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Midz S.
4.0 Stars

It has been a long day for us. We came from a food crawl at MOA area before we headed to BGC for our fourth stop. So we were so full, and I didn't think that I had enough space in my belly for more Italian food (guess what, we also had Italian food at our food crawl). But just a glance of the dishes served by Stella changed that. I was born ready to eat, and for that I am grateful, because I got to taste the delicious food this restaurant has to offer.

|Stella Margherita Pizza, Straight Up Pepperoni Pizza, pitcher of iced tea/ soda/ beer for P749
This is without a doubt a great deal. 2 great, non-mediocre wood-fired pizzas, plus pitcher of drinks for just P749.

|Roasted Seafood "Firecracker" Fusilli
The name "firecraker" is more applicable to describe the burst of flavors this pasta has rather than its supposed spiciness. The rich tomato sauce balanced with a splash lemon, play of herbs, and generous use of seafood are more than good enough reasons to fall in love with this pasta. The spicy olive and smokey sundried tomato cream, dried chillies, fire roasted seafood, fresh herbs, malagos ricotta

|Wood Fired Garlic Mushroom Cream Fettuccine
You're probably thinking that I already have a favorite pasta out of the two we tried. When you thought you've already had a taste of the best pasta, this creamy, truffle-infused fettuccine pasta mixed things up. Its smooth sauce just perfectly coated the pasta, and adding a little lemon to it just removes any "umay" factor from its heavy, creamy taste. Yum!

The pastas were both on the top of their games, just on a different field - tomato base, and cream base. I honestly can't choose which side I am on, but suffice to say that both were worthy.

|Warm Chocolate Raspberry Cake P295
Fish Sauce Crumble, Hazelnut Mousse, Raspberry Cupcake, Coconut Tuile. I love Stella's creativity with their use of unusual ingredients in this dessert. It has both the sweet and salty elements, and the soft and crunchy textures other desserts fail to achieve, which is just awesome.

|Stella's signature cakes P295
The red velvet and salted caramel cakes were both moist and delicious, but I'd say that the latter appealed to me more because of the salted caramel crystals itself. I love those. That's just it. The red velvet was also great since the cream cheese frosting had the creaminess and cheesiness that I wanted.

|Wood-fired cookie dough P195
salted caramel, mantecado ice cream, rosemary pistachios

Stella's menu offers a wide array of dishes, many of which are items I am curious to try. I'd be back for them!

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Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

I am actually wondering why stella does not have a lot of customer especially at night where in fact it has a nice ambience and food here is not bad! Allow me to show you what good food you can order at Stella.

128204128525 Stella Pizza Bundle @749PhP
Get two pizzas and a pitcher of either Heineken, soda, or iced tea. The pizza's flavors will be the Stella Margherita, and Straight up Pepperoni (which you will be getting at @395PhP and 350PhP respectively) so you know that you'll get more than what you've paid for upon ordering this. A pitcher may be equivalent to 5 glasses of Heineken glass. (Trust me, i've already tried a pitcher by myself) Therefore, do order this if you're a group of 3 or 4.

Here are some imPASTA (pasta in a bowl--LOL) must tries
128204128525 House made chorizo and garlic spaghetti @295PhP
This is not your normal tomato-sauce associated spaghetti because this one is savored by chorizo bits with an oil based pasta. The tomatoes are just roasted, so try this for a different style of spaghetti

128204128525 Wood fired Garlic Mushroom Cream Fettuccini @475PhP
The most creamiest truffle carbonara that i have tasted by far. This one can also be ordered at Chelsea Grand Cafe.

128204128525 Black Pepper Crab Cream @295PhP
You like savory seafood? This one will really exceed your satisfaction as this got really creamy pecorino cheese that blends with the crab paste.

128204 Roasted Seafood Firecracker Fusilli @ 395PhP
This one is tomato based. Grilled mussels, squid and seafood is abundant. The fusilli really got the the sweet sauce. The taste is not to my liking though. I like sour pasta better.

