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Mary Love S.
4.0 Stars

Sobremesa has been one of the most talked about restaurants when it opened. And how can it not make it to the social media world when it tries to address the society’s extreme addiction to gadgets. I’m sure that you remember this restaurant that had the witty idea of putting adorable small bird cages on every dining table where diners are encouraged to put their phones in. Yes, the idea behind it is to have a gadget-free meal and for people to actually talk to each other, in person. And to whoever cannot resist to check his or her phone, that person has to pay the bill of the whole group. Though I’m not exactly sure if diners actually locked their phones in, especially now with the need to document everything, it was and still is a great idea. I’ve been meaning to visit that restaurant for months now but traffic always gets in the way and I couldn’t drag anyone to go with me. But it was a different story a couple months back.

Hello, Sobremesa!

I was invited by The Menu Group to its blogger meet up a few months ago and I figured that this is finally my chance to visit the place as I have other foodies going with me.

We were greeted by a homey dining area with high ceiling. There are also a few couch seats by the side of the restaurant perfect for groups of four.

Sobremesa prepared a beautiful spread for us and we started off with Shrimp Ceviche Salad (PHP250).

The light appetizer was perfect to start any meal as it sure whet my appetite. The shrimps and greens were undeniably fresh. And the shrimp's natural sweetness was beautifully complemented by the tangy dressing.

I also enjoyed the Queso Fundido. As a cheese lover, I drooled over the sight of melted cheese and actually eating it was heavenly. Though it wasn’t as cheesy as I thought, it was great for it didn’t overwhelmed my taste buds or the other dishes.

Sobremesa also offers a good array of wines and of course, with wine comes meat cuts. We didn’t have wine during our visit though but we were treated with Selection of Cured Meats (PHP495). The platter comes with Chorizo Pamplona, Salchicon,Vela de Lomo, Chorizo Bilbao, Ham and Potato Balls in the middle. Though flavorful and good with wine, the meats were a bit dry for my liking.

The Peruvian Spiced Roasted Chicken (PHP380, half | PHP700, whole) was delectable! One order comes with Jalapeño and Corriander, Chimichurri and Garlic Yogurt Sauce. I prefer mine as is though as it was already flavorful without any of the sauces. Each bite was juicy and I loved how the spices made this dish addicting. I could eat one whole chicken with ease.

If you’re a fan of pork chops, you might like the Cuban Pork Chop. This grilled meat is marinated to delight the taste buds. Each bite will give you a scrumptious sweet and salty flavors which are beautifully balanced by the creamy mashed potatoes.

One of the items Sobremesa has been promoting is its Rib Eye (PHP600) and they even had a very enticing promo for it where you could endlessly feast on it for only PHP750 and have an option to have it coffee-crusted, herbed or the classic salt and pepper rub. I heard that Sobremesa holds an unlimited steak and wine promo. Now that’s what I call a perfect romantic date! (Note: I'm not sure if it's still ongoing as it has been a while since my last visit.)

However, if I were to choose, I’d go with Bufalo Estofado (PHP490). This slow braised beef stew is what I call the best dish to indulge in when feeling down as its superb taste will brighten anyone’s day. The blend of sweet and salty flavors of the broth and the succulent and almost melts in your mouth beef chunks made this dish a winner. I’d definitely order this again when I drop by Sobremesa!

For desserts, we sampled Lecheroon and Mango Coconut and Almond Cheesecake (PHP230).

The Lecheroon was an instant hit to those who love leche flan and macaroons. I liked that the dessert had the custard taste of leche flan and the grainy texture of macaroons.

But I liked the cheesecake more which gave a stronger impression. The combination of mango and coconut with cheesecake was genius! Sweet yet well-balanced.

Overall, it was a great lunch. Though not all were stellar for me, I left with a handful of favorites in mind that I’d love to go back for.

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Abe C.
4.0 Stars

If i had to eat here for the rest of my life, I'd shell out P750 a day just for unlimited Ribeye Steak! Bam!

