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2/F, Katipunan Ave., Katipunan, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Spa 101
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Mona G.
1.0 Stars

I bought 4 vouchers for pedicure (inc. massage) from Metrodeal for like 50% off. I thought it was a good deal, but I was wrong.

Their service is just terrible. I called them for like more than three times to make a reservation and they're always saying that they're fully booked (even on weekdays). The voucher expires on April 01, so I really really need to use them immediately.

I invited my two friends to go with me, so I tried calling Spa101 again for the nth time. They told me they can only book for two persons since it was already fully booked, so I just said yes. When we arrived at Spa101, we were surprised to see that we were the only customers! Well, maybe it's because we were only gonna use vouchers.

The pedicure itself really sucks! My friend has in-growns, and the manicurista made both of her toes bleed, and her every-five-seconds-OUCH.

Another is we heard the staff talking with each other and saying "Metrodeal lang (ang) mga 'yan." Like wth. We paid for your promo, we availed your promo.

Lastly, we didn't even felt relaxed during and after the pedicure. :( Which is one of the reasons why we go to mani-pedis, right?

Ughhh. Never gonna go back there again. Lesson learned -- I should never just buy vouchers because they are on sale and have inviting introductions.

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Drex O.
3.0 Stars

I was running out of budget but I really wanted to get a foot spa. Good thing I saw this deal in Ensogo. More or less 40% off on their foot spa services. 128077

The service was so-so. It seemed to me she was hurrying up tp finish my session and I don't think she did a really good job.

I'm not going back there for my foot spa treatment anymore unless it is via a voucer purchase. Won't pay 500+ for that kind of service. 128528

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Gela P.
3.0 Stars

I bought this service from Ensogo. Not really a mani fan so I got the foot pampering deal only. Massage + pedi + polish for 249. Not bad at all.

Place is clean but they could use new cushions or at least re-upholster what they have. Place not crowded. Service was so-so. I had better elsewhere. The woman in the front desk has an unfriendly voice and tone. Not very warm and welcoming.

Full review + pics in my blog soon.

Will I come back? I have another Ensogo voucher so yeah, probably.

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Muffy T.
3.0 Stars

They have good promos

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