Starbucks Coffee

Sct. Tuason St. cor. Eugenio Lopez Drive, South Triangle, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Starbucks Coffee
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₱110 - ₱155

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Dinz L.
4.0 Stars

Move a little
First of all, the place is spacious. Like not an ordinary SB Cafe around metro, this is a big one. I might guess because the area could be a refuge for late-night creepers from nearby BPOs, party-enders and perhaps lay-bys.

The menu we always look upon everytime we enter any SB store aren't just the reasons that comforts our senses. Perhaps it's also the aura of what is being served against the one who needs it. I ordered a cold coffee this early morning like 1am?? -- don't judge me, I just fancy a cold coffee in the middle of the night! Mocha frappe actually, but it's the place that had me warmed. Definitely, I'll be visiting here again in one of these days [or more].


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Ruth D.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Jayson J.
5.0 Stars

Have you tried the newest teavana series of Starbucks? I am so glad they brought out tea series.

128204128525 matcha and espresso
Starbucks does not care if you are a tea or a coffee lover cause in their third featured drink in the teavana series offers both! The colors! It's so nice to look at earthy colors green white then brown. I think matcha lovers will love this because the matcha comes out supreme in this tea-coffee combination. Don't worry coffee lovers, there's a tad bit of coffee taste that totally blends with matcha before and after sipping!
I love you mire SB for this!

128204128525 tuna melt on squid ink challah bread
They have replaced the tuna salad on pumpernickel with this one. The taste is close this one is more peppery and the tuna chunks are bigger. The bread is no longer sour/rye but replaced by a somewhat light bread.

I will still have to taste the other two!

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Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

Here at the newest Starbucks branch near ABSCBN i decided to stay for lunch and to finally complete (almost) to try their newest food roster. This time, there's no new cookie options. And i think they've come up with a theme of puff pastry (croissant) and yoghurt!

128204128525 mango fruit jelly yoghurt
This one absolutely tasted like nestlé yoghurt. Many reviews already mentioned that it was too sweet; thanks to Ruth S for the suggestion of going low with the frappe syrup pumps. The venti originally got 4 and i did this 2.5 and it was just nice. Compared to their previous mango drink reviews, this one does not taste like too car fresher-ish. This yoghurt drink does not mix well. You see there's a "layer"? The mango jelly were delicious there are also mango jelly cubes. No fresh fruit.

128204 strawberry fruit jelly yoghurt
This one tastes like nestlé too however i prefer the previous drink because the strawberry and yoghurt combination tastes too sour. Also, the strawberry taste at starbucks is way too familiar. There's also strawberry jelly and mashed strawberry preserves.

128204128525 beef pastrami
Finally! Something beef! It's just weird it's in a croissant. I like that it's tender. The cheese withbit is really good too. Compared to their previous linch sanwiches, this is less nakakabusog.

128204 chicken salad sandwich
Also, a lesser nakakabusog LUNCH sandwich-- chicken chunks in mayo (salad) is plus the limp arugula is nonetheless good combination too. Adide from being light, its down fall is the limp croissant which was already moist because of the arugula and mayo.

128204128525 maple pecan danish
I love this snack!! So delicious-- the light maple and pecan bits were really blending. Are you familiar with the scent of black ants? It kinda smelled that way--in a delicious way?! Lol! This puff pastry is worth every penny.

128204 pain au chocolat
I've tasted better ones that's why i am not so recommending this puff pastry. The better ones are at lartisan and of course, wildflour! Starbuck's only put a stick of chocolate bar in it as opposed to two with the others-- nonetheless the chocolate tastes the same. The croissant was a little too tough too btw.

128204128525 spanish chorizo breakfast sandwich
Puff pastry buns?! Say whut?! But it's a hit! Especially when it comes with egg, cheese and smoky tasting chorizos! There are about 5 slices of chorizo in this breakfast sandwich. The chorizos are a bit fatty though.

128204 turkey ham breakfast sandwich
Puff pastry bun! Weird that i did not get to taste the turkey! Or was is finely chopped that it mixed with the mayo? The ham was powerful and owned the taste.

128204 triple chocolate truffle cake
No. Not my type. They say it's triple but everything just taste the same!! They like to play with hazelnut so it does taste a little like that. And at 150 a slice?! Nooo!! I will kot be surprise next time they sell a cake at 160! 128545

I did not try the new pasta chicken cannanoli (??)
I just don't want reheated pasta.

There you go, what did you like most? Let's go the the place here at E Lopez cor Scout tuason.
The parking here is free for two hours. It's cool because they can accommodate more than 20 cars! Ask fir your ticket from the security guard or Starbucks boy after parking. Verify it while you order so the barista can log your time in. Then upon leaving the area, verify again at the bar for your time out.

Having that in mind, the cafe is really big! As in! You could play hide and seek because the place is not a plain square cafe. There are power outlets mainly at the communal table--- boo! Wala mashado sa mga low chairs and cushions. The CR is at the left of the bar. As usual, no free internet. 128541

No nearby pokéstop. Only sa camelot hotel but i dont know lung naaabot. There's a drive thru! Enter at scout tuason and exit at e. Lopez 128521

Wait. Not all are taken in this cafe. Almost all sa st. Charbel.
The photo of spanish chorizo is and the cover photo for this branch
The chicken salad at retiro, the cake at banawe

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