Soban K-Town Grill

2/F Eastwood Mall, E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave. (C5), Eastwood City, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Soban K-Town Grill
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Ruth S.
3.0 Stars

After meeting FG, my Homie Reich and I decided to have dinner since we're both hAngry. 128528128566 She suggested w eat here and I agreed since I haven't tried Soban yet.

Reich had a bibimbap w chicken something rice bowl while I tried the K-TACO (75php/each). You get to choose from 3 different options - Pork, Spicy Chicken, and Beef Bulgogi.

K-TACO = Soft Tortilla + Lettuce + Sour Cream + Cheese + Kimchi + Meat.

I tried the SPICY CHICKEN and their "bestseller", BEEF BULGOGI. It was good! I was surprised w how good all the flavors and elements worked together and w the generous amount of fresh shredded lettuce, sour cream and cheese added (though I just wish they added more kimchi for a spicier flavor). I liked the chicken more than the beef because it's spicy and because the beef was not as tender plus there were more fats than the actual beef. 128533 But still, the overall taste was good and I liked it. Taco goodness w a Korean twist. 128077🏼

SERVICE wasn't that great, though. A bit inconsistent? Right before entering the place, servers outside were very warm and friendly. Very welcoming and lively. But once we're inside and eating already, service wasn't that "good" anymore. Kind of slow. I drink water a lot so I usually ask for refills. Waiting's fine wag lang super tagal or makalimutan na. 128542 I even saw our server na sumimangot when I called her for water refill (again for the nth time). Yun lang naman. 128533

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Jaymie P.
4.0 Stars

I love their food! I also like their service. Legit unlimited, you don't have to ask twice. They automatically refill from time to time.

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5.0 Stars

After my volleyball "semi final game" I went to Soban K-Town Grill at Eastwood Mall. This was my third time and the place was jam-packed maybe because it's Sunday. I got Dak Bulgogi Set for Php320.00 and Beef Korrito for Php180.00.

Dak Bulgogi Set served with unlimited rice, salad, soup, kimchi, and egg roll - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
"One of the best fried chicken I've ever tasted. The "medyo" sweet flavor of this fried chicken compliments with the appetizers on the side."

Beef Bulgogi Korrito (Burrito made with fresh lettuce, kimchi, sour cream cheese, kimchi fried rice and beef bulgogi served on flour tortilla) - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
"The Mexican & Korean fusion burrito is a bombed! Gosh! The flavors blend with each other. Warning: it's a little bit spicy."

Although the place was in full house mode they still provided the superb service.

#ilovetoeat 12851510084

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Muffy T.
5.0 Stars

This place is actually improving! Their soup is more flavourful, they have more banchan, and the beef is of better quality. Nice casual place for korean food.

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Trina H.
4.0 Stars

Good place for an affordable Korean BBQ dinner!

I ordered the Samgyupsal Set with 120 grams of pork belly on soy garlic for PHP355! Pretty awesome isn't it?

Speedy service too with lots of friendly people around!

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4.0 Stars

This is my second time to visit SOBAN K-TOWN GRILL at Eastwood Mall but it never fails to satisfy me in their delicious Korean dishes with a twist.

I tried the K-Tacos with Beef Bulgogi as the main meat served in a soft taco, fresh lettuce, kimchi, sour cream, cheese and kimchi fried rice. A good combination indeed, imagine your favorite Mexican taco infused with Korean flavors. Yes, it is spicy but bearable and I'll promise you... You will love this taco. 🌮

Coffee Prince, reminding me a Koreanovela dubbed in local TV but not in SOBAN K-TOWN GRILL... it's a dessert. I got one order of Coffee Prince, home-made coffee ice cream served with graham and Korean red beans topped with chocolate. The dessert I ordered was one of the bestsellers of the Korean resto and I really like their presentation on how they served it to me. 127846

K-Taco (Php75.00 per piece) - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5

Coffee Prince (Php120.00) - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

Credits to the attentive staff for assisting me. Maintain your good service.

You can visit SOBAN K-TOWN GRILL at the 2nd Floor, Eastwood Mall, Quezon City.

