Snack Attack

2/F Sky Garden, SM City North EDSA, EDSA cor. North Ave., Quezon City, Metro Manila

Snack Attack
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James B.
5.0 Stars

Snack Attack is located at the Skydome, SM North. It's the perfect go-to place for a quick snack. As they have option wherein you get to have your snack and drink in a single cup. Isn't it very convenient?

This store is the exact meaning of value for money. They give you quality tasting food for a surprisingly low cost. I really like the sisig fries from their global fries category. They really achieved the sisig taste that Filipinos love. Another was the cheese finger. The amount of cheese is generous. For the drinks, they also offer milk tea with cheese foam on top.

So the next time your at SM North Edsa, be sure to attack "Stack Attack" for a quick and convenient snack.
Snack-A-Bunch – Php359
***Fries extreme + Nachos Supreme + 2 Chicken Nuggets +2 Hotdogs + 2 Cheese Fingers + 2 Regular Juice Drinks.

Cheese Fingers(8pcs)  – Php95

Cheese Fingers + Fries & Drinks – Regular: Php75 • Large: Php135

Fries & Drinks – Medium: Php45 • Large: Php99

Fries – Solo: Php30 • Xtra Fries: Php69 • Monster Fries: Php169

Global Fries:
***Sisig Fries – Solo:Php89  • Sharing:Php175

***Yankee Ultimate Fries – Solo:Php99 • Sharing:Php195

***Mexican Nacho Fries – Solo:Php99  • Sharing:Php195

***Chips & Cheese – Solo:Php99  • Sharing:Php195

***Italian Panna Fries – Solo:Php89 • Sharing:Php175

***Spanish Chili N’ Cheese Fries – Solo:Php99 • Sharing:Php195

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Herl C.
4.0 Stars

Create a fun way of having your snack - tara, let's Snack-a-ttack!

As a visual designer, one of the things that I noticed with this brand is the way they created their packaging in a creative and fun concept. If you are always on the go and you need to grab light snacks to fuel up your day, then Snack-a-ttack can save you up.

Along with fellow foodies, we were warmly welcomed by Ms Carla, the owner of this franchise in their store in SM North EDSA. According to her, this one is the first cafe in Quezon City while others are stalls scattered mostly in South areas.

Snack-a-ttack menu has a wide variety of choices unlike in other food stalls where you only have limited options. Here, you can have and try to munch on the following:

Snack-a-ttack is well-known first by their combo snacks that will definitely satisfy your cravings in a budgeted way. Price starts for as low as ₱45 where you can choose from different snack combinations. The packaging of these sre placed stacked on top of each other; first layer is the snack while the bottom is for the drinks.

Choices for the combo snacks are:
▫️FD - Fries + Drinks
▫️SA2 - Fries + Hotdogs + Drinks
▫️SA3 - Fries + Hotdog + Chicken Nuggget + Drinks
▫️SA4 - Fries + Chicken Nuggets + Drinks
▫️SA5 - Fries + Chicken Fingers + Drinks
▫️SA6 - Fries + Chicken Karaage + Drinks

NEW Choices for Combo Snacks:
▫️Chicken Nuggets with Dip
▫️Cheese Fingers + Chicken Nugget
▫️Chicken Karaage with Dip

Aside from the food mentioned above, they are also offering bun sandwiches. Prices are also affordable where you have a choice either you want it to upgrade with regular fries + drink (add ₱44) or with a brewed coffee (add ₱30).

Choices for the bun sandwiches are:
▫️Cheesy Hotdog and Bacon
▫️Bacon Mushroom & Cheese
▫️Chili Cheese con Carne
▫️Ham & Cheese
▫️Nacho Beef & Cheese
▫️Tuna Melt

These choices are inspired by flavors around the world. Price depends on the flavor but starts at ₱89 for regular to ₱195 which is actually good for sharing.

Choices for the global fries are:
▫️Sisig Fries (Philippines)
▫️Yankie Ultimate Fries (USA)
▫️Mexican Nacho Fries (Mexico)
▫️Chips & Cheese (UK)
▫️Italian Panna Fries (Italy)
▫️Spanish Chili n' Cheese Fries (Spain)

During the event, we were also offered Frozen Bubble Tea which is a version of a milk tea in a soft served ice cream form. I liked it, the chewy pearls + it wasn't too sweet for my taste.

