South on South

G/F President's Arcade, President's Ave., BF Homes, Parañaque, Metro Manila

South on South
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Eboy D.
4.0 Stars

South on South serves Southern Style cooking of United States. It is the historical culinary form of states found in the South Eastern part of the US. South on South recently opened this year, if i am not mistaken. They can be located at the far end of Presidents Avenue in BF Homes, Paranaque beside Barako Haus. They have a huge white on black signage that can easily be seen from the street. Very hard to miss.

They have a huge dining area, with black painted container van type celings. The restaurant is dark and dimly lit. The tables and chairs are a plenty and are spaced appropriately. They also have a sofa seating for lounging around. We arrived at around 7:30pm without reservations and was quickly greeted by the door. It was still early if you talk about the drinking crowd. After seating we are given the snap board menu, they have three pages of food menu and several pages of drinks/cocktails menu.

We ordered their specialty 'Country Fried Steak' and for starter, the 'Grilled Peach Salad'. For the drinks we had the Raspberry Sweet Tea. True to their word, the mains are good for sharing. First served was the salad. The salad came with local greens, romaine lettuce, candied pili nuts, peaches and a malt and maple vinaigrette. The peach slices were warm but did not looked grilled. The lettuce - crisp. With a drizzle of maple and malt vinegar, refreshingly sour and tart. The soft pili gave it a sweet nutty taste. Next was the 'Country Fried Steak'. A two piece breaded sirloin steak served with a side of cucumber salad and brown sugar mashed potatoes. The mashed potatoes is a great departure from your usual mashed potatoes. You can taste the skin and i like how they maintained its chunky texture. The cucumber salad was very sour and my Mom loved it. Although the steak was enough to share, the one served did not meet my expectation, presentation wise because the ones I see on Instagram were huge. Our paled in comparison. What it lacked on the looks, compensated with its taste. The Sirloin Steak was very soft. Can easily cut through with a fork. The gravy gave it a savory touch. We also ordered a double serving of butter sage rice. I like that it was fluffy and had cheese in it. Perfect pairing with the sirloin steak.

Service was quick and very friendly. After dining, they asked how we liked their food. And we did give them a thumbs up on flavor. Senior discounts honored. My Mom was a bit sketchy on dining because it looks more of a bar. But fear not, dine early and enjoy their good selection of 'Supper' Menu. Ventilation can be improved. With most closed dining establishments they suffer from stuffy, oily after smell.

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Vinia V.
5.0 Stars

I ordered the slow-cooked Bourbon glazed ribs with fries and got the butter sage rice as an extra. 128523 *snort* 128055

The ribs were good! They're wide, as you could see in the pic, but not too thick. The meat had the fall-off-the-bones characteristic that I would usually look for in a good rack of ribs, well flavored with that distinctive smoky taste that soaked right into the bones,
so its a 128077🏻128077🏻. 128522

The fries were flavorful! Lightly salted and slightly peppery, paired well with the dip. The potato wedges were cooked just right, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside but not soggy.

The butter sage rice is a must-try! Soft, fluffy and buttery heaping cup of rice with cheese in it! 128525

Service here is fast, too! And their servers are very courteous. 128522128077🏻

I want to come back to try their burgers next time. 127828128513

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Ruth S.
3.0 Stars

Oh, meat!! I meat you sooo much! Almost a week of no meat, I was able to finally eat some meat last Saturday night.

South on South is a restaurant in the South that specializes on Southern American comfort food. Finding this place is a bit hard since it's not located along the busy street of Aguirre ave. but is located near Conti's, Pancake House, and Conceptrum. When you enter the place, you'll automatically feel the chill and laid back vibe of the place. Wooden tables and chairs, there's one sofa at the corner but I suggest you go at the bar area because it's better, the "feeling" is different there plus you get to communicate and talk with them. 128517 But it's always up to you and what you want. 128521 The place is perfect for late night food trip w your barkada or your dudes and bros. 128517128518

When we arrived at around 8pm, we were surprised since the place was empty. Apparently, we were customer number 1. So we took the time in deciding what we want. We asked them for their bestsellers and our server gladly helped and assisted us w choosing. At the end, we still chose was we want to try.

