St. Marc Café

Evia Lifestyle Center, Daang Hari Rd., Las Piñas, Metro Manila

St. Marc Café
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Chili G.
5.0 Stars

My family loves to have dessert after meals even if it's just some ice cream or coffee. So after our Christmas lunch, headed over to St Marc's in Evia to sate our sweet cravings.
I just got my usual choco croc and iced coffee while my sister tried the Mt Fuji which is like a Danish with yummy ice cream on top. My niece and dad shared a choco banana split and my mom got her own cone.
They've redecorated a bit and changed the worn leather seats 128077🏼 great place to go to if you can't decide to have coffee or ice cream or both.

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Chili G.
5.0 Stars

After our delicious lunch at dampa, headed over to evia to walk around a bit and look for some dessert. Hubby hasn't been here in a while so he was quite surprised how big the mall has become. It just keeps on expanding and expanding! Roaming around, we ended up at St Marc's Cafe. We both like St Marc's since it's Greenbelt Days so we decided to give it a shot again. I've always liked the choco croc so was super happy to see that there's a choco banana version now! Yay! Paired this with their iced mocha which was huge for only ₱150. Even brought half of it home. Hubby tried one of their new items which was the CroToast - it's like a flaky, buttery croissant topped with 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream. Though you've to wait 15 minutes for it, it's worth the wait! It wasn't too sweet and the ice cream went well with the croissant! Needless to say, it was gone in 30 seconds 128514 I also looved the choco banana choco croc, the size was just right though I think I could've eaten more lol. service was good too.
Saw their Parfaits coming out to be served and they were huge! Might try that next time.

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Chariz R.
4.0 Stars

Tried this Cafe in Evia Lifestyle Center near in our Village, lucky me coz I purchased a Metrodeal Voucher costs Php300 (for a food and drinks worth Php500), that can claimed any day, anytime 128522

I ordered their best seller Chococro (a crossant filled with delicious chocolate and topped with crunchy nuts) and a large cap of Iced Caramel Latte. My partner ordered their Bitter Mocha Smoothie and Tuna Potato and Ham Sandwich.

Chococro Php55
Large Iced Caramel Latte Php170
Large Bitter Mocha Smoothie Php180
Tuna Potato and Ham Sandwich Php150

Total of Php555 - so I pay the existing Php55 from the Php500 worth of Voucher.

A chocolate lover like us will surely love the Chococro, it's a bit small but it's super delicious. Loving the chocolate filling coz it tastes like my favorite Meiji Chocolate plus the effect of crunchy nuts on top.🥐
Their Iced Caramel Latte is not too sweet, it's actually a bit bitter for me. The Large size was surprisingly Big 128514
I also tried the Tuna Potato sandwich for this review, It's like the usual sandwich and I don't find anything special about their sandwich but its still yummy.
The Bitter Mocha Smoothie was great. My partner loved it.

Place was beautiful, though we visited the cafe late lunch time, so the cafe is full or I guess its because of the metrodeal promo. The place is very comfortable, they have a fast wifi signal.

We will surely going back and try their Icecreams! 127846

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3.0 Stars

It's either I don't order dishes or St. Marc should just stick to desserts. My katsu burger was really bland but fries & bun were good. Perfect serving size for a hungry camper too. The carbonara should have been called carbonara noodles bec it seemed like I was eating noodles and not pasta at all. Very soggy and bland as well. The chelsea flavored croissants with chestnut filling were too sweet as expected but it was holidays back then, so..128541.

Service here is bad too, we asked them to serve & heat the dessert after our mains and when we requested for it, they just handed back the plate & tray we gave them first. We didn't know it was pasty cold until we had our first bite, so there goes a good experience sana lol also, from where we were seated, which had access to the staff area, the staff were being noisy & inconsiderate of the clients near that area. Anyway, still a fan but yeah, these things happen, I guess.🙂

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John S.
4.0 Stars

Sarap pala ng choco cro haha. Also liked the banana split. Ambiance was comfy and relaxing despite the large crowd, so it's a good place to chill out.