Sobremesa's Unlimited Ribeye (US Angus) for PhP 750 per person is awesome! Winner of a deal!!! 128518 Good seasoning. 200g per serving (0.45 lb), which can be at least 2 servings per order. With a free side (choices of rice, garlic rice, mashed potatoes, sweet potato chips, or potato salad). 127775127775127775127775 Only sabit was the overcook during my first order. Acceptable still. And it was a bit salty the 2nd order. I could only finish 3 cuts. 128518

Dessert was a winner too! Salted Caramel & Banana Cheesecake PHP 230 for that solid chunk o dessert. 127775127775127775127775

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Mark G.
4.0 Stars

Here's what loved at Sobremesa
Ribeye steak
Bulalo Estofado
Queso Fundido
Mango Cheesecake
Place is a bit quiet and relaxed and it's just near to my place.
Servers are good and knowledgeable.

See also my post at

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Phantasm D.
5.0 Stars

It's not my first time to dine at Sobremesa; I love to hang here with my friends because of the unlimited cocktails which start at 8pm. Still, I was invited to blog about some of their new dishes, as well as the all-time best sellers.

Sobremesa, which in Spanish refers to the time after lunch or dinner spent talking to the people you shared the meal with, delivers its promise of delicious conversations as it offers a wide range of offerings that will suit even the most discerning palate. A highlight in their restaurant are the cages placed in the middle of every table for the customers to put and lock their mobile phones inside. A way to reconnect with the people we dine with.

Let's now begin with the dishes that we had:
-Shrimp Ceviche Salad. I like how it is slightly sweet and gives you that light feeling.
-Queso Fundido. A good appetizer that is best eaten while hot. Otherwise, the cheese dip would start to harden.
-Cured Meats Selection. Chorizo Pamplona, Salchicon, Vela de Lomo, Chorizo de Bilbao. Ham and potato balls in the middle, are my fave in this plate. Sorry, not a fan of cured meat.
-Peruvian Roasted Chicken. Comes with three sauces: Chimichurri, Jalapeno and Coriander, and Garlic Yogurt. I'm not a fan of spices, but the jalapeno and coriander sauce is so good that I loved it. The chicken was how you would expect roasted chicken to be. Best eaten ala carte or with rice.
-Bulalo Estofado. My favorite dish here. The meat is tender and the sauce had the right sweetness. Made me ask for rice.
-Australian Rib Eye Steak. Starting March 1, 2017, they will be offering an unlimited-steak promo for 750 pesos. Ala carte order is worth 600 pesos, which you can have in three ways: coffee-crusted, herbed, or salt and pepper rub, served approximately 400-500grams. Both served with savory side dishes. (Until supplies last).
-Grilled Meat: Cuban Pork Chop. With garlic mashed potato and caramelized onions. Thick and tender meat. I also love the side dishes.
-Lecheroon. A fusion of the well-loved leche flan and macaroon. Thick, yet soft and sweet. This dish has coconut that gives a very-Filipino texture.
-Mango Cheesecake. This cheesecake has been on the list of the top cheesecakes in the Metro. Really good taste and texture. As my usual readers know, I'm a fan of ripe mangoes which always give plus points to a dish. Unfortunately, I hate the texture of shredded coconut, so I had to taste from underneath. I would indulge in this if there's no coconut on top.

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Jayson J.
5.0 Stars

I know holy week is over but HOLY LAMB?!!!

This is sobremesa's grilled lamb steak with chimichurri for @550PhP

I looked at the picture in the menu and it was not that really appetizing. I was just craving for lamb actually, but to my surprise, serving came out two parts of lamb shoulders!

Gah! It was really tender. Server did not ask me what doneness i prefer and it came out medium and it was tender--loved it! I enjoyed carving the protein to the bones!

Hope this is constant to every serving. I love the potato salad and french beans that went with it.

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Mae A.
5.0 Stars

If that rule was implemented that day, I would surely have paid for everything. Haha. I was doing some research that time but I would surely have taken this challenge if I knew it sooner. I like this rule of theirs. With their “no phone challenge”, diners would get a free dessert if this is completed. Delicious conversations in exchange for that, well, sign me up for that please! 🙂

Their Shrimp Ceviche Salad was a good starter. Its taste wasn’t as strong as I expected it to be but geared on being mildly acidic. I liked the mesh of flavors on this one.

