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Souv By Cyma
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Most Recent Reviews

Ruth S.
5.0 Stars

SOUVery Happy!!! SOUVery busog! 128154128154

So I’m starting to appreciate Greek food now (thank you, Lemon and Olives)!! It’s like Vietnamese food for me. So good and tasty yet so healthy. Parang you won’t feel any guilt after eating (or stuffing) yourself with so much food! Hahahah! 128541

Given that I now “love” Greek cuisine, I was SOUVery excited to have lunch here at SOUV w my friends. Been here before but the experience was just okay. Sakto lang. BUT THIS VISIT IS DIFFERENT. SOUVrang busog and we loved everything we ordered.


- we all loved this!!!!! Yummy dressing + crisp greens!!! Also liked the walnuts and parmesan cheese! Super enjoyed this salad that I got more than my share! Hahahahaha, ang sarap eh!! 128154
- We only got the small serving but it was already good for sharing!!

- Yummmy also!! I (secretly) like angel hair pasta. I actually don’t get why a lot don’t like it. What’s with the hate?? 🤔128517 I like it because it’s so thin and light haha! Parang misua! 128517128541 Anyway, I liked how clean and light the taste of this pasta was. Super simple yet flavorful. Tastes even better w some lemon and a lot of chili flakes. Yuuuuuum!!
- Also like the fact that they’re not at all madamot sa clams!! Super generous serving and again, small size is already good for sharing.

MEAT PLATTER (Chicken + Pork).
- I already tried the chicken before and wasn’t that pleased but now I understand why a lot are saying it’s good. It was juicy and oh so tasty. Sarap even without any sauce!! Maybe the first time we tried this, iba lang luto. 🙄 The pork was also good and SOUVery tender! But we all liked the chicken more.
- Aside from the tasty chicken, we also liked the pita bread and the garlic greek yogurt sauce!! ANG LAMBOT AND SARAP NG DIP!! Huhuhuhu SOUVra, I swear!!! 🤤128525

Overall, it was a very very happy lunch date. We were all SOUVery full. And it’s the happy kind of full. 128155128154

SERVICE: Less one star because service wasn’t that greet. Staffs are kind of hard to call and not so approachable. Also, while ordering, we asked a lot of questions and they were not that happy and interested in answering our questions. They were not so helpful. Sayang.☹️🙄

Worth the visit?? YUUUPP!!! ✅✅✅

Will be back to try the greek yogurt, the rice pudding, the porkchop, and will get the salad again because omg!!!! And if possible, the pita bread + the oh so yummy i cannot even garlic greek yogurt dip!!!!!! 🤤🤤🤤

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Peanut D.
5.0 Stars

Had a lunch meeting here and everyone thoroughly enjoyed their meal (including me)! This is one of those restaurants you go to where you won’t ever get “pahiya.”

First thing to do at any Cyma restaurant of course is to get the Roka Salata! All the tables had an order of this one! (Which is awesome because you know all their ingredients will be fresh because of the fast order cycle)

I learned from my previous visit after ordering the meat platter that their chicken was the best meat. So this time, I only ordered the Roasted Chicken. SUPER GOOD. Very juicy, moist, and flavorful. I used to think Wildflour had one of the best Roasted Chickens but I think Souv’s is now #1 for me.

Their hummus and pita are both good but I still like Shawa Wama’s hummus better.

As for desserts, their rice pudding cups are awesome. I loved the Salted Caramel one! The yogurt desserts weren’t all that amazing but those rice pudding cups - they taste kind of like bibingka or oatmeal but way better.

Make sure to get a reservation especially if you’re coming in for lunch! We got lucky only because we came in right when they opened (11 in the morning).

If you’re headed here in the evening, then you definitely have to call to make a reservation, especially if it’s on a weekend!

