Solaire Sky Tower

Solaire Resort and Casino, Aseana Ave., Entertainment City, Parañaque, Metro Manila

Solaire Sky Tower
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Elise C.
4.0 Stars

Better than the first solaire hotel rooms! Fancier even the entrance. Their chocolates are such a treat. Toiletries provided are from L'Occitane! This time though, our room smelled like smoke. Nevertheless, still great!

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Allana J.
5.0 Stars

My first time in the Sky Tower! Feeling a bit VIP when we checked in here. The entrance for sky tower is way fancier than the one of Solaire's. Not to mention the carpeted hallway and forest like cafes in the ground floor. Also, sky tower has easier access to the pool! So if you have the extra cash, check in here instead. Haha!

Every time we go to hotels, my favorite part is always the bath room. I love pampering myself and giving myself a bubble bath. They provide bath salt and shower gels by Loccitane. I don't get why my boyfriend and Charles do not like the smell of Loccitane's shower gel because to me, it was perfect. It was relaxing!

The cafe in the ground floor is Oasis. You can see in the photo that it has a forest theme. Someone plays the grand piano and that alone gives a classical feel in the place. I really loved studying here. Their coffee is strong as well. I was studying for an exam that night so I ordered their cappuccino and I was not able to sleep till like 4am.

The pool is also fancy. They give life jackets to kiddos and they have a life guard. They do not allow kids to swim if they have no companion in the pool so I had to swim with Charles and Thea. This is where I got my tan line and I have no regrets. They also have cute floaters that looked like sea creatures but we were not able to get a hold of one because all of the kids were already there. Thea is a really shy girl, she would never join them. So was I. Haha!

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Clarisse D.
5.0 Stars

It's Solaire's anniversary and it's my exam week. My niece's dad called my mom that we'll be staying at solaire for a night.
I was like "woah???? Exam ko kaya??? Kayo na lang." But after a few hours of thinking, I guess I can actually manage my time and free some stress if I see a majestic view of the bay... So we went. With all these papers, calculator, formula cards, and a lot of reviewers. Focus muna. Aral muna... That's what I said to myself. But the bay is too beautiful to ignore. We just had to shut ourselves down in the bed because it was too comfy.
After lying down for few minutes, I observed the place and the first thing in my mind was "HOW WILL I BE A BLE TO REVIEW FOR MY EXAM IF THIS ROOM IS TOO COMFY FOR ME TO BE STRESSED?"

As soon as I walked from the door, on my left is a rest room with a sink, and a toilet. No shower?!?! So I was in panic. Ma? Pano ako maliligo?! De-timba na ba rito? So my mom laughed and ignored me. Then, a bar-like dining is next. Small fridge hidden under the counter top. Some utensils. I've always loved this interior design idea.

The living "room" area is the thing that would welcome all the guests. It's the type of "living room showcase" you've always wanted to win in tv contests. A set of couch close to the softness of clouds, a fragile center table, some artsy stuff, a wide screen television, ashtray, and cute little matches.

The bedroom... Ahhhh, the bedroom! A king size bed. Oh God, how would I stay overnight reviewing if I this bed is telling me, "honey, the bed is ready." I'm crying. The bed also has a great placing, because the morning light will hit you to wake you up if you're already late... Another proof that this bed is too good to be true.

Closets. As usual. And some vaults.

Then the bathroom is just... There. I mean, why? There are no doors or anything. Two steps from the bedroom, you'll see the shower room walled with glass. Like, HOW WOULD I EVEN GET TO SHOWER CONFIDENTLY WITH THIS? I swear to all the soaps in this bathroom, it feels like somebody's watching you from somewhere you don't know. There are two sinks made of graphite so I guess there should be more carefulness to bring because I'm a clumsy kid. Yes.

The first thing that came to my mind when I saw the bath tub was "ooh la la". I mean, I already have a picture in my mind what kind of photo I'll be taking here.

We decided to take a night dip. Because the pool is pulling us. So we went down at around 7PM, and the staff told us we only have twenty minutes to swim because they will be closing the pool area for an event. Ugh, I should have just opened my notes. The last time we checked in at solaire, the pool will not be open to the guests because of a private event... And now, this. Well, twenty minutes is better than nothing.

But I enjoyed the pool. Seriously. Unlike in any other pools we've tried like the one in Antel Hotel, or in Nobu, in the condo, the water is too cold. This pool in solaire has the right temperature to enjoy your night dip. Ahhh, I'm freeing some stress. 128524128524

So the twenty minutes went like two minutes. The staff were very accommodating, we were like kids that all of the things we need are already being brought to us.

Dressing up, my mom said we have pyromusical show wristbands so we are invited... Okay, mom??? Dami kong time??? OO ANG DAMI KONG TIME. It was the event why the pool was closed earlier than usual.
The pyromusical show is oddly satisfying. It's actually the first time I saw such where I can clearly hear the music and the fireworks is just meters away from me so the BANG BANG BANG of each is also destroying my eardrums.

Going back to the room after our dinner (which didn't come out really well), I decided to start answeriny problem sets.
The cakes, Oh holy cakes, partnered with their coffee... Salamat. The cakes that were bought from the food court are really delicious. I always knew I'll finish a grid. Hahaha takaw.

So i was calculating all these airspeeds and maximum strengths when I noticed it's already 3AM. I looked outside and I saw the bay area with nothing but spots of lights. No evidence of horizons. I get this creepy feeling whenever I knew it's somewhere between 3:00-3:30 AM and I'm still awake. So I left my works on the table, and tried to get on the bed. I told myself "yes, one hour."

Then I woke up 6AM. GREAT. VERY. VERY. GREAT. I'm not done reviewing so I hurried to my notes. But mom already prepared the breakfast. I was on a hurry. Until I realize my exam is at 10. So, I slowed down.
Watching the bay slowly turn from dim to actual beauty makes me don't want to leave the place.

I took the shower while they swim *engineering student probs* because I don't want to get so caught in the pool that I would forget all the problems concepts I studied. So no. Shower only.

When my mom came, I took all the risk and ask her, "Ma, picture." Then I sit on the tub like an emo kid from a The 1975 music video. I'm loving it.

So overall, the stay is quite great even though I'm hassled by my school work. The pool was an effective stress reliever. The staff were all great, they greet every guest, and ask if we need something. Ugh, this environment is the best.

Lastly, I asked my niece's dad why did we stay at solaire if we can spend his birthday at some other place... He said 1) it's his birthday 2) it's solaire's anniversary, so... 3) he got a free room.
Oh, the perks of being a casino person, you get a free room from awesome hotel, with awesome hotel service.

PS: alam niyo ba napsycho kami ng prof namin. We studied calculations, tapos theoretical ung exam. Hays, sayang naman. #50KSummerGiveaway

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Dominique Martel S.
5.0 Stars

still the best accommodation for me..

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Martin A.
4.0 Stars

I would always love high places like this! But when you're going down. See the nice view of the poolside.

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Ivy T.
5.0 Stars

Beautiful, spacious and well-appointed rooms.

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Nica O.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Thea E.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Dominique Martel S.
5.0 Stars

the most luxurious way to escape the busy street of Manila.. with a fantastic view of Manila Bay..

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