Steveston Pizza

Corinthian Gardens Clubhouse, Don Vicente Madrigal Ave., Corinthian Hills, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Steveston Pizza
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Most Recent Reviews

Jayson J.
3.0 Stars

The Corinthian gardens-- who would have thought this place could have restaurants and cafe? I was really up for the Maillard cafe at the sports center. It was not difficult to find actually, but when i actually knew that i don't have cash on hand and nearest ATM is at the gate one entrance pa, i knew it was time to abort this mission.

"All major credit cards accepted" i was glad to see this at the newly opened Steveston pizza. Considering that it only opened, may credit card na sila. The space Is quite big, it also got a cafe of its own. It was a relief to find such place. I sat at the cushioned seat with a power outlet readily available

Upon looking at the menu, i notice 80% of it is pizza. Sure i was alone and definitely cannot eat a whole stuffed pizza in one seating. Cant take it out as well, so i just checked their pastas. It comes in red, white and green.

128204pasta (green) @299php
This is their pesto. It was served really hot. I observe they really use natural ingredients. There's the basil puree to prove that. The prawns was covered with this stuff as well. It was super green. It was delicious as well. However it lacks something every authentic pasta possesses-- that piece of bread to finish off that saucy pasta. Too bad. I also don't agree with their pricing. My bill ended up PhP320. Btw. This is good for one. The pasta? Not that aldente. Mire on the soggy side.

As opposed to what the warm server told me about the "good for two" serving, in reality, kahit anung pilit mo good for 1 lng tlga. However pricey it is, i get to use their free wifi which was fast. Service was commendable since the server always refills my glass.

The place is not recommendable for solo eaters.

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Unisse C.
5.0 Stars

Another invite for a |ooloo rendezvoos is very very hard to resist, especially when the restaurant is somewhere I haven't tried yet and want to visit. Lunch? Pizza? Definitely yes! 10084

Steveston Pizza has caught my attention since last year, I think, since I saw their branch in UP Town Center. Since I rarely get to go up north, I haven't had the chance to try it out. When Peanut D told me that the branch was at Corinthian Gardens, I HAD TO GOOGLE. 128563 I didn't know they had restaurants inside subdivisions! 128561 But apparently, there's one here.

Mr. Richard Go was our host for the day and he shared to us where Steveston came from and how it made its way to the Philippines. Long story short, Steveston Pizza is a pizza place found in Vancouver, Canada. Mr. Richard Go and his partners were suddenly interested in bringing this unique pizza restaurant to the Philippines and their hard work and perseverance was able to.

The main chef of Steveston in Canada used to be a chef who taught other chefs in a cruise ship. Because of his vast knowledge in the culinary world, when he eventually settled down in Canada, he used that knowledge to create wonderful pizzas which have harmonious toppings on a fluffy and chewy crust! 128525128561128525 The flavors in Canada are numerous and the ones here in the Philippines are only a handful of those created by the chef.

Enough of the background, I bet you're all wondering about these delicious pizzas!

The flavors are grouped into 7:
★ Classic - Cheese, Pepperoni, Marguerite
★ Colours - Black, Orange, Blue, Pink, Green
★ Journeys - Canadian, Italian, Mexican, Thai, Japanese, French, Hawaiian, Mediterranean, West Coast
★ All Time Favorite - Caveman
★ Elements - Earth, Fire, Wind, Water
★ Marguerite Tree - Marguerite Zero, Marguerite One, Marguerite Two, Marguerite Three
★ Signature Premium Pizza - C0, C1, C2, Princess

We got to try their 4 best sellers: Green (Colours), Japanese (Journeys), Caveman & C2 (Premium).

They also boast of greaseless pizza! Which means it's not very greasy when you hold the pizza and it doesn't feel so oily in each bite. With the exception of those pizza with pepperoni, all other pizza flavors aren't greasy!

127829 Green has herb pesto butter, shrimps, single cream brie and scallions. Each pizza has a minimum of 33 pieces of shrimp! And the shrimp is so fresh and has that crunch/bounce when you bite into it! It's light and very good as an in-between pizza.