We also tried their line of bubble teas in which I got the Okinawa flavor. Other than that, you can choose from these awesome flavors: Assam, Wintermelon, Hokkaido, Taro, Chocolate, and Mocha. Prices are ₱70 for medium and ₱80-85 for grande. They also have Cheese Foam Series which we didn't try but will absolutely come back for this. Just like the typical milk tea store, you can also put Add-ons like pearls, coconut jelly, etc. for as low as ₱15 up to ₱30.

For ₱359, you can also have this snack to bring during movie time. The packaging is too cute and handy. It includes fries + nachos supreme + chicken nuggets + chicken karaage + hotdogs + cheese fingers + regular drinks. All of these can be shared by two persons.

See, you won't be runnin out of snack ideas in Snack-a-ttack! ! Plus, you can also customize your own snack the way you want it that won't break your pocket. Thank you Snack-a-ttack for this amazing event.

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AlwaysHungryPh P.
4.0 Stars

It is no secret that Filipinos embrace snacking, it is considered by many as another meal during the day. Snack Attack’s brand strength relies on that fact, we need munch options and they have quite a number of choices for you and me.

This is now the third location and can be spotted at the Sky Garden of the busy SM City North Edsa. Their store screams yellow, making them quite noticeable even at night. More importantly, they get our attention as they serve all our go-to snacks- from fries to different kinds of finger foods to even sweet drinks of Milk Tea.

Amongst all I had in this visit, my favorite was Chicken Karaage, part of the Snack-A-Bunch (Php 359). It is the ultimate movie meal with your lovely date. It also has Fries Extreme, Nachos Supreme, 2 Chicken Nuggets, 2 Hotdogs, 2 Cheese Fingers and 2 Regular-sized Juice Drinks of Iced Tea and/or Four Seasons.

Snack Attack also has Global Fries, their signature collection of fried potatoes from all over the world. I got the tasty Filipino flavored Sisig Fries (Solo, Php 89/ Sharing, Php 175). They also offer Yankee Ultimate Fries, Mexican Nacho Fries, Chips & Cheese, Italian Panna Fries, and Spanish Chili N' Cheese Fries. Cool concept!

I got Hash Bites as well for sharing (Php 139), generously topped with bacon and cheese. I bundled this sinfully good order with Taro Bubble Milk Tea. At this point, I was super full... but happy.

For my last spoonful treat, I got a cup of Frozen Bubble Okinawa Tea with lots of pearls, medium size at Php 75 only. It’s not as sweet and its tea element was strong, just the way it should be.

So if you are looking for an alternative snack that you can also fully customize, Snack Attack is your answer. They have more offerings, you just have to visit to know what else they have.

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FoodventuresByFrapao T.
4.0 Stars

Your fave snacks and juice in one pack? Snack Attack got it for you!

Snack Attack specializes in snacks-on-the-go. It’s great for some quick bites or if you want something to eat while inside the movie house.

So we go to try the following:

Snack Bunch (P349) - it got fries extreme, or nachos extreme, cheese sticks, hotdog, chicken nuggets, chicken karaage, and drinks. This one is good for sharing already.

We also had their Global fries, which are the following:

Yankee Ultimate Fries
Sisig Fries
Mexican Nacho Fries
Italian Panna fries
Chips n’ Cheese

For our drinks, we had their cheese foam series of Okinawa Tea, Wintermelon Tea, Hokkaido Tea and Mocha.

By the way, you can also build your own snack here! Great right?

Snack Attack is definitely great choice if you want some snacks-on-the-go. 9786

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Nievs G.
4.0 Stars

Snack Attack is cleverness typified. It's not just in the rhyming words on its name, but it's also the way they package their snacks.

But Snack Attack knows that its success as one of the fastest-growing franchises doesn't only lie on their innovative packaging. The food is of high quality and tastes great as well -- they will definitely fill you up! Customers will be quite overwhelmed by its vast menu, which is rather unusual for a go-to snack store. I think this is a good thing because that means more choices and variety -- and #AnExcitingWayToSnack. 128522

The way they package their food allows convenience and ease for diners.

We were fortunate to be invited by looloo's Roegan T to sample Snack Attack's best sellers as well as stuff from their menu.

| Snack-A-Bunch (₱359)
This smartly-packaged snack meal serves two people. This is especially good for movie dates with your special someone or your best friend.

