Soil Restaurant

Molito Complex, Madrigal Ave. cor. Alabang-Zapote Rd., Alabang, Muntinlupa, Metro Manila

Soil Restaurant
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Ricky d.
4.0 Stars

Estrella beer buy two one free ( bottled Spanish)
With free pulutan .
Much nicer than expensive local artesan beers next door

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Yina M.
3.0 Stars

This was a very long overdue plan to eat here and finally it happened on a weekday pa!

The restaurant opens at 12:00 p.m. but since my appointment was done early, I was there at 11:40. They let us in. It's not a very big space but the lighting is nice especially upstairs. Don't go if you get a lot of migraines and if it's very sunny out. There is a loft that can seat more people but we just took a peek and it didn't look very big. Since it is a loft, we don't suggest ladies wearing skirts sit there.
Upon entry, you'll notice a bar that can seat more and an open kitchen on the left. All the chefs seem to be busy with prepping. To the right is a mural.

For starters, Kunie G and I got the scallops, because I can't resist scallops. They are called the Pan seared Scallops with Mushroom, Kale and Tatsoi P400. I don't really know what tatsoi is but I thought it would be triangular in shape, because you know Tatsoi-lok. Last ko na yan! 128540
The scallops were huge and all the veggies gave it that flavor. We split it amongst ourselves.

For mains, you get to choose from items you can find in the SEA and the FIELD. I went with the SEA and chose the Tiger Prawns clouds with Prawn Bisque, Cereals and Coconut Cream P560
The rice here is heavenly because it has flavor too. I think it could be soaked in the prawn's oil --my gahd right? I could have another serving of this. Even their menu has a disclaimer beside the Rice in their extras "because we are in the Philippines" Yes, I am a rice eater and a big one at that. The bisque is separated from the dish and they can pour it for you. We had them only pour half. The prawn was really a meaty Tiger prawn, it was cooked well and tender enough, not soggy and not also rubbery.

Kunie went and ordered the Pan seared duck with fresh lasagna, foie gras, mango and pineapples. P550. We all had a taste of each of our orders and this was quite interesting. The duck was meaty but you needed the foie gras to amp up the flavor. I liked it better with the foie gras as I tasted it also without it.

I'm so happy my order came with rice!!! For me, I felt that the lasagna didn't play much of a role in the dish but that's maybe due to my simple palate.

My cousin and her girlfriend chose the Confit chicken with Coconut Urchin Rice, roasted veggies, watermelon gazpacho mushroom and onions. P450. Whew! Quite a mouthful to say.
They're not very adventurous these two and they had something to eat prior to this early lunch, so they opted for the chicken. The rice was also flavored BUT I wasn't able to taste their dish na. I was getting full already.

Soil also offers dessert. It's different and not very sweet. This group is well equipped with sweet teeth, so we didn't find the desserts very indulgent.
They gave us a scoop of complimentary basil ice cream. Was it Basil? I forgot na. This is actually interesting. You also pour something over it, but am not sure if it was to sweeten the ice cream of heighten the flavor.

Our official dessert orders were:
- Lava Cake with Mint Sorbet, Aerated Chocolate and choco chip crumble - this dessert is yummy especially if you like mint with your chocolate. Personally, I don't BUT it was something tolerable. Besides, if you don't like it, you can just choose not to eat the sorbet.

- Sweet potato munchkin with bacon ice cream, orange was our other choice because for dessert, you can't have too many - and again - a group of sweet tooth/teeth right here! It was a toss up between this and the Granola Parfait. This had a yummier ingredient --bacon! Plus it had sweet potato, that's healthy. It came on a slab and when the ice cream started melting, we knew it was going to be messy. That munchkin wasn't to my liking at all. So I tried to drown it with the bacon ice cream. Hmmm, I took another spoon of the ice cream alone. Hmmm, not very bacony. Sadlly, we didn't like this dessert.

Overall, their plating is exquisite and the food good. It's not cheap here and since it was a Friday lunch, we noticed that the crowd was also older. The ingredients and the recipe sounds complex. If you're looking for some sophistication in your food, this is an excellent place to go. I would recommend this to my tita and her amigas but maybe not for my mom and the rest of my family. Sure I'd come back but maybe if someone were going to treat me.

