Solea Mactan Cebu Resort

Wahing St., Alegria, Cordova, Cebu

Solea Mactan Cebu Resort
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Clarisse D.
4.0 Stars

The elders of the family were given the chance to fly to cebu... With me. Yes, to be their photographer. 🙃

Days from our departure, our sponsor said he'll book us a room at Best Western Sand Bar in Cordova. But changes were made because of fully booked rooms. I thought it was a big "sayang" because the photos he showed me are kinda great for a vacation. We stayed at Solea, konting kembot away from Best Western.

We were told that even if we checked in at Solea, we can still use some facilities of Best Western.

I never had a good research about Solea, there were no reviews about this place, so I thought it was a bad one.

Arriving, 30-minutes away from Mactan Airport, we were welcomed by a construction site. Like, really? Unfinished hotel? And they start to accept reservations for this?

Few steps is the reception area, the lobby, the poolside. It was a good idea to put it together. The rattan-like made artsy couches and seats will make you forget about the construction going on. It's a great view for people waiting for hotel admission.

The olympic sized infinity pool also gave me an awe. It's not really olympic sized from length to width to height... Just the length.

Checking in room 350 and 352, the room with the view of the pool to the beachside. It's not very much as good as the 1108811088110881108811088️ hotels.
It's a studio type room, with two queen-size beds, a bathroom with shower and toilet(mind you, this is better than the antel's bathroom in makati, the design kinda resembles the bathroom in nobu hotel), closet, vault, a refrigerator without freezer, hair dryer, alarm clock, one chair, a study table, lcd tv, kettle, two cups, coffee essentials, telephone, paper and pencil, socketsssss (thank u for this), and of course, a nicely functioning AC.

The thumbs downs in the room:
// Only one key card per room

// no doorbells

// the power source of the room only reads the keycard that was given. So hindi pwedeng iwan na bukas ang power sa loob when you'll go out. I understand the conservation, but just like what happened to us... I woke up early when I noticed na uminit sa room(nag ungot bigla ung baby na kasama namin) and finally knew power is out because my grandma came after few minutes for she went out to buy breakfast

// low battery / low performance of the door sensor. We cannot open the door easily via keycard. It would make a sound but won't emit a light. We need to go down again and try. We were hassled by this countless times. The sensor is lagging. I noticed it when I waited for around three minutes after I tapped the card to the sensor, a light and alarm were present and that's when only I can tap the card again to finally open the door. Hassle.

// Maaligasgas pa ung rooms when we get there. We were not comfortable about walking barefoot inside the room so we asked the housekeeping to mop the floor. This is obviously due to unfinished part of the hotel.

Breakfast is kinda late. We were set to leave the hotel at 8am so we maximize our time to roam around the main island. We went to the buffet area at around 7am and not all foods are cooked. No garlic rice, no other fruits than watermelon, papaya, and pineapple. But anyway, the breakfast buffet is good for two persons per room, additional 800php for extra person. The next day, we agreed to go down past 8AM for breakfast. The problem that time is that we had difficulty looking for vacant table. I guess the Best Western guests are also entitled for the breakfast at Solea.

We got two 30-mins kayaking stub. Me and my grandma tried it. It was four feet deep so I guess it was safe. I'm just not really a sea or beach person so I hate the water. Plus what if mastuck ako sa gitna or bumangga sa bato then magsink or bumaliktad ako... Help. Perfect time for kayaking is 7am. Or anytime earlier than the 9AM heat. Probably not during the night because guys, di ba kayo takot sa ganon 128557

Enormous halo-halo.
Aside from the kayak stub, we also have halo halo stub. Before we leave the hotel to visit the main island, we told the receptionist that we'll get the halo halo by 4PM, it's our ETA because the car rent is for eight hours only. We were expecting a two 16-oz halo halo so we said we'll get the two. Guess what, the halo halo that were delivered for us is good for a total of 8-10 persons. Kamusta naman, five lang kami.

The vicinity has three pools.
1. the closed pool. The biggest pool in the hotel. Well, it's already filled with water but guests are prohibited from swimming in for the pool side is still under construction. The water had tendency to be dirty.
2. The pool at sandbar, 2 feet and 4ft, with slide. The pool in front of best western hotel
3. The olympic size infinity pool I was talking about earlier. Half of it is 2ft deep, the other is 4. The design of the pool is kinda creepy. It's impossible to see the bottom tiles for it has a dark color. It makes the water look like sea pool... SEA-MING-POOL.

Beach side! YASSS.

I'm not a beach person. But really, I love seeing the waves approach the sand, the reflection of the sky to the water, the horizon, the sunrise and sunset, the breeze, and the feeling of the sand under my bare foot. It's the calmest scene and the most satisfying feeling, ever. From the balcony of our hotel room, there's no clear view of the sunrise nor sunset. But the pink sky before dark, and the pastel sky at morning is at its best.

During our stay, there was a fiesta-like celebration during the night. We were invited and had discount in the buffet. We paid like 15% off of the price. Buffet sa umaga, lechon sa tanghali, buffet uli sa gabi. 128061 I was hyped to eat because they said there will be a live band. Uhm, well, I praised the drummer because he doesn't have a live drum set, he was using Garage Band, galing. The foods were not satisfying, though. I honestly think my mom cooks better.

Three days, two nights stay is actually good. Despite of all the hotel's shortcomings to food and the hassle in opening the door, I hd a good stay because of the quality of their service.

A step to their vicinity, we were welcomed with smiles and bayabas juice which is the best tasting juice I ever had. The bellboys are also kind, hotel room service is excellent for they bring everything on a nice condition. They are willing to accompany us to our room for any inconvenience. They even gave us extra half hour for the kayak. They also have good sense of humor kasi natatawa sila sa elevator jokes ko.

Yoko na.

I recommend you to visit this hotel as soon as it is totally finished. There are a lot of room for improvements and that would be nicely filled when the hotel is completely done. Looking forward to come back again? Uhm, probably yes, if I get another sponsored trip. 128517

But I want to come back to Cebu to visit the southern part and try extreme adventures. 🙃

They also have hover boards for rent. 128521

[I'm soul searcher from the sky, sorry]

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