Spiffy's Grove

412 El Grande Ave., BF Homes, Parañaque, Metro Manila

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Spiffy's Grove
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Cindy S.
4.0 Stars

Cold brew coffee infused with magic. 10024

Mga bes, eto na yung kapatid ng Unicorn Tears! 128514 This is cold brew coffee with edible glitter. It's pretty and really nice to look at. But the taste? Not so much. Parang plain Nescafé powder na tinubigan lang.

Now I don't want to give Spiffy's Grove a low rating because this is not their product. This is Dapper Coffee's product all the way from Singapore and Spiffy's just brought it here in the PH for anyone who'd want to try it.

Peeps from Spiffy's Grove are actually super nice, their store is in BF Homes, Parañaque but they brought this Glod Brew that I have reserved in their pop-up store in The Grove, Rockwell (they don't sell it there, just the Unicorn Tears) so I would't have to travel all the way to the south. They've been very accomodating since my first purchase of the Unicorn Tears.

Back to the Gold Brew, pang-IG and pang-picture lang siya mga bes. 128514

  • No. of Comments: 6
Patrick V.
3.0 Stars

No unicorns were harmed during the production. It's mythical animal cruelty free! 100% tears of joy!

But let me get straight to the point here.. It's cute. It sparkles. It has a very faint lemonade-y taste to it. (Lemonade tapos natunawan na ng yelo. Ganun siya friend!) I probably wouldn't buy it for myself. It's a little too expensive for me at P500. But if you like cute things that sparkle, unicorns, and you have lots of money to burn, why not!? 🦄

PS: Nakitikim lang ako. I didn't buy. Haha! 128522

  • No. of Comments: 9
Cindy S.
4.0 Stars

No unicorns were harmed in the making of this drink. 🦄

Thank you, Spiffy's Grove for bringing Unicorn Tears here in PH! Created by Dapper Coffee in Singapore, this *magical* drink has been making rounds in social media lately.

Well, I'm sure people are wondering how it tastes like, it's a lemonade drink but when I had my first sip it was just like water with sugar. The taste is kinda disappointing, I know, but I don't give a crap I bought it because it's pretty! Harhar! And I'm a huge unicorn lover so there goes. 128517

Reserve yours now! #ShakeToSparkle #UnicornsAreRealIfYouJustBelieve 128514

  • No. of Comments: 2
Jayson J.
3.0 Stars

It's dazzling, it sparkles, and it's magical.

This store brings something new from Singapore, and it's really interesting.

128204 unicorn tears ! 🦄
From Dapper Coffee located at Singapore started to produce this non-alcoholic and non-caffeinated drink. It costs $10 dollars at Singapore but with all the shipment stuff, i paid PhP500 for this magical stuff. The ingredients of this magical concoction is a secret but according to the article that i've read it came from the tears of a pure bred Mongolian Unicorn named Sparkle. Say whuut??!?! My being patola led me inti researching if there's such thing... wala. Hahaha!

Gold Brew--- you read that right--- is Dapper Coffee's sparkling cold brew drink. You can get it from spiffy's grove as well.

So how does unicorn tears tastes like?

Shake it to see more magical sparkles 10024




It actually tastes like light lemonade with hints of Zim cleanser. Lol. Mejo lasang CR Hahahaha
Was it worth it? Not really. I almost liked it but it did not initiate a sparkle in me to rate it a four star. The Gold brew is intriguing.

Hey i think this would do for a | company drink? Lol. 🥂 10024

  • No. of Comments: 14
Chili G.
4.0 Stars

Finally tried spiffy's grove a couple of weeks ago! Have always wanted to try it but it's either I'm too full from dinner or we'd go for dessert instead. Anyways, headed to el grande one night to check it out.
It's pretty hard to spot especially at night, we had to make a u-turn before the Lopez gate because we missed it. It'll be on your right side coming from Aguirre and you'll see a neon light of an apple. Actually the sign for the massage place is much bigger so watch out for that too.
The place is very laid back. No a/c maybe to keep the outdoorsy vibe. Palette furniture and big pillows serve as tables and there's a long table in the middle made of palettes too.
The pleasant owner-couple was there and they were kind enough to give some recos. We've only tried cider once, a couple of years ago in Paris. I remember it being a bit tart and sweet, almost like shandy. We got the sweet kind and settled down to enjoy our drinks. They have a cat too, spot it in the pic 128540
The cider was pretty good! Very refreshing but with the same alcohol content as beer 128513
Mejo mainit nga Lang cos there's no ac and just a few ceiling fans. I
Will go back maybe pag December or January na pag mejo Malamig na.

  • No. of Comments: 2
Jayson J.
5.0 Stars

Yeah! that rainy evening, @denn and @elain were amenable in hanging out at spiffy's for a chill. This is the right opportunity to try new things at this grove

128204 getta pear cider
This is the counter part if the cheeky apple. This one tastes bitter--similar to cali; actually, bery much like cali but with a stronger alcohol content. Gladys was right about it. You're gonna like the apple flavor more especially if you got a sweet tooth.

128204128525 crooked apple cider
It's big! We even shared it among the 3 of is. I glass each (including ice) it tastes sooo good. Much flavorful than the three oaks cheeky apple cider.