127829 Japanese is a pizza with no tomato sauce and it actually works! I love this one because I'm a fan of Japanese food and you can actually taste Japanese cuisine in this pizza! It has wasabi-scented chicken teriyaki topped with nori and enoki mushrooms. I didn't taste the wasabi in this pizza but the chicken was really good!

127829 The Caveman is really the ALL TIME FAVORITE! Especially for those who want MEAT! Mr. Richard Go was telling us that this pizza was really high before it gets baked in the oven and it becomes thin when it's done. So he requested the server to actually bring out the uncooked Caveman pizza and showed us how high it actually is. 128561 Wonderful pizza! We all couldn't get enough photos of it, and eventually, I was just drooling cos I can't stop imagining how good it would be!! And it definitely did not disappoint!! ★★★★★

127829 C2 is their prosciutto pizza. Normally, when you hear prosciutto pizza, you expect a few slices spread around flat on the pizza right? But no, Steveston C2 pizza is commonly known as their "wow" pizza because when it comes out on your table, you will definitely say "wow". 128561128525

All their pizza are 12 inches and are sliced into 12 except for the premium ones which are 10 slices only. It's good to slice them into 12 because it's not too huge which will stuff you immediately. 128077🏼

Thanks so much to Mr. Richard Go and Steveston Pizza for sponsoring our meal and of course to |ooloo for the invite! It was great to meet new |ooloo-ers, Sandra Y and also familiar faces, EJ B and Midz S! 10084

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Midz S.
5.0 Stars


We were invited on a |looloo rendezvous inside one of the biggest villages in Manila: Steveston Pizza in Corinthian Gardens Clubhouse. At first I was skeptical. Really? There are restaurants in this village? I never knew that since this village is so exclusive.

How to get there: use their Madrigal Ave gate, but security will surely give you a hard time before you can get in. Tip: tell the guards that you're going to meet "one one" at Steveston Pizza and leave your ID 128522

We were greeted by the owner when we arrived the restaurant. He told us a lot about how Steveston Pizza was born. Fun fact: Did you know that this pizza actually came from Canada?

One thing that sets this pizza joint apart from the rest of the pizza places out there is that they use only the best ingredients to come up with the best greaseless pizza! GREASELESS! Not so sinful now, eh?

Going down to the orders, it was Mr. Go who introduced us to their recommended pizzas. We had their Green, Caveman, Japanese and their premium C2.

(Same sequence in the pictures)
127829C2 P1,299 - Prosciutto ham, brie, semi-dried roma tomatoes, and dollop of roasted garlic mousse.
I love prosciutto. It's what I hunt for in Italian restaurants. I always look for restaurants who are not stingy when it comes to prosciutto on pizzas. Today, I found that restaurant. This pizza has layers of prosciutto on top of it, and I can't be any happier. It also has some veggies (no sure if it was arugula) that complemented the saltiness of the prosciutto. 10084

127829Green P899 - Herb Pesto Butter, Shrimp, Single Cream Brie, and Scallions
For the shrimp lovers out there, this pizza has lots and lots and lots of shrimp! The combination of the elements gives you that light and delicious taste.

127829Caveman P899 - Peperoni, Bacon, Lean Beef, and Capocollo (photo of before and after)
For all the self-confessed meat lovers out there, you cannot be considered a meat lover unless you've ordered this pizza. It's heavily loaded with different kinds of meat. What I loved about this is that the flavors of all the meat went very well together without giving your tongue a bad, salty day.

127829Japanese P899 - Wasabi-scented teriyaki chicken breast, enoki mushrooms, and sesame seaweed (no tomato sauce).
I never thought I'd be able to eat something with wasabi and actually like it. The wasabi in this pizza was well incorporated in the whole dish that I was still able to get a hint of it, but together with the other ingredients made it evolve in flavor. This pizza tasted so unique to me. Mr. Go was right on being proud about this.

I know what you're thinking. This place is so spendy! Well, not really. What they do is they don't compromise the quality of their pizza just to make it cheaper. And have you seen how overloaded their pizzas are?! We were all in awe. This is more SULIT than expensive for me, there's a difference.

Can't visit? Fret not, because Steveston Pizza delivers to several areas. Sweet!

I rarely give 5 stars to restaurants, but this I can give without batting an eye.

