StrEat: Commonwealth Food Park

Lot 20 Block 177 Don Mariano Marcos Ave., Novaliches, Quezon City, Metro Manila

StrEat: Commonwealth Food Park
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Food Bazaar
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Reopens: 4:00p - 12:00a


  • Sunday
    • 4:00p - 12:00a
  • Monday
    • 4:00p - 12:00a
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    • 4:00p - 12:00a
  • Wednesday
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  • Friday
    • 4:00p - 12:00a
  • Saturday
    • 4:00p - 12:00a

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Most Recent Reviews

Gj A.
3.0 Stars


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Gj A.
3.0 Stars


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Erdel J.
4.0 Stars

Buttered Chicken meal! A great way to ease hunger. 128156128153128154128155

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Cel C.
4.0 Stars

Finally went to StrEAT! It's very near our home lang.

Parking - very few right in front. Like only 4-5 slots. But you can park (responsibly) on the side of the road naman. Risk nga lang yun.

Food trucks serve different types of dishes. I saw panini, steak, pizza, korean meals, jap-mexican fusion, riblets, fries, and even thai food. There's a dessert cafe as well.

It was hard to choose! We settled for Rocco's (steak - P175) and lasagna (forgot the price), plus peach tea (P80). Also got Noritako's chicken karaage noritako and raspberry slush (medium size P60, good for 2-3 pax).

Noritako - chicken karaage sushi taco (fusion!)

Raspberry slush - served last. I dunno why it took longer to serve though. It's just raspberry juice with crushed ice.

Steak - served later than lasagna. It was ok. I think value for money is just right. Kinda salty and overcooked for me.

Lasagna - this is good! 128077🏼

Drinks - ok, I guess. They're very big!

Come early so you won't have a hard time waiting for your turn on the tables. We came about 6pm on a Saturday pero di naman mahirap pa sa tables. The place is very well organized. Clean and orderly. Will come back to try other dishes naman.

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Sandra Y.
4.0 Stars

Finally, Maginhawa's StEat food park is nearby our location in Commonwealth. It opened last April 2016. How come I have no idea about it ?? until my brother tag me along for a food trip last Saturday.

The place is almost full when we drop by around 7PM. There are less than 10 food trucks in the place. Location is small But its cute! Al fresco dining is great yesterday, a rainy day would be tough one. Parking is also limited, we just got lucky.

We only tried 2 food trucks:
Seoul food
Gochujang chicken bits and onions (P180)
Fried chicken bits with flour coated onions & fried(like onion rings). Serving is generous, plus their dip is a bit spicy.. Which tastes good for me

Ozawa Noritako - its a Mexican & Japanese fuzion.
-We had these one of a kind taco( 4 pcs for P130-P140). We had 2 kinds, a shredded beef while the other one in mini cubes. The taco is made of fried siomai wrapper. Then the filling has this small sticky rice wrapped in nori, beef and the japanese mayo. We love it! And its quite heavy.

Kani Salad- its good, yet nothing spectacular 9786

Raspberry slush tea, tastes like Sola. This is served in a big jar that can be shared by 2-3 pax for only P60. The drink is actually blended with ice, which make it refreshing.

So far, dining experience has been great. Plus, prices are very affordable. And its noteworthy that we enjoyed our food choices. Will definitely come back and try other food trucks


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Odi L.
4.0 Stars

It's StrEAT 2.0 and catering to Fairview folks.

1st I've tried here is Barrel Smoker's Smoked Riblets (P180) which was really good. The owner is really nice and friendly too. Too bad not that many people try out their food. People think that you'd have to wait 45 mins before you get served but what the owner is really saying is that they cook their meat for 4-5hrs that's why it's so tasty, complete with the smoky flavor. The riblets are best eaten there instead of taking it home or bringing to the office. Please don't try their minty drink though because it's bland.

For the drink, I recommend Ozawa Noritako's Raspberry Slushy. They serve it on HUGE mason jars and it tastes great too. Think of Sola Raspberry Iced Tea, only cheaper. P60 is good for 2, and the P90 one is good for 4.

Off Duty Mexigrub sells nachos for just P90, with it is a scoop (for ice cream) of beef and drizzled with cheese sauce. You can opt to have their Macho Nachos if you'd like vegetables with it. The latter would cost you P160. My wife enjoyed their Quesadillas so I guess you should try it too.

From Flaming Moo Burgers, we tried their Mojos (P90), Cheesy Burger (P90), and Chili Burger (P140). The mojos were a little too oily and the green mayo falls short of being a good pesto mayo. Although the Chili Burger satisfied my burger cravings, it didn't have the chili con carne flavor at all. It wasn't spicy too. I'd say P140 is way too expensive for it. They would sell more if they sell their burgers a little cheaper. After all, people go to food parks for good and not so expensive food.

We ordered Gochujang Chicken Bits and Onions (P180) from Seoul Food too. The sauce had just the right amount of spice but not really something you'd go back for.

I've heard a lot of good things about Pad Thai so I was so excited when I ordered 1 from Maliwan Thai Kitchen, with Thai Milk Tea (I think it costs P60-P90) on the side. To my disappointment, the Pad Thai was so soggy and it didn't taste good too. Think about when you already mixed your pasta and sauce, and then you realize you've cooked too much pasta. The milk tea tasted like those sold on the streets.

I've yet to try Saki Boy and Hue Cafe so we'll definitely be back for a 3rd visit.

This is like having our own Maginhawa in Fairview so kudos to that! Next on the list would be the food trucks in Novaliches.


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Ria B.
4.0 Stars

It looks like the one in Maginhawa, just a little smaller.

The food selection is good, nothing spectacular or THAT interesting that will make you come back for more. As for the price range, it's affordable. When it comes to location, it's pretty good since there's not much traffic here, however, like the one in Maginhawa, they don't have parking space. You'll just park by the street, so I suggest you come here a little early.

Overall, the experience is nice. Still thinking about going back to try out other food.

Macho Nacho - 160php from Off Duty (no pic devoured right away)
Pink Lemonade good for 4 - 90php. From Seoul Food
Kung Pao Beef something - 150php from Seoul Food
Spring Rolls - 120php - Thai food bus
Tutte La Carni Pizza from Rocco's - 195php
Taco Sushi something - 120php for 4pcs. the must try food put of all the things we ate. Tsaka pinaka sulit
Blue Lemonade - 35php sulit din.

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