Sprinkles Cakeshop & Restaurant

Santiago Bldg., Arellano St., Dagupan, Pangasinan

Sprinkles Cakeshop & Restaurant
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Most Recent Reviews

Abi L.
5.0 Stars

their spicy gambasetti is the best pasta i have ever tasted so far in dagupan. 165(or 169 cant remember) pesos pero good for 2 ung servings nila marami!!. laging hati kmi ng asawa ko pag nagoorder kami.

their dynamite(119pesos) also is good iyon ang binabalik balikan ko.
also try their creamy iced mocha 95 pesos and taco and fries yummy!

their pastries? so far medyo hindi ko yata natimingan ung bagong gawa na cake so hindi na ako nagoorder nun.

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Mc S.
5.0 Stars

Sprinkles Cakeshop and Restaurant

If you want to experience light desserts and meals visit Sprinkles Cake Shop and Restaurant. The place is like a candy house. All corners were variously decorated with vibrant colorful things. And the best part of our experience is that, they offer a very affordable price. They serve All Day Breakfast, Appetizers, Pastas and Rice Meals. We have tried Tapsilog and Longsilog. It was awesome. Their Sisig Rice meal is a must try. You wouldn't miss their Dynamite too one of their bestsellers for appetizer. Tinapa Pasta and Aligue Pastas are of good choices too. House Blend tea for the win!


Si usted quiere experimentar luz postres y comidas visitan chispitas de pastelería y restaurante. El lugar es como una casa de dulces y bien ventilado. Todos los rincones vario fueron decorados con cosas de colores vibrantes. Y la mejor parte de nuestra experiencia es que ofrecen un precio muy asequible. Sirven todos de día de desayuno, aperitivos, Pastas y platos de arroz. Hemos intentado Tapsilog y Longsilog. Fue impresionante. Su comida de Sisig Rice es una prueba. No pierda su dinamita también uno de sus Best-sellers para aperitivo. Pasta de TinaPOS y Aligue Pastas son buenas opciones también. ¡Casa de té de la mezcla por la victoria!

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Scy L.
5.0 Stars

Third time's a charm?

This time I came here with a little girl who loves cupcakes and cakes as much as I do. She oohed and ahed at the sight of the place and reconciled it with Kim Chiu's Mr. Right music video. Probably because of the colors.

This time we ordered a couple of slices of cake, the Chocolate and Oreo matcha, plus a blueberry cupcake to take home.

The Chocolate cake was perfect! Their specialty are really cakes! The chocolate sponge was smooth and soft, and the icing was a slightly bitter dark chocolate. The filling in between though was sweet! So it was perfect!

The Matcha oreo cheesecake was also great. Not the best sp far but better than others I've tried. It has an oreo crust and cream cheese matcha layer. Slightly sweet.

And the cupcake! They let you choose the color of sprinkles you want to top it off with!

I would say we were satisfied. :)

For more pictures, please visit my IG account @gastronomicaladventures

If you still haven't read my previous post about this place, you can visit my site http://gastronomicaladventuresph.com

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Scy L.
4.0 Stars

Alright, welcome to Part 2 of my review for this place. If you haven't read the first part, you can follow this link. Basically, it just tells you how I found the place, how it looks and the first taste test of their scrumptious Blueberry Cheesecake!

Second time around was with my high school best friend. She's vegetarian by the way, and eggs are not allowed, so her menu choices were pretty slim. She went for the blueberry cheesecake, also her fave cake.

While we decided to give their rice meal and pasta a try. We ordered the Liempo Rice dish and Salmon Pasta. We also ordered a glass of drinks each, namely, the Cucumber juice, Strawberry Plunge and a mug of Homemade milk tea. We also decided to order the Dynamite sticks thinking that it didn't have any meat. Good thing we asked. It does contain meat after all but gave it a go anyway.

Our ordered didn't take long to arrive. As for the taste, I wasn't able to try the liempo, but my friend said it was okay. Not really the best liempo ever, but fair enough for the price I guess.

The Salmon pasta looked amazing when it was served. I loved how they incorporated fresh basil leaves, but to be honest, it was kinda dry.

The dynamite sticks was almost the best thing, however (sigh) it was partnered with diced tomatoes. I would suggest perhaps a cheese or mayo dip instead, but whatever.

Since I wasn't really satisfied with what I had, I decided to order desser. The New York's Cheesecake. My straight off the bat opinion is, if you haven't tried Starbucks' NY cheesecake, then this would be quite good! I love the salty cinnamon graham crust, and the chewy body. I guess their specialty would really be cakes. So go for cakes.

Juices and drinks are alright.

This place is more for hanging out and chilling with your girl friends, bf/gf and tropa. They have free wifi and a huge flatscreen TV playing various movies from chick flicks to reality action dramas.

Service was quick and even if they were busy preparing for bulk orders, they still managed to serve three tables with no problems.

I will be coming back soon. Planning to invite a little kiddo who loves cupcakes and cakes as much as I do!

For more mouth watering pictures, you can always visit my Instagram @gastornomicaladventures
Facebook /gastronomicaladventures
Twitter @LA_gastroadv_PH

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Scy L.
5.0 Stars

I haven't been in Dagupan for a few months now. Recently, I came home to witness and welcome our President Duterte in the last leg of the Presidential debates held at my alma mater, The University of Pangasinan.

The whole Arellano street roads were closed from BPI Arellano to our subdivision near the crossing of Bonuan and De Venecia (new) road. So I had to walk from Nepo Mall to the crossing. That is when I noticed this place.

Standing in front of it, I saw how adorable it looked with the striped sunshade/roof, my favorite (color) swinging doors and the embedded menu on the glass windows shaded by pink blinds. If you watch these shows on TV (TLC or ETC), it will remind of the two sisters owning a cupcake shop.

I decided to take a detour and stepped right in to the inviting place. The interior decor screamed summer and girly! The color theme was pastel and all so cutesy. It's like every girl's dream.

I was in quite a rush so I scanned their cakes on the fridge and decided to grab a slice of Blueberry cheesecake to go. I introduced myself to the owner, a beautiful lady, and told her I would be back soon.

Later that night, I tried the simple looking cake and was taken by it's surprising taste. It has a secret ingredient!

The cheesecake was gelatinous, and the salted crust contrasted the sweetness of the blueberry syrup. Because of their secret ingredient, you can set it apart from your other blueberry cheesecakes! I won't tell. You'd have to try it for yourself.

I vowed to return to try the other flavors! And maybe a few dishes and drinks!

Stay tuned for part 2!

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