Solibao Restaurant

Lake Drive cor. Jose Abad Santos Drive, Baguio, Benguet

Solibao Restaurant
3.5 Stars

6 Reviewers

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P'Jay Ryan F.
4.0 Stars

This review is for Solibao Restaurant at Kisad Road. I'm surprised its not in Looloo, shame kn you looloo.128513
Anyways I really like the place, they have old antiques, wines and even a guy with a guitar who sings.
They serve all filipino dishes and today I ordered Adobong Spare Ribs with Adobong Kang-Kong and Garlic Rice. Traditional filipino dish that really hits the spot. It came with a regular cream of mushroom soup.
The Adobong Spare Ribs' taste is quite strong, too strong actually. This is somehow normal because when you add rice to it, it becomes just right. The kangkong isn't like a "go for it" food. For me its a "stay away from that food" maybe because its somehow overcooked.
Verdict: 1 - 10
Ambiance/Place: 8
Food: 7
All in all a good dinner.

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Christina R.
2.0 Stars

Walking in Burnham Park we saw a bibingka and puto bumbong stand and we were told it was operated by the restaurant behind it, Solibao. Syempre kahit busog pa from lunch we decided to sit outside to try it (and also take a peek at a mens soccer team practice on the field beside it).

Unfortunately hindi na daw fresh ang pb and bibingka because ginawa na lahat nung lunch time. So were like, o cge na nga, bibingka na lang, 25 pesos lang naman isa. Naku, lasang instant! Its an impostor bibingka at victim kami! Ok, so Ive never tasted instant bibingka but this is definitely not the bibingka I know. Its cakey. Buti na lang 25 lang haha, divided by 4 of us, we onlu shelled our 8.25 each128540

My Baguio friends tell me its good here. Maybe their other food is good.

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Marizen C.
4.0 Stars

Solibao serves Filipino dishes. Serving is for 2-3 pax. What i liked most is their puto bumbong and tablea.

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Joel C.
4.0 Stars

Best puto bumbong in town!

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Frances B.
4.0 Stars

Filipino food at its best. They just nailed my every taste expectation of each dish.

Recommending: lechon kawali, crispy dinuguan, sinigang na bangus

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Ruth P.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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