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Julie L.
4.0 Stars

We tried their Salted Egg Pasta (Php 198) it was creamy without an overpowering flavor of salted egg. I would love to try their other pasta

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4.0 Stars

Craving for Bingsu? YES!

So I went back for their Honey Butter Toast and Cheezy Mango Bingsu. The price of each amazing dessert were very reasonable. I was able to get it less than Php200.00 each comapred with the other bingsu place that it cost more than 200 bucks.

BTW, it has the consistency of flavor and quality. I will be back again soon.

#ilovetoeatph 12851510084

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Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

Thanks to miss Maxine team K was invited to try out snowbing. Well, there are differences between the trinoma and Northedsa branch. The one at northedsa is more recommendable if you want something heavy, because they got pasta and pizza there.

128204 Bulgogi Pizza @120PhP
Thin crust Pizza that can be shared by two people. It got beef in it. I think it needs to be more tasty.

128204128525 Salted Egg Pasta @198PhP
Love this unique dish! It’s super creamy and the salted egg taste is rich! I love the bacon bits in it as well

128204 Korean Bulgogi Pasta @198PhP
Sweet and super salty, so it’s advisable to take it with an order of toast.

128204128525Kimchi Pasta @198PhP
I love its sweet and spicy taste. The spiciness can be felt after the sweet taste.

128204 Honeybutter Toast @188PhP
This is their best tasting toast, and i would like it more if there’s cup of coffee with it. It’s rightly sweet. It will be a little cloying if you eat this alone

128204 Choco Belgian Toast @188PhP
I say i would love this if the chocolate has been a little thicker, but, if you ask me if it’s good, yes it is. Again, i suggest a cup of coffee to go with this order.

128204 Choco Brownie Snowbing @188PhP
Chewy chocolate brownies, nuts, and chocolate ice cream. Recommendable for all kids and chocolate lovers.

128204 Cheesy Mango Snowbing @168PhP
Want to have a salty and creamy taste? This snowbing will not fail to give you such experience. Remember to mix it so it’s not “dry”

128204128525 matcha greentea Snowbing @188PhP
My favorite! Recommended for matcha lovers, there’s chewy mochi, crunchy green tea kitkat, and adzuki beans as its main sweetener.

What’s really good are the prices, just look how affordable it is, and mind you, the quality is good.

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Gene G.
4.0 Stars

Attention all Korean food lovers out there! There’s this new dessert place in SM North Edsa which focuses on bingsu. It is no other than Snowbing!!

Snowbing opened last August 2017, having 2 branches which is in SM North and Trinoma. The nice thing with Snowbing is that it is locally owned. When you get to compare their menu from different bingsu places, they only limited their menu list so that their customers won’t have a hard time. What I also like with Snowbing is that their dishes truly cater to the Filipino market. Their bingsu bowls are not too big, prices are affordable (less than 200php) and their food are yummy which makes you want to order another serving.

Here are the ff. meals that was served to us:


Salted Egg Pasta (198php)
Korean Pasta (198php)
Kimchi Pasta (198php)

Among all the pastas that were served to us, I would have to go for the salted egg and the kimchi pasta. What I love about the salted egg pasta was that it was creamy which I totally adore. The Kimchi Pasta was sweet and its spiciness was just right. Combine the two pastas, I felt like I was brought to heaven.


Korean Pizza (120php)

The Korean pizza could have tasted better if they could add more flavor to the meat. The cheese became more powerful than the meat. Plus points because it is thin crust. My mom for sure will like this pizza.


Honey Butter ( 188php)
Belgian Chocolate (198php)

I would have to go for the Honey Butter. It wasn’t that heavy compared to the Belgian Chocolate. The Belgian Chocolate became heavy because there were a lot of chocolate placed on the toast. Their toasts are perfect for a breakfast meal plus coffee.


Choco Brownie (188php)
Cheezy Mango (168php)
Matcha Green Tea (188php)

My favorite would have to be the Matcha Green Tea. I’m a fan of matcha and just the right sweetness on the red beans. If you want vibrant colors and a party in your mouth, you should order their bestseller which is the Cheezy Mango. It has mangoes, cream cheese and vanilla ice cream. If you are in the mood to eat pure chocolate, then get the Choco Brownie.

Overall, I truly enjoyed my time in Snowbing. From now on, this will be my go-to dessert place. We also had a good conversation with Ms. Maxine that will never be forgotten.

Thank you Jayson J for the invite! 128515

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Julie L.
4.0 Stars

Before heading to the cinema, I wanted something sweet and saw this newly opened resto. I ordered Tropical Fruit (Php230) but it took more than 20 minutes to serve. It was ok since I know they just opened. Surprisingly I liked their hobing instead of flakey ice (plain water) it was made out of milk like ice cream. The fruit was a bit underwhelming but I still enjoyed it.

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