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51 Lilac St., Concepcion Dos, Marikina, Metro Manila

Soul Chefs
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Most Recent Reviews

AlwaysHungryPh P.
4.0 Stars

Last weekend, I had another food trip in Marikina, particularly at Soul Chefs in Conception Dos, thanks to JB and Chef Patrick who invited me out to their restaurant. My visit to their food place turned out to be a productive one, as I have also discussed with them my insights about their new resto.

Soul Chefs, without a doubt, is a place displaying the heart and soul of the people behind it. You can tell from the food that they serve just how passionate they are in giving their customers the satisfaction that they want at a great value.

Of course, just like any other restaurants, there are a couple of things in their menu that needs a bit of tweaking. Most of these details are very minor, such as the overcooked meat on their sizzling bulalo, or the amount of sauce in their salted egg shrimp, which for me is just too much, I hope that they had more shrimps than sauce to it.

On the other hand, I liked their salad so much for its simplicity. The salad dressing showcased a good balance of sweet, spicy, and salty flavors in it. Their crispy fried chicken is just delicious.

As for their pork belly, which apparently is their bestseller in their restaurant, it has this interesting taste to it, but it was just too dry and hard to bite into.

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Gely B.
5.0 Stars

Went here after work. The restaurant itself was very cute. It was just in an area that can be overlooked. Originally, decided to go here because of their S'mores pizza which was recommended in a list I found on Facebook but their food was great!

Crispy Pork Belly - Amazing! This was recommended to us by our waiter. My boyfriend was the one who wanted to try it since I'm not a fan of pork and oily food but it was really good. They cook it in the oven for 6 hours according to our waiter. The skin was so crispy, I'm pretty sure it can be considered chicharon already. The lean meat could easily separated from the fat which was a real plus for me! I think I ate more than my boyfriend. Haha. Would definitely order this again.

Veggie Omurice - Expected this to be a little bland since it's mostly veggies but it was surprisingly good as well! Mushrooms were a surprise but not a bad one! This was my original order since I thought I wasn't in the mood for anything heavy. Lol. Was I wrong.

Potato Soup - Very milky and tasted a bit like it had a lot of butter. Exactly how I liked my milky soups. Haha! The bacon bits in it was a surprise but I guess it contributed to the taste of the soup. Just wish it had more potatoes in it but that's probably just me. Haha.

S'mores Pizza - We took this out since we were both pretty full from everything! I think it would taste better if we ate it in the resto but it still tastes pretty good! The marshmallows just stuck to the foil. The caramel smelled like a donut shop and tastes very close to this Filipino caramel candy that I like. Would recommend for those who like chewy desserts.

Food was great! Service was also impeccable. The waiter was super helpful and really took the effort to explain their best sellers to us. His voice was also very soothing, if that matters. The owner (I think he was the owner) was also there as well and asked us if our food was to our liking. Didn't hesitate to say it was great!

We want to go back to try their Sizzling Bulalo Steak and Dinaksig which according to Kuya Waiter is a dinakdakan dish and sisig dish in one! I don't usually like either of those but he told us that it's mostly lean meat and since the Crispy Pork Belly surprised me so much, I'm not opposed to trying the Dinaksig.

Wish more people would go here though! When we got there it was just us and one family although it was a Thursday night so that might be a factor.

All in all, it was great! Would recommend!

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