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8 Rockwell Drive, Rockwell Center, Makati, Metro Manila

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Solstice Bistro & Boulangerie
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AlwaysHungryPh P.
4.0 Stars

The Christmas season is officially here, which means I’ll find it even more difficult to attend to my “foodie duties.” I am fortunate however to be able to go to Solstice by Ilustrado on a sponsored invite. It was a fitting activity to a very busy Friday.

Solstice by Ilustrado is actually a tie-up two between known restaurants that have been merged together as one: Ilustrado, from the walled city of Intramuros, known for their classic and modern Filipino-Spanish cuisine, and One Way restaurant, that’s been popular for its Italian food creations, especially its sour bread.

Finding this place had been a bit of a challenge for me. It is actually found in the corner of Rockwell Drive, Makati. You can find the location through Waze. Note that they have parking spaces directly below the establishment.

Prepare to be captivated with Solstice’s sophisticated interiors when you visit the place. It gives off a cozy feel to a place with a very nice ambience.You will even feel more relaxed as a pianist plays a romantic tune while you dine. Aside from having a good selection of food items in the menu, the place is well lit and also well ventilated. If you are to impress someone, Solstice by Ilustrado is the place to go on on a date. The place is also ideal for office meetings, family gatherings, and even barkada meetups.

My wonderful experience in this restaurant was kicked off with chicken and pork liver pate, that was deliciously combined with their homemade cranberry jam, and their crunchy and oddly shaped crostini. You may have an extra order of pate of your preferred serving size.

I also had their baked eggplant, white cheese, and olives in filo, in just one big bite. It is definitely one for the books. You can tell that the eggplant was cooked well given its nice texture, and its taste combined really well with the black olives, sundried tomatoes, and feta and laguna white cheeses. The filo is lightly crisp, with its shell breaking into fine pieces.

Then the staff served us a combination of Spanish dishes, the paella and callos Madrilena. It is a great combination, given that the two have a lot of similarities. The former was a mix of various seafood, meats, fresh veggies, and rice. It had a nice light taste to it. On the other hand, the latter tasted strongly of chorizo de bilbao and their slab bacon. The ox tripe was a nice addition to it too.

As for the Italian dish fix, they served the shroom pizza, which had an ample serving of shiitake and king and oyster mushrooms; white sauce, three cheeses, namely, mozzarella, cheddar, and parmigiano, and truffle essence. It was simply delicious! The pizza was even made better with its thin sour dough crust. The pasta aligue had a very strong taste to it, that it will definitely surprise your palate. It can literally and figuratively, make your heart stop beating.

The whole visit was capped off with their own creation of matcha cookies! It came with a yogurt dip that just made the cookies even taste better. You may also buy an extra order of this dip.

Solstice by Ilustrado accepts reservations for events and corporate gatherings. The restaurant allows exclusive use of its main dining room, which can conveniently seat up to 120 guests. They will also provide you with a reliable wait staff and an exquisite table arrangement. They also have live music performances to complete a nice setup.

For reservations, please call (+632) 802 1891 or (+63 977 748 8861), from 11AM to 11PM daily. Follow @solsticebyilustrado on Instagram, and like their official Facebook page, for more updates.

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Mae A.
5.0 Stars

The fam and I ate here during Chinese New Year; hence, the fortune cookie. And yes, I loved the message! It says: your spirit of adventure leads you down an new exciting path. And the wanderlust in me says WAAAHHHH 9992128513🛶1285139992️ Now on to the food!

I really love their Calamari Salad! It has this sweet taste that gives it that extra oomph. Since I was a bit full then, it was the perfect dish for me. We paired it with their Shroom Sourdough Pizza. Perfect combo! We had two of their pasta dishes. And their names escaped me. 9996️ Both were good though I preferred the one with chorizo and clams. The taste was simple and not overpowering. For the grand finale, one must have their Chocolate Matcha Cookie. It's just so damn good! It's paired with this vanilla flan. Interesting take on the classic cookies and milk. 127850🥛128523

What made this night extra special was the serenaders. Not sure what the name of their group is but they were so good! We requested Moonriver and La Vie En Rose. Their renditions were so nice. 128522

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Mae A.
5.0 Stars

The name of this restaurant really is just fitting. It’s the collaboration of One Way Restaurant and Ilustrado which are both well-loved restos in the metro. Much like a solstice, one can either bask in the glow of the dishes of each and more.