#ilovetoeat 12851510084

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Dada M.
3.0 Stars

after CAMP SAWI date with my twinny. We headed straight to SOBAN :)

SAMGYUPSAL FOR 120gms is 355 128077🏼128077🏼128077🏼 you have choice of flavor, i always go for the original one 128076🏼

unli rice 128077🏼10084128521
soup, egg, kimchi and rice for sidedish

JAPCHAE for 195 Is good 128077🏼128077🏼128077🏼128077🏼 iloved it!

Value for Money 128077🏼128077🏼128077🏼
Ambiance 128077🏼128077🏼128077🏼
Staff 128077🏼128077🏼128077🏼


10084128077🏼128513128521 peaceout

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Reich T.
4.0 Stars

I saw a couple of episodes of this cooking show in TLC where a Brit with a fabulous bob in her Twiggy outfit explores various Korean dishes.  She then attempts to replicate some of the dishes with a lil England twist.   This sparked my interest in Korean Food.  Sadly,  my knowledge begins and ends with Bibimbap.  This cuisine is like Magical Realism for me - uncharted territory.  Yes,  i am more of a Classic Lit x Post Modern x Secular x Poetry x Mystery x Thriller book nerd. 

I was in Eastwood one rainy evening.  Can't figure out where to have dinner,  it was a toss between Peri Peri and Soban.  CMA flipped a coin,  i called heads.   Mr.  Dent was rooting for me.  It's Soban K-Town Grill for dinner then.

Soban screams modern.  And the lighting is perfect,  less effort when taking photos.  There are a couple of communal tables,  i guess this is the newest trend in the restaurant scene.

On to the food.  We ordered the following:

| Kimchi Fries.  I like potatoes but never kimchi.  I was a lil dubious of this fusion dish but I was proven wrong.  Kimchi aint that bad after all,  just add potatoes and we're all set.  Seriously,  this is good as the kimchi adds an interesting contrast of flavor.  Do not forget ze bacon bits!!! 

| Chicken Karilog.  A classic silog dish with a Korean twist.   The plate is so bright and looks mighty appetizing.  CMA gave his nod of approval.  He said that the chicken is flavorful and goes well with the kimchi fried rice.

| Chicken Teriyaki Bap.   Chicken night!  This is bibimbap with korean style fried chicken, some veggies on the side and a sunny side up egg.   One of ze best bibimbaps that I've had (not that I've eaten a lot).   The star of the show is the chicken!  Crispy on the outside and juicy in the inside.  Mix em well and a boatload of sauce (dunno what it's called,  bright red hue with some sesame seeds).  Not enough enough heat for ze Dragon Lady though. 

| Soju.   First time to try Korean Liquor.  Man,  Soju zapped me out of oblivion.  This is not for the faint-hearted (this coming from the retired party girl).  Stay away from the original variant.  Roy T said the flavored ones are fun to drink and not that strong.

Dinner was fantastic.  Food is good and it will not put a dent in your pocket.   I'll come back for more Soju!

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Angel U.
5.0 Stars

So saw Anch B Review and craving for Korean food, and decided to we to go to Eastwood and try Soban, they not taking reservation for Sunday, so we just walk in and need to wait for 1 hour.

Finally, time to order, so ordered,
1. Woo samgyup set - beef set with additional dakgalbi - chicken (spicy flavour)
2. Japchae - stir fried korean vermicille
3. Kimchi french fries

I really love this place, the food, really made me reminisance my past time when i ate Korean food atsingapore.

The samgyup really authentic of korean sauces,
The Japchae , not too soft, not too hard, the chewie-ness is perfect,
The kimchi fries, a lil bit too hard but really KIMCHI fries, they stirfry the fries again with kimchi sauces...

It's authentic & awesome with freeflow appetizers, rice & soup, the meal only cost me around 1,000 for 2 pax and made us so full! But well of course, still have room for dessert,

Because it's my birthday month, they give free a scoop of ice cream & it's homemade ice-cream gentleman & ladies...
The taste, texture if icecream soooooo perfect!! (It's vanilla flavor but not the usual vanilla you could get it on other place)

Worth your money & time folks, go try!!

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Anch B.
5.0 Stars

First time to try a resto like Soban, and i really really enjoyed it! Special thanks to Yanna B for the birthday treat! 127801

We had 2 orders of their 6-flavor Samgyupsal Set which consists of A grilled pork belly set of all their different flavors, served with a maximum of 4 refillable rice, salad, soup and egg roll appetizers. (+ 15php if you want to upgrade your rice to kimchi fried rice... w/c is what we did) Everything is delicious! It came to a point where i didn't think i could eat more but i did anyway because it's so good!