It consists of:

🔸Fries Extreme
🔸Nachos Supreme
🔸2 Chicken Nuggets
🔸2 Chicken Karaage
🔸2 Hotdogs
🔸2 Cheese Fingers
🔸2 Regular-sized Juice Drinks

| Global Fries (prices vary)
Get a taste of international flavors through Snack Attack's "Global Fries"

🔸Sisig Fries (Solo, ₱89 / Sharing, ₱175)
🔸Yankee Ultimate Fries (Solo, ₱99 / Sharing, ₱195)
🔸Mexican Nacho Fries (Solo, ₱99 / Sharing, ₱195)
🔸Chips & Cheese (Solo, ₱99 / Sharing, ₱195)
🔸Italian Panna Fries (Solo, ₱99 / Sharing, ₱175)
🔸Spanish Chili N' Cheese Fries (Solo, ₱99 / Sharing, ₱195)

My Top 3 "Global Fries" favorites:

✔ Sisig Fries - I liked the idea of marrying French fries and sisig, only it lacked some "ooomph." Some onion, garlic and/or chili powder will make it more piquant, because sisig is partly known for its spiciness. Perhaps it's better to let the customer have their own options whether they want it a bit more spicy.

For me, I'd even have this as "ulam," because why not?

✔ Chips & Cheese
Even without the cheese sauce and other toppings, the crispy wafer-thin slices of potatoes were already good on their own. I loved that they didn't become soggy and they remained crispy throughout.

✔ Mexican Nacho Fries
Nachos or fries? To put an end to this debate, Snack Attack combines both of them into one Mexican-inspired snack! I like salsa, so this is another shoo-in for my top 3 "Global Fries" favorites.

| Combo Snacks
It is a smart way of having your snacks and drinks in one grab, whether as a perfect movie snack or as an on-the-go meal while walking your way to the office or some important meeting.

🔸FD - fries and drink (Regular, ₱45 / Jumbo ₱99)
🔸SA2 - fries, hotdog and drink (Regular, ₱45 / Jumbo, ₱125)
🔸SA3 - fries, hotdog, chicken nuggets and drink (Regular, ₱75 / Jumbo, ₱135)
🔸SA4 - fries, chicken nuggets and drink (Regular, ₱85 / Jumbo ₱145)
🔸SA5 - fries, cheese fingers and drink (Regular ₱75 / Jumbo ₱135)
🔸SA6 - fries, chicken karaage and drink (Regular ₱85 / Jumbo ₱155)

| Snack-A-Buns
Did I mention to you about their vast menu? Well, that's not the end of it, because Snack Attack also offers bun sandwiches that will make great and healthy movie snacks, office munches or "baon" for school.

🔸Cheesy Hotdog and Bacon (₱55)
🔸Bacon Mushroom and Cheese (₱65)
🔸Chili Cheese con Carne (₱65)
🔸Ham and Cheese (₱55)
🔸Nacho Beef and Cheese (₱65)
🔸Tuna Melt (₱65)

I liked the Chili Chese con Carne, as I am the type who likes spicy and cheesy stuff. As typical with chili con carne, it has beans (mostly kidney beans) and I found them in the filling, so you'll get additional nutrition and protein from them.

| Bubble Tea
Our drinks for this rendezvoos consisted of their Bubble Tea. To be honest, their drinks were the ones that made me really full, as I could not resist myself from going sip after sip. Hahaha. It was the perfect way to beat the heat during that day.

🔸Assam (Medio, ₱70 / Grande ₱80)
🔸Wintermelon (Medio, ₱75 / Grande ₱85)
🔸Hokkaido (Medio, ₱70 / Grande ₱85)
🔸Okinawa (Medio, ₱75 / Grande ₱85)
🔸Taro (Medio, ₱75 / Grande ₱85)
🔸Chocolate (Medio, ₱75 / Grande ₱85)
🔸Mocha (Medio, ₱75 / Grande ₱85)

I picked the Hokkaido, which left a buttery aftertaste in my mouth, but it was otherwise good.

These were the only ones that we tried, but Snack Attack offers a lot more! They also have the "Cheese Foam Series" drinks, which consist of the same flavors as in the Bubble Tea but with cheese foam; and "Frozen Bubble Tea" soft serve in cup and cone.

As for their other beverages:

Two fruit teas (Four Seasons and Citrus Iced Tea)
Brewed Coffee
Iced Coffee
Bottled Water

As a coffee lover, I am happy that they offer coffee drinks. I will try them when I happen to be on the North again. But they told me they have plans to open a branch at SM City Taytay and I couldn't be more excited!

Thank you so much Snack Attack and looloo for the invite (and for the cute Snack Attack mug, too! I am using it right now). 128522128591128522

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Unshakablefoodie L.
4.0 Stars

It is a new idea to hold a drink and your fave snack at one grab! Here at Snack A-ttack, you could hold your drink and Fries with one hand! Smart eh?!?
You can find them almost in many places and in the provinces. This branch is the first Mall branch.

