Straight Up Roof Deck Bar

Seda Hotel Vertis North, Astra Drive cor. Lux Drive, Vertis North, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Straight Up Roof Deck Bar
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FoodventuresByFrapao T.
5.0 Stars

This bar is one of the establishments we visited when we had our Vertis North Food Crawl. The ambience of the bar is very nice. Chill, laid back and a bit quiet. Great place to relax and unwind with their great tasting food and drinks. :)

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Aileen L.
5.0 Stars

Straight up Roof Deck Bar offers relaxing music , great drinks , delicious pica-pica amid a fascinating view of a skyline 127747 it’s the premier hotel roof deck bar in the Philippines!

At Straight Up, the evolving city scape compromises the main attraction , together with cool cocktails , great music and fashionable interiors .

Seda roof deck bar offers guests a choice of lounging indoors or enjoying the cool evening breeze at “al fresco”. Tapas are menu highlights .

Straight Up bars are located in Seda BGC, Atria Iloilo,And here at Seda Vertis North . Hours and Offerings May differ by Hotel .

After our dinner at Thai BBQ restaurant last December 24,2017 for our Noche Buena dinner , we go back to Seda Hotel then we prepare our food inside our room so we can have food for the Christmas Eve.

Then we decided to check the Straight Up Roofdeck. It rained that night so instead of Al Fresco we decided to stay inside but I prefer inside because I love aircon and the couch 🛋 are comfy.

Most of the bar I know it’s a bit awkward to bring your family but here , it’s a bar of all ages . Their are family having Good times there just like us128522 then there were couples too, officemates and my kids and mom enjoyed it there.

So loved the ambience, the music and even the food and drinks . We had nachos , beer , iced tea.

Price is affordable and service was good here . The bar is spacious , you can choose the seats that suits you .

I highly recommend this bar , this is the bar that you will not worry na may maingay or magulo na crowd.

Roegan T check this out na 128522 127867🥂🍾127863

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Jayson J.
5.0 Stars

Seda hotel brings you straight up bar. A bar that’s classy yet not so intimidating. Team kaladkarin was initially invited when it was launched a couple of months ago, and the tour of the hotel was amazing indeed, i just needed to visit the bar again to give focus on how great the bar is.

Well, during the launch, we were served
128204128525 The wake Up Call @350PhP
Love this drink, malakas makatanda though, it got coffee in it for sure, the rest tastes like margarita.

ATTENTION: all their cocktails are priced at 350PhP 127863

We were also served unlimited pica pica that night, actually, PROMO is still on (extended) until November this year. for a minimum spent of one drink (any drink), enjoy their served snacks (5-7pm). Their array of pica pica varies daily. The set depends on the chef, they say, usually a set of 5-6 varieties per day. In my opinion, they use excess from the buffet downstairs which is actually not bad, at least they don’t have a lot of waste. That time we had sisig, jalapeños, seafood kebab, croquettas, and the unforgettable churros, which got a very fluid chocolate sauce— which was intently made.

What i had today was the sliced cured ham over lettuce, cheddar cheese and tomatoes, cucumber and olives with beet puree, clams, and tomato based sausages. Love the selection for small bites. And of course, not to forget, the refillable nuts!

128204128525 elemento @400PhP
Four shots of element-inspired drinks
128293 fire - tequila, mango juice, grenadine, Bacardi 151. This is the strongest of them all. It’s served with a flame on it, blow then sip with a straw. I suggest you mix it so the grenadine wont be left out at the bottom.
128166 water- vodka, pineapple juice, mango juice, blue Curacao. It’s strong in terms of juices. Haha. This one is a little kiddie, but flavor is big.
127759 earth- Rum, red wine. This is the “oldest” tasting of them all. The second strongest. The taste could easily be understood.
128168 wind- rum, apple juice, mint. Love this the best. Very clean taste. Refreshing.

They also have a promo holiday COCKTAIL BUFFET @800PhP
Runs 4-8pm, selection includes their bestsellers like margarita, red and white sangria, mojito, gimlet, and cosmopolitan.
Until December 31 only. Tip: get three drinks and you get more what you’ve paid for.

