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Ice Cream
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Open: 10:00a - 9:00p


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Price Range

₱40 - ₱150

Most Recent Reviews

Marjorie G.
4.0 Stars

I favor eating ice cream from a cup with a spoon over licking it from a cone. But I'd take a cone anytime than having it on a stick, which I find to be needlessly complex. This is why I have never been fond of popsicles, they look cute alright but when you eat them you really have to be quick because it melts easily and when it does it breaks apart, and you know what comes next; you realize you are not as agile as you thought you were while looking at the frozen treat, melting on the floor... or your shirt for that matter.

So when my friend suggested we try the gelato-on-stick by Stick House I wasn't too keen about it (but of course, I tried my best to mask it). But what the hey, might as well give it a try.

So we did. They got gelato, fruit sorbet, and stick merenda. I tried the pistachio with chocolate dip. It's PHP80 per stick, you add another 20 bucks if you want it with dip, you add a few more if you want it with toppings.

It is served on a small paper tray, which I think is genius 'cause at least if the gelato melts it won't be dripping on my shirt or end up on the floor.

It is so good too, 'cause hey what do you expect, it's gelato baby! And surprise surprise it doesn't melt easy. Also, it is not hard to bite down to, which means it is frozen but not so much that would induce tooth-edge pain or what we call in Filipino as "ngilo." And this is coming from a person born with sensitive teeth.

I don't remember enjoying a cold treat on a stick until now. So whatever Stick House did with their products, I am all for it.

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Yozel R.
3.0 Stars

Okay so I got fooled by their menu. All i noticed was pistacio is in their premium price list which is 80pesos. So i ordered what's on their display rack, its pistacio with pistacio nuts and half chocolate dip. When its time to pay the cashier said its a hundred and forty. Wtf? The whole time i thought it was 80. Damn i got punked. I should've asked right haha.

Well anyway, the chocolate dip was SO sweet. The ice cream itself is surprisingly soft and creamy. But pistacio flavor wasn't there enough. I should've bought arce ice cream insted. Haha! Still good tho, i love ice cream and this is good ice cream.

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Tracy M.
2.0 Stars

Don't believe the little display ad about the strawberry choco stick! At first bite, I thought it was just a strawberry popsicle. It took about 4 more bites to get the chocolate gelato, and it was disappointing. And for 180? I'd probably enjoy Magnum for P50 better than this. 128530

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Drixie R.
2.0 Stars

My litol cutie-patootie cousin enjoying the gelato stick AT FIRST. lol. Even I didnt enjoy it. Tried strawberry and chocolate, i dont know but it doesnt taste much like it.

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Renniejae Marie M.
4.0 Stars

Price: Php80.00 for a plain gelato. Could go up to Php150.00!!!

Create one:
1. Pick
2. Select
3. Dip

I'd always go for Pistachio Gelato on full topping of Hazelnut. That's Php105.00. For something on a stick.

TheGirlfriend went for Strawberry with half white choco dip. That's Php90.00. Php70.00 for the gelato and rest for the dip.

Something's free: drizzle! Chocolate or white chocolate or go for BOTH!!!!

Well, if you want something cheaper go for Selecta. Selecta ba yun?

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Jessica C.
4.0 Stars

We had a hard time looking for it but it was worth it! Yes, a bit expensive but it really caught my taste buds. A very tasty, yummy and literally cool treat this summer :)

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Kiel M.
5.0 Stars

A treat the young and old alike! Their Pistachio gelato on a popsicle stick boasts of a generous serving of almonds (or whatever your toppings preference maybe). The choice is yours... Type of base gelato or sorbet, type of topping and a choice of dips! Get ready to shell out 100 to 180 pesos for a stick. Not bad for a rare treat.

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