Station Juan Café

White House Beach Resort, Station 1, Boracay, Malay, Aklan

Station Juan Café
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It's jay N.
5.0 Stars

Yay!!! First review!! :)

I feel so guilty not being able to take a better photo than this one.... my defense, I was already starving and the food served before this amazing KareKare was staring at me saying "Darla, eat Na!" Hahaha!

My first order was White House Adobo. My boyfriend told me that long ago (haha, Oo long ago Pero naabutan Nya Siguro), White House only served adobo to their guest. No wonder why this is their special.

There were six of us and two of our friends ordered KareKare and it was like "woah!!!!" Alam nyo ba yung feeling Na, Kumain Ka Na Pero you see something and your brain is manipulating your body to feel hungry again? Yes, that happened. I ordered... Pero share Na Kami ni boyfriend Na umorder ng Kimchi Rice Na parang good for two Na Pero naubos Nya naman.

Moving on, why am I giving this place 5 stars!!!

I am no cook or chef, so I may be wrong about the saying, when you deconstruct a dish, all elements have to be perfect?

Station Juan dared to deconstruct one of the most loved (also one of my personal favorites) KareKare! This is not the first time I've seen it, but it was done only to preserve the crunch in the veggies... I guess that was their point here but what really surprised me was that first bite!

The meat was a around an inch and a half slab cook to a nice crispy balat! Yan tayo eh, hilig sa solid malutong Na balat... And the meat was tender, kinda melts in the mouth but slowly enough for you to enjoy it...

I'm a fan of being served dishes with sauce on the side, so this was absolutely a plus... Kasi I'm OC like that. Hehehe..

So, there I was, slicing the meat, dipping the meat into the sauce to take my first bite.. Jusmio!!!! Na surprise Ako and I was instantly lost in the flavor of this fish.. I know OA Na pakinggan, Pero Totoo promise! I was so happy I couldn't help myself! The chef of this humble restaurant put a twist in this classic dish and Hindi Ako prepared for it! He added truffle to the KareKare sauce!

Imagine, the peanut based sauce that is already good as it is Tapos sinamahan mo ng truffle that really upgraded the KareKare to a whole new level!!

To cut the story short, I ate 2/3rds of this meal. Hating mag boyfriend /girlfriend! Hehehe.

You do get what you are paying for. Service was great. Staff were attentive and quick to your needs.

If I sound OA Na that's because I have never tried KareKare with Truffle.. Ang genius Kaya! 978697869786

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