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LG/F Estancia, Meralco Ave., Capitol Commons, Pasig, Metro Manila

Spice & Cleaver
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AlwaysHungryPh P.
3.0 Stars

There was a talk about this new place in Estancia, so yes, I gotta check them out. I went with my team after a long day and ordered quite a lot.

Sausages were okay. They tasted like the ones you have at Santis. Nothing special for Php 280. We got the lamb. Bland and too oily for comfort. What’s good though was underneath it- the sauerkraut and mashed potatoes!

The pizzas were too disappointing for an average of Php 400. The bread is croissant type which was breaking in every bite and too buttery for pizza. I had three slices just because it wasn’t a hit.

The pastas are alright. The team loved the Mushroom Tartufo. Rated higher if it wasn’t Php 450. Too pricey for most items.

The truffle fries was too salty. It had a lot of potential to be a great kicker.

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Mark C.
4.0 Stars

Classic sausages the way they were meant to be consumed

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Sandra Y.
3.0 Stars

Christmas lunch date with my Highschool bffs. We randomly choose the place and we all agree to dine in Spice & Cleaver.

The place is cozy and nice, with more on wood and steel accents that gives artisanal feel. Wooden frames, blackboard menus and dim lights looks great with the accents. This place specializes in steaks and sausage128523

For appetizer we got, Andouille Salad (arugula salad) it has slices of Creole Sausage, with Citrus vineigrette and arugula (P310)- i enjoyed this one since I love arugula! Small serving though, but its quite enough since some of my friends are not into arugula.

Sausage is like a must here. So we did try it. We had Kielbasa and 3 Lil Pigs (P300 each) Served in a plate with virgin mashed potato and sauerkraut (taste like pickled cabbage). The Kielbasa is tasty with garlic and onion, while 3 Lil Pigs is packed with dice chorizo & smoked bacon. I highly recommend Kielbasa128522

We had Wild Mushroom Tartuffo (P380), it has seasonal mushroom in truffle cream sauce. This has a rich truffle taste, though I find it too oily. But with the taste, small serving will do, coz it has an "umay" factor.

We also tried their "Puffiza", the crust is not like the usual pizza, its more like a croissant texture. We had Miss Piggy (P420) pesto sauce! Topped with salami, Italian sausage, forest ham and bacon. Just had a slice, and its quite a heavy. For me its good!

Verdict: for meat lovers this is a good place to try. 🍽

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Cel C.
3.0 Stars

So my friends chose this place. So much for trying to be vegan. 128553

Arugula salad (P310) - first time to try Arugula in a salad. It's a bit bitter. The serving is small for the price. I think this place is a bit expensive nga.

Sausages (P300/pc) - Kielbasa and 3 Lil pigs. The kielbasa was good. With lots of garlic and onion. The 3 lil pigs has sausage bits inside - smoked bacon, chorizo and bratwurst. Did not like this that much.

Puffizza (P420) - classic pizza on a puff dough. We chose Miss Piggy. Argh my friends chose the healthiest on the menu. 🙄 I didn't like this at all. So weird. Pizza with mayo?! Argh.

Pasta - Wild Mushroom Tartuffo (P380). With wild mushroom and truffle cream sauce. So flavorful and creamy. As in masusuya ka so eat in between sausages siguro. This is the only one I liked out of all we ordered.

I guess if you're a meat lover, this is heaven for you. I used to love steak and even treat myself almost every payday but since I am trying to be vegan soon, this place was just wasn't for me right now.

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Ms Y.
4.0 Stars

They offer one of the best steaks in Manila. We ordered medium rare 500g steak good for 2-3persons, and it was savoury :)
We also liked their burger, i forgot its name on the menu :)
We kinda not a fan of their mac and cheese but the preparation of the dish is very very appealing :)

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Lia B.
4.0 Stars

The Sausages are their specialty so we ordered 2 kinds, the Kielbasa and Debreziner. The former is yummier. Gambas is good. And liked their arugula salad. 128522

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Toy G.
4.0 Stars

really good service 5 stars
quite pricey 3stars
we shared
3lil pigs sausages (2 @ P560) very tasty but these sausages were small for the price. served on a bed of mashed potatos & onions 5 stars
truffle fries - 4stars a big serving.
Angus Burger @380. 3 stars good but not great .
Apple pie P250! good for 2-3 well made. should be served warmer . should be great w coffee. 5 stars
overall a 4 on the pricey side .

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Quito J.
4.0 Stars

Excellent schnitzel , and arugula and andouille salad! Simple but done well! Wonderful family dinner! Oh and they have a warm apple pie with carmens best salted caramel ice cream!!! Burp...

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Triggerhappyfoodie C.
5.0 Stars

The moment I tasted their Sausages, I knew I had to bring hubby to this restaurant. We had late dinner here on a Saturday night after running errands and uhm shopping until almost closing time.

We started with the addicting Truffle Fries. Hubby absolutely loves French Fries so we just had to have this. I love the cheese and the subtle presence of truffle oil.