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Paolo S.
5.0 Stars

I'm at a loss for words, so just let me get this out of the way...... BEST. TRUFFLE. FRIES. EVER. That item on the menu, on the lower left, so small it could be missed. Yeah, the one thats says 'Truffle Fries' for P100 under the 'Others' section. Yes! That one! That is freaking delicious. You can taste the truffle in every bite, and the salt and parmesan notes just complement everything so evenly. It was so good we ordered twice!!! The serving is quite small, well its more of a side, but for something this good and for a hundred bucks you cannot go wrong.

Whew... okay now thats out of the way, i really, really enjoyed this place! Its novel farm-to-table concept coupled with the industrial chic ambience and the very creatively thought out dishes really stood out for me. So glad that my family wanted to try something new that evening, and this was it.

We started off with the complimentary bread and bacon cream cheese spread. Get a slice, spread some of that bacon-tasting love, a pinch of salt, and BAM! Next came their creative and delicious take on calamares: crispy baby squid with chorizo ketchup, coriander, and lime. Chorizo ketchup? Yes! Double BAM!

Our mains were the tea smoked salmon with potato gnocchi, black and white squid paella, roasted pork belly with tinapa mash, and the pan seared duck with fresh lasagna, foie gras, mango, and pineapples. The plating of each dish was gorgeous and i loved how each dish had its own certain character that distinguished it from the rest. From the descriptions alone, you could tell how the chefs went crazy with their creative liberties to good effect. A feast for the eyes and the palate.

We ended our meal with 3 desserts: the complimentary balsamic vinegar ice cream with honey dew syrup, textures of chocolate & coffee, and the bacon cheesecake with lime basil granita. As advised, these desserts were best shared and the pretty plating best disregarded. Take a bit of each ingredient in your spoon and just savor each messy spoonful in your mouth. The balsamic vinegar ice cream was... different... but after the 2nd spoonful i easily warmed up to the taste. Textures of chocolate & coffee was like a frozen chocolate pudding sitting on ground coffee beans and garnished with oranges and what i thought was some sort of cream puff. The bacon cheesecake took the bacon for me, literally. Don't expect a 'cheesecake' cheesecake. It was a long strip of candied bacon sitting on what appeared to be some sweet and thick cream cheese, strawberry preserves, candied nut brittle, and accompanied by a lime granita. I had no idea what a granita is but it did resemble some sort of citrusy sorbet thay balanced out the stronger flavors of the other ingredients.

Overall, the food, ambience, and friendly service was more than decent, and with those darn truffle fries... i cannot give this place any less than 5 stars! 128514

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Bel S.
4.0 Stars

Nice new place with a farm-to-table concept. Eclectic themes, from the decor (picture industrial lighting, fixtures and rustic tables) to the menu itself, which incorporates local ingredients with a twist like dalandan gel, sea urchin pasta, and malunggay bread. The several exotic sounding concoctions makes you want to just try everything, which is a great reason to come back!

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Mary Love S.
4.0 Stars

The words “soft opening” attracts me like a fly to light and the thought of being one of thefirst ones to sample a new restaurant’s offerings delights me… a lot. And just like any typical night, I browsed through the looloo app and a review caught my attention. Soil Modern Dining, a new player in Molito is on its soft opening. It was just perfect as I was going to visit my aunt who lives in Alabang that weekend and R was game to head there for early dinner. Yay!

Hello, Soil Modern Dining.

We were greeted by nice modern, industrial interiors and I was instantly charmed by its simple yet beautiful table setting.

Since we got there a tad too early (Soil resume operations at 6PM for dinner service), we decided to just wait outside and enjoy the cool breeze. We headed back after 20 minutes and took the bar seats, right across the open kitchen.

We ordered Bone Marrow Escargot Spread with Lemon Brioche and Onions (PHP180) for appetizer, Tea Smoked Salmon with Potato Gnocchi, Atchara and Orange (PHP335) and Pan Seared Duck with Fresh Pasta, Foie Gras and Mangoes (PHP400) for mains and Basil Lemonade with Blueberries (PHP80) and Warm Tarragon Tea with Star Anise Syrup (PHP80) for drinks.

While waiting for our meals, we were given complementary malunggay bread with seaweed butter. It was served warm and it sure hit the spot. I loved the softness of the bread and the lovely crunch of the crust. I also fell in love with the subtle salty taste of the butter. It was great!

I was still savoring the delightful bread and spread when our appetizer arrived.

I loved the wooden serving plate where the bone marrow was placed. It added a bit of warmth (aesthetically) to the food.