Also tried their Kimchi Fries, which i love love loooooooved!!! I'm surprised that i liked this though cause i am not a fan of Kimchi, but damn it Soban changed that.

Overall, i enjoyed my visit!
Service was fast too so that's a +

Kailangan prepared kayo after though cos, this place will make your clothes and hair smell like food after! But oh well 128129🏻10024

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Russel F.
5.0 Stars

I rarely made a visit to any Korean restaurants nowadays, though I have to say that I really like their food so much. I could still recall the first time I tried Korean food back in my college days when my dad took me to one of the stalls in Greenhills serving Korean food. I can barely recall the name and everything we had back then, but I know it had bulgogi and japchae. I admit that I really liked it (especially the bulgogi) and I wish to have more if it. And then there's Kaya that has been our family's go-to place whenever we want some Korean food.

And nowadays, you can have more options because more Korean restaurants are popping out everywhere. One of the newest Korean restaurants that you wouldn't wanna miss is Soban. Located at the 2nd level of Eastwood Mall, Soban is a Korean grill place serving Samgyupsal and Dak Galbi sets and other various dishes with influences from different cuisines. And just few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to be invited together with other loolooers to try their food for a sponsored eatup!!! Yaaaayyyy!!!

Patrick V and I arrived really late because we underestimated the traffic in C5 during weekends. Haay! So we only had few of the dishes they've already tried. But it's okay, their Green Iced tea was so refreshing that I almost forgot how tiring it is to face the heavy traffic in the city everyday. A perfect thirst-quencher - that's how I'd call it! Getting a bottomless Green Iced Tea is definitely the best decision... Ever!

The place has a minimal and industrial look which is perfect for the concept of the restaurant. Well-lit and has a bright atmosphere although it wasn't that really spacious and could only accommodate around 40 people inside.

Some of the dishes we had are:

K-Taco - A big soft taco with kimchi, lettuce, cheese, sour cream and K-BBQ meat. This is their own take of the famous Mexican dish and I reaaally liked it! Generous toppings on a large-sized tortilla for only Php 75,00 each!!!

Kimchi Fries - Soban's version is not the usual fries that's just deep-fried and then served with ketchup. It was smothered with cheese and then mixed it up with pork bits and kimchi that'll surely make you wonder that kimchi is actually good. Thus, making it one of the crowd's favorites!

Japchae - I call this as the silky noodles. I have mixed feelings about this ever since so I'm not really into it.

Samgyupsal set - I only had few of this because Imma part of the "Late Troupers"! This comes in 6 flavors and price depends on the quantity which I believe is truly affordable for its price!!! Gotta love the tenderness of the meat that comes with different choice of sauce!

Dak Galbi set - Another meat set that has been the instant favorite of this man reviewing! Oh my, Chicken!!! I got to have lots of this because you know, it's chicken!!! Gotta love the spicy and doenjang flavors soo much!!! This one's a good set perfect for sharing!

Caramelized Galbi - Caramelized chicken fillet that's double fry 'till perfectly crispy and juicy! I sooo love this! This is probably the highlight for me! 128020128020128020128539128539128539

Sides or Banchan - We all know that Koreans are very much into details when it comes to food. Aside from the main dishes, they always make sure that a number of side dishes are present on the table to "tag along" with their food. Most of us would expect kimchi as the main side dish, but there's more than that, and I'm telling you that you should also go for it. There's the bone marrow soup that's really tasty; the egg roll that somewhat reminds me of tamago; kimchi rice that was more than perfect to pair up with your meat; and a lot more actually. I couldn't recall everything at their exact names but they're all good!

Afterwards, they served us one of their sweet offerings.. The Coffee Prince!!! I wonder if they followed the name of the popular Korean skit for this sweet creation, but anyway, this one's good and a must-try! Layers of graham and Korean red beans topped with their homemade coffee ice cream is just glorious!!! The six of us on the table immediately finished this in a blink of an eye but they're generous enough to serve us one more for another round! Yaaay!!!

Overall a good experience, thus, making me wanna go back again very soon! I wanna give a kudos to their attentive and well-trained servers who were all familiar and knowledgable with the details of the food they're serving!