128204128525 The Stella Sip @125PhP
This is their iced tea but not the ordinary lemon iced tea. This got the additional berry taste.

128204Tropicales @195PhP
The name itself describes a very fresh tropical flavor-- pineapple, watermelon and guava juice. It's very instagrammable.

128204 Cali-Pom-Cho @225PhP
I actually read cali-PORN-cho lol. But this one is a twist to your sangria-- red wine, pomegranate, lime soda and cola.

128204 Cha Cha Chia @225PhP
For the very health conscious people, get this. Who among you health fanatics will say no to chia seeds, lima soda and passionfruit syrup

128204128525 Cococabana @225PhP
This is my favorite-- coconut cream with fresh mangoes. It's like the thai dessert made into a drink.

Every Thursdays to Sundays 7pm onwards, they do have 30% discount on their red velvet and salted caramel cake

128204 Red Velvet Cake @188PhP
It was served a little dry, so i was able to appreciate it. It was not that sweet, so this is safe for those who does not like super sweet cakes.

128204128525 Salted Caramel Cake @188PhP
I loved this better, but i think there are more moist cakes than this.

128204 Wood Fired Cookie Dough @195PhP
I love that the ice cream does not melt so easily. There's pistachios over the ice cream, and the cookie dough is salted caramel flavored.

128204128525 Warm Chocolate Raspberry Cake @295PhP
Desserts? Try this one. The cake will be served super moist. Hazelnut mousse at the side with FISH SAUCE crumble and coconut tuile. The fish sauce crumble will be more appreciated if you take it with the hazelnut mousse.

The food were great, to be honest, but i think prices could improve. Stella patrons should watch out for something new within the coming months.


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Nikki C.
4.0 Stars

One can never go wrong with Stella's 128076🏻

From ribs to salads, pasta, pizza, risotto and 127863 10084
During the day this fancy restaurant gives the laid back atmosphere and by night it turns to an Italian night-out intimate dinner 128149

One crazy weekend, we crazily decided to brave the traffic to BGC with no known plans of where to eat 128517 But hearing the great reviews of the place and the price affordability, our group of 6-7, went here to dine. From the outside, it looks intimidating, fancy and expensive, but from the looks of the menu prices and the big servings, it was enough for our tight budget 128513127881

🔹Anchovies and Olives Pizza (350php) -- 11088110881108811088️ must try!! 100841008410084

🔹Stella's Steamy Clam Pasta (350php) -- 11088110881108811088️ generous amount of clams were served, cream base was a bit filling

🔹Unrecalled-name Pasta -- 110881108811088️ my least favorite of the ones we ordered

We all had satisfied stomachs and just loved the pizza that we had to recommend it to other friends immediately 128517 #recommendpamore

  • No. of Comments: 3
Lexi M.
4.0 Stars

So here come the main attractions! K and I agreed on our selection and we had crispy mushrooms for starters, beef salad and pepper crab pasta. From the smell of the crispy mushrooms, the acids on my tummy started leaking. It tasted like deep fried pork rinds but softer and mushier with crispy edges. Paired with spiced cream sauce it was heavenly. As for the salad, what I especially love about it were the hint of tanginess from the sauce and the threads of beef that goes with it. The greens were crunchy and clean tasting. But the star of the night for me was the pepper crab pasta. It was deliciously peppery and really creamy and I loved it. But when K said that she couldn't taste the crab, I was eventually knocked off from heaven. I totally forgot about the dish's name. And yeah, what a disappointment that I couldn't really savor the crab in it. The pepper overpowered despite that it really caught my flavor palate. Oh well, life has its ups and downs. I will still love this. Could they maybe change the name to just pepper pasta? Haha! I'd definitley recommend Stella. Not Stella Artois, silly! Stella Wood Fired Bistro! Haha! (Don't trust google map on this place! Niligaw ako! Haha!) Trust your gut. 128514

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Mary Love S.
4.0 Stars

I am a big fan of salted eggs. I would go crazy every time I see some in bazaars and end up buying at least half a dozen of these delectable poultry goods and enjoy it with tomatoes. I'd also order any dish with salted egg in order to satiate my undying desire for it. Unfortunately, not a lot of restaurants carry salted egg dishes. And so when Mela of Raintree Group posted Stella's newest salted egg creation, my tastebuds clamored for it and I can't let a week pass by without giving in to my tummy's desires.

