Snake Island

El Nido, Palawan

Snake Island
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Unisse C.
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Snake Island was our lunch destination for Tour B. They call this Snake Island because the island looks like a snake's head and it's body is the sandbar which connects the island to the mainland. The sandbar is in this S-shape which makes it look even more like a snake.

When we got here, the tide was a low enough for people to be walking on the sandbar with ankle deep waters. The waves were a bit rowdy though.

Our first stop was to take a trek up to the view deck which is the top of the snake's head. Phew! It was quite a hike! Although there's a trail to follow, they have a sign that says, "No guide, no hike." So we complied and followed one of our boatmen up the view deck. When we got there, the view was really something! 10084️ Both the left and right sides of the trail had unique views.

On one side, you see the boats all lined up like a fleet in front of the sandbar with the mainland in sight. On the other side, you see far islands and the other side of the snake island which is very rocky. Just watching the waves hit those rocks was so relaxing. Nature at its finest. 1008412852510084

If climbing up the view deck was hard, it's harder to go back down because there were no actual steps put in to the trail. Plus, it was rocky and uneven. So you really have to be extra careful when you're going down. One wrong step and you'll be tumbling down. 128531

The beach on Snake Island was pretty small and were lined with mangroves. It was a bit crowded when we arrived because other tours arrived before we did and it's a common spot for lunch. Once our lunch was ready, our tour guide came onshore and told us we were having lunch on the boat! 128563 That was a fun experience but it was a bit cramped too. Luckily for us, our boat that day had bench-like structures built onto the outside of the boat for the boatmen to easily walk from the rear to the front and back whenever they need to. We ended up using those as our seats so others can grab the food from the table set up in the middle of the boat. Our feet were dangling above the water. Good thing the waves subsided a bit or else the boat would be rocking so bad and we would have gotten seasick. 128560

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Reich T.
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Snake Island.  No,  the island is not home for coral snakes, they call it as such due to the "S" shaped sand bar thingy.  It somehow resembles a snake shedding skin or a rattler in attack mode.

The number of islands we visitied in El Nido escaped my memory,  one thing is for sure, all of 'em are jaw-dropping gorgeous.  Snake Island is one of them.  Turquoise waters,  you can see the coral reefs below! That's how clear it is,  hell!  I think it is clearer than my eyesight.  The sand resembles like powdered sugar.  Soft on each step.  The island is condusive for nature photography due to the rock formations and various fauna. 

Travel writers should include Palawan as one of the places to visit in the world.  The beauty of the island never ceases to amaze me.

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Cette D.
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Another island is snake island. They usually got the names after the characteristic of the island itself. This one is because of the letter "S" in the water. You can see the separation. Water is really clear and the place looks like an endless paradise. You can walk from one side of the island to the other side during low tide. It is a great place for lunch too. We had our bountiful filipino lunch. Sarap! Nakakamay! Hihi. 128522 This photo was from the viewing deck.

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Yen D.
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That is Snake Island behind us! So, if you want to capture a good view of Snake Island, go up to the View Deck. It may be tiring and steep, but worth it!

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