Spoon Eat + Drink

2/F, 319 Aguirre Ave., BF Homes, Parañaque, Metro Manila

Spoon Eat + Drink
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Most Recent Reviews

Erick B.
5.0 Stars

This place always reminds me why it's great to live in the south. Every dish they serve is a must try!

I love their peri-peri chicken. Comfort food at a high-level! Perfectly cooked inside and out, the skin gives that slight crunch as you bite through the delicious and flavorful meat.

Oh, and the slaw that comes with the chicken is awesome. This is the only time I appreciated the taste of bell pepper. It's a perfect ending note that balances the tangy flavor of the cream.

Friends, I urge you to try this place! The traffic is worth it!

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Eboy D.
4.0 Stars

For a Friday night this restaurant had a quiet chill vibe. We decided to have dinner here after i recommended it to my friends after they finished working (more like casual chika on the side) at nearby Seattles Best Coffee. Little did i know that my friend used to be schoolmates with one of the owners (they exchanged hi hellos after we entered). My friend is 7 months pregnant and the steep stairs was quite a challenge for her (and me too). The interiors had a stripped down industrial feel with the edison light fixtures, calligraphy wall art, exposed cement and wood furnitures.

The food portioning and price points are very inticing and to some extent deceiving. I was intrigued by the 120pesos watermelon and peach salad, so when our order arrived we were surprised it was served on a small tin bowl. It was literally a couple of pieces of each fruit. Not enough for sharing but for 120pesos some may say it was priced appropriately but we find it lacking. The flavors though was delicious, the fruit was lightly grilled then served on top of the greens with oil based dressing. The Peri Chicken thighs came next and it was really flavorful. It came with a slaw salad. It paired well with the Dirty Rice and Smashed Pototoes. We also had unlimited servings of their Complimentary Popped Corn. The Eggplant Parmigiana was love! It was cheesy and delicious. Everything was wiped off our plates.

Service was cordial and very friendly. Water was served without delay. Their daily specials are posted on the wall so if you are feeling adventurous and would like something off the menu then try the chef specials. Space is quite small. Good for intimate gatherings.

We paid for our meals. Will visit again and try the Osso Bucco.

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Ivy R.
4.0 Stars

We made a reservation for dinner at Spoon, a relatively top-rated restaurant along the foodie street of Aguirre Ave., BF Homes. The reviews were positive, so we had high hopes. We ordered eggplant parmigiana and chicken periperi. The chicken had a side of salad with your choice of dressing. I chose the sriracha dressing. The food was lovely, and that sriracha dressing was the bomb! My only complaint is the lack of good service by the front of house staff, and the noise level of the place when it gets crowded. I proceeded to let the chef-owner know, and she promised to improve things. She's genuinely accommodating and a very talented chef. All in all the resto shows a lot of potential, and I'll definitely come back, despite the minor hitch that I experienced.

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Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

Okay. So this was my second dinner for the night. Spoon can be found on the second floor and cannot be really seen from outside because its signage is small and the other restaurant's signages beside it literally over powers it.

Parking is a bit challenging because the parking in front of it belongs to the cluster of restaurants and is easily filled up especially on a Friday night. However, thank the heavens there's an available slot near the seafood resto about 100meters away from it. The nice bouncer allowed us to park there.

So we entered the restaurant and i was kinda wowed by the ambiance. The place is small, rectangular but it was warm and a little classy. The kitchen will surprise you at the entrance. We almost did not get a seat because the (approximately) 30 spacer for dine were full. Good thing a group was almost done eating. So we finally got a place to sit!

128204 roasted cauliflower soup
Was just okay. Creamy and a little bland. Need to have pepper to taste. It was hot. Dennis O requested to divide it into two.

128204128525 chai porkbelly with curry veggie
I love the crispy thin skin, the tender meat and generous fat portion. The curry veggie beside it were colorful and adds a kick to the oily dish.

128204128525 chicken peri-peri sticks
Elaine O and i really like the well marinated chicken skewers. The chicken has generous portion of fats too and really tender too. I find it dry on the outside but were really super juicy inside a little salty but i appreciate the peri peri flavor.

Total damage for the whole group was 800+
But these were absolutely good dishes to try!

CR is located downstairs. And it's clean but scary kasi it's dark papunta. Lol. WIFI is a bit crappy and a few outlets too.

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Elaine O.
5.0 Stars

This little NYC like place located along BF Homes Aguirre is already starting to have a following. It may be the food, the ambiance or the nice and accommodating staff that they are after, but no matter what this place is definitely one of the “it” place now in Aguirre 9786.