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Pat D.
4.0 Stars

This is my second time to eat here and this time I really enjoyed their food. Ordered their Cyma Roka Salata and we added some octopus 128025128025128025. Loving the perfect blend of flavors. Yummmmm candied walnuts! Too bad they got our order wrong the first time. They gave us the small one and forgot the octopus but it’s okay 9996🏻

We also ordered 2 sets of their 3/4 thick, tender, bone-in porkchops. We were surprised because it was really big and we ended eating only 1 set and decided to take out the other set. I guess their 2 pork chops were good for 4 people. I also love their potatoes.

The dessert was not that sweet. We tried their frozen greek yogurt - wild flower honey and crumbled baklava. Not for me though, I prefer something sweeter and can be presented/ plated better. It was just in a cup. 9996🏻

Overall, it was a good dining experience. A very busy day as there were really a lot of customers.

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Ruth S.
4.0 Stars

I am SOUV-ery happy that I finally got to eat here!!! 128525 SOUV-ery happy that this is where my college girl friends and I had our Christmas Dinner. 128523🤗

I was supposed to reserve a table for our group but according to the staff, they’re already full and we can just try as walk-in customers. Good thing, we arrived pretty early, around 6pm, so we were able to secure a table. (TIP: Be sure to reserve or be early)

PLACE. The place is nice. It’s simple yet the colors are cool and vibrant. The area is big enough to accommodate a lot of customers.


STRAPATSADA (280php). Greek Scrambled Eggs, Cherry Tomato Confit, Feta, Greek Oregano, and Grilled Bread.

- I just had to order this because EGG!! and yay because this was good. It’s basically just scrambled eggs but “greeky” haha. Enjoyed eating this w the grilled bread.

YIOUVETSI (The Greek Paella: Lamb or Seafood - 850php). Because lamb is too weird for us, we got the seafood paella. Squid, shrimp, clams and mussels, orzo, crustacean-saffron broth.

- This was surprisingly good! Loved the citrusy and “clean” seafood taste and the generous seafood toppings. Not really the usual paella because they used orzo pasta.

MEAT PLATTER (Chicken - 750php). Garlic Yogurt, pita, potatoes au jus, pickles, and greek coleslaw.

- This was just okay. Usual roasted chicken. Maybe we should have tried all 3 (lamb, pork, and chicken)? 🤔

SERVICE. Service was just okay. Kind of slow. Servers are always in a hurry.

Overall, it was a good experience. I may not LOVE the food and the service may not be that good but it was still a lovely dinner. I enjoyed eating most of the dishes and it was a nice “greek food” introduction.

My fave would be the STRAPATSADA because egg! Haha. 128155128155128155

Will I go back? Yuuup! I still need to try the salad, pasta, greek yogurt, and I need to have that egg dip again! 128523127859

  • No. of Comments: 4
Kwokie K.
4.0 Stars

We’ve always been curious with Souv (by Cyma) in Net Park, always nice to see restaurants full of people, as it gives an indication on food quality. And of course, dining with a group of friends means being able to more dishes.

Souv by Cyma serves a lot of the Cyma favorites we’ve come to love over the years, our typical Cyma orders consists of the Roka Solata, the Cheese Saganaki, the Greek Clams and the Paidakia. I wanted to try the newer dishes, but for my companions, they still ordered their old favorites. The good thing was the new order turned out to be the highlight order as well – the Lamb Yiouvetsi.

The good is that all of the old favorites turned out to be the same as how they’re supposed to be – I don’t think I need to describe the old dishes as everyone would already have the low-down on that. For the new ones, the Salata Kinoa, as the name says – is a Quinoa based salad, a very healthy option for the salad which is already very healthy by itself. In a nutshell - so-so.

As I’ve mentioned, the highlight was the Lamb Yiouvetsi. I will not claim to be the expert of Greek ingredients, since while I can enumerate them (like EVOO, etc.) – I still don’t know what they are. So I’ll stick to my lay-man’s version, think of it as a Lamb paella, flavorful with succulent and tender lamb cuts. This was pretty much the first dish to be finished as everyone who got a portion ended up taking seconds!