This branch can accommodate up-to 190 pax— 70 in the VIP area, 20 along the bar, and 100 al fresco area (outdoor bar check!!). Their challenge right now is at the alfresco area when it rains, cant do anything about that except to cover it. Sunset, city lights, chill sounds, and Friday-Saturday live band are some cool stuff here. Their service here is undeniably very good!

My only concern is they don’t have a final menu yet. So you really have to ask the bar tenders for their suggestions. The bar tender got their own specialty concoction too.

Parking is FREE, first come first serve at b2 of the hotel, just tell the guard you’ll be visiting the bar over at the 24th floor.

Such a recommendable place, you could actually stay here everyday for chilling pleasure. 128540

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Angela Marie C.
5.0 Stars

Team Kaladkarin was invited to join the grand opening of the roof top bar of Seda Vertis North. I’ve been eyeing to check out this new hotel for a while now since I got back, so when we received the message I was happy to oblige. And it was such a fun experience being with Team K friends, as per usual! 128571

I was coming from work, so I basically missed the complimentary site inspection of the hotel. Maybe next time, I’ll be more lucky. Still this did not make my experience less awesome. They had a whole program arranged for us, and it was so exhilarating to be a part of it! 128568

The media night began with a few speeches from some of their key persons. They were in full force, definitely impressive for what I thought was an intimate affair. And then they proceeded with the game. 128570

We participated in a Masterchef game, where we had to make a pasta dish from the limited pantry set in front of us. Team K led by Chef Norman Lester T decided to make an Aglio Olio dish, and I must say we did very well! (Sorry, nagbuhat ng bangko. Ansarap kasi, promise!) 128569 Sadly we didn’t win because another group managed to create two pasta dishes within the allotted time. Still it was fun playing the game. 128568

After the activity, we were led to Straight Up Roof Deck Bar for some drinks and heavy cocktails. Here, everything served to us was absolutely delicious! I'll do a rundown of the food and beverages we had. 128570

1.) Sisig
Sisig is always a a good idea, especially when it's done right. Seda's is actually really really good! The flavors were spot on and the texture was familiar. We all loved it. It was the perfect pair to your beer or cocktail. 128571

2.) Salmon Kabob
This was delicious! I love Salmon on anything in any recipe, and this one was awesome! Each piece of the salmon belly was plump and fresh and cooked perfectly. The skewered fish went so well with the lemon butter sauce that came with it. Absolutely delicious! 128571

3.) Croquettes
I used to make these potato fritters at home so I got excited that they had some available on the snacks buffet. Theirs was actually nicely crispy, soft and chewy on the inside. The flavor was great, plus it was not too oily nor cloying. The sauce that came with is was good too. 128570

4.) Flavored Chicharon
I literally got a piece of this just to try it. I actually liked the consistency of the pork rind. It was appropriately crunchy but still light. It pairs well with their drinks. 128570

5.) Wake Up Call
I absolutely loved this drink! It was a citrusy drink with a hint of coffee. I actually thought it would be weird, but it was peculiarly delicious! Plus the amount of liquor on that drink was just enough and I really liked it! I think I had four glasses of this. Mehehehe 128569

Just as we were enjoying our seats on one of the lounge counters, we were surprised to hear the host call for volunteers again for another game. And since at that exact moment, no less than the Director of Marketing was chatting with Team K, so she made sure we would participate in the activity too. So here goes me and Jayson J competing again on behalf of the team. It was quite exhilarating to join, but also embarrassing. Hahahaha 128569

Basically, it was a cocktail mixing competition. We had to create a cocktail that could potentially be featured in Straight Up Bar, and we had to use Lambanog in the drink. I think we faired well, especially as an overnight stay in one of their rooms was at stake! So even when we were a bit lost, our competitive spirits were awakened and we still gave it our all. 128568

Sadly, we lost again. 128148 But hey, it was worth the shot! Hopefully I still get to stay in this hotel even as we didn't win it. 128569

All in all, it was definitely a fun night! I wouldn't have missed for the world. Congratulations again, Seda Vertis North on the new outlet! Cheers and I look forward to coming back soon! 128571

Always a great time with Team K! 128571 Russel F Jayson J Norman Lester T Patrick V

***Note: This was a sponsored event of Straight Up Bar, Seda Vertis North. All food and beverage items have been chosen by the outlet based on their own discretion.

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