Special thanks to the beautiful ladies of Soban - to Dotz and the sisters (aka 3D), and the entire Soban Team! Two thumbs up for the great yet affordable food and excellent service! And of course, big thanks to Peanut D for having us invited to try out this new place!!!

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4.0 Stars

Having a quick lunch at Soban K-Town Grill. I got Beef Bulgogi Bap (Beef Bulgogi mixed rice with assorted vegetables and fried egg in a sizzling bowl) for only Php155.00 and it comes with soup and sauce. Very affordable right? By the way, it's YUMMY! 127836127834

Beef Bulgogi Bap - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
"Yung bibimbap masarap, you can control the spice level"

I'm going back again to try the bestsellers. 128525

You can visit Soban K-Town Grill at the 2nd Floor of Eastwood Mall, Quezon City.

#ilovetoeat 12851510084

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Jonathan Y.
5.0 Stars

Tried the place on its first week of opening in eastwood and surprisingly it is packed on weekdays. So the idea is to order meat choices in grams and you get the refillable rice and soup with the great appetizer choices.

Tried the 6 flavor samgyupsal set and the dak galbi set. The 6 flavor samgyupsal is already good for 4 persons with refillable rice for 4. Overall i like the grilled sets since it has various flavors. The place also has complete set of utensils since you would to cut the huge pieces of meat.

Overall it feels like premium korean grill at a reasonable price. The service is still slow during that time maybe because they are on soft opening.

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Liza Marie D.
5.0 Stars

Really loved the food!!! Thanks Gellie for the great service. Definitely going back...

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Marc M.
5.0 Stars

Sponsored Eatup! Courtesy of looloo and Soban!

First-off I would like to recommend getting the Bottomless Green Iced Tea. It has hints of mint and is very refreshing! Quite similar to a Mojito but with no alcohol. Perfect for the Grilled Meats and mildly spicy food ahead. 128077

I came in late as usual but I still got to sample the "Kimchi Fries" albeit a bit cold already. Still good. It ain't really spicy like the name would suggest or maybe it's the starch in the fries that balances out the spiciness of the kimchi. Either way it's a good appetizer to start you off.

✔️ K-Taco - P75/pc - Crowd Favorite! Who knew Kimchi, Sour Cream and Cheese would play a lovely melody of flavors and texture. Excellent choice in using Soft Taco too. 128077

✔️ Japchae - P195 - Not too sweet and quite firm. Exactly how Japchae should be.

✔️ Samgyupsal Set - Their sets has 3 different serving sizes and comes with a multitude of refillable side dishes. Tried their ✔️Dak Galbi, I found it satisfactory. It's Chicken. How could anyone go wrong? 128513

What stood out for me was the ✔️ Chili Bean Samgyupsal. It was supposed to be spicy according to the menu. But again, I guess they toned it down to fit the normal people tolerance because it was quite tolerable for me. The Pork Belly was really tender and is packed with flavors. Perfect with that lettuce wrap!

✔️Coffee Prince - P120 - Great Presentation! The Home-made Coffee Ice Cream is the perfect dessert to cleanse your palate from all the meat and spice.

Also, a big shout out for their unlimited Beef Bone Soup (part of the side dish)! Looks very simple but really very savory! I lost count at how many times I had my refill! 128525

Which brings me to applaud the staff for their prompt service and attentiveness to detail. I didn't even have to call their attention for refills of the side dishes and drinks. I only had to ask to refill my soup once and the server already understood that I was hooked on their soup and kept refilling automatically. Good Job! 128522

Great food, Great Service. Overall, a Great experience! 128077

Many thanks Soban and looloo for the fun-filled afternoon with the kaladkarins! 128536 I don't even have to tag you guys, for sure you all got reco points from me on this one 128514

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Jay S.
3.0 Stars

We had our team building here today. The food was ok. Nothing special or fancy about it. I don't know but I think K-Pub in BGC somehow sets the bar high on Korean grill restaurants for me. The service was fine. They're very attentive on your orders and what was still left in their kitchen. Friendly and all-smiling staff too! The grills and exhausts are excellent. Clean and tidy.

My only gripe is the table size. It's very small considering you also have a grill on it to cook on to.