Part of their new offers, this selection consisted of Chorizo Pamplona, Salchicon, Vela de Lomo and Chorizo de Bilbao. Included cured meats here definitely were select but it could get to a salty point. Best to pair this with some wine to balance the flavors out.

And their Queso Fundido burned my tongue. Well, slightly burned it. We were told to eat this quickly as the cheese would coagulate. Being the excited and hungry person that I am, I instantly dipped that chip in and placed it on my mouth. Yes, it was all my fault but let me tell you, this was good. Despite my slightly burnt tongue, I wish I had more of this. It wasn’t overpoweringly cheesy.

Have it either coffee-crusted, herbed or just with a good old salt and pepper rub, steak lovers will surely enjoy their Australian Rib Eye Steak. Especially if they find out that Sobremesa has an unli-steak promo at PhP 750. Yep, unli-steak! It is a bit fatty but the flavor on this was pretty good.

And their Cuban Pork Chop is one big slice of a pork chop. Too big that it was tough to slice it. Paired with some yummy garlic mashed potato and caramelized onions, this new item had this good rub on the meat.

Their Bulalo Estofado was definitely my fave dish that day! I couldn’t explain the flavor but it was inexplicably good. I could just have this with a bowl of rice. The meat was tender that complemented with the slight sweet taste of the whole dish. This is definitely a must-try here.

Their Mango Cheesecake was the bomb! I would definitely say that this is the perfect sweet ending to all dishes here that day.

The last of the new dishes served that day was their Lecheroon. This was a fusion of leche flan and macaroon though to be honest, I prefer this fusion to stay separate. It just had this weird consistency which probably is the macaroon infusion there.

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Midz S.
4.0 Stars

The Menu Group, the brains behind some of the country's best restaurants, has been making a lot of noise in the food business. The group has opened four restaurants in just less than two years, and I was very fortunate to have been invited to try one of their treasures, Sobremesa.

Sobremesa, under the watchful eyes of head chef and part-owner Chef Benjo Tuason, offers a fusion of the South American and Filipino cuisine. This February 2017, the restaurant has launched a number of new dishes to expand its menu and cater to the cravings of more customers.

|SELECTION OF CURED MEATS P495 (Chorizo Pamplona, Salchicon, Vela de Lamo, Chorizo de Bilbao)
Good spread of meats that are good for sharing, given their salty nature. I liked the chorizo croquetas, well, because I love potatoes.

A very healthy and refreshing salad, with generous amounts of shrimp, corn and pineapples in citrus dressing.

A must try! A shallow bowl filled with all the goodness of creamy, gooey cheese dip with pita chips on the side. Eat it while it's hot. I swear you'll love it! I know I did 128525

🔸Unlimited P750 - salt and pepper rub

🔹Ala Carte P600 (400-500g)
Have it your way: coffee-crusted, salt and pepper rub, or herbed rub

I loved how their steak was so juicy, tender and scrumptious even if it was well done.

Roasted chicken cooked with a bed of herbs, and served with sweet potatoes and 3 sauces on the side. I can't really remember what the sauces are, but I loved all of them as they really complemented the herby taste of the chicken.

2 thick cuts of pork chop with caramelized onions and mashed potatoes on the side. This dish had the most spices, which was very obvious just from its aroma. I liked how strong the flavors of this dish were, but it was a bit dry and tough to chew probably because of its thickness. The creamy mashed potato was good, though.

This dish is very familiar to us Filipinos, as it tastes just like our very own pares, except that it has a hint of citrus zest as a twist. The beef was nicely cooked and so tender. Its flavorful sauce also goes well with the side of garlic rice.

My favorite dessert! It may seem like it's just a cheesecake but it tasted better than that - because it's sweeter. It also has mangoes on top that made the dessert taste more heavenly.

