Solaire Grand Ballroom

Solaire Resort and Casino, Aseana Ave., Entertainment City, Parañaque, Metro Manila

Solaire Grand Ballroom
4.5 Stars

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Star V.
4.0 Stars

Everything is elegant and classy.. I love the appetisers, pasta & dessert but nothing special about the main coarse..

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Ellaine D.
5.0 Stars

Food was excellent! Liked the ambiance of the grand ballroom.

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Zia M.
5.0 Stars

Last October 11, we held an event in Solaire grand Ballroom for Athena's 18th birthday. It was so extravagant that they need to put high security for the guests. 128526

I was starstruck by the elegance of the Grand ballroom; would fit 500+ people inside, and could accommodate like 3-4 small stages for an event. Classy and nice carpeted floor, plus there's always someone who is sweeping and attending each area, and the banquet servers and staff are good looking as well! 128521

The food was great! I personally loved the Strawberry cheesecake, I think they have a name for it, but I totally forgot because upon tasting that dessert, I must have had forgotten even my name!

It was one hell of a debut! 128163127881

I highly recommend this ballroom for formal occasions, and even for MICE.

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Minami A.
5.0 Stars

It was my friend's dad's birthday and it was real grand. The theme of the party was of Vegas' casino and the guests is strictly advised to wear long evening gown (for girls) and suit & tie (for boys)
The guests were welcomed with cocktail drinks before proceeding with the buffet. The buffet table was exquisite, they have different pasta, steaks, fish, salad bar, raw foods, and desserts. I super love everything as I really tried all of the foods at the buffet table (with the help of the bf of course) 128540
The party was incredible, Betong and Mae B. was the host of the night and Freestyle was even there to perform. 128077128522
Truly an epic night for everyone. 10084

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Darl P.
5.0 Stars

I love all their sweets.. Their all delicious and yummy..

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April H.
4.0 Stars

Singit lang! My dad was given complementary Village People concert tickets held at Solaire Grand Ballroom... I didn't even know that you can hold concerts here! Well, since it's a free ticket, why say no right?128540

The place was very big and could accommodate a lot of people... Honestly the chandelier was kind of distracting, but very grand (kaya yun ang nilagay dun, hello!)... It was a great venue, perfect for talks but not so great for concerts IMO... The concert itself was fun and I loved people watching, but it wasn't really my scene... But you gotta love YMCA!128077

Btw, thank you so much to the looloo crew for all the goodies! I love my new shirt, hoodie and umbrella! Thank u so much for appreciating and I hope we can meet each other soon!128077128077128077128079128079128079

EJ D Erick B Peanut D Jacy L Roegan T Pam L Nesty A thank u so much!128516128516128516

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Neil R.
4.0 Stars

Playing host to Rob Schneider, Solaire Resort & Casino allotted the Grand Ballroom for his first stand-up performance in Manila late last year.

The complimentary tickets my brother-in-law gave me were blue chip -- our seats were dead center, with only the front row separating us and Rob. Although, I must admit, that kind of proximity would have been beneficial had the performer been Whitney Cummings, Sarah Silverman or Chelsea Handler.

Rob's material was generally funny and entertaining. Although I honestly expected more from him.

My complaint was that he catered to the perceived Filipino humor -- relying too much on boorish toilet jokes.

Hollers of "You can do it!" from the crowd were expected and correspondingly aplenty. And speaking of expectations, jokes at the expense of Adam Sandler were not surprising as well.

Some alcohol would have probably helped loosen me up a bit. Sadly, the barangay elections were held on the very same day. So the so-called farcical "liquor ban" was still in effect.

Solaire made for an excellent venue. Their massive free parking complex is a boon for the stingy and/or chauffeur-less patron.

The hallway outside the ballroom was sizeable enough to accommodate the ticket holders waiting to be seated or wanting to stretch their legs during the intermission.

One downside to this place is the, as far as I know, sole route to the parking building. As people make a beeline towards the elevators (especially for an event that allows the crowd to leave at the same time), long and slow-moving queues are usually formed.

I give the show and the venue a combined four stars.

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4.0 Stars

Solaire Grand Ballroom is the new concert and show venue in the metro. The huge function area tcan accommodate more than 1,000 pax. And by the way its all carpeted.

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