When I spotted BACON on the menu, I knew that the 3 Lil' Pigs was the obvious choice for us. It consisted of smoked bacon, diced chorizo and bratwurst. Everything blended too well together and I couldn't make out which was which. It was delicious though and was perfect with the chunky mashed potatoes and sauerkraut.

When they said that the pork chops would be ginormous, they really meant it. Both were grilled well and still cane out very juicy. We loved everything on the chopping board and would probably come back for this and the sausages and the Fries ...

*visited last July 2016

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Abbey A.
4.0 Stars

Went back to Spice&Cleaver! This time with my parents. Yay for “free” food! Haha

The place was packed, so we ended up sitting outside. I immediately ordered the Lamb + Olive Sausages hihihi then my mom added an order of Caesar Salad, and then we got my dad some Fish and Chips. I personally didn’t like their Fish & Chips the first time, but my mom said that’s the best dish she could think of that my dad would like.. that’s not steak. Hehe

We started with the deconstructed Caesar Salad. First time ever to see a restaurant serve a deconstructed one, which is actually a good thing for picky eaters. Lol they can pick the parts they don’t like out. But I personally wouldn't! Hehehe this was good. The serving looked small, but it was just right for 2, at most 3, people to share.

The Lamb + Olive Sausages were really good too. I think I had one whole one, while my parents shared the other piece. The Lamb wasn’t pungent at all, so it was really pleasant to eat. It also came with some mashed potatoes, which I think lacked some seasoning. And it also came with sauerkraut, which I’m not exactly a fan of.

The Fish & Chips, I didn’t try that one anymore. Hehe

Given the quality, I think the food here is well priced. I just have to save first before I can return. Huhuhu!

And can I just say, props to the Filipino restaurateurs! Pang world class talaga! I say this, not to be offensive, but just to express my awe with how good our chefs: This is a Filipino brand? Hehe Love it! 12852312805510084️💯🇵🇭

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Maan S.
4.0 Stars

I guess I liked their food coz we went back a week after (probably because it's also near our place hehe..)

We tried the following though I only have 1 photo:

•Wild mushroom tartuffo w/ prawns - 3.5/5
I wouldn't mind having it w/o the prawns, 1 serving would have just 2 prawns on top anyway

•Buffalo Chicken fingers - 2/5
Tasted like ordinary chicken fingers, nothing special on this one

•1 of their Traditional sausages w/ Cheese- 4/5
it's not on the menu so I couldn't remember what it's called. Ask the waitstaff for it, there's just 2 sausages not on the menu and both had cheese in it
Loved this one! The sauerkraut complimented the sausage perfectly 10084

•Minestrone soup - 4/5
Good, hearty soup. Perfect to warm up your tummy

Overall rating: 3.5/5
I'll recommend this place to my friends :)

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Kaycee G.
4.0 Stars

boyfie and i wanted to try somethng new and so we decided to check this one out. we ordered their lamb with olive and 3 lil pigs sausage and mushroom tartuffo pasta128525

the sausages were served first. they gorgeously sit on top of mashed potato and sauerkraut128522 then came the tartuffo pasta. everything was good128076🏻 we wanted to try their desserts but we were already full128055

we will definitely come back and try other goodies128077🏻

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Howard G.
5.0 Stars

I forgot to take a photo at the start. Enjoyed the meal so much I almost forgot to take it before I ended.
Lamb in olive sausage. The sausage for any lamb lover. Sooooooooooooooooooooooo good.
Kielbasa sausage is very good. Clean. Simple. Perfect.
Normally not a fan or sauerkraut, but I love theirs.
They also have German draft beer. Which I will try next time.

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Paul G.
5.0 Stars

And because Abbey A recommended, I checked and found out I have not posted my review yet. 🙃
Lunch was courtesy of my very good friend and former GM of Capital Commons.
I ordered the Mexican and man it was good!!!128077128077128526. Not a fan of sauetkraut though lol. Pang atsara lang yata taste buds ko 128514
127867 I don't drink beer but according to my friend, she liked it very much!
Congrats Quito J on your new resto!
Will definitely come back and try the lamb chops!

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Abbey A.
5.0 Stars

I loved everything about this place. The food, the interior, and the service. But I loved the food the most.

I made reservations for 5 last Friday for my birthday treat with friends and I got kind of sad when they told me there's a chance they all had to OT. But luckily I decided to keep the reservations as is and they all got to make it in time for dinner. The speciality of the place are the sauces but all other dishes were good too! There was not even one single dish that disappointed my friends and I.

We had the following:

Truffle Fries- They do it well. The truffle was evenly distributed plus it was crisp on the outside and the right kind of moist in the inside. We had 2 of this.

Lamb + Olive Sausages (2 pieces to be exact) - I'm not a fan of olives but I barely even noticed it. And the taste of lamb was there but it wasn't pungent at all, making it more enjoyable to eat. This came with mashed potatoes and sauerkraut.

