S.R. Thai Cuisine

965 P. Noval St., Sampaloc, Manila, Metro Manila

S.R. Thai Cuisine
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Tin S.
3.0 Stars

Dined alone. Ordered 3 dishes and iced tea. Beef rice - not tasty. Pad thai - not for me; not my type of noodles; and I find the sweet/sour/peanuty taste unappealing. Hot and sour seafood soup - I actually liked this one but it really has a small serving. I was expecting to be served a lemon iced tea (the usual) pero the iced tea that they serve is milk tea. Tastes good actually.

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Glenn E.
3.0 Stars

Whenever I go to a Thai Resto, Pad Thai would come always come up in my mind. It was a rainy afternoon when my friend and I had our lunch here before I go to work for PM Shift.

The place was ok and the service was good. We ordered...

Pad Thai. It wasn't the best but it's good considering the serving and price. I found it too sweet already so I didn't the brown sugar on the side of the plate.

Mango Salad. It's taste like Ensaladang Mangga. I think It's their own version of it. Nothing special but friend told me it was good.

Seafood Soup. It was so-so. Flat noodles were a bit tough.

Sticky Rice. I was expecting a solid food but when it was served it just a Ginataang Mais. It's too sweet that we were not able to finish it.

Thai Iced Coffee. Again, it's so sweet and I was expecting a different twist or taste but sadly It's tasted liked a 3-in-1 coffee with iced.

Overall, the foods were sweet. Argh!

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Tyn J.
2.0 Stars

The branch at Dapitan serves much better food. This branch serves tapsilog and other food so it's not entirely thai food.

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Lee Anne E.
2.0 Stars

Uhm I think Thai foods weren't my type at all

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DarkstarM D.
2.0 Stars

I remember UST days at this place. That was 1st year college and I was not yet a Thai food fan and everything seemed pricey for me (my allowance was small during college) so when we ate here, I was unhappy due to their food price and I didn't even remember the taste of the food which I ordered back then.

During my leave and as I recover from measles, I decided to go to UST and pick up my long overdue TOR and I got very excited since there are a lot of new food places since I graduated. But when I was there, I realized I'd probably go to the old time Thai resto near Dapitan.

• FOOD - I was probably disappointed 9 years back that's why I didn't even remember what I ordered and never went back for the next 4 years in Biology. Today, I ordered my usual in every Thai resto that I go to--- bagoong rice and thai iced tea. I was disappointed! The mango was not fresh, the pork had 75% fat, 25% meat, the bagoong rice didn't taste like bagoong rice. The thai milk tea tasted okay though just like the rest of the Thai resto (I think they have the same supplier). Unfortunately I don't eat fat so I was unhappy.

• PRICE - 105php for the bagoong rice was definitely affordable! Thai iced tea was a bit expensive at 35php and its just a small glass.

• CREW - An additional to my review, the "crew". They were unpresentable. Sorry but I just had to say this, their hair were not properly clipped, scattered all over their face, and their bearing is just too lousy for a waiter. For the food and price I was expecting more. What bothers me the most is that while I was eating, they were watching me as if they want to eat me! Some were even sleeping on the table in front of me. Amp.

• SERVICE - They were lame. When I asked for their wifi password, the cashier told me she didn't know. Wth?! Although they were fast. My orders arrived less than 5 minutes. So I am guessing their food are not freshly cooked.

• PLACE - When I arrived, I was the only customer so I automatically looked at my watch and realized its 1500H, so maybe the students are at their respective classes or cutting classes with their boyfriends at P. Noval drinking. I noticed the chairs and tables to be old, not well- maintained and it seemed to me the place is like a carinderia with an aircon. The kitchen was even situated in front of me so I can see all their cooking pans, big rice cooker and the utensils being served. I find it inappropriate.

• PARKING - There are a lot of parking but you have to do parallel parking during peak hours (lunch, dinner).

Overall, I was unhappy. I want to say the food was okay but being a Thai food fan, I find it oh sooo terrible! At least I tried it again and remembered how terrible their food was. If you want to try authentic Thai (cheap) go for Som's and (expensive) go to My Thai. :)

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