A combination of the leche flan and the macaroon. It's a cool dessert to think about since it has contradicting textures: smoothness of the flan and the lumpiness of the coconut shavings. The concept actually works, except that the flan was a bit too soft that it was collapsing.

Since Sobremesa is Spanish for the time spent post-meal engaging in conversations with the people you had the meal with, the restaurant introduced a way to live up to the meaning of their name: the no phone challenge. The objective of the challenge is for everyone to lock up their phones and let it go untouched until the meal is over. Complete the challenge and get a free desert, easy!

I really enjoyed the time I spent here in Sobremesa. Not only did I enjoy the food, but I also enjoyed the company of my friends and even met some new ones. I realized how powerful food is that it can bring us closer to one another, make us forget about all our worries and just indulge in all its goodness. This is what I loved about Sobremesa, and this is why I am into all things food.

Sobremesa is at Sapphire Bloc, Sapphire Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City

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Reich T.
4.0 Stars

Sobremesa is one of those words that has different meanings - a depending on the language used. l'd stick with the Spanish definition as it translates to After Dinner Activities as it relates to stuff foodies do during an event.

| Take Photos
| Mingle
| Q & A
| Feedback
| Take Photos again

From a foodie perspective, Sobremesa is the activities done before, during and after the meal.

FoodSocietyPh got another invite from the generous x awesome people of The Menu Group. Sponsored feast at Sobremesa baby!

This is my first time at Sapphire Bloc. I saw a couple of familiar restaurants and took mental note of the ones that piqued my interest.

A table is set outside for all of the dishes that will be served. The spread was beautiful, colorful crockery, appetizing food and natural light!

Oh, the food is carefully crafted by Chef Benjo Tuason. They offer Filipono x South American fare.

The event highlighted new dishes in their roster and an exciting promo that will make carnivores giddy.


Shrimp Ceviche Salad. This colorful bowl is comprised of raw shrimps, lettuce, corn, tomatoes. Me and my homies loved it. I aint sure what kind of vinaigrette they used - but who cares...all that matters is that it is absolutely delish.

Queso Fundido. Cheese x deep fried pita bread. Cheese lovers unite! This dish is sinfully good. Picture this - crispy deep fried pita bread dipped in warm gooey cheese. I rest my case.

Selection of Cured Meats. This is also good. When i feel a lil European, i eat chorizo with a glass of red. Wine lovers would appreciate this.


Peruvian Roasted Chicken. My all time favorite protein cooked in jalapeno and coriander served with garlic yogurt and chimichuri. This is one of the best roasted chicken I've had in a while. The spices used to season the meat did a mighty fine job in highlighting the chicken. The meat is cooked perfectly, juicy and oozing with flavor. Word of the wise - dip 'em in the chimichuri for an excellent flavor contrast.

Cuban Pork Chop. This was just okay for me. The pork is a lil bit overcooked and not as tender for my liking. The mashed potato is awesome! They know how to make a killer mash. Put that on the record.

Australian Ribeye Steak. Unlimited rib eye sounds awesome, yes? This is the carnivore treat i was talking about. A beautiful slab of meat cooked in salt and pepper served with veggies on the side.

Bulalo Estofado. This dish gets top honors. The broth is to die for - perfect combination of sweet and salty. I taste a lil citrus and ginger. The meat is really tender! It melts in your mouth.


Mango Cheesecake

I aint a sweet tooth but i really like the mango cheesecake. The natural sweetness of the mango goes well with the richness of the cheesecake.

If a macaroon and lecheflan made sweet sweet love, their love child is Lecheroon. Oddly enough, i like the texture of the dedicated coconut incorporate in the flan. A contrast between rough x smooth.

A Sobremesa kind of Lunch is wonderful.

Peace Out!


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Jairus d.
4.0 Stars

The second event was at Sobremesa by Chef Benjo Tuason. Sobremesa is a spanish term for the moment you shared with people after lunch or dinner which involves talking or conversation. The restaurant is a fusion of South American and Filipino dishes.

