Stevie's Hainanese Chicken

21 Libra St., Bel-Air, Makati, Metro Manila

Stevie's Hainanese Chicken
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Sandra Y.
5.0 Stars

Yesterday, I was introduced to this yummy hainanese chicken... its the one from Stevie’s. Interesting, its not restaurant and strictly for to go affair. Previous reviews, says that you have to order a week ahead. But yesterday, we ordered by morning, and picked up by 4:30 PM... great!

All I can say is wow! Packaging is good. Hainanese Chicken and Hainanese Rice are in these foil containers. It has 4 sauces that are in a plastic cups, and stored in a box with labels. Sauces are: toppings, ginger, chilli and hoissin. Big serving, good for about 8 pax.

I am no expert in hainanese. But it has meaty and juicy chics. Smells good too! The rice might be “bitin” for 8 pax, but since we’re just 2... its so much! Forget about diet, the rice is so enticing! For the set costs P1,100 128522

Verdict: No sawa factor and so yummy! 2 thumbs up!

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Lawrence V.
5.0 Stars

Damn it's good!!!

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Marie H.
4.0 Stars

I lived in Singapore for a time and I remember eating chicken rice at least once a week. It was delicious, relatively healthy (as long as you stick to just 1 cup of rice), cheap, and can be found almost everywhere. When I returned to the Philippines, this was one of the Singaporean dishes I missed as Wee Nam Kee (WNK) and Boon Tong Kee (BTK) had yet to set foot in Manila. I then read about Chef Stevie from another blogger and, since then, no craving for Chicken Rice was ever left unsatisfied.

Before WNK and BTK set up branches in Manila, Chef Stevie offered the best approximation of the Hainanese Chicken Rice served in SG. An order comes with 1 tray of lightly boiled chicken, 1 smaller tray of rice cooked in chicken rice, 3 cups of sauces, and 1 cup of extra chicken broth. I find though that Chef Stevie's chicken is a little bit more cooked than what I used to eat in SG. But even WNK and BTK's chicken differ from those they serve in SG which seem to me more fatty. Perhaps the local branches source their chicken elsewhere. I do love the rice cooked in chicken broth, and I may have eaten 4 cups of these in one office lunch. During yesterday's lunch, I consciously made it a point to limit my intake to just 1 cup of chicken rice (as I was already stuffing my mouth with strips of crispy liempo from Kanin Club).

Chef Stevie still doesn't have a restaurant so we still pick up our order from his house inside Bel-Air (well, I assume it's his house). Order in advance especially nearing the holidays. Otherwise, you may be sorely disappointed to find out that he's already fully booked or away on vacation.

p.s. Thanks to Kenny M for the photo.128522 Forgot to bring my phone to the lunch room eh.

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Judy C.
5.0 Stars

I first heard of their chicken from another chef who highly recommended it so I decided to finally give it a try. They're definitely used to taking orders as everything was handled very well. I'm especially impressed by their packaging too! The food itself was excellent and has become my favorite pot luck dish since everything is complete and consistently good! Everyone I've shared it with has also ordered more (the proof of its yumminess!).

Do bring a tray along with you when you go to pick up the order just to keep everything safe and secure! You wouldn't want to lose a drop of it! :-)

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Rocky P.
4.0 Stars

my friends and i love to dine here. excellent singaporean deli!!

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Kirby G.
5.0 Stars

The first time I've heard about Stevie's was around two years ago. Since then I've never had better hainanese chicken in the PH.

Stevie's operates straight from a house in Bel-Air, they only offer pickups, so call about 48 hrs ahead, make an order and pick it up on the appointed date. Stevie's gets pretty busy so I advise you to call earlier if you can! Stevie's chicken comes by the tray, each tray is good for 4-8 people, depending on serving. The regular chicken rice will cost you 980 Php, while the special olive rice variant is 1030 Php. Not 100% sure about the prices but it's around that much if I remember correctly. This is great for parties or blowouts, I bought 3 trays for my office anniversary.

When we picked up the chicken, it took all our will power not to stop the car and start eating the chicken inside. The aroma was just irresistible, it was just a short drive but it felt like forever, we couldn't wait to get i the office and start the party.

Their chicken is perfectly cooked, tender and soft, yet juicy and flavorful, absolutely heavenly. Now the 2nd part of a great hainanese chicken dish is of course the RICE!! Their chicken rice is superb I couldn't stop getting extra servings even though I was watching my rice intake (trying). They have 2 versions of rice, regular chicken rice and olive rice. The olive rice was actually a good pair with the chicken, but this is not for everyone, I have a few friends who are not big fans of olives, if you are like them I advise you to skip the olive rice.

You can reach Stevie's by calling this num: (0906) 508 4155.

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