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Ruth S.
4.0 Stars

Asked my mom if we can go to Evia since I've been wanting to try the Banana Walnut Chococro (and this is the only St Marc here in the South!!!!! 128546) I was able to try the Original Chococro before and liked it. Flaky croissant with chocolate filling! How can you possibly not like that, right? I love bananas so this is something I need to try ASAP! 128155127820

Ordered right a way then once we're settled and I'm done taking photos, I tried it right away and... The Banana Walnut Chococro was good. I liked that there were enough chocolate and banana inside. The croissant was baked just right, too. But it's not something I'll be craving for soon. I still like my peanut butter + banana + cinnamon combo. 128513

I also tried their Matcha Latte. 127861 Surprisingly, I liked this drink. I can really taste the matcha and I loved that it was served really hot. 128154

And oh, we also tried the yogurt + mango dessert parfait something (sorry! 128517) and it was good. Again, like the chococro, it was bitin. But the mango cubes were sweet! There's even cornflakes at the bottom of the cone. 128513

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Chachi L.
4.0 Stars

It was a fine Sunday afternoon when we decided to go to Evia Lifestyle Center to tour my sister since she haven't been to this mall yet. It was past lunch and nearing afternoon snack time so we opted to have merienda and coffee at St.Marc's Cafe.

St.Marc's is most famous for their Chococro or Choco Croissant and their instagram worthy ice cream based desserts but apart from that there is so much more to this restaurant as they also serve freshly baked pastries, sandwiches and even pasta. They also offer a wide variety of coffee drinks which can be served hot or cold.

During our visit, we ordered the following which we really enjoyed

* Bacon and Cheese Croissant - this was a bit small from the usual croissant that I eat. The croissant is cut open in thw middle then is stuffed with cheese and bacon. The taste is good however it is a bit pricey.
* Tuna Potato Danish - my parents enjoyed this bread and was surprised with the components of the dish. I was not able to taste this but given that my folks didn't say anything bad about it so it must be good.

* Carbonara - My sister ordered this dish and it is really delicious. Have I known that it would be that great, I should have ordered another one just for myself. First off, it is interesting enough that the pasta has a raw egg at the center. At first I didn't know if it will blend well with the carbonara sauce but upon mixing it, the egg helped the pasta sauce to be more creamy.

We also ordered coffee and since it was a hot afternoon, we preffered cold drinks. Their medium sized Iced Mocha and Iced Vietnam coffee were really huge much more like a Venti drink already. I loved that they made the Vietnam Coffee in the traditional way where the condensed milk is at the bottom of the glass and you'd have to mix it to apply some sweetness to the drink. They also serve an affogato just in case you are tired of the usual coffee drinks.

Overall, the place has a lot to offer with a wide range of food and drinks which you'd want to order all at once though the items are a bit pricey. Next time, I might try their desserts.

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Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

Went here on an unexpected rainy Sunday afternoon. The glass of the cafe got condensed making it look warm inside. It's not that difficult to choose between cold layers and this cafe. The cafe was almost full at that time. And the ambience was warm as it looks like from outside. Some customers stayed outside because they have pets with them.

128204 matcha latte (M) @150php
Same milkiness as other branches would offer. This latte does not have latte art. This is not the best matcha latte.

128204128525 french toast @90php
This is unique. It's not the usual french toast that you have in mind. This is a three layered loaf bread that is cut into half, depressed in the middle, burned sugar and toasted at the edges. It tastes super buttery and vanilla. I especially love the middle part!

I noticed there's a placard that says "please return used tray and plates at the RETURN TRAY STATION" ang galing. I was docile naman but still i see others leave their used tray and plates. Well, mapipikitan ka rin if you want to drink water because the water station is where the return tray station is.

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