Lil' 3 Pigs Sausages (2 pieces) - bacon, chorizo, and bratwurst. Delicious!!! But I preferred the lamb + olive.

Triple Bacon Mac & Cheese - Served in a pot and hot hot hot! The pasta was cooked perfect for the bite but would have been much better for my liking if it had more cheese please!

Lamb Chops - Went for a medium doneness. Juicy and tender but just lacked a little bit of flavor, which might have been because I opted not to put the sauce on it.

For drinks, we had beer and amaretto sour, and I really liked how the waitress kept coming to our table when someone's glass went empty. She would ask if we wanted some more, and the first time my friend said yes, but the second time no more. Hehehe!

Some might think this place is pricey, but with the quality of food and service, I think the price is right. I would definitely come back and I highly recommend Spice and Cleaver to others. Make sure you have sausages when you go here, they're really the star of the show. 128076

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Mary Love S.
4.0 Stars

I was overwhelmed by the new restaurants in Estancia. There are more options now and some of which are fairly new and I have never visited before. One of which is Spice & Cleaver. I spotted this new joint the night I had dinner at UCC Clockwork. And since I can’t wait to try it, I set my sister’s birthday lunch there.

Hello, Spice & Cleaver!

The place had a few seats left when we got there. But we managed to get a couch at the far end as the ones on the sides seem to be set for large groups.

While waiting for my sister, R and I ordered Fish and Chips (PHP499), Wild Mushroom Tartuffo Pasta (PHP350, PHP430 with prawns), Lamb Sausage (PHP280 for one piece) and house blended iced tea (PHP120).

First served was my iced tea which was served in a small glass. It had a nice sweet lemon taste but for PHP120, this is an expensive drink.

Next served was the lamb sausage with mashed potato base. It was juicy and meaty and I loved it with sauerkraut for that extra flavor and different texture.

R was slightly disappointed with the fish and chips. He ordered it primarily because of the fact that Spice & Cleaver uses halibut fillet. But the beer battered fish fillet served wasn’t something at par with what R expected. It was the frozen kind, he said. It was okay though I prefer Chelsea’s or Fish & Co.’s.

My wild mushroom tratuffo pasta seemed like a crowd favorite while we were there as several other tables ordered the same dish.

It was creamy and definitely one heavy dish. The creaminess of the sauce covered the truffle’s taste. I didn’t even get a hint of it. The additional PHP80 for two prawns was also a bummer. It wasn’t as fresh, big or many as I pictured. If ever I crave for this dish, I’ll skip the prawns.

Overall, I liked the sausage while the other two dishes are just okay and the iced tea is overpriced for its serving size. But I’m willing to visit this place again to try the other sausages and pizza.


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Sam T.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Emjay M.
4.0 Stars

I have no idea what we've order but all of it taste good. From pizza to pasta and sausage :)

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Kal K.
4.0 Stars

Grabbed a quick lunch with good friends we haven't seen in a while due to work and life, and we ate at Spice and Cleaver.

Portions are pretty big, price is decently affordable, service was nice and speedy.

I loved their spicy sauce that comes with the sausages, I mixed it with the sweet mustard which balanced out the awesomely spicy-ness of the spicy sauce.

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4.0 Stars

Being a certified carnivore, I love any meat and most of its variations. So when my friend and I were choosing where to eat at estancia, this place caught our attention. Well we were choosing between a salad place and this so this was the clear winner hahaha. 128517

I'm actually surprised I just tried this place now because they have really good food and cocktail drinks (you've got to try their amaretto sour, it's awesome 127864).

Since my friend and I were catching up, we need fuel for our tummies. We tried the following dishes:
128073🏼 The Lamb Olive & Feta sausage and the Mexican sausage
- 2 of their best sellers from their home made artisanal sausages collection. The lamb olive and feta was very savory and flavorful while the Mexican had a kick to It. Both were soooo good! 128523 best paired with beer! If you order their 2 piece sausage set it will come with a generous serving of Sauerkraut and awesome mashed potatoes. Yum! Not bad for 480 as the serving was ginormous. 128561
128073🏼 Truffle pasta
- simple but really flavorful. It didn't have much toppings and not much truffle but it was good. I just wished they used thinner pasta for this.

Overall the food was good and I can't say anything bad about the service. The mall closes at 930 and we arrived 9pm but they accommodated us still even if it was near closing time (we left at 1030 but we gave them a good tip na Lang. The waiter was still all smiles and cracking jokes up to when we left). Definitely a must try for all the carnivores and German food lovers out there. 128076🏼

To summarize (like what I do in my IG chubbyperohappy):
128073🏼128176Value for Money: 3.5 yums
128073🏼128523 Taste: 4 yums
128073🏼️️️9970 Ambiance: 3 yums
128073🏼128129🏻 Service: 5 yums
128073🏼128076🏼 Overall happiness: 4 yums
*The scale is 1 to 5; 5 being the highest*

#chubbyperohappy #spiceandcleaver #loolooapp #sausages

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