It was difficult to escape the Baclaran traffic so our group came in a little late even though we alloted one hour travel time to get to the place. People were already taking pictures of the food but good thing we were just in time for the food tasting!

During the event we were able to try a couple of dishes from their starters, salads, mains and desserts.

Of all the dishes that were served, I enjoyed Queso Fundido and Bulalo Estofado the most!

Queso Fundido is like their version of nachos with cheese but instead of nachos they used fried fita. The fita being fried had a nostalgic taste of local donuts being sold every 3pm in my neighborhood in Laguna. I'm still figuring out if it was due to the oil or the flour. The cheese was a solid dip. The bulalo estofado's sauce had a sweet and salty taste with a citrus kick that I really liked. The beef was tenderly good too.

Get the mango coconut and almond cheesecake if you have a sweet tooth like me. The texture and the tangy taste was on point. There was also enough mangoes on top to fully enjoy the dessert.

The lecheron is obviously a cross breed between a leche flan and local macaroon. The dessert makes sense and it would have been a favorite too if it was not flabby.

Overall, it was a good experience.

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4.0 Stars

We were greeted by Chef Benjo when we arrived at Sobremesa restaurant late lunch. Sobremesa means "dessert" in Portuguese and/or "spent talking after meal" in Spanish. Sobremesa by Chef Benjo Tuason offers South American and Pinoy Food Fusion. The restaurant is situated in Sapphire Bloc, Ortigas Center, Pasig City. And it's under the management of The Menu Group.

I can see the whole restaurant thru its glass wall. Although it's not big but they manage to arrange the restaurant looks good and cozy which can accommodate at least 105 pax inside and outside.


127848 Selection of Cured Meats for Php495.00 (Chorizo Pamplona, Salchicon, Vela de Lomo, Chorizo de Bilbao) - 11088110881108811088 4/5
"I like the Chorizo Pamplona and Chorizo de Bilboa. It taste good, best paired with wine."

127848 Shrimp Ceviche Salad for Php250.00 - 11088110881108811088 4/5
"The salad with raw shrimps cooked in vinegar and citrus as a dressing is a good starter before digging the mains."

127848 Queso Fundido for Php320.00 - 1108811088110881108811088 5/5
"Warning: Addictive! And watch out "nakakabusog" LOL 128514 The crispy pita served with hot melted cheese dip was perfectly seasoned. Ang sarap-sarap." 🧀

127848 Australian Rib Eye Steak (Php750.00 - Unlimited/ Php600.00 - Ala carte) - 11088110881108811088 4/5
"The steak can be cooked in 3 flavors - coffee-crusted, herbed or salt and pepper rub. The one served was herbed rib eye steak and I find the steak meat was tender and it taste good and flavorful but it can be more even better if an additional sauce will be an option."

127848 Peruvian Roasted Chicken (Php380.00 - Half/ Php700.00 - Whole) - 11088110881108811088 4/5
"The chicken was marinated well. I can taste the flavor thru the roasted skin and chicken meat and served with chimichurri sauce and pesto sauce."

127848 Cuban Pork Chop for Php420.00 - 11088110881108811088 4/5
"Served with garlic mashed potato and caramelized onions. The grilled pork chop was served juicy and felicitous but I find it oily. A lesser oil will be more eatable and appetizing."

127848 Bulalo Estofado for Php490.00 - 1108811088110881108811088 5/5
"The exploding flavors of the soup will want you to add more rice in your meal. And the beef meat was cooked tender."

127848 Mango Cheesecake for Php230.00 - 1108811088110881108811088 5/5
"Wow! This dessert was a truly a sweet ending. Nakakabitin! Ang sarap!" 128523

127848 Lecheroon for Php200.00 - 110881108811088 3/5
"A fusion of Leche Flan and Macaroon. They need to work out with the texture of this dessert. Though it taste macaroon."

By the way, Sobremesa has existing promo. They have unlimited steak for Php750.00 only.

