St. Jude Parish

J. Laurel St., Manila, Metro Manila

St. Jude Parish
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Polyn G.
5.0 Stars

St. Jude Church is very famous for students especially the board and bar reviewees like me. They said that St. Jude is miraculous and is indeed the Patron of Hopeless. Every thursday people of all ages goes to St. Jude located in Malacañang Manila to pray and have Novena. It is a practice of Catholics wherein they go to church once a week on that said day of the feast of a particular saint.

In the afternoon they have 4, 5, and 6pm mass. The mass is usually about 30mins only compared to the usual sunday mass which is usually one hour. The next 30mins of the mass is the novena part.

I suggest that you purchase a copy of the articles of worship of St. Jude for personal your own use also. It only cost P20.00, and you can buy one along Malacañang.

There is also a corner full of candles for the personal prayers of the devotees of St. Jude. A candle cost P2.00 only.

If you are planning to go here for a Novena I suggest you go early because they close the door of the church as they start so it will not be that hot inside, but they have a projector outside in case you will not make it on time.

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Anthony C.
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I love attending Sunday Mass in St. Jude

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Kara G.
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Been here countless times since St Jude's become my patron saint. I have completed the 9 Thursdays only twice, and I hope I can do it again this year.

For those not in the know, if you complete 9 consecutive Thursdays of hearing mass at this church, people have come to believe that your wishes/prayers/pledges come true. Sometimes even halfway through the 9. It has happened to me so I'm really not a skeptic.

The church itself is beautiful. Sometimes during the hot days, it can get irksome, since it's open and isn't airconditioned. And the vast number of devotees add to the cumbersome feeling. For me worth it ung travel and the lagkit feeling since sumasamba at nagdadasal naman.

I also love this church because of its accessibility. You can take the LRT from Cubao or FX from
Commonwealth or your private transpo. Parking isn't a problem, traffic lang.

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