Soiree Salon and Spa

138 Katipunan Ave., St. Ignatius, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Soiree Salon and Spa
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Most Recent Reviews

Faye M.
3.0 Stars

I thought it was OK.

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Melissa M.
1.0 Stars

So i bought a voucher in ensogo color with cut and mani pedi.. Booked it like 5 days ahead when i arrived they told me they can only do my color and cut since there is no one who can do the mani pedi for me. I first loved my color and cut but a month has passed and now the color faded away.. And oh btw the gay guy who was doing my color was such in a hurry and didnt really paid attention to what he was doing. Waste of my money.

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April H.
4.0 Stars

Bakit lahat kaming nagreview bumili ng voucher? Haha!

If you've noticed my reviews, I'm a sucker for vouchers! I bought a voucher for hair color with mani/pedi for p1000... Not too bad!128516

I made a reservation bright and early, no problem reserving just 2 days in advance... The place wasn't hard to find, just in front of Pan de Amerikana along Katipunan Extension... Parking was not a hassle either... So I just sauntered in where everybody was quite friendly... I proceeded to the second floor for my coloring session... I just chose a reddish hue... The mani/pedi was done while my hair was being colored. Shampoo, color, hair treatment-- and it all took about 1 1/2 hours... Fast service and friendly peeps. Clean place, comfy chairs... But no wifi!

Maybe I came pretty early when business was slow so service was efficient? Anyway, I had a pretty good experience overall!128516

Btw, my pic isn't from the salon, I just wanted to show my hair color!128523

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Olive Y.
1.0 Stars

I hated it.

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Risha T.
1.0 Stars

I availed a full hair color + haircut voucher from Ensogo at Soiree salon along Katipunan Avenue. I wanted a different color for the upcoming holidays and the salon was just a few buildings away from my house.

The voucher was cheap at just 899 (usual price 2,100) for the package and using Schwarzkopf coloring. I bought it because it seemed like a good deal. Soiree was an okay salon. Had my hair cut there before. Decent enough.

I already tried getting a reservation a couple months ago but they were booked for the weekend. They said I should reserve two weeks before. So next time what I did was make an appointment 3 weeks in advance. Sunday 3pm. I even asked them how long it would take. An hour and a half to two hours. Okay.

But despite the appointment I made they had me wait for 50 minutes without any explanations or apologies. They seemed to have overbooked. There were around 6 other girls in their small space. The staff were jumping from one chair to another. And they were working on more clients than the chairs they could accommodate (Someone temporarily sat on my chair while my hair was being rinsed. So I guess she was having a worse experience than me.)

And since we were running late I rushed choosing the color I wanted. And it didn't help that they only had one book of the swatches so there were a couple of us choosing colors at the same time.

After my hair was rinsed and dried they actually asked me if I was going to have my hair cut! That was part of the package and shouldn't be optional. As it was already 6pm then I was actually deliberating not having my hair cut anymore. They've taken up too much of my time already. But I just went ahead with it. I paid for it already. And I had already had no plans of leaving a tip so might as well get all that I could already.

I finished at 6:30pm. Good thing I didn't schedule anything right after my appointment.

I kept quiet during those 3 and a half hours. I didn't want to cause a scene and I felt it won't really help. I wanted to see how their service would naturally be.

So I just paid a fraction of the actual price because of the voucher. That shouldn't have made a difference to their service. Merchants should be logistically prepared when they offer promos that would drive up the volume of their clientele.

It would be the last time they'll see me there. Somehow I hope others would see this before considering going to this salon.

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Chrys L.
5.0 Stars

I've read good reviews about the salon, that's why i gave it a try! The place is a bit hidden, though you won't miss it along katipunan, nearing white plains; right beside bpi bank.

Ambience: 4 out of 5
The interior looks and feels cozy. The color combination of the salon is pleasing to the eyes; very well compliments the furniture inside. They have more than enough chairs available for guests to sit on, while waiting;) though there are quite a number of guests when we arrived, so it felt a little packed.

Service: so far i'd give them a 5 out of 5 for their warm welcome and smiling faces.
We were properly greeted upon arriving; asked what services we are having and ushered to the 2nd floor where most of the services were being made. Everyone was corteous enough to ask what services we are in for and asked us to wait for our turn.

So far, the chocolate mint spa express, foot scrub and foot spa i had was good enough. It was relatively fast, but surprisingly no traces of dead and rough skin on my feet. Add up the aroma of the choco-mint spa cream and scrub they applied, it smelled too good for me to want to take a bite!

I have yet to give feedback on how well their footspa, menicure, pedicure, hair cut, hair color and hair treatment are made.

I heard they have a very good hair-stylist! Let's see!;)

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Olive Y.
3.0 Stars

Just in case someone would be looloo-ing about this salon, here you go 128512

So I purchased a voucher from Ensogo for a 3-session Keratin Treatment for my hair. I was excited since it was my first time to purchase something like this online. A month has lapsed and it's just now that I get to avail of this treatment. I don't know how it's suppose to be, but I was doubtful about how they did it.

My hair was first shampooed, as usual. Then they put something on it, which I guess was the treatment. After coating my hair with the Keratin Treatment, the girl massaged it all over like she was shampooing me, then she covered my hair with a cap. She left it like that for 30mins and afterwards, she told me she'd have to rinse my hair by then. They blow dried my hair, of course it was soft and straight cause it was blow dried. But I wasn't sure of the effects of the treatment. I mean, just like that and it's done.

I kind of expected some ironing and even placing my hair under a big round machine, whatever they call it. But oh snap, it was done in less than an hour. I can't complain, and I won't, and I don't have to because I don't know how it's suppose to go. Besides, it was just a voucher.

Nonetheless, it's been 4 hours and I'm still sniffing my hair. It really smells so so so good like I want it to smell this way forever. I'll notice about the treatment's effect probably by tomorrow.

As for the place, it's small but it's fine. Staff weren't talking at all, it was so quite, which is very unusual for a salon. Also, they have wifi and it's fast.

These are all the info I can supply, I hope this review is fair enough for someone inquiring about this Salon. It's beside BPI, across Pan De Manila along Katipunan Ave. Extension. They have other services like mani, pedi, threading and all that. So, yea. 128522

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