These are what Snack A-ttack offers:

Combo Snacks:

1. Cheese fries + Cheese fingers + citrus iced tea
2. Buttered Corn fries + Chicken karaage + Four seasons
3. Sour cream fries + Chicken Nuggets + Four seasons

Global Fries such as:

1.Sisig Fries
2.Chips and Cheese
3.Mexican Nacho Fries
4.Yankee Ultimate Fries
6.Chili Cheese Con Carne
7.Nacho Beef and Cheese

Bubble Tea (w/ tapioca pearls) from P75-85 only!
127865Cheese Foam Series
127865Frozen Bubble Tea

Snack a Bunch -
Nachos or Cheese fingers, Hotdog, Nuggets or Chicken plus two drinks Citrus Iced Tea and Four Seasons for P359
Good for two!!!

Global Fries as the U.K. Chips n Cheese are the top favorite. Fresh sliced potatoes deep fried to a perfect crisp. Yummy!
I also Mexican Nacho Fries with Salsa and Cheese on top.

Student priced Burger Buns:
•Tuna Melt
•Ham & Cheese
•Bacon & Cheese
all for P55-65 only!

For the 4 Seasons citrus Iced tea upgrade just add P15-20 to change into Bubble Tea.

Thank you so much Snack- A- ttack
@Loolooapp @RoeganT @JessicaG


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Aileen L.
5.0 Stars

Let me share the Snack Attack story ...

Snack Attack makes your traditional snacks into an exciting way to snack”.

It all started in one single idea… provide an exciting way to snack. Would you believe that behind the successful brand of Snack-A-Ttack there was a bigger company? It is true.
Their founder, Noel Andres started his business journey way back 2009 where he established his first printing business. Throughout the years, he tried different businesses. He also became a franchisee of a well-known LPG business. However, like any other businessperson, he face a lot of struggle - he loses his motivation to continue his business and just be an ordinary employee. Then, He always thinks that future is uncertain – future is something we created and the idea of Snack-A-ttack was born.
He established RNL Food Concepts Inc. the company behind the brand of Snack-A-Ttack with over 200 branches in less than two years. Their most recent achievement is licensing a master franchisee overseas. Their Core Competency is fueled by innovations and disrupt the current market trend. We also help start up entrepreneur thru franchising by having the business acumen thru entrepreneurial literacy.
Snack-A-Ttack as an on-the-go store change the way your ordinary snacks gives you. In addition, this year as they want more to excite the world, their biggest goal is to earn 500 branches that could give an exciting dining experience for an exciting life.

I was lucky to be invited to join the Looloo Rendezvoos yesterday afternoon at SM North Edsa Sky Dome Branch . Thanks to Roegan T Roegan of Looloo for this invite and of course to B2F Berkim Food Services, the first franchisee of Snack - A- TTACK Cafe in Quezon City.

Soft opening happened last October 25 and the Grand Opening was last October 31!

The snacks were all prepared when we arrived . They have so much for us yesterday afternoon.

128155 Snack Bunch - For 349 pesos , you’ve got any two of fries extreme ,or nachos supreme or potato wedges and dip, cheese sticks , chicken nuggets ,hotdogs and drinks. If your planing to go on a movie date I can suggest this one . Perfect for sharing .

128155 then they have the global fries127758127839

127839 Sisig fries - this is their best seller and i personally liked it ! If you loved Sisig like I do you’ll loved it too . You may also bought this as pulutan.

127839 Yankee Ultimate fries
127839 Mexican nacho salsa- if your a salsa fan you’ll loved this one
127839 Chips and Cheese- 2nd on my favorite . The chips was so crispy . Blends well with the cheese 🧀
127839 Italian Panna fries
127839 Spanish Chili N Fries

Then they have Snack A Buns
127838 Ham N Cheese 55 pesos
127838 Tuna Melt 65 pesos
127838 Chori Cheese 65 pesos
127838 Beef curry and cheese 65 pesos
127838 Bacon and mushroom and cheese

For the drinks we have tried also their Bubble Tea. So many flavours to choose from.
- Assam 70 medio Grande 80
- Wintermelon 75 85
- Grande 75 85
- Okinawa 75 85
- Taro 75 85
- Chocolate 75 85
- Mocha 75 85

All with tapioca pearls . I’ve noticed the milktea prices , so affordable, other milk tea stores starts at 90 to 100 pesos and the cup was big . I loved the Okinawa!

