St. Marc Café

G/F Robinsons Place Manila, Pedro Gil St. cor. Adriatico St., Ermita, Manila, Metro Manila

St. Marc Café
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Most Recent Reviews

Jennifer Mikka M.
3.0 Stars

Parents ordered pasta. I ordered katsu burger. Ok lang yung lasa. Nagexpect siguro ako masyado. And i think desserts talaga dapat inoorder dito. Haha! Ang oily ng katsu burger ko. I had iced matcha latte and hindi ko talaga magustuhan ang matcha hahahaha! Hanggang lemon iced tea lang ata taste ko. Hehe! Will try the desserts for our next visit.

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Misty G.
4.0 Stars

I think the pastas are a little too expensive for their serving size, but it was still a decent dish. They serve their carbonara with egg yolk. A little unusual for me but it tasted quite well.

They have generous servings for their drinks though. I'll come back to try the burgers and desserts, and definitely the drinks.

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Roy T.
2.0 Stars

Pure disappointment on this visit. 128531

I got the matcha soft serve ice cream and I think I wasted 150 pesos on this dessert. Vanilla soft serve was icey. Not creamy and I felt how watery it was, thus the fast melting 128563 I'd rather have Mcdonald's 30-50 pesos sundae or vanilla soft serve treats. Way way better than this. I was hoping the waffle cone would be less mediocre, but it still was. 128546 least mediocre i think, though still icey, was the matcha scoop. not something i'll come back for.

Service was slow. It took them 15-20minutes to prepare this. Yes that long to think how fast then could've finished preparing this.

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5.0 Stars

The super chill vibe of this place makes me realize why it's always flocked with students and friends. Adding up to that is their wondrous list of delectable pastries and drinks.

Dessert time here after lunch with Mom and Pops once again. Ordered their Choco Banana Shake which is too sweet for me already because I was also having their Choco Cro. The shake was very thick in texture and you can really taste the banana. I didn't finish it though. It was supposed to be Mama's order but she didn't like it so she took my drink instead which is a Matcha Latte. This one on the other hand is really, really good! It was not that sweet, very calming, and perfect for pastries. Tatay had a simple brewed coffee.

The pastries were to die for. We had Butter Danish and the Custard Cream. The first one was simple and sweet, perfect combination with a latte or coffee. The latter was heavenly. It has custard inside which is not overly sweet. From the looks of it, it seems bland and hard, but when you get to eat it, you'll be surprised with its taste! But my all time fave would be the Choco Cro. Simply put, it's a croissant with chocolate stuffing inside. But it's really good served warm. I loved its taste! Chocolate is really good in bread. They also offer take out boxes for choco cro. I think it's their bestseller.

I also ordered their Gion - vanilla and green tea ice cream with sticky pudding and my favorite big white chunky pearls or bilo-bilo. I don't know what it's called but it's my favorite. I love 'em and Gion is the only ice cream that serves 'em that's why I chose it. It was unforgettable. Good choice for me!

Everything's a bit fair in pricing, same as your usual Starbucks price, I think it's all worth it.

  • No. of Comments: 2
Frecy B.
4.0 Stars

Yey! St. Marc Cafe in Rob Manila! 128588

Finally tried the new ChocoCro - Black Sesame ChocoCro. This came second to my favorite ChocoCro Marble (matcha and white chocolate).

I enjoyed my first visit in this branch because of Miyako - vanilla soft serve, warabi-mochi dusted with soybean powder, scoop of matcha ice cream and azuki paste. 128149

My friend got the Madonna. Not a fan. Never liked frozen berries as toppings on anything.

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