#ilovetoeatph 12851510084

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Ruth S.
4.0 Stars

SOBREMESA in Portuguese means meal-ender or desserts. While in Spanish, it means the time spent talking after eating w your family/friends. Whatever translation you want, SOBREMESA is a good place to enjoy food with the company of your family/friends. Sobremesa is a mix of Filipino x South American cuisine. Most of the dishes are inspired by Chef Ben Tuason's family recipes.

Together w mah homies 128155, we were able to sample some of the dishes they're offering (which are mostly their bestsellers). It's my first time here so I was excited and looking forward to the dishes that we'll be trying. 128513

So SOBREMESA is now offering group meals or group bundles starting from 1600php to 2800php which is good for 4 pax and 8 pax, respectively. Also, the best part they also have an on going UNLI STEAK promo for just 750php. Not bad, right? 128521128077🏼

My top 3 favorite dishes are the following:

Fresh shrimps, sweet mangoes, and crisp fresh lettuce. Salad was good and refreshing! I loved the citrusy dressing. 128154

This is not your usual nachos! Not the heavily topped w meat and all the toppings you want type but despite being "plain", this is one of the really good and sulit nachos for me. Instead of the usual chips, they used pita bread (shawarma bread) and deep fried it. It's crispy and kind of chewy at the same time. Can be eaten as is or you can dip it! The dip!! Omg, it was so good! Super cheesy and addicting!! 128155128155 PS: the chips eventually will taste like the donuts we usually buy in local bakeries or panaderias. Deep fried donuts coated with sugar. 128563 (And I'm saying this because we actually all liked it! Haha! 128541)

You don't need to be a mathematics genius to know that when you combine two good things, the outcome will be AWESOME. That's how I would describe this dish. Separately, they're good, very flavorful and tasty.. But together, they make a good combination. #RelationshipGoals! The stew was mildly sweet, kind of citrusy, and very tasty and flavorful. And the bulalo beef meat was oh so tender. Ang sarap lang talaga niya! 128525 Even better with rice!!!! Lots of rice! Haha! 127834127834127834127834127834127834127834127834127834127834127834127834127834


The chicken was okay. Good but not WOW SO GOOD. 128517 Chicken was cooked well, it was tender. Even without any sauce, it was tasty. Didn't tried it w any sauce but according to Cla, the sauces paired well w the chicken. They have 3 types - Jalapeño and Coriander, Chimichuri, and Garlic Yoghurt Sauce. I enjoyed eating the fried sweet potatoes, though! 128518

Other dishes we were able to try:

Grilled Cuban Porkchop
Australian Rib-eye Steak (UNLI STEAK PROMO!!)
Selection of Cured Meat + Chroizo Croquetas

These were all just okay. Some of us enjoyed them but since I am not a fan of dishes with even the slightest hint of cumin (or w similar spices), I wasn't able to fully enjoy the steak and the porkchop. Steak was tender, though. Porkchop was kinda overcooked. Again, I enjoyed the fried sweet potatoes and oh, the mashed potato + caramelized onions too. 128518

Also, since I enjoyed and loved Rico Rico's croquetas and tapas (chorizo), Sobremesa's chorizo and croquetas were both just okay. Not something I'll get again. 128546

For our meal-ender, desserts -- CHEESECAKE and LECHEROON.

Cheesecake was good, it was thick and creamy. Kind of sweet because of the caramel sauce but not the OA type. The Lecheroon is a combination of macaroon and leche flan. Not lechon and macaroon! Hahaha, k! 128541 Didn't tried it anymore as the texture and consistency is kind of weird (for me). 128517

Overall, it was still a good and happy lunch w mah homies. 128155 The place is kind of small and "sad" but the meals were all big (generous serving sizes) and happy. Plus service was great!! Though not everything was SUPER GOOD (for me), I still can't wait to go back for the queso fundido and salad. 128155

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Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

Thanks to the MenuGroup, I got to try one of their restaurants. Sobremesa is a spanish word to the time after lunch or dinner spent talking to the people you shared the meal with--ooh i could not find another term in filipino, but i guess we've, in a way, acquired such good habit, we're not just aware of it 128521

Chef Benjo Tuason came and explained to us about how they came up with the menu. Basically the food served in their restaurants are their favorites--some of them combined in one dish. The group was generous enough to serve us the following dishes:

128204128525 Queso Fundido @320PhP
What made me love this appetizer is how the cheese tasted even after it took us a while before consuming it. The queso fundido tasted sharp plus some spice of the red onions. We did enjoy munching on it and sure you will too. Really recommended to attack this dish once served!