Chicken 'n Waffles (250)
- Chicken wings and buttery perfection waffles, w old fashioned brown sugar sauce and Sriracha syrup.
- Hmmmmmmm, this was meh. You can skip this one and try something else. The Wicked Wings or the Good Morning Manila Burger.
- The chicken was "weird". I'm pretty sure it's undercooked. Showed it to the server and he just said, "ahhh okay lang po yan, dark meat lang po." Uhm, okay??? 128546 Ended up not eating it because it was "dark". 128529
- There were more breading than the actually chicken meat. It was not bland but was not flavorful either. Tasted the breading and the flavor was there but just wasn't that strong/intense to make the whole chicken flavorful. Adding the sauce didn't helped that much as well. 128546
- And the waffle.. It doesn't taste like a waffle, at all. No pancake-y soft buttery feeling when you bite into it. It was like a butter bread? Short bread? Like the buttermilk biscuits from Racks type of bread. If it wasn't shaped like a waffle and not called a waffle, would have liked it but it's a waffle (!!!!!!) but nope. Not a waffle. 128575128148

Bourbon Glazed Pork Belly (385)
- Hefty 250 gram slab, crispy caramel skin, butter sage rice, cucumber salad
- this was good! No wonder why this is one of their bestsellers. The pork belly coated with bourbon glaze was super tasty, loved the sweet taste of the glaze!! And the butter sage rice matches well with the pork. It was yummy and good!! The "cucumber salad" was hmm okay? Was expecting a lot cucumber but it is more like an atchara with some cucumber. But it was a good atchara! 128517128518
- kinda pricey for 385 but if you like pork and don't mind spending, maybe you can consider trying this one. 128513

Service was okay. The servers were nice, friendly, and we had a good time talking with them since we were seated at the bar and we were the only customers that time. Though the place was really chill, it was insanely hot inside. Nawawala yung pag ka "chill" ng place. Yun lang naman, mainit talaga kasi. Di ata nakaopen yung aircon. Tsaka yung "dark meat" parts ng chicken ko. 128557128529

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Elaine O.
5.0 Stars

South on South shies away from BF Aguirre but its worth the visit. I love their chicken and their waffle burger (this comee with sunny side up, lucban lonnganisa and beef patty in between). They have a great selection and big serving of food and they also serve bourbon and local craft beers. Food and drinks are definitely value for money 128077128077.

This place boasts a chill vibe where you can hangout and laze your friday nights.

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Dennis O.
5.0 Stars

Learned of SouthOnSouth after it got featured in one of GMA7 morning show. In that show they featured the waffle burger which immediately pique my interest.

SouthOnSouth is located at the very end of Presidents Ave BF Homes. The old BDO is now the home of this fairly new resto. The place got a rustic raw interior and got some college hangout place kind of vibe. Big place with some coaches if you prefer to chillax. The food serve here are american comfort foods like fried chicken and burger. They also serve great line of bourbon drinks and local craft beer.

So we ordered what we went for the Good Morning Manila. It was a waffle burger with sunnyside fried egg, Lucban longanisa and a quarter pounder patty in between. This was delicious. The patty was a little bit on the dry side but the sunnyside egg and spicy syrup sauce work its magic. The lucban longanisa was also a good idea to bring new flavor to the burger. Overall I love it. It is also good for sharing for two. So that it would not be too umay. The thick cut BBQ french fries on the side was also crispy good. We also add an order of Southern Fried Chicken. It was three huge whole wings chop to half. The chicken was delicious crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. The bacon gravy has a literal bacon in it. Tasted Great! We were so full with just those two order. Serving are big! Wish to try their tempting dessert but was already fully loaded.

Overall great resto that has a little bit of bad location. The food are good and they also have some daily promotion that get you 50% off on second order of some items in their menu. Great service also from the crew and owner who was their and didn't mind chatting with us. Hoping success for this resto. Will definitely be back to get some bourbon and some of their dessert. :)

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Reggie T.
5.0 Stars

Their 55 pesos mashed potato is worth going back to.! Plus their bourbon drinks are value for money,

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