Hello, Stella Wood Fired Bistro!

No heavy rainfall can come in between me and my salted eggs! Okay, fine. I was just so lucky that the rain stopped by the time I clocked out of work.

I managed to get to Stella around 6:30 pm and there were only a few tables occupied. I figured the heavy rain earlier and the fear for carmaggedon scared the bistro's regulars and potential customers. (I was wrong though as more diners came in past 7 pm.)

The restaurant has a chill vibe and seems like a perfect place for friends to catch up or a casual date over a few cocktails and light dishes.

I was quickly ushered to my table and I ordered a plate of Salted Egg Chips (PHP220). While waiting, one of the staff noticed that I put out my fan as I was feeling a bit hot. She quickly adjusted their small electric fan and pointed it towards me. I was impressed with her proactiveness.

My plate was served in a jiffy and Chef RJ who prepared it took some time off to explain the dish to me.

This version of salted egg chips is the creation of Chef Kalel in response to the increasing demand for the addicting savory snack that you could buy from weekend markets. The great thing though about this one from Stella is that you could control the richness of your chips. Unlike the ones from weekend markets, Stella's version is not coated with salted egg but comes with a dip composed of salted egg and maple butter creating a lovely contrast of sweet and salty flavors. The chips were also topped with basil leaves for a nice refreshing taste. They also made the potato chips ridged so that it'd be crispier.

The trick to enjoy these chips is to make sure that you let the chips soak in the delectable dip for a minute or two. I was very conservative at first and only put a bit on my chips and felt like I was eating usual crispy ridged potato chips. I was blown away though when I ate the chips soaking in dip. Forget control or being stingy! Let those chips drown in the oh-so-yummy sauce!

Oh and for all those salted egg lovers out there, Stella and Rocketroom is already thinking of selling their salted egg dip for us to enjoy at home with whatever... May it be chips, pasta, chicken fillet and whathaveyou! I can't wait to grab a jar or two of that!

While indulging on the superb chips, Mela suggested that I try Cha Cha Chia (PHP225), a refreshing combination of passionfruit syrup, chia seeds and lime soda.

It sure was a thirst quenching drink! It was slightly tangy because of the passionfruit syrup and the chia seeds added texture and character to the beverage. It also gave me an impression that I was drinking something healthy. I'd definitely order this again!

See you again, Stella! Thank you so much, Mela for being such a nice host! 10084

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4.0 Stars

What's the CRAZE?

After availing the Php79.00 deal promo at Krispy Kreme, I went to Stella Wood Fired Bistro to try the famous Salted Egg Chips which is an obsession from Singapore.

Stella Wood Fired Bistro put its own version to the famous Salted Egg Chips, separating the salted egg from the potato chips, instead of putting them. The customers have the choice to put them or not.

For Php220.00 I got Salted Egg Chips (Homemade Potato Chips with Parmesan and Basil with Hot Maple Salted Egg Butter on the side) - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

Stella Wood Fired Bistro is located at the Ground Floor of Bonifacio High Street Central, BGC, Taguig City.

