we were suited with some clothes and harness.We even rented rubber shoes and locker because you are not allowed to bring any even accessories or cameras.They have an official photographer there.Both edge coaster and walk edge we have the souvenir photos.

Since hubby and I are counted as two,we were ask to join other groups too.Its batch by batch.Now it's my turn and while walking on the edge of that building we had some stopovers.We had a pictorials for short so that we will have souvenir photos and the same time it's their strategy not to scare those who will try it.kwento kwento and picture picture and without knowing you finish the walk edge na pala.

After we finished the walk edge I gave a 100pesos tip to our guide for taking care of me.also for taking me cool photos.I gave them 5 stars because I was so lucky to have all these privilege.Free accommodations,free rides, and not only dinner buffet too and breakfast buffet!Im indeed a winner.I had the best sky adventure,I got scared and nervous but but I conquered my fears and I thank them a lot.Several months after that hubby and I went to the tallest hotel on Thailand..The Baiyoke sky hotel and proud to say I enjoyed having drinks with hubby at the tallest tower of Thailand.It is all because of my great experience at Sky Adventures.Indeed a memorable experience of mine128516128516128516

Thank you so much Crown Regency Hotel and Resorts for this amazing prize128516128516128516

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Theresa L.
4.0 Stars


Since boyfie is adventurous one, we included this on our itinerary, the Edge Coaster. Especially when Pat L told me that "andun na din kayo, so try nyo nadin!" So yes, nag feeling matapang ako! 128557

Edge Coaster is the tallest hotel tower in the Philippines having the world's first and only Edge Coaster around the 38th level outer-rim of Crown Regency Hotel. 128552128561128565

So when we're in the elevator going to the 38th floor, i can feel the butferflies on my tummy, while saying "bhe, ayoko na. I wanna go home! 128557" So to cut the story short, I conquered my fear, though I'm not looking down when I'm on the coaster, I just enjoyed the night view and lights of Cebu and hoping that our turn will be finished. but like I said, I will never ever try this again! 128534

Entrance fee is 600-700 pesos per head (i can't remember the exact since I'm lost that time! 128529) It's really pricey, especially it's only a matter of 1 minute. Cameras were prohibited to avoid any incident of falling your things out. That's why you don't have choice but to buy their picture (optional) for remembrance. 128556

*it looks like I'm enjoying the ride on the picture, but believe me, I wanna cry already. 128584128585128586

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Con R.
5.0 Stars

Great activity for adventurous people and will be the most unforgettable thing to do in Cebu.

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