They have cheese foam series also . For add ons they have coconut jelly ,crushed Oreos , cheese foam ,sweet red bean and coffee jelly .

The hit was their combo snacks! If my kids will see this , they will buy this everyday .

127839FD fries and drink regular 45 jumbo 99
127839SA2 Fries hotdog and drink 65 Regular 125 jumbo
127839SA3 fries hotdog chicken nuggets and drink-75 regular jumbo 135
127839 SA4 Fries Chicken nuggets and drink - 85 Regular jumbo 145
127839 SA5 Fries Cheesefingers and drinks regular 75 and jumbo 135
127839 SA6 Fries Chicken karaage and Drink Regular 85 and jumbo 155

I know you are all surprised that they have a lot to offer . For me it’s a one stop to go shop . You don’t need to go on different stores especially when in a hurry , they have it all for you . If you loved finger foods like i do, you’ll loved Snack Attack because you have a lot of choices.

So happy that I now have a snack buddy ! Thank you Looloo and to Snack Attack PH and B2F Berkim Food Services.

They are open mall hours and has almost 200 branches nationwide.


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Manfred M.
4.0 Stars

Snack attack is a go-to for people who want quick bites, juicy eats, and sumptuous snack food. Their servings are great for those looking for to-go food for a concert in the skydome or the cinemas in SM North.

The branch is one of their first franchises in Quezon City since they have long been operating in the South. We were excited to try out what hey had to offer.

During our visit to the SM North branch, we had a taste of their snack samplers. Their Snack Bunch at Php 359 is a humungous combination of their fruit juice drinks, chicken karaage, nachos, bacon fries, hotdogs, and cheese fingers, perfect for the couple who loves to eat and try their basic offerings.

For those who want a smaller load of tasty snacks, they have the global fries. These are composed of notable favorites from prominent countries. I specifically enjoyed the Chips and Cheese at Php 195 for sharing. It is made of high quality potato crisps reminiscent of a foreign premium brand topped with cheese dip and ground beef. Every bite was filled with that crisp, rich meaty flavor.

The Mexican Nacho Fries at Php 195 for sharing has that sour and tangy flavor due to a rich overload of tomato sauce and cheese with tortilla chips. This is great for those who want their snacks with a more adventurous flavor.

Sisig lovers will rejoice for their Sisig Fries at Php 175 for sharing. It had thick chunks of pork fat and meat spread evenly over the fries. The fries were thickly cut and served piping hot. I loved the especially fatty flavor.

Those who want a combination of drinks and snacks can get the Cheese Fingers Fries and Drinks at Php 75 for regular and 135 for large. It is made of a cup of drinks with a cup on top filled with fries and cheese sticks. Despite being fatty, I enjoyed the taste.

The Mocha Cheese Foam Milk Tea is a must for those who love cheese and milk tea combinations. It had a strong mocha flavor which was just right for the drink. Its price at 95 for regular and 105 for grande was justified.

Snack attack truly serves great food for its cheap price points. The quick serving times are a plus for those who want it quick.

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Manila E.
4.0 Stars

09 November 2018
Friday, 2:00PM-3:00PM

Relax and grab your favorite comfort food from Snack A-Ttack. Snack A-Ttack, which started in Las Piñas, extends their presence in Quezon City as they bring their Build Your Own Snack to SM North EDSA. As you walk along the second floor of Sky Garden, you will find it enticing as you pass by their brightly lit kiosk - at least that’s what it felt for me. I won’t mind munching on these together with the young ones or the young at heart!

I can fondly remember how much I liked their combo deal of two food items + drinks which is priced at about P145. Not bad, right? Especially for those who like chicken nuggets! When it comes to price, an average spend of P300 (for one) will go a long way. They also have milk tea which is sold at about P95. Sulit!

Interestingly, they offer Snack A Bunch (P359) which is the perfect deal for you and your date. It comes with fries, nachos, chicken nuggets, hotdogs, cheese fingers and drinks. For those who are conservative and always on-the-go, you have the option to go for the basics such as a tuna melt (P65) or potato wedges (P69). As for my personal favorite, it will have to be chips and cheese (P99). Thinly sliced potato fried to perfection, topped with ground beef and drizzled with cheese sauce.

It has been a pleasant afternoon, all thanks to Carla and her Snack Attack team. Wishing the best and more power to them as we had a terrific afternoon. Thanks too for this looloo rendezvoos, who would have thought a few rounds of snacks can be so filling!

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