Count on Souv to be a fresh take on Greek food, with your favorite entrees from Cyma and some new items to enjoy. Ambiance is pretty much the same as what you’d expect from Cyma, food is still good, albeit somewhat still a little pricey. Service, as expected is good – though while they try to have 2 seatings, perhaps it’s best that if that will be the case, that they give a longer seating time as food takes a while to be served.

Lamb Yiuovetsi - 5 127775

Greek Clams - 5 127775

Salata Kinoa - 3 127775

Paidakia - 4 127775

Cheese Saganaki - 3 127775

Roka Solata - 4 127775

Over-all - 4 127775

Good over-all, some misses but more of the good things we've come to already know!

  • No. of Comments: 3
Christina R.
4.0 Stars

Ordered for take out for Sunday lunch a few weeks ago. I placed a call to check if I can advance an order for pick up, my call was answered by Bumble within a few rings, I texted my order for documentation and my pick up was confirmed.

My hassle free order was ready at exactly 12:30. My credit card payment was swiftly carried out. Bumble offered to help me with the bags but I declined as my car was waiting a just few steps away. Was happy to see the restaurant full, mostly families having lunch. And I left happy.

15 mins later I get a call that they forgot 1 item, my large serving of Solomos. We were nearby but I was already parked and settled in the living room along 11th Avenue (Souv is on 5th), just waiting for the food to be transferred to serving platters. Bumble offered to give me complimentary Solomos on my next visit for the trouble, which I of course was happy to accept. Drove back to get my pasta, got a sincere apology, was handed my missing order, and a complimentary half cup of Greek Yogurt (surprise! 127881 thank you!) but no more complimentary Solomos (surprise! 127880 128168 But why?). It actually got me excited to re-visit within the week but it made me feel a bit bad that I was led on, and then felt kawawa that I only got half a cup. If he said complimentary yogurt from the start I would've been happy with it. I mean, it was mentioned already to get a Solomos on the next visit, so.... Maybe don't promise what you can't give. And be a little more generous to a customer who spent almost 5K and went to the trouble of going back for a missing order, without making a big fuss about it in the restaurant.

Anyway, here's what he had:

128261Avocado Greek Summer Salad Large. 580.
Feta, tomato, cucumber, onion, olives, capers, bell peppers, sesame bread.
- Loved this. Salad was fresh, loved the avocados. Greek gets a little tropical touch with this one.

1282613 meat platter - chicken, pork, beef. 950.
Garlic yogurt sauce, pita, potatoes, pickles, Greek coleslaw.
- lamb was dry and overcooked. It was just ok for me. It needed more flavor.

128261Solomos. Large 850.
Salmon, tomato, lime, feta, parmigiano, cream, angel hair, fried basil, crispy salmon skin.
- Salmon skin was still crispy. Liked all the elements on this one. Unfortunately angel hair is best eaten while warm.

128261Grilled Sous Vide Octopus. 295.
Ladolemono, smoked paprika, oregano, parsley salad.
- octopus was chewy. I was disappointed with this one.

128261Moussaka, with stuffed pepper. 450.
Beef with eggplant and bechamel.
- I wanted the vegetarian one, I forgot to write it down and they assumed it was the meat one. No biggie, it was my fault too. This was very good. Not as oily as other versions I've tried. The rice in the pepper was delicious. I want to go back to try the vegetarian version

128261Sticky chicken wings. 495.
Fried wings with honey, oregano, tarragon, pickled onions, harissa yogurt.
- really liked this one. Very sticky from the honey so expect this to be sweet. I loved the sour, lemony flavor. I think we had 6 pcs with this order.

128261Greek nachos. 525.
Layered tzatziki, hummus, pico de gallo, olives, feta, oregano, pita.
- liked it, but the small container it was in didn't seem like it was worth it. It seems like there's more of it when it's served on a platter in the restaurant, from what I saw on tables while waiting for my order. Also based on their own photo on IG.

