Sophia's Cuisina

G/F Evangelista Bldg., 225 Aguirre Ave., BF Homes, Parañaque, Metro Manila

Sophia's Cuisina
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Daniel H.
5.0 Stars

This has moved from Westgate. Finally found it again. It is smaller but the food is the same - excellent. I will be a regular.

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Denise Q.
4.0 Stars

My tastebuds were craving for something different than the usual that night - thus Mediterranean.

And since Luigi's Comfort Food was closed (is this closed for good? I've never seen this open anymore 128532), my family decided to try this place.

It's a small place - house turned resto (again along Aguirre, BF Homes) themed with blue and white for its Greek motif. There were no customers that time (it was early for dinner), so we got the place all to ourselves! 127860128539

We got a free plate of Tomato Flatbread as appetizer - it sure revved up my tummy for more! Then the Gambas family size, tastes so good and you know it's been cooked with healthy olive oil, yum!128525

Too bad their Pumpkin Soup was not available. But regardless, all their dishes were good to share. The plates were biigggg. I got a Lamb Kebab Platter to share with my brother (I didn't let myself be beaten up with the protein! Hating kapatid! But I let him get most of the carbs though, hihi 128077. The side salad that came with it was yummy, with zucchini, olives and other veggies. The dressing was very rich and balanced well with the lamb.

As for the Ravioli Quattro Formaggio, with bleu cheese in cream sauce, it was too cheesy for me. Nakakaumay in my opinion. 128518 I just had a piece, and done.

For the Arabiatta Pizza, I had more than my share, 2 very tummy-filling slices. Delicious! The tomato was very prominent in taste with the pizza dough - for me, it's like having pasta in a pizza without the noodles, geddit? Hee hee. 128521

Overall, my family liked the food, we were all stuffed up. But too bad they didn't have the soup of my choice, plus yogurt shake; else, it would have been a good Mediterranean package meal. 128517

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Kat M.
5.0 Stars

Thanks to Edwin's review here on Looloo, we spent our Sunday lunch in this gem of a place. The resto seats about 25 and along with a large group of 10, we (3) were the only ones there. The ambience speaks of a place where you can have laidback and long conversations and laughs with family and friends. The wait staff are attentive and makes you feel as though you're at your fave aunt's house for lunch.

And now the food: it was C-RAZY good. We got the greek village salad, the beef kebab, the baby back ribs and carbonara. They sure hit the spot! The plates were squeaky clean after. I especially liked the mashed potato. It's not your usual smooth bland kind. This one has texture with a capital T! And the flavor! I need a food dictionary just to describe it.

Chef Mervyn was there overseeing the operations and even opening doors for the customers! He seems a really nice bloke who's lives a full life, having been friends with the Beatles and all. Haha.

We will definitely be back here. Very very soon!

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Edwin I.
5.0 Stars

Awesome tasting dishes from a hole-in-the-wall Greek-Italian homestyle cooking restaurant. Flavorful, large servings, and reasonably priced.

Being a rare visitor down south, I must say that this establishment is another dining gem discovered in BF Paranaque. Sophia's Cuisina is a small , unassuming place , that exudes a home-kitchen vibe. Cozy and casual, the place is straight-forward which translates to its excellent no-fuzz cuisine. Its interiors are predominantly Greek blue and white. One wall is adorned with a lot of framed magazine and newspaper food article clippings of the illustrious chef-owner. The place is owned by Chef Mervyn Whitfield, a British Chef , who many years ago, re-established his culinary profession in his new home -the Philippines , after marrying a Filipina.

I did a quick google search on Chef Mervyn. I was awed with this fine chef's culinary credentials. He made his name in London in the 60's. His culinary career included cooking and catering for a good number of International celebs and organizations---the Beatles, Oliver Reed, Mary Quant, the Wimbledon--just to name a few. His first restaurant in London was a popular dining place among famous London personalities and celebrities. The Greek-Italian inspiration in his cuisine stemmed from his mother who was Greek-Italian.

The restaurant has been in business for two years now. The restaurant transferred from Westgate (under the name Sophia's Mediterranean Kitchen). Reason being, rent was cheaper at Aguirre and he wanted to maintain an affordable pricing scheme for his customers without sacrificing the quality and quantity of the offerings.

Their menu choices include a short listing of appetizers, pizzas, kebabs, gyros, pastas, main entrees, and dessert choices. This visit, we ordered the Pikilia and Chicken Liver Pate for appetizers. For main, we chose the Vongolle Linguini, Osso Buco, Italian Roast Chicken, and Sophia's Fillet Mignon. Dessert was Baklava. One of my friends requested for a personalized Meat Risotto dish that wasn't in the menu. The chef happily obliged and prepared a bacon-sausage risotto dish.

While waiting for our food, we were served their home made baguette bruschetta. The bread was warm and fresh with a nice crust and a soft center. The tomato mixture topping was yummy with the diced tomatoes, olives, basil , and evoo.

The appetizers were served with soft tortillas wedges. The Pikilia (3 greek spreads) included Hummus, Babaganush Eggplant Dip, and Yoghurt-Cucumber Dip. All excellent. The Babaganush had a roasted eggplant flavor with a tangy garlic taste. The Hummus was creamy with a garlic flavor. And the Yoghurt-Cucumber was refreshing. Their Chicken Liver Pate was also good. Creamy, acidic, flavorful with the herbs, spices, and hint of vino.

The Vongolle Linguini was tasty! Fresh clams that tasted sweet , good white wine infused clam broth, nice garlicky flavor. My friend's personalized Meat Risotto was creamy and flavorful with the sliced sausage and bacon and shaved parmesan.

The Osso Bucco was tender and flavorful. it came with a good serving of bone marrow. the Italian Baked Chicken , was fork -tender, and tasted really good with its spice and accompanying gravy. The Sophia's Fillet Mignon was likewise excellent. The beef was nicely grilled with a crunchy bacon wrap and a delicious red-wine gravy.

Our meat mains were served with a choice of Mashed potatoes, rice, or pasta aioli. All side dishes were huge in size. Highly recommended is their mashed potatoes. Their version is a buttery creamy kind with buttered veggies stuffed inside the huge potato mound. Sarap with the chicken!

We loved their Baklava. Delicate, crunchy, buttery, phillo layers with pistachio bits and drizzled with honey.

We were truly happy and satisfied with the dining experience. Nothing fancy but truly satisfying. Add this up with the great and accommodating staff. Servings were huge. Main courses can comfortably feed 2-3 people. Price ranges : Php 150-250 for the appetizers. Php 200-350 for the Pizzas, pastas, gyros and kebabs. php 300-900 for the main entrees. Affordable pricing indeed!

Highly recommended to Greek/Italian foodies and to anyone who enjoys good home-style cooking! How I wish this place was more accessible geographically from my abode. I would definitely love to come back again and again should I crave for some good Greek /Italian fix.

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Josemari C.
5.0 Stars

A boutique Mediterranean Resto serving Pikilia, Souvlakia, Baklava amongst many other items on the menu. Chef Marv (looks like Pablo Picasso) Rocks! Another gem in the Aguirre BF must-have.

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