Thanks for having us, Steveston Pizza! Thank you also to Peanut D for the invite. Nice to finally meet you! 128513

It was good seeing you guys again EJ B, Unisse C and Sandra Y 128522

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5.0 Stars

Am I ready for Steveston's "Heavy-gat" and Fully-loaded Pizza? This is not my first time to try Steveston Pizza. But this is my first time to try Steveston Pizza at Corinthian Gardens Clubhouse with the owner Richard Go.

We were greeted by Mr. Richard Go, owner of Steveston Pizza, when we arrived at the Clubhouse of Corinthian Gardens. The owner gave us a background and tell something about how Steveston Pizza started its humble beginning... and the rest was history.

The pizza menu was divided in 7 categories:

127829Colours - name of the pizza derived from colors. We tried the "Green Pizza"

127829Journeys - name of the pizza inspired with international flavors. We tried the "Japanese Pizza"

127829All Time Favorite - The word itself... we tried the "Caveman Pizza"

127829Steveston's Signature Premium Pizzas - This part is where you can see the front liner and premium pizzas. We tried the "C2 Pizza"

127829Classic - Old time favorite pizzas like the cheese and pepperoni.

127829Marguerite Tree - Different kinds of Margeurite pizza.

127829Elements - the names were sourced from the four elements of the planet - Earth, Wind, Water and Fire.

Mr. Go introduces four of their bestseller pizzas and tell us that they have a greaseless pizzas compare with other pizza place using reconstituted cheese with lard.

127829Japanese Pizza for Php899.00 under the Journeys category (Wasabi Scented Teriyaki Chicken Breast, Enoki Mushrooms and Sesame Seaweed) - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
"The No Tomato Sauce pizza rocks! It taste really Japanese pizza" 128069 🇯🇵

127829Caveman Pizza for Php899.00 under the All Time Favorite category (Pepperoni, Bacon, Lean Beef, Capocollo) - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
"For me, nothing beats the super over loaded meat toppings pizza of the Steveston. One of the best!" 128055128046127813🧀

127829Green Pizza for Php899.00 under Colours category (Herb pesto butter, shrimp, single cream brie and scallions) - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
"I like the freshness of the shrimps combined with the cheese and pesto. It's very light." 127844

127829C2 for Php1,299.00 under Our Signature Premium Pizzas (Prosciutto ham, brie, semi-dried roma tomatoes and dollop of roasted garlic mousse) - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
"Tagged as the wow pizza, yes! I'm surprised with the overloaded prosciutto on top. Messy to eat but yummy. WOW!!!" 128561

I agree with the owner telling us that their pizzas are affordable, it looks expensive but it's not because of the quality and the overloaded toppings on it.

Thank you for having us Steveston Pizza and providing superb service. And to Mr. Richard Go for the non-stop stories... we really learned a lot. 128154

Thank you Peanut for inviting us again. 128153

Nice eating with you guys again! Midz, Unisse and Sandra. 128156

The event was paid and sponsored by Steveston Pizza. 128155

#ilovetoeat 12851510084️ #Loolooapp #LoolooRendezvoos

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Sandra Y.
5.0 Stars

Today I fell in love with pizza.127829127829127829

Heard and seen Steveston Pizza, but Its my first time to try and savor their one of a kind delight. So lucky to be a part of today's rendevooz held Corinthian Gardens branch. Prior to our lunch, we met the owner, Mr Richard Co. So many good stories about the business. Thanks Peanut D for inviting me. And it was so nice to see EJ B Midz S Unisse C 128536

Its a bunch of pizza goodness for today. We had:

11088️Japanese, wasabi scented terriyaki chicken breast, mushroom and nori on top-

11088️Caveman-pepperoni, lean meat, bacon and capocolli. This is noted to be an all time favorite128522

11088️Green, herb pesto butter, single cream brie, scallions and lots of plump shrimps

11088️Prosciutto pizza, - semi dried roma tomatoes,dollop of roasted garlic mouse, sliced arugula, and lots of prosciutto ham toppings

Verdic: from crust to toppings, I should say this place exceeded my expectations. Not the regular pizza that I have. Pizzas were freshly made. My favorites are Caveman and Green. Its actually an extreme choice. Caveman is packed with meat while Green is light & has lots of shrimps (33 pcs as disclosed by the owner). Price is reasonable128522

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