Socrates' Secret

Laguna Central Mall, Laguna Blvd. cor. Sta. Rosa-Tagaytay Rd., Greenfield City, Santa Rosa, Laguna

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Socrates' Secret
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Ron M.
3.0 Stars

Went to have out dinner date here, upon entry the restaurant had lots of decoration which apparently does not have a consistency, they have gypsy-ish dream catchers, a children's corner with owl as the main subject of the theme, they have books, phonograph, and board i pretty much had a hard time figuring out if it was wizard or gypsy, hipster or kiddie theme?? Haha oh btw their menu selection is sort of greek-ish

We ordered the spinach and cheese pizza, moussaka pasta bake, and and chicken wings, the pizza tasted good and its good for two people which i find it rare since the smallest size of pizza are usually 8"-10" with about 6-8 slices, well their pizza is made out of pita bread thus having a small diameter, their moussaka was also good though im missing the eggplant when in fact it's supposed to be an eggplant lasagna, lastly the chicken wings is just the typical fried chicken with powder flavoring sided with potato fries, a bit oily though, overall it was okay

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Triggerhappyfoodie C.
3.0 Stars

After window shopping in nearby Paseo de Santa Rosa, we crossed the street for some serious grub. The place looked promising and the interiors, decorations and small details were instagram worthy.

On the table
Falafel - i could eat that sauce as is
Beef Gyro - heavy and messy to eat but yummy
Pan Fried Fillet of Dory - ok but not exciting
Beef Kebab
Chicken Kebab
Moussaka - love love loved this cheesy baked goodness
Pomelo, Grapefruit and Tarragon - interesting taste
Ratatouille - too earthy
Rice Pilaf

We visited the place over a month ago and i now realize that i wasn't able to take notes. Haha

This restaurant is very kid friendly. They have a Kiddie Imagination Corner with books, toys, art materials and even a dream catcher. Some of the artworks are displayed on the wall. While your kids are preoccupied here, you can roam around the place and marvel at the little trinkets and accents while waiting for your food.

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Joyce C.
4.0 Stars

We wanted to go to an adventure (hike + falls) today but the weather was too gloomy when we woke up. Still determined to push through, we decided to travel from qc to laguna because it wasn't raining yet. I was hopeful that the weather will turn up and also, I was thinking that maybe the weather was not too bad in the south.

But it wasn't.

Halfway through our travel, the skies grew darker and the rain started to fall. We had no choice but to turn the car around. We decided not to let the day go to waste and just go to enchanted kingdom. I'm always game for amusement parks anyway so it was okay. But as luck would have it, they were closed and will open on thursday pa. HUHU i was about to give up and go home but decided to check out nuvali and the whole sta rosa place instead.

We were famished from our "roadtrip" that we decided to stop in this new place that looks like a mall. And then we saw this resto and it looks really quaint so we decided to eat here instead.

The place looks really cozy. I cant think of a better word to describe it but "quaint" hehe They even have a little corner for the kids to play in. The restaurant is also pet friendly (not too mention instagram friendly haha)

We ordered hummus for starters and for the mains, spicy meatball pasta and pan fried dory. It was my first time to taste hummus and i find it okay. Not something i would crave i think. ( especially since i found out that it was chicken peas HAHA). The pasta was good although on the dry side. I would've love more sauce but thats just me. I'm a sauce person 128513128513 the meatballs taste really good and savory and goes well with the pasta. I tried the dory and it was surprisingly good. I thought it would just taste like another fish dish but the pesto really goes well with the fish and the ratatouille that comes with it really compliments the fish as well. The serving size was quite okay. My friend was kinda bitin with the fish but maybe because i ate some haha

All in all, im glad that i got to try this place. After our meal, i even saw a rainbow outside and it made my day so much better. Can't wait to try more dishes! :)

-good food
-wifi (OwlofAthena)
-cute ambiance

-a little pricey

PS: an old foreigner guy walked up to me while i was taking this photo and asked "is it worth it? To take the shot of your meal?" And i was like 128563128563128563 "yeah?" And he asked what we ordered and upon seeing our plates, slowly walked away. Upon asking the waiter, we found out that the guy was the owner's dad. HAHA

PPS: the waiter lit a candle when he saw i was taking this photo and placed it on our table. Haha cute lang.

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Sudhiira L.
3.0 Stars

Cool place in a new mall along sta rosa.
Tried the hummus and moussaka. It was just ok. Prices are very affordable. Hope they have greek music instead to have that vibe.

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Ludette M.
5.0 Stars

Heathy food for calorie concious yogi and zumba moms. I have tried most of their food, i love all of it. The latest fave of mine is the Mousakka.

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Zarah L.
5.0 Stars

Such a kid friendly place.. :)

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Maria D.
5.0 Stars

And came back, we did. The name lures you to discover more of this place with the solid turquoise walls. Those wise looking owls you see around complement the name.

The place seems to be the very first Mediterranean resto in the area. It does not fail to satisfy cravings for those Mediterranean staples like the moussaka, gyros and lamb chops. And, in both visits, we always ordered for extra pita for the dip samplers! Never mind if they serve a complimentary bowl of m&ms, nuts and raisins 128523

For me, what is extra great are their drinks and dessert which we've never seen nor tried anywhere else before! This time I had the cucumber shake mixed with pineapple and banana. And for dessert, we had their version of chocolate munchkins (read: doughnut holes), and, today's un-earthed secret, the baked apple! I fell in love! 128525 128149127822

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Maria D.
5.0 Stars

Eve's Temptation on the photo... My wonderful find for the day! It's Apple shake gloriously mixed with cinnamon.

It sounds like a very basic combination. I'm sure someone has done it before. But such a wonderful discovery for me!

So, Socrates, will be eagerly coming back for more of your secrets....

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