Dishes for that day...
> Spinach and Feta Fundido
Their Spinach and Feta Fundido was indeed fun. Get it? Haha. Not trying to be cheesy here. So this one had spinach, feta cheese and mozzarella served with their homemade baked pita. Meant as a starter, this is good for sharing. And if you happen to run out of that good pita, one could have it with their bread. Either way, it’s still gonna be good.
> Chicken Liver Pate
I’m not really a fan of liver but this one had me converting. With the grapes, homemade cranberry jam and crostini, all of it went well with the smooth pate.
> Calamari Salad
I liked how fresh this salad was! This one had local organic mixed greens, broiled calamares, goat cheese, bacon bits and herbed croutons drizzled in pesto citrus dressing. Our serving that day was small but given the chance to go back (which I will), I’ll definitely have this on my list.
> Baked Eggplant in Filo
According to the owner, their serving size of this dish over at Ilustrado’s is bigger. Being that this is an appetizer here, I find its size just right. I liked the blend of eggplant, black olives, sundried tomatoes and feta cheese. I especially liked how crisp and thin that filo case was.
> Pasta Aligue
I was expecting this to be cloying but it wasn’t at all! Though one must eat it with care, it was still one tasty pasta dish.
> “Shroom” Pizza
Does that photo look good? I hope so because it tasted even better. Oven-baked to perfection, I liked how thin it was yet still retaining that sourdough taste. Upon first bite, that mushroom (Shiitake, King and Oyster Mushrooms) flavor will slowly creep its way in. Coupled with mozzarella, cheddar and parmesan cheeses, this dish will surely be enjoyed either by the family or group of friends.
> Paella Ilustrado
And this paella was just right. Not a fan of pure meat or seafood paella as the taste can sometimes get overwhelming. So this paella did just right in terms of rice consistency and overall flavor.
> Callos Madrilena
Best to have with their paella, I wanted to have more of this. The flavor was just good! I especially enjoyed the Tomato Paprika Sauce as it elevated the whole dish.
> Roast Long Island U.S. Duck
I was about to leave this food tasting event but I really wanted to wait for this. I’ve been hearing rave reviews on this that I just had to have a taste of it. Well worth the wait for it was really good. The duck was well roasted. The plating looked fantastic with that circle of Ginger Lime Sauce. And that sauce, paired perfectly with the duck.
> Matcha Cookies and Cream
I was anticipating the traffic that I would encounter. So when I was about to leave, owners insisted that I wait a few more minutes for their dessert. And yes, this was another “it was worth it!” kind of moment. Their Mango Jubilee was served with Sampaguita Ice Cream (no photo) which could have that flowery taste. A bit strong but went well with the whole mix. I preferred the other dessert being the cookie lover that I am. Not to exaggerate but it was GOOD! I liked the mix of matcha, dark chocolate and walnuts. Instead of dipping it in the usual milk, they have panna cotta which balances out the cookie’s sweetness. Ah…sweet ending indeed on this food journey.🙂

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Denise A.
4.0 Stars

I was invited by my boyfriend last night to attend their 5th Batch Reunion and Christmas Party at Solstice Rockwell Makati 128522 I got super excited cause it's been awhile since i've attended a fancy gathering.

The venue is just within Solstice 8 Building Rockwell and guests can freely park within the building. The venue has been closed for the whole batch of around 100 pax which isn't even all of their whole batch but anyway the point is the place is so huge and cozy. It's fancy and has an Italian touch. The ambiance is very elegant so for ladies it's ideal to wear a dress or something semi-formal when attending events here. (This is just my kaartehan. Haha!) They also have a band on the second floor with a pianist, guitarist who continuously play all night which added a more romantic feel to the venue.

Since this is a private event, the food was served in a buffet style. Before entering, they confirmed our names on the guest list. The fee by the way is P1,100 per pax which I guess isn't bad because of the ambiance and being able to stay in the venue from 7pm to 12midnight.

BUFFET (Note that I indicated their regular price for reference only)
Fresh shiitake, oyster & king mushrooms, truffle oil cream, freshly baked bread bowl
I loved mushroom soups, I love this one but I think it was overcooked cause of the bitter roasted after taste me and my friends noticed while sipping on it. Sayang 128542 but the truffle oil taste is very distinct and made it very appetizing.

127819 CEASAR SALAD P290? Or P395
Your typical ceasar salad. Nothing special. But I like the generous amount of mangoes and grapes that were served. Hindi tinipid. Unli sauce!

Fresh shiitake, Kind Oyster Mushroom, Truffle Oil, Cream, Spaghetti
💯 LOVE THIS! Went back for this twice. It's not super creamy which didn't make it nakakaumay plus ithe pasta isn't dry. Probably the one I liked best last night. Whoever chose the menu is probably my soulmate lol cause most of the things which were picked were all the things I WOULD pick if I was the one in charge to decide for the menu. HAHA!

They were literally serving us FREAKIN UNLIMITED PIZZAS. I must admit most of my tablemates were matakaw including me, so even if they didn't serve any desserts SULIT NA SULIT yung unlimited Pizzas! At first they were serving us one slice per small plate per person, after heading on to the buffet they were literally changing the wooden pan every few minutes cause we're digging on it nonstop.
They served: Margheritta, Shroom Pizza (ADDICITING!!!), Prosciutto & Arugula

TBH: I got food coma because of this Pizzas! Ang sarap niya never thought there's such thing as too much Pizza! Haha!

Others which didn't really made a mark so I won't bother to give it a review:

I liked that it isn't the typical house blend iced tea but didn't fell in love with it cause it has a distinct sour taste. 128524

‼️There were no desserts served as part of the buffet so we just bought one outside.
‼️CORKAGE IS FREE so bring all the alcoholic drinks you want!
‼️The servers were very courteous and attentive. They greet us nicely and attend to our needs right away. Even the manager is very hands-on.
‼️This is a really good place for private events cause it's huge. I just don't like the idea of considering to include the 2nd floor when renting the place (if that's possible) cause medyo left out yung dating doon.
‼️ Parking is convenient.

Do I think my P1,100 is sulit for the whole night? YES for the AMBIANCE and SERVICE. No for the BUFFET, but YES for the PIZZAS. 128591🏻
It's nice meeting Bernisse C whom I missed so much!!!

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Susan M.
5.0 Stars

Excellent Mushroom soup in a bread bowl, delicious gambas, great warm bread, winter solstice salad & our companions had pasta in aligue & salpicao! Everything tasted great. Service was fast too! Dinner was accompanied by a trio singing some old songs ...& the finale - banana cream pie!

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