Streetside Bakers

G/F SM City BF Parañaque, Dr. A. Santos Ave. cor. Presidents Ave., BF Homes, Parañaque, Metro Manila

Streetside Bakers
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Most Recent Reviews

Eboy D.
4.0 Stars

This is such a belated review. I was Streetside Bakers first customer during opening day last year at their first ever brick and mortar store (Dennis O was not far behind). The owner herself was there to greet customers. She was cordial and explained their varied baked offerings. I ordered a box of assorted cotton cheesecakes. In my excitement i did not check my takeaway, when i got home. I noticed that they gave me a box of original cheesecakes. I messaged them on IG and was quick to reply. Apologies and plesantries aside, they offered to delivered my assorted box at no extra charge. I was so surprised when they dropped by my house to give me a free box for their mistake. Cheesecakes are the right size. Fluffy, pillowy and deliciously sweet. Currently, they are not in their usual space in SM BF, hope their just planning to switch location inside the mall. It would be sad if they closed shop. Recommended. Here's a photo of their Calamansi cheesecake i lovingly plated for IG)

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Elaine O.
5.0 Stars

I so 128154Japanese cheesecakes so when I learned from Dennis O that there will be a Japanese cheesecake store that will open in SM BF, I got so excited thus when the opening day came, we were their 2nd customer, yay 128521!

Japanese Cotton Cheesecake (Honey Calamansi, Oreo, Red Velvet, Triple Chocolate fudge) 128077128077
This spongy cheesecake is soft, light, fluffy and so moist that it naturally melts in your mouth; cheesecake not too sweet and cheesy yet flavorful.

Vietnamese Coffee 9749
The thick, creamy, dulce de leche goodness from the condensed milk over the deep and rich flavor of the coffee is just perfect.

Cheesy Chicharon Pretzel 128536128536128536
I love the savory flavor and the texture of this pretzel. I love the slight crunch that comes from the crushed chicharon and the creaminess of the cheese.

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Clarissa P.
4.0 Stars

My first encounter with Street Side Baker was in Gourmand Market. They sell different flavors of Japanese Cheesecake and some other sweet treats.

Tried their classic Japanese Cotton Cheesecake and it was good! Soft, light and fluffy, it was the melt in your mouth type. It wasn't too sweet as well.

Also tried their Banana Split in a small jar and it was over priced for 100php! Base layer of crushed graham, sliced bananas, strawberry mousse, chocolate chips, cream and candy sprinkles - nothing special.

One of their best sellers as well is their Pretzel with cream cheese and Chicharon. Best consumed when warm, I liked that the pretzel was thick but soft and the cream cheese was tangy. Crushed Chicharon on top added texture but tends to get soggy after sometime so I guess pork floss is a better option.

Will stick with their Japanese Cheesecakes next time!

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Dennis O.
5.0 Stars

Last week Jayson J. gave me a message that something new is opening in SM BF. So early Wednesday while our team were planning to give a surprise birthday cake for our boss. I volunteered to buy the cake in SM BF. (hidden agenda)

Perfect when I saw this new kiosk they were selling Japanese cotton cheesecake! This is Streetside bakers first ever branch. They are mostly active in food bazaar. This kiosk is located just across Cafe Mary Grace a little hidden under the stairs. The place is marked by the bright yellow and black signage. Displayed are the mouthwatering cotton cheesecake. I decided to go for a box of 5 to be able to try out all five flavors. For my boss birthday I also ordered their whole classic cheesecake with a cute owl design. Each flavor was so good and we love the fluffy soft texture of the cakes. For me the best was the green one. I know you're thinking that its Matcha flavor. Nope its not Matcha. This is calamansi flavor and I love the zesty lime flavor of this. 128512The classic, red velvet and triple chocolate fudge were also all equally good! And the good thing my boss and teammates all love it! They were already all excited to drop by SM BF after office hehe.. 128512

Ps: The owner were friendly and I love to chit chat and hear story of business like this. 128522

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