I scrapped a bit of bone marrow, sprinkled a bit of salt and spread it on a piece of bread and it tasted… oily. The taste of the bone marrow escargot was very weak and it was overpowered by the buttered bread. I then realized that this dish is best to be enjoyed without the bread or have a bite of it after getting a taste of the bone marrow escargot. Without the bread, it was actually a tasty dish. It was still oily but it had a nice light taste perfect for an appetizer.

My Tea Smoked Salmon was served next and it was a lovely sight.

The salmon was cooked just right. It wasn’t overly cooked hence leaving the rather small slab of salmon very fresh and moist. It was like enjoying salmon aburi! I also enjoyed the potato gnocchi which was so soft and slightly seasoned to give more flavor to the dish.

The unique atchara (made with some wild greens instead of shredded papaya relish) gave a nice sweet taste and the salted egg cream added a bit of saltiness. It was a great balance of flavors and definitely a must order dish.

While munching on the last pieces of salmon, I saw R’s dish being plated and I was surprised with the very thick fresh pasta they twirled around the plate.

Served hot, the dish had a very inviting aroma. I first took a bite of the duck confit and it was very sweet and overwhelming for my palate. I instantly took a huge chunk of the very firm pasta with foie gras purée to offset the taste. Yes, it’s purée. Kind of makes a foie gras lover sad right? It’s not even thick enough to be considered pâté. At least it did balance the sweet taste of the topping.

The pan seared duck was slightly tough and a bit bland. I’m not sure if it’s intentional and the reason why the duck confit having a very strong flavor but I wished it was seasoned a bit more and softer. I loved the texture of the mushrooms though. But I will not order this one again.

For our drinks, mine had a strong basil taste and a sharp tart from the blueberries.

I didn’t get to taste R’s warm tea but he said that it was good and soothing.

Overall, it was a good meal. I will definitely be back for more salmon.

Pro Tip(s): Do not visit the place with an empty stomach as serving size is not that big. Also, get the bar seats so that you get to see the action.


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Cezar R.
5.0 Stars

New restaurant alert! I was actually walking past Yushoken and on my way to Hermano's to grab a burrito. Then, I noticed this trendy looking place called Soil. The beauty of the place attracted me enough to try it out. I grabbed a seat by the bar and was greeted by the friendly chefs and servers.

Pro tip: opt for the bar seats. You won't regret it! This is where you can see first hand the passion of the chefs in preparing your Instagram-worthy dish. Check my picture as proof. It's also a nice opportunity to chat with the chefs and ask how they make their dishes, if you're curious like me

I ordered the Tea Smoked Salmon with potato gnocchi. The salmon skin had the right amount of crispiness to it that compliments the soft fillet of pink meat. Surrounding the fish was a nice spread of potato gnocchi, vegetables and apple puree. I got carried away mixing and matching these sides with the salmon meat. Hats off to the chef that did a great job in the plating.

For the drinks, don't miss out on the Estrella Damm Inedit beer. My god. This is so good! Pairs well with the food that we ordered. Think beer that is as smooth as a glass of white wine.

All in all, I had a great time in Soil. I came in for the trendy looking place. I stayed for the beer and the good food. I will definitely come back because of the good experience that the staff has provided.

It was a Friday night well spent in the South.

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Rizza K.
5.0 Stars

Long time no review!

Just learned that our high school classmate, Lezo Pimentel had just opened his restaurant in Molito. And since we were looking for a place we could celebrate a little achievement, it was the perfect timing to try Soil!

Here's what we have tried:

☑️ Balsamic Chicken with fried mantou, ginger and egg - P200

-- I fell in love with the fried mantou! Hoping they would add more of these. 128539

Main dish:
☑️ Tea Smoked Salmon Potato Gnocchi - P335

-- Flavorful dish! The skin of the salmon was crispy and the flesh remained soft and juicy. Though the serving could have been bigger. 128540

☑️ Roasted Pork Belly with Tinapa Mash, Pork Crackling- P310

--Hands down to this one! Pork belly was so soft that the fat melts in your mouth. And that tinapa mash is very light and compliments the p.belly. More power to the tinapa mash!

☑️ To be honest I forgot what it was called but it was an ice cream made of balsamic (vinaigrette??? 128513) with honey-lemon kind of syrup.

--Surprisingly that ice cream was the best thing I have ever eaten for a dessert. It was sooooo smooth! Bagay lahat ng ingredients.

Definitely we will be back!

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