St. Francis de Assisi Parish

Siquijor Circumferential Rd. cor. Santa Fe St., Siquijor, Siquijor

St. Francis de Assisi Parish
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Casey D.
4.0 Stars

This will welcome you along with the "welcome to Siquijor" sign. I wasnt able to go inside though. This looks old but still well-maintained.

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Christa U.
4.0 Stars

You know how when you visit a place you've been to before - in my case Siquijor, and you try to recall if you've been to every tourist spot or popular historical site? That was me this week when I was back in Siquijor. I was trying to recall if I had been to the places we were planning to go to on our 2016 trip, which me and my cousins were all not new to, except for one cousin whose first time it was.

Back to the St Francis de Assisi parish, I was trying to remember if I had been here before...mostly because of the superstition that you get to make a wish when you visit a church you've never been to before. 128513

Aside from that reason, we opted to drop by here since it's right outside of the port of Siquijor (you can't miss it!). My architect cousin had so much fun explaining to us about how old churches such as this one, especially in the province, used egg white as a sealing material and how the stones that make the church are made of coral and other local material. Besides basking in the air of Siauijor, we got an interesting and educational lesson, something I think which we got from our uncles who even in our last trip to Siquijor, made it a point to teach us something worthwhile.

Luckily, there weren't any other people there when we arrived at 9 or so in the morning.

Sadly, we couldn't visit the nearby belfry because some construction was ongoing on the church grounds at the time we were there.

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King Francis O.
5.0 Stars

Just because my name is Francis. Loljk.

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Zia M.
5.0 Stars

You'll be welcomed by their Siquijor sign and at the back is the famous church and bell tower.

Be sure to drop by and pray for your trip. 128591🏼

I would like to take this opportunity to share our experience in Siquijor last Second week of May. It was indeed the most memorable trip we ever had.

First is that we expect a lot of freaky faces and "aswangs" and all that but we were welcomed by warm smiles and cool people.

Second is that, we experienced the most bizarre thing ever, we opted to stay in an air-conditioned room somewhere in San Juan, just to find out that there will be a BLACK OUT in the area!!! 128561128561128561 Imagine, no lights in that sitio in Siquijor! To top that, while we were staying out in our room, our male friend freaked out and keep telling that he was licked by a cat! 128518 He was really scared that the cat might turn into something crazy and all that. 128514

And lastly, the place is just completely wonderful. Get away from the city and indulge yourself in the creations of God. No wifi, no signal, no electricity. Just pure adventure. 128099

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