128261Complimentary Greek Yogurt with EVOO and salt.
- I liked it! It has a good sour flavor and I enjoyed the oil and salt on it. It was a first for me to try yogurt with those toppings. I just found it a bit icy and it wasn't as smooth as I had hoped. I'd like to try this again, hopefully it's smoother.

Overall had a good Sunday lunch. I just won't recommend their food for take out. I feel most of the food here are best enjoyed on the spot, especially the pasta.

Also, it would be great if they labeled the dishes and packed the items of one order together. So we'd know which condiment accompanied which dish. In our hunger we forgot to consult the menu.

Will I come back? The aroma of the food is intoxicating inside the restaurant. I really would like to try them again dining in, to try their food at it's optimal quality. But maybe not as soon as I expected, need to shake off my experience, no matter how dramatic I might seem.

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Bernisse C.
5.0 Stars

It was K’s birthday was last weekend and he loves anything Greek. He’s been trying to get me to go with him to Souv ever since its opening too.
Souv is located right beside Hey Handsome and the interiors are beautiful. Its walls are painted white with blue and orange accents. We arrived a little past one in the afternoon and were quite famished. And since I had so little knowledge about Greek food, I let K decide what we’re having. The attendants were very accommodating and knowledgeable about their dishes that he was able to decide quickly.
SOLOMOS Php500 S • Php850 L 1108811088110881108811088
To start off, we ordered a plate of pasta. Angel hair pasta with salmon, tomato, feta, parmigiano reggiano, cream, fried basil and crispy salmon skin topped with a squeeze of lime to tie everything together. Oh I loved everything about the dish. It’s not your usual tomato based pasta since it incorporated cream into the sauce plus the tanginess of the lime. The feta gave it an additional umph of Greek flavor and the choice of angel hair pasta made it a light dish. They were generous with the salmon too! Two thumbs up! 128077🏻128077🏻
MEAT PLATTER 11088110881108811088
Order your choice of meat, served with garlic yogurt sauce, pita, juicy tomatoes, pickles and Greek coleslaw.
All Chicken Php750
All Pork Php970
All Lamb Php1150
Choice of two Php1050
All three Php950
We got the all three platter to sample the different meat choices. All three types of meat were very juicy. No need for knives here. Out of all, I preferred the pork since this was the most flavorful. The lamb was quite disappointing since it was so bland. But overall, I liked the meat platter. I think it’s a really good dish. One order is good for three people.
GREEK YOGURT with Baklava and Honey Php150 1108811088110881108811088
Perfect dessert to cap of our lunch. It’s sweet and tangy. It is a light dessert that cleanses the palate after all those savory flavors. The Baklava and Honey gave just the right of sweetness to counteract the natural sour flavor of the yogurt. The only downside of this is its presentation. It was served in a plain white paper cup. Weird.
Overall, Souv is a promising restaurant. All the dishes we ordered were superb and anyone who loves Greek will definitely love Souv. I didn't know Greek and I loved it!

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Emily T.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Ninya G.
5.0 Stars

I never thought that Greek food is so good!
Place 11088110881108811088️ Nice interior and good ventilation.
Service 1108811088110881108811088️ Very accomodating and approachable staffs
Menu 1108811088110881108811088️ You may choose your meat from pork, chicken and lamb
Price 110881108811088️ quite pricey but reasonable to the big servings
Food 1108811088110881108811088️ I'm so impressed with the taste even if I'm not familiar with Greek food 🤣
Here's what we ordered:
Greek Nachos - not your ordinary nachos. It was pita bread with greek yogurt, roasted eggplant and hummus. I can eat this everyday
Super Souv Salad - It's my first time to taste a cauliflower rice on salad 🤣 but it's so good with the generous slices of lamb.
Sticky Chicken Wings - It was really sticky 🤣 but it was good and lemony.
Pastisada - It was ok. It's just overwhelming, the large chunks of beef on the spaghetti.
All Meat Platter - That's roasted pork, chicken and lamb. The meat are so juicy and tender. It's the best with together with the garlic yogurt sauce.

Overall experience is excellent 128076🏼

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