Stregato Gelateria

Galeria Victoria Mall, P. Paterno St., Balanga, Bataan

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Stregato Gelateria
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Mary Love S.
3.0 Stars

It’s quite frustrating to be in a lovely city yet not know where to eat. I checked a bunch of sites but most of the establishments in the area have zero reviews. I remember though that a close friend of mine recently went to Bataan and took a photo of herself with a charming swing. I quickly checked if it has reviews in looloo; and it has an overall rating of four stars. Since it is just beside our hotel, we decided to drop by.

Hello, Stregato Gelateria!

The quaint dessert shop is located at the ground floor of Galeria Victoria Mall and it was a good thing that I asked The Plaza Hotel’s doorman for directions as we would have missed it and walked 15 minutes away as directed by Google Maps based on the pin in looloo.

Entering the restaurant could be a bit unpleasant as kids selling garlands would tap and force you to buy. One kid even asked me to treat her a scoop of gelato. Though it is sad to see kids trying to earn money to survive, it could also be annoying to some customers who just want a nice meal, poke-free.

The showcase freezer of gelato is the first thing you’ll see once you set foot inside the charming restaurant. But since R and I were famished, we didn’t bother to check it and looked for the menu instead. After spotting some savory dishes, we headed to the second floor and took the table with a swing couch. After a while, we moved as the table is too small for dinner.

We decided to go with Mushroom Soup (PHP97), Loaded Potato Skins (PHP145, add PHP10 for additional sour cream dip), Grilled Salmon (PHP185) and Eight-Hour Roast Beef (PHP220). For drinks, we went with Gelato Shake (PHP130) and Frozen Iced Tea (PHP85). I went down again as they have this pay as you order policy.

After placing our orders, I was informed that they were out of roast beef. I then changed it to pork belly but they were out of pork as well. I could sense that R was frustrated as he wanted to eat either beef or pork. Eventually, he settled with Pan Fried Herbed Chicken with Gravy (PHP178).

Service was fast and our drinks were served after 5 minutes.

The iced tea tasted like frozen Nestea while the gelato shake (I chose tiramisu) was slightly lighter than its dessert version. I was surprised that it was not as sweet as expected. It was a good thing though as it somehow quenched my thirst.

Mushroom soup was served next and it was the saddest bowl of soup I’ve tasted. It was so watery and quite bland. At least it was served warm. It would have been better if there were mushroom bits and sour cream for texture and taste.

Our frowns were turned upside down though by the loaded potato skins. R and I loved it a lot!

The baked potato skins topped with crispy bacon bits and cheese were delightful! Each bite was flavorful and adding a dollop of sour cream further enhanced the dish. I loved the contrast in textures and the play of flavors. I wouldn’t mind placing three orders of this if only it won’t make my thighs bigger.

My grilled salmon was quite good too though a bit too salty. I had to make sure that each spoonful had some sautéed mushrooms and leeks to offset the saltiness of the slab of salmon. Then again, for PHP185, this dish is a steal!

R’s pan fried chicken was also good. The chicken fillet was succulent and well seasoned. Stregato Gelateria was also not stingy with gravy. The chicken fillet was swimming in gravy! An order also comes with a small glass bowl of gravy for the gravy monsters out there. I also loved the slightly bland fried potatoes to offset the saltiness of the chicken.

We thought of trying its gelato or cakes but we were already too full to have desserts. We just stayed a bit longer to check our mails and catch a Pokemon or two.

Overall, it was a pleasant dinner. Food’s not that remarkable and the place is a bit too dim for its cute interiors. Servers though were quick and nice. Stregato Gelateria is still a restaurant worth visiting when nearby. Also, make sure you get a photo with the cute swings!

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Ann Margaret L.
5.0 Stars

We were strolling around the Plaza Mayor de Ciudad de Balanga and came across this eye-catching place. Perfect timing since we wanted something cold to beat the heat, and a place to stay while waiting for the lights and fountain to turn on around the plaza.

This place totally lured us! Its interiors are fancy, inviting, and is filled with Christmas decorations. I learned that the word stregato means “bewitch” or “enchanted.” I must say that this place is indeed enchanting.

When we entered, the place welcomed us with a sight of different flavors of their mouthwatering gelatos. I chose the Choco mint while my friends decided to try the pistachio. Graaabeee super sarap nung pistachio! How I wish that this is just in Manila, so I can come back whenever I crave for it. We were seated in a cone-shaped seats with a cone-shaped table, too. How cute! While eating, we noticed some swings, adorned with flowers around it, on the other side and we immediately transferred there. We ended up ordering Loaded Cheesy Nachos to be able to stay there a bit longer and take more photos.

Can’t get enough of this posh ice cream parlor! This is one of the must-tries when you’re around Balanga, Bataan. It’s worth a visit.

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Janelle D.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Pearl R.
5.0 Stars

Stregato Gelateria is one of the artsy cafe or in Bataan. Located in the Galeria Victoria near the Plaza Hotel in Balanga.

We ordered Roasted Pork Belly P190 and Eight Hour Roasted Beef P220. Food is good and price is affordable.

The ambiance is really good. I also love the interior design of the restaurant from the tables and chairs, walls and chandeliers. A perfect date place with your special someone.

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Yen D.
5.0 Stars

Grilled Salmon (Php185.00):
The salmon was grilled beautifully and the sauteed mushroom and leeks in lemon butter sauce gives this simple dish some added oomph! The buttered rice was a perfect pair. Simple yet satisfying.

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Yen D.
5.0 Stars

Eight-Hour Roasted Beef (Php220.00)

This was a really delicious dish! Slowly braised tender beef brisket in red wine sauce with buttered rice. Great flavor and I love that the roast beef was smothered with sauce! A must try.

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Mhia A.
3.0 Stars

I thought it was OK.

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Franz D.
4.0 Stars

You would love this place for the ambiance. Ice-creamylicious! 128523

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Jackie M.
4.0 Stars

I didn't expect this coming a cute, artsy, and cozy place offering gelatos and other sweet concoctions in the heart of Bataan.

When we are on the hunt of pasalubong in the flee market we spotted this located, just walking distance from the flee market. So I didn't expect to spot one cute place like these.
My eyes were instantly captured by two giant gelato-on-cones at their parking/entrance area. I wanted to take home that giant conned gelato with me. So I convince my friend that we should try it as a reward for a long day of trekking at Corregidor Island. Yes we just walk instead of renting a tour bus. Saving and exercising. I think we walk more than 14k, ok its another story. Back to the gelato, yes I convinced them easily. Yay! So therefore they gave me the right to choose what flavor do I actually like to try. Because I love the creaminess and subtleness of Pistachio I chose it and the addicting taste of Hazelnut--yes I love nuts! And it was really good, just that it was a bit fast to melt unlike Gelatissimo. Nonetheless still yum for our tastebuds! We also ordered their waffle with 2 scoops of vanilla gelato, which the gelato easily melted on the waffle because the waffle was still a bit hot. And the waffle was on the thick side but doesn't have the crunch on the outside so we had not finished it.

Interiors were lovely and so cute! At the back they a garden designed portion with a cute swing.
I can imagine myself doing some work while indulging myself to the sweet concoctions
or having friends and family to share a yummy dessert here I just hope that there will be one like this nearby our neighborhood.

Super recommendable!!

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