#ilovetoeat 12851510084

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Chieo O.
5.0 Stars

For some weird reason lately, I've been chanced upon meeting up different circles of friends in Stella, but I'm not complaining at that because I'm always looking forward to good food 128522 It's price makes up for the quality and presentation which makes it a more rewarding dining experience 12852210084128077🏻

I never get tired of having their specialties over and over again, for our appetizer we had the Mushroom Chips in Aioli Dip, calamari like texture with a bit of crisp 128522

Then came our Spanish Chorizo friend rice, flavorful with the chorizo bits, garlic fried rice with herbs 12852210084

Next, the classic Porchetta in its crispy and juicy glory made more artsy with the swish of warm Rosemary Sultana Sauce.... My all-time favorite! 10084️ followed by our Slow Roasted Beef Belly in Truffle Cabernet Gravy, Roasted Mushrooms, Garlic Confit, topped with a Jamon Serrano Crisp 12852210084128077🏻

With the hot summer nights, it was best to chug it down with their refreshing, fruity flavored Sangria 127864127864127864Such a delight to once again dine at Stella 128522128077🏻10084

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John S.
4.0 Stars

Got the two lunch sets, 1 (mushroom soup / truffle pasta) and 2 (salad and that porkchop with that awesomesauce for a sauce). Serving for both was actually just right. I loved how each set had its own theme, 2 was more on the sweet side while 1 was the exact opposite. They go well together so I assume that was the plan all along.

Plating was ala food network hehe, visually awesome. And most importantly they tasted delicious!

The place was nice and clean, sofas were comfy, music is light and jazzy.

For me the price was just right naman, there are other restos whose menu items cost more but dont taste as good. I'd say 1k is the norm for a meal for two, if you still have room for dessert make it 1.3k.

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Mae A.
5.0 Stars

And these Fried Mushroom Chips were goooooodddd 128523 I was lucky to attend an event a week ago which was held here. So yeah, free food for the win!!! But why highlight this one, well, it was placed in front of me. I kept getting piece after piece. I might have finished the whole serving if not for my other companions. Nakakahiya 128517

So this appetizer was interesting. It's not the crunchy type of chip. You can still feel the mushroom's texture. A little salty but paired with their sauce, it balances the whole dish. Other dishes here were stellar too. A little on the expensive side but good for sharing. 128522

  • No. of Comments: 1
4.0 Stars

- Their PASTAS! Can't find the name of the dish but It had Spanish chorizo in it. The dish had no frills, and I enjoyed how simple and tasty it was. Another pasta dish I had was the mushroom fettuccine. It was superb! Very creamy... And you can really taste the truffle oil :)

- Their berry drinks! Very refreshing :)

- Pizzas were ok. Had the Margherita and the Smoked bacon. The former was bland despite having cloves of garlic on it. The latter was just ok. Nothing out of this world.
- The desserts were too sweet! Had the warm cookie dough, and the lava cake with raspberry drizzle. I liked the plating though.

I will definitely come back for the pastas and their drinks :)

  • No. of Comments: 3
John Russel U.
3.0 Stars

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Peanut D.
5.0 Stars

Chocolate and leche flan lovers, YOU HAVE TO READ THIS if you truly love chocolate and leche flan.

The photo above is their "Impossible Cake." The first layer is a solid (not airy!) leche flan that's baked(?) on top of a thick and moist layer of chocolate cake.

The leche flan is the type that's not bubbly but is instead thick and almost chewy yet sticky! I suck at describing but I hope you know what I mean! The chocolate cake is also very good!

I don't know how they make this! Duh, "Impossible Cake."

Service was good, the rest of my orders (seafood pasta and calamari) were also good but I really just want to talk about this Impossible Cake because you have to try it. 128557

P.S. It doesn't look all that impressive but trust me, it's good!

  • No. of Comments: 26
Bernadine G.
5.0 Stars

To be honest, I find that Stella's prices are too steep for their small servings but they make so much up for the flavor of their food. My friends and I ordered the Sesame honey beef pizza (395php) which exceeded our expectations. The spicy gochujang sauce and wasabi cream definitely elevates when you bite into a slice.