I love the interiors of this place and the vibe that it radiates. It has a chill vibe where customers can laze, chat with friends or do some office work. I also love that the customers can see how they prepared the food since the kitchen is only enclosed by glass.

The food portion may be small but it tastes good and beautifully presented. Me and my friend ordered Eggplant Parmiagana, Chicken Peri Peri with Sriracha Lime slaw, Quinoa Tabbouleh Salad, Café Latte and the Peach Italian Soda.

Of all the food that we ordered, I love the Chicken Peri Peri the most since it juicy and has a mild and tangy flavor.
The service.

This place really knows what quality service means. The staff and the owner are very nice and accommodating. They constantly checked on us if we need something or if the food is ok.

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May C.
5.0 Stars

It was food porn! Plus interiors were very cozy. Just a few seating. We ordered the Bacon wrapped veggies for appetizers and osso buco for our main. You could taste the various flavors in the osso buco. Not overwhelming, beef was tender. Bacon was perfectly cooked. Wow. Service was top notch. Food came out quickly. I was surprised. Didnt expect food to be great, it was foodgasmic. Will definitely be back. Doesnt hurt to try a hole in wall restaurant once in a while.

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Dennis O.
5.0 Stars

Back again to Spoon Eat+Drink. This time we came for dinner. We ordered a simple meal of Quinoa Salad, EggPlant Parmigiana and Peri Peri Chicken. They also serve a complementary popcorn while you wait for your dish.128077
128205Quinoa Salad - this salad is for the uber health conscious. Quinoa with tomato and Feta cheese. Taste great but not for the people who expect the typical salad.
128205EggPlant Parmigiana - this one reminds me of a greek dish Moussaka. A lasagna with less guilt. I love this one tasted great in a healthy way. Love burnt crunchy side of the dish.
128205PeriPeri Chicken - have always been a fan of Peri Peri Chicken. They version comes with four thigh of peri chicken. Love the dry skin with full juicy flavor in the inside.

For me SpoonEat+Drink will now take over the void left behind by Don Limone and TheBullandTheGirl. Great food and ambience. Perfect for your date. 128518128077

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Dennis O.
5.0 Stars

Wow this place look so nice. Eventhough it was a very small resto tuck on the 2nd floor of pig out and garage88 they were able to transform it to such a beauty. The place reminds me of Dan Humphrey's brooklyn pad (Gossip Girl). Read some background about the place and there I found out that the place is indeed NY inspired. 128525

Whats funny was we thought the place was a coffee shop. We have already completed our dinner from some other resto in BF. So we just ordered a coffee but we were salivating with every food being served on the other table. The peri peri chicken looks good and we can here them talking that it was really delicious. Haaay if only we were not so full. Anyway next time next time.

For sure we'll be back for their food! I'll give this place 5 star for the great coffee and ambience of the place. The owner were also friendly. For sure this will be next hit in BF Aguirre.128512128076

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Ruth S.
4.0 Stars

Right after dinner at Gourmet's we walked straight here for dessert. Located at the second floor is this mini cafe. Same building with Garage 88 and Whistle & Pig? Just 15-20 steps away from Gourmet's. 128513 The place is just small. There are around 7 tables that can accommodate at most 20 pax? It's so small but surprisingly, they were able to design and decorate it so nicely and so good. And so pretty and amazing. Everything, every furniture, and decorations placed worked so good together. One of the prettiest and cutest and most Instagram-worthy place I have ever seen. A NY inspired cafe that serves comfort food at your friendly neighborhood - BF Homes. 128513128518

The menu is simple. They have salad, soup, spinach dip, pasta, mains like roasted chicken, chicken peri peri, lamb burger, and a lot more. But we went specifically here for the desserts. They only have 2 desserts available during our visit -- the Dark Chocolate w Strawberries cake (150) and Carmen's Best Ice Cream (120/scoop).

The cake was oh sooooo rich, heavy, and thick but chocolatey and sinfully goooooood! Plus the fresh strawberries were sweet. For 150 pesos, this was really sulit. Sarap!!! Would have been even better if it wasn't that rich & thick/heavy. But still good! 128517 The ice cream paired well with the cake. The only available flavor was He's not worth it. First time trying Carmen's Best and the hype is real! It was good, creamy, yummy, and oh so worth it!!! 128525128076🏼

It was a good call that we decided to just eat dessert here since the food were all kindy pricey and not as interesting and based from observation, serving size was too small, as well (Sorry 128546). But if we have extra money (I wish), we might try it here. MIGHT. Oh well. It was a very nice restaurant, perfect for chill date nights w your loved ones, friends, or even with your family. And service is really good. The servers and the chef were all nice, warm, and friendly! 128513128077🏼

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