128204 Shrimp and Mango Salad @280PhP
I would have loved the idea of a lighter dish that definitely contrasted with SM's tasty dishes, however the prawns were a little too over seasoned. What i liked about it is the abundance of dressing that tastes lemony. Mangoes were not so ripe. Could have been better if it were riper.

128204128525 Selection of Cured Meat @495PhP
This entry makes a high end selection in the menu, it contains two kinds of chorizos (chorizo pamplona and chorizo de bilbao), salchicon, and my favorite Vela De Lomo. All tasted salty, possible for a wine pairing. The latter i love the most because it just tasted less salty.

128204 Grilled Chorizo @395PhP
This salt and salt dish did not impress me much as the salty chorizo was in a bad synergy with the salty salsa (contained tomatoes and capers). Good thing there's the herbed baby potatoes to lessen the salty tandem.

128204128525 Cuban Pork Chop @420PhP
I love the taste of the porkchop. The chop is supported with this apple-y taste and caramelized onions. The garlic mash potato also tasted great! Eat this while hot!

128204 Peruvian Chicken @380PhP (half) @700 (whole)
Not really fond of this. Not really their forte. I think cafe enye's chicken version is better actually. However the garlic yoghurt and coriander jalapeño dip made the chicken fly and pass the test.

128204128525 Australian Ribeye Steak @600 PhP ala carte
PROMO ALERT! Started March 1, they've launched their steak all you can for only PhP750!! Choose from three rubs if ordering ala carte (salt and pepper, coffee-crusted or herbed). There's only one rub for the steak all you can, that is the salt and pepper.

128204Lecheroon @200PhP
I do think this was a great idea, it's a combination of macaroons and leche flan; excited when i heard chef talked about it. I just did not like the consistency of the flan. It was mushy. Mushier than mashed potatoes. If they could make it a little formed--with the desiccated coconut's texture--this would be considered as a wonderful creation!

Overall, for me it garnered a 3.8 score which is not bad! The place is huge and it can accommodate around 90pax. The placement of the CR is a little off for me though, like it's really near the dining area. No one could actually dare to make a number 2!! Hahaha! Parking is good, so dont worry about it, validate your ticket to free up 2hrs of your parking stay.

Oh yeah, since it's all about sobre mesa, they have a challenge to place your cellphones in this special birdcage. If you survive the meal without using your phones, ask fir a dessert!

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Anthony J.
3.0 Stars

First time for me to taste Argentinian food. It was okay but really nothing to rave about.

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Karla C.
4.0 Stars

They offer superb Peruvian Spiced Chicken and Bulalo Estofado (their best sellers and now I know why). We also got free Salted Caramel Cheesecake for completing the no phone challenge which was also good. I really enjoyed their food. Highly recommended. The service and ambiance were not bad either. Love the place. Will definitely be back.

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Kate R.
5.0 Stars

I love this place! They have a comfortable chair, the table setting is attractive and the ambiance is perfect for a laid back lunch or just have a lil munch time.

They offer Lunch specials which costs Php250.00, it comes with either coffee or tea! They have a wide selection of lunch specials!

We had the ff:
Grilled Tanigue with crispy garlic and sweet potato and green beans salsa - o diba pangalan palang ng dish bongga na! Hahaha
The grilled tanigue tasted rich plus the crispy garlic added aroma to this delightful dish. The green and beans salsa is also delicious and helps balances the taste of fish. 128523

Pork Belly - this putok batok dish is also "patok" sa barkada namin, who doesnt want belly?? It was served crispy crunchy mouth watering delicious! Hahaha

Chicken BBQ with pickled cucumber and tomato - i didnt have a chance to taste this but it seems to be good because my boss, finished it in an instant. (Maybe gutom lang sya? Haha)

The free brewed coffee is delicious and I had fun with it since it was served on a green mug haha its soooo cute!