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Elaine O.
5.0 Stars

Korean cooking meets Western and Mexican street food at Soban in Eastwood. This new restaurant in Eastwood prefers to be hip over traditional and promises to provide quality yet affordable food that prides in their unique dishes like the K-Tacos (Korean tacos), Kimchi Fries,Korilog (Korean tapsilog), and the Korrito (Korean burrito). Expect a casual atmosphere with fast and good customer service. 128522128077128077

Kimchi French Fries
I’m wondering if the contrasting spicy and sour flavors of kimchi will complement the cheese; surprisingly, it does. I love how the kimchi balances the flavor of the cheese and for me adding Nori strips will give a crispy texture and will certainly add flavor. Overall, I love it 128522

K Taco
Korean meat meets Mexican favoriteJJJ, the Bulgogi seasoned beef elevates the overall flavor of this dish. 128536

 USDA Premium Beef
Yay! 128076128076The best seller in our table; the beef marinated in sea salt is so flavorful and tender. One can opt to dip in sesame oil for additional flavor.

This comes in 6 flavors, namely: original, fruity, chili bean, soy garlic, Doenjang and wine depending on one’s liking. It can be ordered in a set or in 90, 120, 180 grams serving that comes with unlimited sides. All are flavorful but I like the chili bean and the fruity flavor the most. 128522

Caramelized Galbi
I love the crispiness and the crunchiness of the double fried chicken and I will love it even more if it is not too sweet.

Korean food = grilled meat, hot stews, chilies and pickles
Korean food = happy tummy
Korean quality food equals Soban KTown Grill 128077128077

This is my second looloo invitation, thank you! 1285229786128522

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Inna A.
4.0 Stars

A cheaper alternative to Sariwon. And since I am a Sariwon fanatic, I just had to try this. And it was great! I wished there were more side dishes, but hey, I get that it is cheaper. The meats were good.

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Jayson J.
5.0 Stars

Thank you looloo for the inviting us and soban ktown grill for having us try your upcoming beef set grill. Yeah! Finally got third place sa early bird. Im so proud. Christina R and Kristin A was already there since they carpooled. They sat on a 4-seater table but then was curious where the other 6 will sit. (Good enough there's a 6-seater next to it)

Dotz and two sisters explained to us how this resto turned out to be. They were inspired in LA to see a lot of booming restaurants and all those different concepts. One of those are the flavored sampyupsal in which they think would really hit high here in the Philippines. And so the kaladkarins are here to find it out.

128204 kimchi fries @199php
This was first served to us while waiting for the rest of the gang. Lucky are those who arrives early cause they get to have the picture of the fries in its full glory, get to be served by the owners and get the fries at its best temperature ang goodness. Knowing that it is best eaten right away. The fries were a little too hard on the edges and super soft in the middle. You can only taste the kimchi and fries. I want more cheese though. I suggest a separate cheese dip aside.

128204 side dishes
9728️ kimchi rice - i like this. Not so spicy. The corn and green bell pepper really smothers in my mouth. The spiciness kicks after a while. The bell peppers tame down the kimchi spiciness.
9728️ beef soup - no kidding this is really good! It does not look so beefy but better than bulalo. No added msg imo.
9728️ kimchi - i like this. Not so spicy. Bicolana Elaine O did not appreciate it that much, but dont worry soban, i liked it.
9728️ egg roll - tamago! Lol. Sweet tasting
9728️ fennel salad - sweet tasting salad good to go with the lettuce and doenjang.
9728️ lettuce and doenjang- doenjang is like the natto counterpart of Korea. It's fermented beans but just in a spicy tomato paste. This side is good to go with the USDA beef and all proteins set at the table. Wrap it up with the lettuce provided.

128204128525 samgyupsal set 90 grams @315php
128073🏻 doenjang - fermented beans
128073🏻 fruity
128073🏻 original
128073🏻 soy garlic
128073🏻 wine
128073🏻 chili bean
Pork!! This is what you order to test soban's specialty. We tried the soy garlic and original. Katrina D suggestion on the soy garlic did not fail. The Korean spices were really meat deep.

128204128525 the USDA premium beef (tatsukono)
Get this already too! Thick beef chop marinated very very well. So tender too that you'll not have a hard time chewing it. Dennis O really liked this as well!