For our meal we (my 2 friends and I) ordered the Stella salad, Four cheese lasagna and the Sesame honey beef pizza and we left Stella with happy stomachs but not necessarily super full. We still had space for a hefty dessert.

If you're looking for someplace relaxing with a good vibe and delicious food definitely check out Stella!

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Mika M.
4.0 Stars

Monday madness. We decided to have dinner in one of our favorite places in BGC. We had Truffle Pasta, Pizza, and Wine. They have good wine list. I love their Cabernet Sauvignon I just forgot the brand. For dessert, we had my forever favorite Chocolate Almond Cookie Dough128525128525128525

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Shiela S.
3.0 Stars

I thought it was OK.

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Mela C.
5.0 Stars

YUMMIEST porchetta (not to mention the prettiest!) with super tasty seafood fusili and bacon/rosemary chicken woodfire grilled pizza.
Ambiance was awesome, waitstaff were all attentive/polite/ quick on their feet/ knowledgeable about the menu
Prices are reasonable and they serve Arce icecream- which I haven't had in decades! Location-wise is perfect since its just at the GF of BHS Central. Will def be coming back!1108811088110881108811088

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April H.
3.0 Stars

Drinks from Rocket Room, food from Stella...

We just ordered what we wanted then shared it all...

My order was the mushroom and truffle oil pizza... It's the dish most of us liked the best that night and even then I didn't think it was really that great... Great crust though!128522 The chicken was okay, the aglio olio was also okay... We also had appetizers and the skewers, but honestly, I couldn't remember that much... The food was a blur and just okay tasting for me... And it took a long time to be served... The servers (at Rocket Room) were very attentive but that's for the other restaurant... Pretty pricey, but then again do you really expect affordable at BGC?128513

Based on the food and price alone, it was just an okay experience for me...128522

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Jayne Marie W.
5.0 Stars

It was a satisfying and fulfilling dessert filled with Stella’s Wood Fired Chocolate Almond Cookie Dough (Php195). All the staff were knowledgeable with their menu and pleasant.

We scraped the bowl clean off its gooey chocolatey cookie, mantecado ice cream, salted caramel drizzle, and rosemary pistachios.

Shobe loved it so much that after one bite she exclaimed, “This is so good! 5 over 5!” addressing my |ooloo rating.

The price is relatively cheaper comparing it with other restaurants in Bonifacio High Street Central area.

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Jayne Marie W.
4.0 Stars

The chic interiors identified it clearly as a member of the Rain Tree group. Stylish yet comfortable, with an open kitchen, allowing you to see all the wood fire action.

The thin slices of pork were extremely moist, and the flavor of the fennel and herbs that was also rolled into it helped the flavor of the pork to just pop. The skin lining around the roll of pork was roasted to a crisp, almost chicharon texture. It let out a beautiful crunch upon every bite. The meat also paired well with the lightly sweet Rosemary Sultana sauce.

U.S. Beef Short Ribs
It was described in the menu as having a "Spicy, sticky, sweet sesame glaze".. Although the glaze was no doubt delicious, but I don't recall this being spicy at all. In case you're looking for a little heat in your ribs, this isn't it.

Wood Fired Chocolate Almond Cookie Dough
The best part of lunch was dessert. For a group of 5 we only ordered one and I think I ate most of it. Warm, sweet, chewy cookie filled with pistachios and topped with mantecado ice cream. I was in cookie heaven.

With great food, and great company, my Stella experience was a memorable one. Although it's a bit on the pricy side, Its actually a bit more reasonable compared to other restaurants in the area. I would love to go back to try the Pizzas, and Sandwiches!

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Maureen S.
3.0 Stars

Had 'slow roasted beef belly in truffle oil' and 'spinach & bacon gratin'. I can say that the dishes were salty 128530128563 and both became umay-goodness just halfway through. I didn't get to taste much of the truffle; and the olives were really overpowering for the beef dish. The spinach could have been great but was too salty and watery for a gratin128513

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