All in all, Sobremesa is a good place to dine and perfect alternative from the fast foods within the Ortigas CBD. 🤗128522

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Inna A.
4.0 Stars

I was looking to eat at some place new in Ortigas.

I ordered their stir fried beef for 250PHP.

It was okay, the serving was good for the price. What I liked is the service and the ambiance. 🖒

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Adrian F.
3.0 Stars

Got to try Sobremesa's Bulalo Estofado, Peruvian Spice Roasted Chicken and Barako Coffee Crusted Rib Eye. Taste wise, it didn't go well. The texture of the rib eye is too grainy maybe because of the coffee. Bulalo is too ordinary and the chicken just okay. 128529

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Kiko G.
3.0 Stars

I am beyond happy that restaurants are bobbing up just a few steps from my place and one of them is Sobremesa. It was around 9:45PM when we visited the place on a weekday. Just me and my cousin inside the restaurant. Pabor samin dapat!

It was so hard to get a server's attention. I think they were already cleaning up and preparing to leave. Got one's attention and approached us with a smile. I think he knew we were a bit pissed. 128512 We ordered their Bulalo Estofado (the very reason why we chose to eat dinner here), Peruvian Spiced Roasted Chicken, Garlic Rice and Salted Caramel and Banana Cheesecake.

I don't know what to say about their Bulalo Estofado. WOW na lang. Meat was very tender and the stew was super delicious. I didn't see any fried plantains but it seemed like it was simmered with some. Hands down! This family recipe of sweet and salty braised stew is a must try.

The chicken was disappointing. I don't think that the chicken was fresh. I know they're about to close but we deserve quality food. It came with three kinds of sauce, Jalapeno and Coriander, Chimichurri and Garlic Yoghurt Sauce. These sauces brought flavors I was looking for in a Peruvian chicken. It tasted good but it's not on the same level with other peruvian chicken dishes I tried. Mesclun's is one of the best for me. Another one is from cocina peruvia.

Garlic rice na lang, parang yung kanin kahapon pa. It was very dry like it was stir-fried three times. Pangat? Pangatlong init.

We almost lost hope but their Salted Caramel and Banana Cheesecake gave us our hopesback 128514. Very soft and creamy in the middle with a cakey edge. The banana on top was like banana compote, sweet! Love the salted caramel as it brings symmetry to the flavors.

I still want to go back but during lunch. I still enjoyed the food because it's undeniably delicious especially the bulalo estofado. I also wanted to try other offerings.

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Wiljohn M.
5.0 Stars

You might be wondering why I have a photo of a cage instead of food for this review . Well its about this restaurant's promo that if you agreea to have your phones locked in a cage and not use them while eating, you get a slice of cheesecake for free. Sounds like a fun promo right? More.important than the gimmick though is the great food they serve.

The peruvian chicken was simply amazing. It has a spicy and savory flavor making it standout from other chicken recipes out there. You also get to enjoy it with a choice of three dips namely garlic, chimichuri and jalapeno.These dips enhance the flavor of the chicken more.

Another standout is the bulalo estofado. Tender beef bulalo meat with a light mildly sweet broth. If you enjoy putting sabaw on your rice this the perfect ulam for you.

The lengua was also good. It was very tender and capers were added to it in the sauce.The salty flavor capers help neutralize the usual gamey lavor of the ox tongue.

Be sure to end your meal with the delicious cheesecakes. He saltted banana caramel is the best seller but just as good is the mango coconut cheesecake.

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Carlos L.
3.0 Stars

Peruvian chicken with three dips, it's a bit expensive and you need the dip like chimichurri or mayonnaise with jalapeños to bring out the flavors, grilled blue marlin fish fillet was good. The chorizo and peas rice was tasty. The seafood tomato soup serving was small for its price. We were hungry so all the food taste good but serving size for its price should be more.

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