128204128525 dak galbi set 90 grams @310php
128073🏻 fruity
128073🏻 spicy
128073🏻 doenjang
Grilled chicken! We tried the spicy and for me the spiciness is also tolerable. Meat is ok. Kinda was not able to appreciate the chicken here.

128204128525 japchae @195php
Minatamis na pansit sabi nga ni Marc David M. The vermicelli noodles were full. Can i call it aldente??! Haha. It's not so sweet. Not too oily too like as other chapchaes

128204128525 k taco @75php per piece
Reann G surely loved this too!-- we all did! The meat was super soft and the sour cream?! HEAVEN! Genius creation! Get one of this!

128204128525 caramelized chicken
If you want chicken, try this... Cause this one is fried. Its skin is double fried so it's super crispy. Unlike bonchon this one is crispier and less artificial. I like the tender chicken as well.

128204 mango banana shake
One round of this is enough. Served in a really tall glass. Mango then banana aftertaste. However the bananas was quite rough in the tongue. I go for the iced tea (green) it tastes apple and mint.

128204 coffee prince @120php
Ah! Desserts! Homemade coffee ice cream on soft graham crust and Korean red bean bed. It tastes like adzuki beans. Well, similar din naman kasi ang Korean sa Japanese. The frosted chocolate on top is easily overlooked by the combination of the three.

Patrick V and Russel F were as usual late. Bumili pa kasi ng bag guess where? Trinoma?! Anyway, they just got in time for the dessert (well a few minutes before). Yes. Always been nice to be with these people. Plus this place?! It's absolutely a good place to hang out and catch up with friends. The place, although it's grill place, it is not smoky at all. They have a special pull down ventilation that could suck the smoke from the grille

No internet or CR inside, however there's a possibility magkaroon ng WIFI soon and the mall CR is near the area. Could accommodate around 40-50 customers. Will definitely be back fir the wine flavored samgyupsal and the beef set again!!! 128523128523

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Reann G.
5.0 Stars

Why would others love this place? Simple. It is unique.

Soban K-Town Grille had a different take on Korean food. They offer the usual ones we see on other Korean restaurants which they also managed to alter to make it more exciting and interesting. I personally loved the concept on combining "mexican-korean" dishes!!! It was amazingly good!!

We had the following dishes:
‼️‼️ Kimchi Fries - YES KIMCHI FRIES. It is nothing short of anything to make me consider it better than the usual chili cheese fries. It was really good and the combination of really good homemade kimchi and lots of cheese made it even better!!! It was the prefect starter to excite the tastebuds of what's yet to come!!!

‼️‼️ K-taco - this was also insanely good. The beef and the kimchi and the lettuce and the cheese just went well together!!! Ok, I did not ever think of putting kimchi on my tacos but this one's really good. It hit me hard!!!

‼️‼️ Samgyeopsal Set - this comes with unli rice, soup, side dish. We first tried the Premium set that had fruity flavored pork, USDA beef and dak galbi. The beef was amazing!!! It was perfectly cooked and it was very tender. It gives you the melts in the mouth experience! Ang sarap. The marinade was also good since the beef was already very tasty on its own. The Dak Galbi was also good especially when paired with Kimchi Fried Rice!!!

Aside from the premium set that had fixed selections, we were also given our chance to pick 2 other flavors we wanted to try on their samgyeopsal set. We chose Soy Garlic and Original just for us to be able to compare. The Original came with the sauce that had oil and sesame seeds. I liked it just like the other samgyeopsals from other Korean restaurants. But the fruity became my personal favorite from the set. It was not too sweet, not too salty nor did it have the strong taste. It was just perfect!!! 10024

‼️‼️ Coffee Prince - Of course we cannot finish the meel without a dessert. We were served this dish with homemade coffee ice cream, soft grahams and Korean red beans. IT WAS UH-mazing!!! It was really good and play of textures was also well thought of. The soft grahams was really good!!! I wonder where they got the idea for this dessert because it was just smart. 🤗

I've always been a fan of Korean food that even my friends can attest to, so when I heard about the invite... I got (a little) too excited. Thanks Peanut D for arranging this!!! It was really really good and we loved everything about the restaurant! 10024

Kudos to the 3D sisters as well! We all met them and they're all very accomodating and nice! Driving to Eastwood will now be worth it because of Soban! 10024

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