Star Beach

Tapiutan Island, El Nido, Palawan

Star Beach
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Herl C.
5.0 Stars

It was raining really hard when we stopped by at Star Beach. Though the weather was not in favor, it didn’t stop us from enjoying the beauty of this place. Well, El Nido beaches boast with natural charm so expect that this island is also pretty on its own.

Star Beach is located in Tapiutan Island and part of Tour C. This beach has small shoreline, white sand with bits of red pieces, and lush greens in the surroundings. Good thing I had my GoPro with me, I captured everything even if the rain was non-stop. Big stone formations are scattered on the right part of the shore which made us excited to get our photos. Even if the rain was stubborn, the part of the sea water remained calm and warm - perfect to cozy up on the cold weather. The blue turquoise hue invited us to go snorkel. The underneath is amazing as nemo said hello to us (refer to one of my photos).

Activities you can do:
▫️Snorkeling/ Swimming (Some says that sometimes there are turtles!!!)
▫️Photo taking (Because you can't say no to this)

Combination Tour Fee (A and C): P1,700

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Marjorie G.
5.0 Stars

Saving the best for last is the Star Beach, a small stretch of pristine white beach on Tapiutan Island. It is known locally as Dalisay Beach and this is where we spent the remaining hours of island-hopping tour doing snorkeling and free diving.

The view underneath the water was just as magnificent as the view on the surface. The massive corals, the colorful fishes, everything looked like a dream. The boat crew, young men with dark skin and lean frames swam in the sea like it was their playground. They dove into the deep without effort, and moved in the water like they belonged in it. They were fascinating to watch that I was inspired to take free diving lesson when I get the chance.

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