128204128525 dumplings
Thanks gladys for letting us try this one! Comes in two flavors: chicken and pork.
This is nothing Chinese tasting but i like that it's really flavorful. The chicken was tasty and the pork was flavorful. I suggest you try the pork if you want heavier. (Cause pork just tastes so sinful and fulfilling!)

128204128525 banana nutella jaffles
Banana and nutella in cinnamon toast! Really tasty. Here's something crunchy ang sweet! This one can be seen under the dessert jaffles.

What's also new are the cool inflatable couches! So millenial. Bagay sa mga katulad ko. Lol!

What's also new are the increased prices. Hehe... By 5pesos? But all worthy.

  • No. of Comments: 13
Elaine O.
5.0 Stars

Very casual and cool vibe, amazing cider and drinks selection, and delicious food make Spiffy's Grove a fantastic new addition to El Grande food scene.

Service was quick and friendly and I can't wait to come back here to try more items and more importantly, try more ciders Cheers to the owners, Gladys and Nick 127867 for putting up the first cider bar in the country.

Three Oaks Cider (Cheeky Apple and Getta Pear)
- first time to try cider and i find it delicious, crisp, and refreshing (and more on the sweet side)

Crooked Apple Cider 128077128077
- less sweet and totally refreshing

Dumplings (Creamy Chicken Pesto and Pork and Apple)
- Chicken and pork meat were tender and flavorful and the fresh veggies on the side were an interesting touch

Jaffles (Banana Nutella) 128536
- the sandwhich was heaven and perfect for the rainy day

  • No. of Comments: 15
Jayson J.
5.0 Stars

Hooray Parañaque again and since the epic fail at the gym leave me no choice but to explore newbies around the area, i recalled a cool sounding name discovered by Dennis O and Elaine O called spiffy.

I almost did not find the place since it's not that visible (small kasi). But i suggest once you're at el grande (after jakarta) start looking at the address number "412" infront a designer botique beside Ble.

I met its owner Gladys (Filipino/SG) and Nick (Aussie). They were playing with their cat named Kit when i arrived. The place is a cool one. It got a tropical vibe--reggae feels and wooden boxes as chairs and colorful pillows. Included in the perfect tropical ambience is the super strong electric fans that acts like a beach breeze in the afternoon 128540

Having called a cider bar, this is something new in our country. Ciders are alcoholic beverages too like beers but unlike beers, its main ingredients are fruits (mostly apples) as opposed to wheat or hops in beers. These ciders are bubbly and light but contain a little more alcohol as compared to normal beers.

The idea of the name 'spiffy' came from the couple's cafe experience at Singapore. There's a cafe also named Spiffy that they frequently visit, then after they moved to another place, they started calling cafes (in which they had difficulty remembering the name) Spiffy-- hence Spiffy's Grove.

128204128525 pimms and lemmonade @php105
This is gin based (but super duper light--i did not notice it has alcohol in it) it fizzles so good. Real fruity with apples, pears, kiwis and mint leaves. Wanna get that tropical feel? Try this! (although this is British) it's perfect for a hot afternoon--lalo na traffic at el grande.

128204128525 three oaks cheeky apple @100php
Here's a cider. I was curious. Tried this and compared Christopher G's apple pie soda and beers..-- but it really is different! (Cannot compare) To chart it, this cider is between mr. G's apple pie soda and beer. This cheeky apple got the initial taste of sweet apples and has bitter endings of a beer. What's good is that it does not hit hard like a beer. I kind of doubted that it was really a 5% alcohol, but hey, who am i to argue? This is cider anyway. Most people get it wrong daw says Gladys. Cider is alcoholic guys.

They have food options too and excited to try their jaffles in my next visit. Jaffles are not combines words like croughnuts-- it's a term for snacks made during camps. Nick told me they'll be releasing (released already) a dessert jaffle called banana nutella... Also would like to try the crooked apple cider and getta pear cider!

Parking is a little challenging since it can only accommodate 2 cars.. I parked beside the designer botique--there's an elaborated grove. There's no wifi here but a lot of power outlets. It should be good if you have a pocket wifi. CR is upstairs. Get the CR keys from the counter--yup it's a shared CR for all units at 412. Nonetheless it's clean.

I hope people would visit and discover the place; popularize ciders here in the philippines. 128077🏼128077🏼

  • No. of Comments: 8
Dennis O.
4.0 Stars

Another new relaxing beach like vibe in El Grande sides of BF have opened. Just beside Ble, this new place got a nice vibrant relax kind of vibe. Spiffy's Grove is own by a couple, an Aussie male and a pinay. They transformed the open air resto to a beach like resto with woods, grass and colorful pillow as its main motif.

For the menu they've got a very simple menu and perfect for snacks and chilling. We tried out their Corned Beef Hash Jaffle. This is my 1st time to came across the word Jaffles but this is aussie slang term for sandwhich maker. I love their sandwhich that has a crunchy texture. The cornedbeef hash is nothing special but it was good. I also love the fresh veggies that comes with it. Another food that we tried is the pork and apple dumplings. I love the sweet flavor of the apple that blends well with the savory pork. The veggies again that comes with this was good very crispy fresh. For the drinks I tried the Lemon lime bitters. Got a strong taste of cinnamon and got a refreshing lime soda kick. Also love it.

Overall love this new place and foods are cheap everything in the menu are less than 200php. Love to come back to try some of their Aussie craft beer. The owner are also very friendly. 9786

  • No. of Comments: 16